tagInterracial LoveAnna Takes a Lover

Anna Takes a Lover


Anna was sitting at a table. Her husband of 12 months was at home. They were married a year out of college, she a BA in education and him, Jack, a masters in computer science. She was twenty two and he was twenty seven.

She was in a dark out of the way bar on a Saturday night. The smoke was thick and the juke box music was so loud the base vibrated through the wood plank flooring.

But this story started 6 months ago.

The marriage was a surprise to everyone on Anna's side, family and friends alike. She was tall, slender and beautiful. Athletic, popular and very sexually active. Jack, on the other hand was your basic nerd with little interest in partying. What he did offer, however, was his job at Hewett-Packard with a starting salary of $140,000 a year with all the perks and benefits.

Unfortunately, what was lacking was sex. Well, Jack was not a eunuch. He certainly enjoyed having sex with his beautiful young wife. The problem was that it never took him more than a few minutes, he was only in the mood once or twice a week and never gave any thought about the fact that little Anna was always left unsatisfied. It was not until the next morning in the shower with her little battery operated helper that she would finally find some small bit of release.

Jack was sitting on the sofa in the den one evening with his lap top, fine tuning on the latest programming project at work. Anna entered the room. She was wearing a short white tee shirt and white cotton panties. She picked up Jack's computer, pulled out the power cord and set it on an adjacent table, Jack was speechless.

Anna slid onto his lap, ran an arm around his neck and kissed his cheek. "What's going on?" Jack asked.

"What's going on is we need to talk." Anna said.

"Okay." Jack said.

She kissed his cheek again. "I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it." She said. I want to do something about it." She added. But Jack remained silent, a confused look on his face. She continued. "I'm going to take a lover." She said.

Finally Jack said. "You want a divorce."

"Oh no baby. I love you, I do." Anna explained. "It's just that I can't go on not being satisfied in bed." She kissed him on his mouth. "This is about me, not you, Jack. Please believe that."

Jack shook his lead slowly. "Who?" He asked.

"Well, I don't know." Anna said. "I'm in the planning stage." The two set there quietly for a time. "There was this guy I was with a few times in college. I might call him until I know for sure. Just temporarily, I mean." She looked at Jack.

"I think this could be a bad idea." Jack said.

"It's not an idea, Jack." She kissed him softly on his mouth. She pressed her lips to his ear. "It's what I'm going to do." She slid off of his lap and went in to the kitchen counter and picked up her cell phone. When she returned, instead of settling back on Jack's lap. She set on the foot stool facing Jack. She dialed a number.

"Daren? I told him. Yes." She said. "An hour, fine." She stood up, picked up the computer, setting it back on Jack's lap. She plugged the power cord back in. As she reached out a hand and touched the top of Jack's head, gently mussing his hair, she said. "It will be alright. I promise."

Anna went upstairs.

Forty five minutes later when the doorbell chimed, Anna stepped off of the bottom step, still in tee and panties and walked to the door. Jack just watched.

When she opened the door, Jack saw her raise up on her toes, obviously offering a kiss to the stranger. Jack couldn't tell who was there. When Anna finally stepped back, a young very athletic looking guy entered. He was well over six feet and must have weighed in at two fifty if a pound.

He was muscular, handsome and black. Anna took his hand without an introduction and led him to the stairs. At the bottom, she stopped and looked back at Jack. "I'm going to leave the door open." She said it very soft, gentle, almost apologetically. "I want you to be a part of this but please don't interrupt or say anything." She looked at him.

Jack finally nodded.

"And it might be better if you planned to sleep in the guest room tonight." The two went up the stairs.

Jack set staring at his computer screen for the next two hours. He couldn't really work. He just set there thinking about his young wife up there in his bed with a strange black man. Finally, he found the nerve to close his lap top and turn out the lights. As he climbed the stairs, his knees grew week and he almost turned around. When he neared the open door of the master bedroom, he could clearly hear his wife moaning. He honestly expected to find the two sound asleep. It had been two hours for Christ sake, he thought.

When he peaked in, what he saw was the black guy on his knees behind his wife. She was on her stomach, her head buried in a pillow, her ass in the air. She was fucking herself back onto this enormous black cock with abandon. Jack had never seen a cock that big and never would have believed his delicate wife could accommodate such a tool. But she was, she certainly was and seemed to be loving it.

It was then that the guy looked in his direction and smiled at him. He then pointed to a chair. Jack had no idea what made him enter the room and set down but he did. The man continued to fuck Anna and she moaned and hissed and fucked him back. Some ten minutes of that and he whispered to Anna. Words that froze Jack to his core. "You want me to cum in you again?

"Again?" Jack thought. Oh fuck.

The next words were even more frightening. "God yes." Anna said.

The guy increased his tempo, plunging deep into his wife with every stroke. When he finally went deep and stayed there, his ass muscles tightened, holding his breath, grunting, Jack knew he was seeding his beautiful wife. He also knew his life had changed forever.

He left the room and somehow found a way to sleep. The next morning, after rethinking the events of last night, he quickly dressed and went down the hall, looking in at an empty bed. It was a total mess, a sheet was on the floor along with two pillows. The room had the heavy thick smell of sex.

When he entered the kitchen, Anna was setting at the island drinking a cup of coffee. She looked at Jack. "There's more." She held up her cup and nodded at the coffee maker. Jack shook his head.

"Daren said you were watching." She said.

Jack nodded.

"I'm glad." She said.

"Why?" Jack finally asked. "Is humiliating me a part of it?"

"No. God no." Anna said. "I wanted you to know what I was missing. Why I needed to do this."

Jack got up. "I need to get ready for work." He went upstairs, showered and finally returned down stairs.

When Jack was leaving for work, Anna came to the front door following him. As he opened it, he looked at Anna. She touched his cheek. "I think I want to see a few other men before I settle on one to be with on a regular basis."

Jack lowered his head in shame. "Jack, I told you, this is not about you."

"It feels like it is." Jack said.

He turned to go. "Jack." She said.

He looked back. "They will likely all be black." She said.

That night, it was very quiet at dinner. Afterwards, the two found themselves in the den when Jack looked up from his lap top. Anna was curled on the sofa reading a magazine. "I don't like them being unprotected." He said

"They're not fucking you." Anna replied. She said it calmly. She never looked up.

"I though you said you wanted me to be a part of this?" Jack said.

Anna tossed the magazine aside and got up. She came to where Jack sat and settled on the footstool. "Not that part." She said. She waited. "I told you I had been with him before. Well, I have been with a lot of black men since high school." Jack's mouth was open. "I'm not sure what it is." She said. "I want to give them whatever they want."

Jack shook his head as Anna left the room toward the stairs. "I sent you an e-mail." She said. "Something you can be a part of. If you want."

When she was gone, Jack went to his e-mail and found the one from Anna. He opened it. The subject was "Can't decide."

"Dear love, perhaps you can decide for me. You have until morning." There were four file attachments. Jack keyed the first and it opened to a web page for a man named Walt. Just Walt. There were assorted photos, all of Walt in various stages of undress, all either clearly showing his enormous endowment or an impressive bulge inside of spandex shorts. His information said he was thirty one, six foot, two sixty, and had a 10" penis measuring 5 1/2 inches around. He was promising hours of private satisfaction and pleasure. He posted his latest STD health screening which was clearly negative in all categories.

The next morning Jack found Anna once again at the kitchen counter drinking coffee. "Why did you sleep in the guest room last night?" She asked.

Jack shrugged. "Are you going to be a child about this?" She asked. Jack was quiet. "I know this is hard for you, Jack." She offered "And I'm sorry for that. I truly am."

She extended her hand and her fingers lifted Jack's chin. "You are welcome in my bed whenever you want. Please believe me." She grinned at him. "Long as I don't have a date. That is."

"How can you joke about this?" Jack said.

Anna's face grew stern. She flashed a defiant look at Jack. "Two nights ago I had to call a black man to come to my bed so that I could get the satisfaction I need. Don't you fucking dare think I'm joking." She stormed upstairs.

At two in the afternoon, Jack's cell rang. He saw it was Anna calling. He answered by saying. "I'm sorry. For this morning."

"It's okay." Anna said. She paused. "So, did you look at the e-mail?"

"I couldn't get past the first one. It was just too depressing for me." Jack said.

"Then it's decided. I'll contact Walt." She said and hung up.

"Fuck." Jack said into the dead phone.

When Jack got home that evening, he found a note on the counter. 'Meeting Walt for a few drinks. I made the guest room up for you. Thanks. I will leave the door open. In case you are still awake'.

Jack looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was two forth-five in the morning when he heard sounds coming up the stairs. He heard the bedroom door open but not close.

At four o'clock, he forced himself to go look in on his wife. She was in the missionary position with a black man on top of her. He had the broadest back Jack had ever seen. Muscled and glistening with sweat. As he pumped his cock into Anna, Jack could see the moisture shining along the huge shaft.

Anna had her feet over his back, her ankles locked together. She was giving herself to the stranger without any concerns. "God, I love your cock." She mumbled as he shoved deep into her.

"Can you cum again?" She whispered.

"Of course I can." He said.

"Please, show me." Anna begged. "I want to feel you spray it into my womb. God you're going so deep in me."

When the black guy stiffened, Jack could see his nut sack draw up tight. He arched his back and plowed deep into Anna. She tightened her legs around him, pulling herself up against him. He must have pumped five or six loads into her and she began to shake from a massive orgasm on his huge cock.

The next morning, Anna was in the den when Jack came down the stairs. He poured a coffee and went in. He set on the sofa close to her. "I understand." Jack said. "But I am very concerned about your being with them without a condom." He waited. "I mean I know you have been on birth control pills since we got married but still."

She looked at Jack. "I threw the pills in the trash after you said this was a joke." She stood up, looking at Jack. "He came in me four times last night."

She went into the kitchen. When Jack followed her in, she looked at him. "Still think it's a joke?"

Jack shook his head. Anna came close and kissed him. She ran her tongue around the inside of his mouth. She licked his face. She whispered. "Walt came in my mouth this morning." She kissed his cheek. "Enjoy you day at work."

Jack picked up his laptop. "If you want to sleep with me tonight, you're welcome to. I hope you know that." She saw Jack nod but he didn't turn around. "I'm having dinner with Walt tomorrow night." Jack hesitated. Anna smiled to herself. "I'll be late." She saw him nod again. It was time for the final nail to send him off to work. "His brother is going to be joining us." Jack left.

Two nights later, the doorbell rang. Anna was still upstairs. Jack went to the door. Walt was smiling at him. When his attention was obviously over Jacks shoulder, Jack turned to see Anna coming down the stairs. She was in black heals and a short black dress Jack had never seen. She wore a strand of pearls.

When she came near, she passed by Jack to gave Walt a long sensuous kiss. Jack could smell her perfume. She turned to Jack. She smiled at him as she slipped her wedding rings off of her finger. She handed them to Jack. "Probably shouldn't be wearing these tonight."

She looked back to Walt. "So what wonderful plans have you made for us tonight?"

Walt smiled at her. "Dinner at Forester's." Jack knew it was the newest hot spot in town.

"I have us a room at the Clayton Hilton later." Walt offered. "My brother can't meet us for dinner." He said. "He is very sorry."

Anna pretended to pout.

"But he promises to meet us at the room around eleven." Walt added.

Anna turned and grinned at Jack, It was obvious that she already knew all of this. It was a performance for his benefit. "I guess I'm having a special night after all." Jack watched the car pull away.

Current time:

So now you are up to date. Anna is setting in the dark bar watching a number of black men drinking at the bar. They had been glancing over at Anna from time to time. She would either ignore them or once in a while offer a polite smile.

One man went to the jukebox and played more songs. When he returned, he walked past his friends and came over to where Anna sat. "I would like to dance with you." he said.

"Promise not to step on my toes?" Anna asked.

"Well I'll do my best." He said.

"Do you do your best at everything you do?" Anna smiled at him. He was tall, muscled and quite handsome.

He held out his hand and Anna took it. He led her to the dance floor where a slow tune was filling the air. He ran an arm around her waist and took her other hand in hand. He pulled her close while always looking into her eyes. He smiled at her. "Feisty."

"Liberated." She replied. They danced, him holding her close. She could feel his cock through his slacks.

Before the dance ended, she whispered to him. "I want you to fuck me." She still had her head on his chest. She didn't look up.

"My place or yours?" He replied.

"In my car." She said. "I find it very erotic."

"Is your husband going to object?" the man was looking at her ring finger.

She smiled at him. "He's at home." She stopped dancing and looked at him. "If you want, I can take you home later and introduce you."

He looked at her a bit unsure. "When I bring men home, he sleeps in the guest room."

"I'll follow you." He said.

In the last six months, Anna had been getting ever more imaginative with her sexual adventures. More daring, more risky and more abusive to Jack. She knew she was and it was a part that she hated. She just couldn't seem to stop. He was the recipient of all of her deviant plans, like it or not. She excused her actions by saying if he was a man, he would have left her long ago. He didn't deserve any better.

Anna led the black man through the parking lot to where her BMW was parked way on the back edge. She unlocked the rear door and slid in and over to the far side. The man got in and closed the door. Anna watched him as she worked her dress up around her waist. She thumbed her panties and worked them over her hips and down her legs. She dropped them on the floor of the car. "Please." She said as she pulled her knees up, wrapping her hands under her thighs, spreading herself.

He man turned in the seat, rose up on his knees and unzipped his slacks. He shoved them down to his knees taking his underwear along. When his cock sprang forward, it must have been eleven inches long. The head was a frightening purple and flared up nearly three inches across.

"Oh God yes." Anna mumbled. She was starting to pant in anticipation. The man eased forward until he could rub the fat cock along her labia that was already dripping with moisture.

Anna had become so addicted to sex with black men that she was craving it every day. What started as a couple of times a week was now where her entire day was trying to find a new and more dangerous, risky way to have sex. The more she climaxed, the more she wanted it.

When the fat cock spread her open, she gasped. He was aggressive and shoved half his cock into her. She grunted and tried to protest. But the man pulled himself out to the head and shoved again. This time he sank into her. The head of his cock pressed against her uterus. She whimpered and he began to fuck her. Long full strokes deep in her as she began to work her ass off of the seat. "Fuck me." She pleaded and the man pumped into her with increasing speed. He was working her pussy into a lather,

Anna was blabbering as she tried desperately to fuck him back. He was slamming her into her seat with a fury. His dick was being gripped by her cunt muscles but he continued to give her his entire length with every stroke. Anna was cumming in a constant flow of juices. She was climaxing continuously with no sign of it slowing and still he fucked his cock into her.

"Please, please, please." She begged, not knowing what it was she was pleading for.

When he finally came, he continued to fuck her, launching a huge load each time he pressed into her womb. Over and over he gave it to her until he finally collapsed on top her. He lay there for a few minutes before he gained enough strength to pull himself off of her.

When his cock plopped out of her, his cum ran from her in a stream. Anna still held her legs, exposed and vulnerable but the man took pity on her. He took her legs and straightened them. He pulled her skirt down. After he had re-zipped his slacks, he leaned in and kissed her gently. "You. Lady, are an amazing fuck."

He opened the car door and got out. "Can I see you again?" Anna asked. "I want to be with you again." She said.

"You're sure?" He asked.

"Oh God yes." She said. "I want to be your lover." She said.

He leaned in. "I'm very demanding. I like to have sex every day, sometimes more." He explained.

Anna looked at him. "I will do whatever you ask."

"I think you might." He said. "But there is still a husband to consider."

"He will understand, I promise." She said. He took a business card from a pocket and handed it to her. "My office number. We can make plans after you have time to think about this."

The next day was Sunday. Jack was already up when Anna came down stairs. She was in a tee and panties. She came into the den. She picked up Jack's laptop and set it aside. She looked at him. "Please?" She said.

Jack held his arms open. Anna settled onto his lap. She lay her head on his chest and was quiet for a long time. Jack new something was different so he just held her. Finally she whispered. "I have decided who I want to be with."

"I'm going to be with him whenever he wants me." She added. "I want you to like him. He's very nice."

"Who is he?" Anna had realized after he had closed her car door last night that she had not asked his name. Half way home she realized she had his business card. She looked. His name was Jack. Jack Carter.

Promise not to laugh?" She said.

"Yes." He said.

"His name is Jack." Jack laughed. Anna laughed.

"Jack?" She said.

"What?" She said.

"Will you take me upstairs and make love to me." She asked.

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