tagRomanceAnna the Soulful Sole Queen Ch. 02

Anna the Soulful Sole Queen Ch. 02


I already thought Anna was a nympho. I don't remember a single time in which I touched her cunt and it wasn't wet. She and I had sex at least twice a day -- once in the morning, once or twice in the evening and sometimes in the middle of the night or when I was home for lunch. And on weekends, sometimes we spent a whole day or even the whole weekend inside, staying nude the whole time and having sex until we were both too sore and exhausted. I didn't think she could get any more insatiable. But then I got her pregnant.

Suddenly her hormones went raging out of control and she wanted my fuckstick in her mouth or cunt, or my tongue on her clit, 24/7. Often when I got home from work, I didn't even get three steps inside before her nude body jumped me. We fucked up a storm all over the place -- in our bed, in the shower, in the kitchen, in the living room, on the balcony and, when we were away from home, in our car.

One warm Summer night about three months after Anna gave birth, she and I were lying nude on top of the blankets while the balcony door was open and a cool breeze was coming in. Both of us were lying on our right sides and I was spooning her. I was intentionally sleeping in that position because just a few hours earlier I had gotten her phenomenal soles tattooed on my left hip -- my first tattoo.

I woke up about 2:30 AM and even though I'd fucked her twice and gone down on her for three hours the earlier in the night, I had another hard on, which was resting between her two solid ass cheeks. I slid my left hand from hip over to her shaved cunt and, as usual, she was wet. I then slid my index finger between her lips and slid it up to her clit, which I began slowly rubbing back and forth.

Within a few minutes, Anna began slowly rubbing her ass back and forth on my fuckstick, at the same speed. At that, I planted soft and wet kisses all over her shoulders and the back of her neck and increased the speed of my clit rubbing. She responded by grinding her ass hard on my fuckstick and turning her face to the right.

I could see the outline of her face thanks to a far away street light that shone through the balcony door. Knowing that it drives me crazy, she took out her tongue and sensually licked her lips. While continuing to work her clit, I leaned up and touched my lips to hers. Instantly, our tongues entered each other's mouths and made passionate love to each other.

Before her pregnancy, our foreplay normally lasted 10 minutes or more. But it shortened dramatically after her pregnancy, including this time. After less than two minutes of kissing, during which my rubbing of her clit and her grinding on my hard on got even harder and faster, she was totally out of control.

Suddenly she threw herself on her back, in the process knocking me on mine, and spread her feet shoulder width apart. I knew what that meant and aggressively jumped on her.

I slid my entire 7.25" inside her, placed my forearms under her knees, lifted up her legs, and bent down. As soon as I was in position, she pressed her soles, my favorite part of her body, against my face. As I kept slowly pulling out everything but my head, then harshly driving it all inside and hitting her G spot with every thrust, I took turns sucking on her rock hard nipples and drinking the milk that her massive knockers produced.

Getting fucked under any circumstances makes Anna moan loudly like the nympho that she is, but breast feeding me takes her arousal to an even much higher level. As her milk level dropped, a rush of pleasure filled her knockers and she gasped loudly. Her excitement drove me further into ecstasy and I totally fucked the shit out of her while I sucked on her nipples as hard as I could, trying to draw every last drop of milk out of them. And having her soles on my face made me even hotter.

Already in a state of euphoria from the breast feeding, the penetration soon took her body over as well, and those two areas being stimulated produced a lethal combination. Her gasping and moaning exploded into hysterical screaming that traveled through the balcony door and echoed outside, drowning out the wind and the crickets.

I raised my upper body, held her legs upward, and began fucking her at a downward angle, as if trying to nail her to the bed with every thrust. Her soaking wet cunt contracted several times and drove me over the edge, causing me to have a mind blowing orgasm and fill her with a hot load of come for the third time in just a few hours.

As soon as I stopped coming, I lay down on my back and told Anna to sit on my face. She knelt facing me with her cunt right over my mouth. As the load I'd just shot her dripped onto my face, I licked her out, savoring the sheer intimacy of the act as well as the taste of both my juices and hers. When that was done, I lay her back down on her bed and sucked on each of her nipples for a few more minutes, but didn't swallow.

When I finally had a mouthful, I moved up and dropped the milk into her mouth. She and I swished it around each other's mouths, while also French kissing, before each swallowing about half of the milk.

From there, she and returned to the spooning position from which our latest sex binge began. We lay there gently and romantically until we fell asleep in a few minutes.

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