tagBDSMAnna's Secret Life

Anna's Secret Life


I'm a wife, mother and librarian in my outer life, but in my inner life I am DM's sub. I love my husband, but I am also a personal whore to my Dom. I'm a caring mom, but also an erotic slut for DM. I work at a library during the day, but every chance I find I am letting Sir use my body for his sexual desires.

I met DM at the library one spring day. I was at the reference desk, studying the list of new additions on my screen, when I looked up to see a very handsome man. His dark eyes were looking at me intently. I followed that gaze and felt a blush begin in my cheeks, radiate down my slender, white neck to finally reach my cleavage. His eyes rested there a moment before looking back into my blue eyes.

"May I help you, Sir?" I asked politely.

"Yes, you may. I was looking for a book on Middle Age weapons, and have seemed to hit a snag in what I am searching for," he answered very crisply. His accent was cultured, almost an English accent. "It's research for a novel I am writing."

Now I was thrilled in a completely different way. He was a writer! What librarian was not excited to meet one of the creators of the books she handled on a daily basis, touched to her very soul by the thoughts and actions of the people she dreamed about? Perhaps he was someone I had read and been inspired by. But I was too shy to ask.

I typed some words on my keyboard and invited him to look at the monitor with me, so he could see for himself what might look interesting. He walked behind me and bent over, looking at the screen. His face was inches from mine. I could smell his masculinity. I felt his breathe on my ear.

Because I was not in the least worried about how I dressed, my white blouse had the top button undone and my bra was intended to give as little irritation to my tender nipples as possible. Consequently, my breasts seemed terribly exposed. All he had to do was look down my open blouse. I was hoping he was, but didn't dare look back at him. Who ever even noticed what a librarian looked like? I concentrated on the jumble of words on the computer. My chest was heaving as he silently read, and my nipples seemed to grow an inch. He wasn't paying much attention to me, but his force over me was very evident.

I crossed my legs and my skirt inched up, showing off my shapely legs. My full red lips were dry as I licked them with my tongue. How I wished he would do something, anything to break this hold he had over me! I was like a teenager in heat, with a fire that was beginning to burn between my legs. It didn't help that the French cut panties I was wearing were digging into my slit. My bra was a lacey one, and I knew he could see the low line of lace covering the fullness of my breasts. My hair was hanging innocently over my eyes and I finally moved it behind my ear. The back of my hand brushed his short, dark curly hair.

"Oh, excuse me," I stammered, blushing again. I fidgeted in my chair.

"Quite all right, young lady." He smiled at me. He had nice teeth and a sexy smile.

"I'd like this book, if you would kindly print the call number for me." His shirt was open at the collar and he was very tan. His pants showed off a very cute butt and a nice bulge seemed to be behind that zipper. As he backed away from me, his legs were muscular under his pants. Although he was a writer, he seemed to be quite fit for his age, which I guessed to be somewhere around mid forties.

I chastised myself, a married woman thinking thoughts like these! Even though my husband had physically abused me in our early years, and now mentally abused me daily, he and the children were my life. I had never thought of another man, not to mention getting wet and hot like I was now doing.

I wrote the number on a slip of paper and said I would show him to the book myself. I got up from behind my desk and walked to the history section of the library.

I tried to walk as slowly and sexily as possible, and could feel his gaze behind me. I was shapely, and though my ass was not large, it was full and round. I had on a long, light skirt that fit my body snuggly, and I'm sure my ass was very enticing. At least I hoped this sexy man thought so. We got to the stacks and I bent over, looking at the numbers. He moved to one side so he could also see the numbers, as though wanting to look for himself. I deliberately moved farther to my side so that I had to almost lean back towards him to continue my search. I looked up at him to see him looking down at my breasts, which were now hanging down, the bra barely covering those still hard, distended nipples.

He smiled and looked at me directly in the eyes, not ashamed at all to be staring at my naked flesh. He must have known I had created that position on purpose!

"You are very lovely. What is your name?" he asked confidently.

"Thank you, Sir," I blushed again, "I'm Anna."

"My name is DM, but I think I enjoy you calling me Sir, Anna," and he smiled slowly, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

I also smiled and then giggled like a teenager, not knowing why he said that. I was soon to find out. He shook my hand and thanked me for my help. I feared I was destined to never see him again, wondering if he would ever visited the library again.

For the next few weeks, while making love with my husband, I fantasized about DM. I thought about his hands on my breasts, his lips on my lips, his cock plunging deeply into my pussy. To say the least, my husband was happy. I was like the young girl I had been when we first met. He was enjoying me, and I was enjoying my fantasies. I had DM to thank for that. How I wished he would come back to the library!

He did come back, one beautiful May day. The air was full of young spring energy, when almost anything is possible. Living in Ohio, springtime was a celebration of life! The invigorating warm air, the greening of the grass and trees, vibrant young flowers beginning to bloom… I was giddy with energy and lust.

"Hello, young lady" He stood there smiling at me, terribly confident over the affect his presence would have.

"DM, it's so wonderful to see you again!" I smiled sweetly, hoping I didn't sound as foolish as I felt.

"Anna," he scolded lightly. "Remember that you may call me Sir."

I was a little puzzled, but called him Sir from then on. That was the beginning of my training as a submissive. He invited me for coffee that spring morning, and we began a thrilling adventure.

I had no idea what a Dom or a submissive were, or anything about the BDSM lifestyle. I didn't know that my submissiveness, which I have had all my life, could be a gift to the right person. I had obeyed and given my all to my husband all of our married years, and got verbal put downs, orders and beatings. I was always agreeing with him, and his pleasure always came first. I treated him like a King, but got nothing in return.

How ecstatic I was to find I could give my gift of submissiveness to DM and be cherished, nurtured and loved by him as my Dom! After months of his teachings, I pledged myself to him. I asked him to be my Dom, and he accepted me as his sub. We also had a very tender and sweet daddy/little girl relationship. He actually did seem like my daddy at times. He bought me a beautiful little bracelet, which I wear on my left wrist as a symbol of my submission to Him.

He never kissed me those months of teaching. He would gently hold my hand or touch my hair lightly, but never took advantage of my innocence and vulnerability.

A week after I became his sub, we met for coffee and he told me he we were going to go to his house for the weekend. I had that Saturday and half of Sunday to myself, as my husband was on a gambling trip with his brothers and my teenage boys had plans of their own. We were in no hurry as we drove along. It was a sunny and warm day. I had on a pair of shorts, sandals and a sleeveless knit top. I sat next to DM as he drove. We were on a highway and there was a lot of truck traffic.

Without looking, DM reached over and barely touched my protruding nipples. I smiled at the unexpected pleasure, and pressed them more firmly into his wandering hand. Suddenly he took my left nipple between his thumb and two fingers and squeezed. I gasped, feeling a tiny jolt of pleasure and pain shoot through my entire torso. When I did not flinch away, he squeezed the nipple harder until I was squirming. As I gave a low moan, he suddenly switched to my other nipple and squeezed it painfully. My head rocked back as my eyes closed and my mouth opened wide, an even louder moan of lustful agony escaping my wet, quivering lips. My hand instinctively went down to my crotch.

"No, Anna, not yet." His voice was gentle, but stern.

I sighed in frustration and heat. I moved my hips a little as he twisted, pinched and pulled at my nipples. My eyes flew open wide as an air horn sounded practically in my ear. I looked up at the trucker who had blasted his horn as DM passed him on the left. I was terribly embarrassed, but wildly excited at the same time as the trucker leered down through the window as DM tortured my nipples.

"Anna, take your shorts and panties off now," he ordered.

"I couldn't possibly, Sir! All these truckers will see," I pleaded.

"Anna, when I give you a command, you do it NOW, no hesitations or questioning of me." His voice was rough, almost harsh. "For that act of disobedience, you now may take off your top and bra as well."

I was shocked! How could he do this to me? I would be completely open and naked for all to see. However, I quickly did as he said. Partly, it was to escape further punishment. Deep inside, though, I knew I really wanted to do exactly that.

I unzipped my jean shorts and pulled them down my tan legs. They lay bunched around my ankles, like some sort of self-imposed binding. I was sitting in my sopping wet panties and top when DM passed another truck. He pinched my nipples and said, "Quickly Anna!"

I pulled down my panties and my full, bushy mound of hair was exposed. I pulled my top off and unhooked my bra, my full breasts tumbling out. I was naked, covered only by the blush that made my entire body burn almost as hotly as the inside of my dripping cunt. I scooted down in my seat a little, hoping DM would not notice. But he did.

"Anna, did I tell you could scoot down?"

"No. Sir," I added lamely, not wanting to be punished again. Or did I?

"Then you may sit up straight and properly. I want others to see your exquisite body."

I did as I was ordered and looked straight ahead, but closed my eyes as DM pulled along side another truck. Sir ordered me to open my eyes. I did, of course. I saw the eyes of the driver in his side mirror. DM again twisted my nipples, and then ordered me to spread my legs. I had to put one leg over on the driver's side next to his leg. I wanted so badly to press it against his, but feared his further irritation. My cunt was laid open to view, and my breasts were easily seen even by passengers of most other cars.

"Touch your clit, Anna," he said. "I want you to show what a lovely slut you are for me."

"Yes, Sir," I whispered, barely loud enough for him to hear.

I was secretly relieved to be able to touch myself, though still embarrassed that I was totally naked. I fingered my clit and leaned my head back on the headrest. DM continued to play with my nipples as he sped on the left hand lane, passing cars and trucks alike. I got a lot of yells, whistles and honks. I was moving my finger faster and faster and humping my hips when DM pulled along side a double semi. I looked up as DM seemed to match it's pace.

The driver was robust and handsome, and my eyes went wide as he winked at me, licking his lips. I was horrified, but DM kept steadily at his window. Above the rushing of the wind I could hear as the trucker yelled, "Faster, baby!" I moaned and moved my body seductively for the other man as much as for DM. Sir ordered me to cum for the man, and I threw my head back and thrust my pelvis up and down. I was listening to both men, the trucker yelling at me, my Dom intently urging, "Cum, my darling, cum!" and I was indeed cumming. I exploded in waves, agonizing to have DM's cock in me. All I could do was wait. DM called me his little darling baby girl and sped away, leaving the trucker in our dust, blasting his air horn as if it sounded his own intense orgasm.

We were almost to Sir's house. I had never been there. All our conversations and teaching had been at restaurants or parks. This would be the first time I would be alone with my Sir. I was so excited. My body felt flush with desire at the thought of feeling his body near mine, to feel his lips pressed against mine, and wondering how his cock would feel plunging into my still wet pussy.

We arrived at his place and he turned the car into the driveway. It was a small cottage nestled deep in the woods. No neighbors were in sight, and it was very rural and beautiful. He looked over at me and gave me a kiss on my lips, pulling me towards him. Although I had been allowed earlier to put my sleeveless top over my naked breasts, I was still naked on the bottom. I felt the soft leather of the car seat tug at my plump ass as I leaned over to kiss him back. I put my hand around his neck and whispered how much I adored him. He simply smiled.

He got out, walked around the car, and opened the door for me. I stepped out into the warm sunshine, feeling very naked and vulnerable. DM took my hand and brought me into his house. It was very much the bachelor place, very masculine with lots of books lining the walls. He took my hand and led me into the bathroom, where he said I could freshen up as he gathered a lunch we were about to eat outside on a blanket. It was a little after noon and I was hungry, though not wanting to eat too much as my stomach was quite nervous with anticipation.

I walked out of the bathroom with my pussy and ass still exposed. I felt the roundness of my ass and the damp, dark bushy hair surrounding my pubic mound. I was self-conscious now since we were going to eat and Sir was still fully clothed. However, I had not been given permission to put any other clothes back on, and dared not ask. I walked into the kitchen with my delicate hands trying to cover my private areas. Sir turned around from the counter where he was preparing little sandwiches and sighed. He looked disappointed with me.

"Anna, remove your hands and spread open your sex for me." He looked aggravated, although his voice was still tender. "You must never be ashamed of your body, for now it is mine. Whatever you have to see or to touch is always to be at my complete command. Do you understand, my lovely little whore?"

"Yes, Sir. Please forgive me," I said quietly, my head bent in shame.

I reached down and touched the large lips of my pussy, then slowly pulled them apart, exposing my clit and the rest of my pink, private flesh. I felt slightly embarrassed, but more submissive and excited at exposing myself in front of this handsome and sexy man. I was slippery to the touch, and had to settle my breathing down a bit.

"Mmmm, my sweet Anna! Yes, that is my good girl," Sir whispered seductively.

We gathered a blanket and put the food and wine in the basket and walked out to his backyard. It was magical. There were colorful flowers scattered here and there, and many large and small trees filling out the yard, which was surrounded with a virtual forest of huge oak trees all around. There was a small pool and a deck just off the back porch. There were many birdhouses and baths, and the singing of birds filled my ears.

"Sir, this is beautiful," I breathed in wonder. I felt so at peace.

"Yes, my lovely slut, and someday we will live here together," DM answered matter-of-factly.

I blushed. At that moment, I wished for nothing more than that.

He spread the blanket out under a tree and we ate and sipped wine, laughing and enjoying ourselves. I had not a care in the world as I spread out on the blanket on my tummy next to my Dom, who was sitting. My breasts were scrunched up exposing my cleavage, my top not covering much, and my full ass was rounded beneath his gaze. He leaned over and kissed my rump, murmuring what a lovely ass I had and that it was all his now. I giggled playfully like a child, turning over, circled my arms around his neck.

"Sir, have I told you lately how much I adore you?" I wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling into his eyes.

He kissed me gently, his lips pressing softly into mine. I responded ardently. He kissed my top lip and then sucked my bottom lip. Our tongues met in the middle, savoring each other's essence and feeling deep tenderness and passion. He pushed my hands down to the ground and kissed me hard, his entire body now hovering above mine, grinding his hard cock beneath his shorts into my naked pussy. I sighed, feeling such lust and love for my Dom.

"Anna, let's go inside," he said, and he lifted me up.

We walked inside to the bedroom. He had a very large four-poster bed. There was a rocking chair and two dressers, all in dark wood. The curtains, bedspread and pillows were in shades of red, blues and violet. There were some large pillows tossed haphazardly on the bed.

"Anna, remove your shirt and kneel for me," Sir ordered.

I did it happily. I spread my knees far apart as I kneeled, hands behind my back. Sir stood before me, touching the top of my head as I was looking down. He lifted my chin up towards him, and told me I must accept any pain he gave to me. Those words excited me beyond belief! I knew Sir would never physically harm me, but that the torture he gave me would heighten both of our states of arousal.

He reached down to my breasts and squeezed the nipples. It was a shot of pain that went straight to my clit, and I moaned deeply. He took one of my breasts in each hand and fondled them roughly, squeezing them hard.

"Oh, Sir, that feels so good!" I cried out, daring to look up into his eyes, wanting to show my adoration.

"Would you like more, my little slutty girl?"

"Yes, Daddy! I want you to make me cum from the pain of your love. Oh, Daddy, please?"

"You whore, wanting your own Daddy to make you cum?" He looked at me hungrily. "What kind of daughter does that make you?"

"Your personal whore and slut, Daddy," I assured him, and I meant it more than anything I had said in my life. I moaned in heat as his fingers squeezed and twisted my nipples until my teeth were gritting from the pain. My entire body burned from the heat that emanated from the core of my womanhood. I wanted more, more of everything that he would give me.

He suddenly walked to the bed, and I started to rise from my kneeling position.

"Anna, did I tell you to get up?"

"No, Sir."

He sighed, obviously disappointed. Again I hung my head in shame. "Then come over here and lay across my lap. I think I must spank you to remind you to do EXACTLY as I command, and nothing more or less."

I happily slithered over and draped myself over his lap, my bare ass staring at him in a way I hoped was totally enticing. We had talked about this, the things he would like to do to me, or what I fantasized about. I had always fantasized about being spanked. Having the feeling of humiliation of my subservient position, plus the pain and the heat.

His hand came down hard on my ass cheeks. It hurt more than I had imagined. I screamed and cried, wiggling my ass from side to side, trying to shield my bare cheeks with my hands. He took both of my wrists in one hand and pinned them hard against the small of my back. He was much stronger than me, as my entire body struggled against his as his hand was stinging my bare flesh. As I struggled, I noticed my clit was rubbing onto his legs. Finally I was so hot and horny that I begged again through my tears to be able to cum and to be fucked hard and deeply. He didn't listen, but kept beating at my ass until it was a quivering mass of limpid lava. At last he was satisfied.

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