tagGroup SexAnnie Bradford & Mal Content Ch. 03

Annie Bradford & Mal Content Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

The bet was a draw, but Annie now had three lovers all to herself.

Joe seemed surprised at this turn of events. He glanced at Perry Dunlap, caught his eye and said, "Who wants to do a line?"

"I do," Bea replied immediately.

"Good idea," Perry quickly followed.

"It's fine with me," Annie said, making it unanimous.

Joe pulled a small silver case from a secret drawer built into the fireplace.

The two women kissing on the other couch stopped what they were doing and looked up. Bea turned around so Annie could unzip her dress. Underneath the pale yellow dress she wore a bra and panties of the same pastel hue. She and Annie sat down on the couch next to her husband.

"Maria? Connie? Care to join us?" Joe asked the two women on the couch. They got up from the couch and sat on the carpet next to the glass coffee table. Joe nodded at them and opened the case, emptying the contents of a vial on the table.

Introductions were made, hands shaken and squeezed. Maria was a blonde like Bea, roughly the same age, but voluptuous instead of petite. Connie was a slender woman with raven black hair, slightly older, with creamy skin that bore only a hint of makeup. There was something striking about her, a chiseled nose, a delicate chin, and deep blue eyes that seemed to look right through you. The two women sat across from the others, their hands intertwined.

"May I?" Bea asked, her hand on the bodice of Annie's dress. Annie nodded her approval, and Bea removed the dress from Annie's lithe body, leaving her in only the purple thong.

"Lovely," she said, reaching over to cup Annie's breasts. "Aren't they beautiful, Perry?" Joe looked up from the pile of white powder he was chopping with a shiny silver blade.

"Wonderful," Perry said and Joe's eyes lingered upon Annie's perfect globes before returning to the white powder.

While he separated the pile into a series of lines, Bea played with Annie's breasts, and leaned down to kiss the stiff nipples. Annie looked over at Joe, who smiled back at her and for a moment Annie furtively wished it were his lips at her breast instead of Bea's.

Joe signaled with a wave of his hand that the coke was ready.

"Honey? You go first," Perry said, handing Bea a rolled-up $100 bill. Then, as she leaned over the coffee table, he held her hair back behind her head.

"Thank you darling," she said, and holding the bill to her nose, placed the other end next to one of the lines and loudly snorted it. She chased it with a sip of wine and handed the bill to Annie. "Annie?"

Annie took the bill, gathered her hair back, and snorted a line just as Bea had. Suddenly, it seemed like the room got brighter to Annie. The music became louder, clearer; the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she felt a sort of numbness spread from her nose to the back of her throat. Her eyes started to water, and she, like Bea, reached for her wineglass.

"Good stuff," Perry said, taking the bill from where Annie had dropped it and snorted a line. He handed it to Joe who did the same, passing it to Connie when he was done. Maria and Connie held each others' hair as they did their lines. Maria passed the bill back to Perry.

"Next round's on Annie," he said.

"But I don't have any . . ."

"That's not what he means, silly," Bea said. "Here, scoot around sideways." She tugged at Annie's legs, pulling them into her lap and lay her down so that Annie's back rested on Perry's thighs and her head ended up in Joe's lap.

"Hold still, my purple-thonged beauty," Perry said with a wry laugh, then scooped up some of the white powder with a credit card and dumped it between her breasts.

"This round's on you. Literally."

As Perry divided the lines with the card, Joe leaned over to kiss her. Annie could feel his cock growing in his trousers, pressing against the back of her head. She wanted to press her head against it, but Perry was holding her still as he formed the cocaine into lines between her tits.

Bea was the first to lean over and inhale a line from her breast. She licked the remainder and gave her nipple a quick suck before passing the bill to Perry.

He cupped one of her breasts in his hand as he leaned over to snort. Joe went next, licking one of Annie's nipples afterward, just as Bea had done. Then Maria and Connie approached. Maria went first, and instead of giving Annie a quick lick, she leaned over and kissed her. Then Connie did her line, kissing Annie just as Maria had, only deeper and longer; her deep blue eyes lingering on Annie's face afterward.

"We didn't forget you, Annie," Perry said, separating a line of coke from the pile on the coffee table. It was twice as long as the ones he'd cut before, and it took Annie two tries to snort it all. Her eyes didn't water as much as before, but she had this feeling of exhilaration; as if she could have jumped on her bike and pedaled fifty miles, just like that.

"Let's get these off," Bea said, tugging at Annie's thong. Annie stood shyly in front of everyone as she pulled them down over her thighs, but her self-consciousness was gone. She was ecstatic to be with these beautiful people, beautiful people who found her so attractive.

"Oh, what a lovely pussy," Maria said.

"She's shaved her bush the way you do, leaving some hair but not so much as to be troublesome," Connie said.

Annie turned around and noticed that Perry had unzipped his trousers, and his half-hard cock was exposed. Bea's hand guided Annie to the couch and Annie sat down. Bea wasn't done with her just yet and guided Annie's hand to Perry's crotch.

She took his cock in her hand, feeling it grow between her fingers.

"Go ahead, Annie," Bea urged. Annie lowered her head in his lap, and guided his stiffening cock into her mouth. She felt Bea's hands between her legs; curious fingers seeking her sex, probing into her wetness, finding her emerging clit.

Out of the corner of her eye Annie could see Maria and Connie return to the couch where they had been kissing, undoing their bras and peeling off their panties, then laying head to toe, their heads wedged between each other's thighs.

Annie reached past Perry for Joe, not wanting him to feel left out, and found his hand resting in his lap. He guided her hand to his stiffened cock, and Annie began to stroke it as she sucked Perry's cock. She realized that both men were circumcised. She had seen pictures of circumcised cocks, but these were the first she ever seen in person. Now she was sucking one and would soon be sucking the other.

Her mind wandered and she wondered if somehow they would feel different inside her. That was answered soon enough, as Perry wrested his erection from between her suctioning lips, and stood up in order to remove the remainder of his clothing.

Bea insured Annie would remain wet by fingering her until Perry sat back down on the couch and Bea helped Annie straddle his lap, even guiding her husband's cock inside her. With a happy grunt, Annie settled down on his hardness and felt it stretching her inside; the fat ridge of flesh on his cockhead pressing against the walls of her cunt. Annie's fingers deftly lingered over his balls, first cupping and then gently rubbing.

As Annie began to move up and down on his ever hardening prick, she realized that she felt no sign of any foreskin moving up and down inside of her, just the delicious feeling of his thickly veined cock rubbing the walls of her pussy. Perry pulled her closer and began to suckle her breasts, his hands cupping her bottom and urging her to fuck him faster.

Joe stood up and unhurriedly undressed, watching Annie's pussy cling tightly to Perry's cock as it advanced and retreated from her constricted sheath. When he finished undressing, he casually walked behind the couch and offered his cock for Annie to suck. Annie leaned over Perry's shoulder and took Joe's tool in her mouth, hungrily sucking it while she bounced up and down on Perry's lap.

Bea caressed her back as Annie continued fucking her husband. Bea called Joe over to her. Annie felt a twinge of disappointment when Joe pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and went directly to Bea, who was leaning over the back of the couch, presenting her ass to Joe. Annie looked on as Bea reached back and guided him into her pussy; moaning almost immediately as Joe began to briskly pound her from behind.

Annie was into it now, thoroughly enjoying the feel of Perry's cock inside her. 'What a party Mal found for me,' she thought, 'Cocaine, shit I haven't done any in years, and here I am getting royally screwed right next to a guy's wife --- who incidentally, has Joe's dick buried in her snatch.'

She felt herself getting ready to cum and began bouncing faster on Perry's lap, trying to hurry her wonderful release. Perry squeezed Annie's ass, helping to guide it up and down on his impressive, impaling weapon.

Annie grew closer to her climax and clenched herself around his pulsing member, wanting to make him come with her. He responded by squeezing her ass all the harder, urging Annie on to an even faster pace. The coke helped her to reach back and summon the energy to do so and the sounds of her grunting filled the den.

Perry leaned in close to her ear and whispered, ""It takes me a while to come after a couple of lines. Why don't we screw in a different position for a while?"

Annie scooted from his lap as his erection emerged from her cunt, and knelt on the couch leaning against its back, right beside Bea.

Annie was about to kiss Bea when Perry speared her from behind, making her gasp with pleasure. "It's a wonderful feeling isn't it?" said Bea, who closed in for a brief kiss once Annie had recovered her equilibrium. Annie glanced down and noted Joe's glistening cock pumping in and out of Bea's shaven pussy.

"Isn't my guy a stud?" Bea asked proudly.

"Umm, yes!" Annie gasped as Perry's prick reached the deepest parts of her center. She was almost there; and when Perry leaned over her back to rub her swollen clit, she exploded, having to grasp the back of the couch to keep from falling to the floor.

Through the sexual delirium of her orgasm, Annie distinctly heard Maria and Connie's muffled moans; the sounds diminished by the fact that their respective mouths were sealed upon the others sex.

Bea was squealing loudly as she too reached her peak and came hard. Since Perry kept driving his prick into her at an ever increasing speed, Annie began to understand that neither Joe nor Perry had come and marveled at their staying power before attributing it to the cocaine.

"OH! OH!" Bea gasped as Joe pummeled her pussy with pile driving strokes, causing her to climax on the heels of her previous orgasm.

"Fill her up, Perry!" Empty your balls into her, baby!" Bea cooed to her husband. "Fill her with your cum so I can lick it out of her yummy little slit."

"She's tight, Bea, baby. Tight like that slutty little babysitter you hired last month," he spat out through clenched teeth.

Annie felt another orgasm rushing in on her as his testicles slapped her ass with each and every stroke of his cock.

"How's my pussy, Joe?" Bea asked Joe. "Tight enough for you?"

"You're still tight as Tessie's twat, Bea," Joe growled.

"Let me have it, lover, c'mon blast off!"

Just then, Annie felt Perry's cock start to swell and twitch within her, Perry gripped her hips gave one last deep thrust and she felt him flooding her with his load, hot spurt after hot spurt, virtually filling her cunt.

As Perry withdrew his flaccid prick from Annie's hole, she realized that Connie had been kneeling behind him, tonguing his ass and that more than anything else had caused him to ejaculate.

Maria was giving Joe exactly the same treatment. Seconds later, Annie saw his grimace as he came, emptying himself into Bea's waiting cunt.

Connie caught Annie wrinkling her nose in disgust at her actions and called to her, "You should try it, you never know, you might love it."

Annie found herself replying, "I'll put a finger up there but not my tongue."

But before they could have an earnest conversation on the subject, Bea had her face between Annie's thighs, lapping away at her pussy devouring her husband's sperm as she had promised she would do.

Kneeling in front of the coffee table, Joe and Perry were cutting several more lines of coke. Bea's tongue brought Annie close to another orgasm, but she eased back on the tongue throttle before Annie got there. They called a time out from the cunnilingus and knelt at the coffee table beside the men to snort another line or two. Then Joe produced two joints, lighted them and passed them around.

Annie was as stoned as she'd ever been and was now willing to try anything. For some reason, sticking her tongue up someone's ass had taken a priority in her short list of sexy things to do.

Connie sat down on the couch next to Annie. "So, who did you come here with, Annie?"

"Me, myself and I," she replied and giggled inanely.

Joe answered for her. "Mal brought her; then left after vouching for her. Annie's from Minneapolis, visiting our fair city of Atlanta for the weekend."

"And glad to be here . . . too," Annie added after a slight pause.

"That's interesting," Maria chimed in, "I summered with an aunt in Minneapolis when I was in my early teens." She closed her eyes as if to summon forth the memory.

"She had such a lovely garden." Then in an aside to Connie, she said, "Of course that's where I met Angie. She introduced me to pussy love."

"Oh," Connie replied, "the answer to a young girl's dreams?"

"Well, mine anyway," Maria grinned and then the two embraced. When it ended, Annie said, "I feel I must tell you something Connie."

Connie licked her lips, and knowing what was coming, glanced at Maria for approval and apparently got it. Then said, "And what is that?"

"Your eyes . . ." Annie began, but halted, transfixed by the very blue eyes she was trying to extol. The raven-haired Connie took Annie by the shoulders and pulled her close, kissing her on her half-opened lips.

Annie thought Connie's lips were as soft as a cloud and sent her tongue into the woman's mouth, searching for the same tongue that had revolted her only minutes before by probing and licking at Joe's asshole.

When the kiss ended, Connie's husky voice commanded Annie, "Lay back for me, baby, I have to taste you."

Annie lay back on the couch, one leg twisted under her, the other lifted so that it came to rest on the top of the couch's cushions. She had effectively spread herself as wide as possible in offering her pussy to Connie's questing mouth.

Only seconds after Connie began, Annie was convulsing with pleasure as she came and came again. Her orgasms were heightened by the influx of cocaine and marijuana in her blood stream. She ground her hips from side to side as Connie licked and probed. Her woman's scent was so intoxicating, that Connie's nose kept sliding on her moistness. Still, she continued sucking Annie's folds gently into her mouth, tasting them, savoring them; moving inward to the inside of her thighs especially the area of skin between the insides of her thighs and her outer labia.

Annie cried with joy as Connie licked all around her folds and slit, purposely staying away from her clitoris to prolong the pleasure. With a devilish smirk she licked Annie's pee hole and all the way up to the top of her slit, tasting and exploring with Annie moaning her way toward another climax.

Connie moved closer to Annie's clit, probing the hood, lifting it up with her tongue, nipping it gently with her teeth. Then she found Annie's clitoris. It was distended and swollen when she brushed it with her tongue. Annie's hips rose instinctively, thrusting her clitoris into Connie's mouth.

Annie was writhing and squirming. Her juices were flowing freely, the activity turning it into a frothy cream-like substance that Connie went for as though it were caviar. Connie pushed a finger into her, then another, and a third. Annie contracted her cuntal muscles, released them and tightened them again around Connie's fingers.

"Oh my God!" Annie blurted out as her hips bucked wildly. Then she went stiff, holding her clitoris firmly pressed to Connie's mouth.

Connie's fingers wriggled incessantly inside her.

"Stop, stop! I can't take it any more. It's too good! It's too much!"

She pushed Connie's head away from her with her hands.

Both women managed to sit upright and stared at one another. A broad smile lit up Connie's face as Annie fanned her face with her hands. Then she opened her arms, inviting Connie into them.

"C'mere you wonderful thing!" Annie said, and they embraced and kissed for a long time before parting. Maria joined them and kissed first Connie, then Annie. They switched off; plying tender kisses on one another for the next twenty minutes or so. Then Annie felt another person next to her and opened her eyes to find Joe, or rather, his erection hovering inches from her mouth.

"Gotta get me some of that!" she croaked, then began licking his shaft from its base to its tip. As she ran her tongue over his superb testicles, the others seemed to rejoin their group, having finished whatever they were doing previously.

Connie and Marie drifted into another sixty-nine on the couch. Joe led Annie away to the bedroom and he lay on his back as she climbed over him. Joe's eyes widened at the sight of Annie's breasts hanging free as she bent to capture his testicle in her mouth. Perry and Bea followed them into the room; and stood next to them watching. Bea held Perry's member in her hand, giving it little squeezes as she sought to revive him.

"Throat him baby!" Bea called out in encouragement.

Annie strove to do just that and since Joe was about seven inches in length, she managed to accomplish the feat. Then holding him like a trophy in one tiny fist, she saw the long string of her saliva hanging from his tip to her wrist. Letting her eyes take in the others observing her fellatio, she gave them a lewd leer and sucked the strand into her mouth and swallowed it as one would a long piece of spaghetti.

"Bravo!" Perry yelled out.

Yeah, you go get him girl!" Bea shouted. Annie began to laugh and had to remove Joe's cock from her mouth until she had brought herself under control. Then she eagerly allowed him to fill her mouth once more, rolling her tongue around his corona with obvious pleasure and deliberately making loud slurping noises for the others benefit.

Joe was laughing with her as he pried his cock from between her tightly sealed lips. "C'mon woman, I have to get a fuck in here someplace," he said with some urgency.

"Oh, yeah," she responded dully as he pulled her to her feet and had her sit in the armchair several feet from the bed.

Feeling sluttish, Annie draped her legs over the sides of the armchair opening her up to everyone in the room. Through half-lidded eyes, Annie noted that several others had entered the bedroom. She recognized Joe's wife, Barbara, her friends, Jackie and Elise, the blond haired guy and the maid, among others, but soon forgot they existed as Joe went down on her after coating her cunt with a goodly amount of coke.

The cocaine made her labia sizzle. His tongue lapping it up made her even hotter. She didn't come, but it was as if she were. The sensations were incredible and all she could do was lean back and moan while lifting her pelvis higher and higher trying to get his marvelous mouth tighter against her cunt.

Annie came hard the second Joe's finger touched her asshole.

From a far away place Annie heard Elise's voice, yelling, "Joe! Joe! Make her cum!"

In the dim recesses of her mind, Annie thought, 'Don't they know that I'm coming like crazy?'

But when Joe's finger began rubbing over her G she knew for the first time that she had never cum like this before. The tidal wave of orgasm smashed into her, brought her to the highest of highs – then threw her into oblivion and she blacked out, rather than lose her mind to the inconceivable sensations that were devouring her.

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