tagBDSMAnnie Learns to Take a Beating

Annie Learns to Take a Beating


The time had come for my Annie to take a step into a different world. As I've mentioned before, when we started together Annie was eager but not very experienced. I think it was that she had always hoped her lovers would lead her and teach her. Neither of us could answer why she'd had so few. Maybe it was her shyness? Men can be so callous in the way they use women. But soon enough we established the kind of trust, and later love, that allowed my Annie to do and be everything she could imagine as far as sex is concerned - plus a few other things besides!!!

Early on I confided to her my interest and experience in BDSM. It wasn't her thing at all and, of course, I was so excited about introducing Annie to all manner of new sex play that it didn't seem important to press the point. Annie was learning to accept my extra-curricular activities. Soon enough she would do the same with my encouragement. But those outlets meant my other desires continued to be fed.

Still, we both knew Annie's turn would come and she would experience more than taste of BDSM. In a way it was easy enough - Annie and I are deeply in love and her eagerness to please and reward me mixes well with her innate submissiveness. Don't get me wrong - Annie is a smart woman who's managed big offices and travelled the world. She is no pushover. But she loves to be led when it comes to bedroom fun, to have the doors opened for her.

We talked a lot about the different options, how we could do more than simply have me orchestrate our regular sucking and fucking. There were experiments with bondage. As you know, already we had other little routines like me pulling out my cock while we were watching TV. In fact that had been her suggestion, a signal to Annie that she was required to suck me. Other times I would order her to strip down and spread her legs so I could finger her delicious slit while she was trying to watch some cooking show or other. Or we'd go shopping with me insisting she wear a butt plug under a flimsy dress or ben-wah balls lodged in her steamy cunt.

Then came a night when I was having a piss and Annie came in to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Simple domestic stuff. But she wasn't wearing any pants and as she bent over to rinse her mouth her T-short rode up to expose those tight, firm butt cheeks. Instant hard-on! No matter how many times I look at her I can never tire of her gorgeous Chinese skin, her golden tan, those slender athletic limbs, her tight little butt and her petite cunt. And those long, thick, chocolate brown nipples. Yeah - she has not tits at all to speak of...but my Annie is just perfect as far as I am concerned.

So I moved over to her and with gentle pressure in the middle of her back I made sure she stayed bent over. My cock easily nestled between her brown cheeks. Knowing Annie, her cunt would be watering almost instantly and she would be wondering which hole I wanted to take. But it wasn't to be that easy for her.

Quietly I reminded her of how many times I'd wanted to smack her arse. Not those playful little pats that couples often exchange. No - I wanted to spank her arse good. There was no response from Annie, no movement. A good sign.

Slowly, gently I began to pat her bum. All the time I kept talking to her softly and in between pats I rubbed her beautiful arse. I was telling her how sexy she was, how much she turned me on. How I wanted to own her totally - to the point where she would give her arse to me for anything I wanted. That did seem to get a reaction and she deftly moved her hips to press her bum back against my cock.

Softly I asked her to part her legs and as she did so I stepped back - to allow myself a better swing! Still I kept the blows slow and soft. My Annie was yet again allowing me to take her into uncharted waters. She'd known this moment would arrive some day but I was desperate not to ruin my chances by being too eager.

Every now and again I stopped to caress and rub her cheeks...and to slip a hand down between her legs. I wanted her to learn that spanking and similar activities were to be associated with pleasure for us both - which is what it was when I rubbed my fingers through her damp slit.

Then I lifted her up to me and our eyes locked together in the mirror. I hugged her tight from behind and told her how incredibly sexy she is...and how I wanted her to give this to me only as long as she was ready.

Annie murmured a cautious approval for me to continue - again knowing the trust we have would allow her to stay safe no matter what I had in mind for that night.

So I led her to the bedroom and, again using gentle pressure, I positioned her bending over the end of the bed. I noticed how this time she assumed the position with her legs nicely parted. I had an urge to fuck her right there and then but there was so much more to be gained on this occasion.

I started my rhythm again, all the while telling Annie how her arse cheeks looked as I delivered one soft blow after another. This was an incredibly big step for my Annie. She knew full well where this was heading. Though she had been only too happy to submit to me as part of our sex play she'd never really pictured herself as a woman who could accept or enjoy being spanked or slapped. I know she was keen to please me but very nervous all the same.

The next step was to use some lengths of rope to tie Annie's ankles to the legs of the bed. This time I decided to tie a little wider and a little tighter than normal. It was all in keeping with the night's game. But it also had the effect of calming Annie since bondage was something she was well accustomed to. Again it was about helping her to feel comfortable and safe.

Still I alternated my spanking with gentle probing of her slit. That was starting to get a response! I let her know that her cunt would keeping getting that kind of attention as long as she wanted me to keep spanking her beautiful arse. Her deep sigh was all the encouragement I needed.

But it was time to speed things up a little. I didn't want Annie to get bored or too comfortable with what I was doing. This was about teaching her the finer points of submission - and that meant pushing the edges of her comfort zone.

I shifted my position so I could get a better angle with my aim...and at the same time alternate between arse cheeks as I squeezed and pummelled.

Then it was time to add a little distraction - a small butt plug. Of course it needed lubrication and I easily plunged it deep into her cunt several times - never missing a beat with my right hand. It came out well slicked. My attention to her cunt was paying dividends.

Once that invader was placed in her little hole I again started talking to Annie, dirty talk, telling her everything I wanted to do to her. We both love the idea of public sex and I eagerly described to Annie how she'd look bent over and tied like that, in front of a room of men, having her little arse punished before several of us fucked her long and slow. Again, the only response I got was deep sighs and quiet moans - which, coming from Annie, was telling me volumes!

By this stage my hand was getting warm and so was her delightful little bottom. Time to bring this to a conclusion. So I softly commanded her to reach back and hold her butt cheeks wide apart. She knew what to do and made sure her flaps were spread wide also. Annie loves this position as it really allows her to feel slutty and wanton. I stepped behind and with one very slow movement I slid my entire length into her gaping cunt hole. After a few slow strokes I suggested she should brace herself with her hands against the bed.

I resumed my soft pounding on her arse, all in time with my rocking back and forth, and the sound of my skin slapping against hers went close to sending me over the edge. Of course, I know all Annie's favourite spots and how she loves pressure on the front of her opening, behind her clit. I was careful to be slow and maximise my opportunity to keep spanking her arse as well as she built-up to a wonderful orgasm.

Finally I felt the beginnings of that familiar shuddering that goes all through her body. I stopped even my gentle blows and took a good grip on her waist. Her moans became more distinct now...but much deeper. Its like she just goes off into some other world at those moments. I always marvel at how someone so intellectual can seem to lose all control of their mind in the midst of her sexual release. But there's never any complaints from me!

My problem was the need for my own relief. The whole play so far had been a huge success and I was so incredibly excited by everything my Annie was achieving. My cock was ready to erupt so as soon as she was on the downhill run I pulled out and with only a couple of quick strokes my cum was shooting up her back and big dollops were falling onto her hot, reddened arse cheeks. I so rarely shoot my juice over her back - usually if its not internal then its her chest or her face. Annie loves it that way as well so she can see my spurting cock and the look on my face. But this time it seemed more in keeping with the tone of things and Annie told me later of her thrill at feeling me shoot so long and hard...how it made her feel slutty and used. Perfect!

So that seemed like enough of an introduction for that night. I untied Annie and gently placed her on the bed where I got between her legs and slowly ate her cunt to another three orgasms.

As we cuddled in bed afterwards Annie told me how much she'd gotten off on the intensity of the sex - both the spanking and the fucking. And she also confided that she'd rather appreciated the feeling of warmth in her butt cheeks that lasted even after I'd finished snacking on her cunt.

I'd been gentle, slow...even cunning! But Annie had stepped through another door - in some ways the hardest one for her so far.

Annie is no pain slut but over time we've been able to experiment with a lot of different scenes and implements. Yeah, a hand is nice but sometimes implements are better!

A few weeks later it was time for the soft leather flogger. OK - no big deal for the more hardcore. But for Annie, the idea of being strung up naked and then flogged (even the most gentle blows) had a delicious mix of excitement and fear.

Actually, I was relying on her being exposed, naked and open, to get her really aroused. Annie's proud of her body overall and loves the idea of being able to show it off. I'd already worked out a hanging point under the stairs and had her strung up as if hanging from her wrists and with her legs again pulled wide apart - just to accentuate the feeling of being exposed and vulnerable.

Slowly, softly I worked the flogger over her body - first her butt, then her back. Slowly I increased the force and the speed of the blows. Again I made sure I paid attention to her clit and her moistened hole. Eventually I took one of her vibrating eggs and shoved it up inside her cunt - with some tape over her flaps to make sure it stayed in place. Then I was really able to get to work.

This night, too, I made sure to paint a mental picure for my sexy woman. A small group of men, maybe a woman too, all sitting in our loungeroom admiring her body as she hung there. Ogling her...commenting on her marvellous assets. Soon they all would press forward, hungry to caress and stroke her body...ready to pleasure her, perhaps even to cut her down so she could service them.

But she would have to earn all these delights of course! My Annie seemingly is capable of almost anything when she is turned on enough. And as an athletic person she well understands and appreciates the rush that comes from endorphins flowing through her body in response to physical challenges. It was time to test her limits.

I had the flogger working across her arse cheeks...then her tummy...her tits...and then, after adding some nipple clamps and weights to her teats, I turned my attention to her inner thighs. With her legs strung so wide I was able several times to flick the leather tails across the very top of her thighs, right next to her oozing cunt. She bucked at that sudden sting - but not once did she make any sound other than her excited sighs.

So I paused briefly to play with the speed of the buzzing egg and to gently stroke her clit. There was an instant response, of course, and a further push from me with some firm yanking on her nipple clamps. Annie's teats aren't too sensitive but I've never been able to resist playing with them. Now she was at my mercy there was no way I could pass it up. Still, the extra sensation actually seemed to do something positive. There was a deep moan and I swear Annie actually tried to thrust her chest out at me as if asking for more. So I returned to using the flogger across her body, gently testing out various areas like her sides as well as her bum and her inner thighs.

After several more rounds I finally demanded she suck on two of my fingers while I fingered her clit. I soon changed position and as I returned to playing with her clamped teats I slowly inserted one wet finger into her anus.

What I was after was a confusion of sensations and stimuli...to mask the direct impact of the beating I was about to deliver.

While my finger was probing her butt, and clearly pleasing my Annie, I carefully removed the clamps, making sure I sucked on them hard as the blood flow returned to normal.

Then I held her close to me as she stood there all splayed. I caressed her body and I kissed her deeply, assuring her I loved her and was so incredibly proud of her. Then I told her she was ready, that she was going to be fucked that night, that she could choose whatever pleasures she wanted once we got into bed - so long as she counted out the last string of blows on her arse.

There was no response and I knew she consented to the deal.

I chose eight blows...across her arse cheeks...eight firm strokes with the soft flogger. Why her arse...always her arse? I am sure Annie wonders the same thing. But with an arse as pert and tight and shapely as hers why not? I'd dearly love to cane her arse actually - and maybe one day I will, only with gentle force of course!

That's the thing - always keeping it gentle. I've had other submissives and pain sluts who were happy to take heavier beatings. But with Annie its enough of a thrill and a turn-on even to have her willing to make herself available for corporal discipline. The love and the trust we share is never deeper than when she allows us the thrill of me giving her even a mild beating.

Of course Annie didn't count a single one of those last eight blows. She was in her zone - a place where she hardly ever speaks. The eight were hard though and I don't know whether she was ready at that point for any more.

So once more I hugged and caressed my wonderful Annie before untying her and leading her slowly upstairs. There I made sure I showed her every bit of love I could manage and carefully inspected her body as I gently questioned her on her reaction to her first flogging. But she wanted to be fucked and I had promised! So for the next 40 minutes we slowly fucked one another, mostly with her simply lying back and luxuriating in my rock hard cock stroking back and forth in her tunnel.

When I finally felt like I couldn't take anymore I sped up my thrusting and shoved my cock in deeper. Annie pulled me close and whispered to me 'Please...cum in me'. You know I did!

Then we resorted to a small vibrator and her fingers and slowly brought her to three long and satisfying orgasms of her own. It was well after midnight when Annie finally decided she couldn't hold off sleep any longer.

Ever since then I've slowly increased the intensity and the rewards from our corporal play. One night about a month ago we were driving home past some bushland near our home. It was time to act out a plan I'd been preparing for weeks!

I suddenly pulled off on to a small track that leads down to a clump of bushes where we can see the headlights on the main highway but are totally hidden in the darkness. Annie knew what was coming - or thought she did. Outdoor sex has always thrilled her and I reckon she was out of the car before we'd even stopped. Then I announced she was to take her jeans off (she hardly ever wears panties these days) and bend over the front of the car. 'You haven't been beaten for a while' I told her. 'And I can't have you getting out of practice'.

In the dark I couldn't see Annie's reaction. But I quickly fumbled around in the bushes till I found a small, thin branch lying in the undergrowth. Two fingers went straight into her sopping cunt as she lay her upper body across the car and I instructed her to reach down and play with her clit for me. I slowly rubbed the switch across her bum, letting her feel the roughness of the bark and imagine how thin and whippy it would be as I struck her firm flesh with it.

I pulled my cock out next and began to work it into her cunt - a taste of what she would get if she could take the beating that was coming. Not too much though - I was too close to cumming myself!

So after only a couple of thrusts I pulled out and instructed Annie to keep right on playing with her clit for me. Then came the magic moment and I carefully (always carefully) delivered the first stroke of the switch. The soft sound of that stinging little rod connecting with her flesh was exquisite. I made sure to tell Annie just how I felt. 'Here you are out here in the open, legs wide and arse sticking out...masturbating while having your bottom caned. Fuck you look amazing'.

Again and again I struck my gorgeous woman. Once or twice I tried a little more force...once I got a sound from her that told me 'enough'. I backed off but tried again to distract her - 'All those cars going by. How I wish they could see you right now'!

In the end I was able to give her a good twenty, spread between both arse cheeks and the backs of her thighs! Then it was high time she got her reward and I moved in to bury my cock to the hilt. Annie threw her head back and she tried to push against me as if there was even more of my shaft to be had. She kept right on playing with her clit as I pressed her against the warm metal of the car and a gentle breeze passed through the branches around us. Annie was horny as hell but I just couldn't wait for her this time and it was only a minute or so before I shoved hard into her and my semen exploded into her heaving body.

The whole episode had been so quick but I was left almost speechless. I slid my cock out and pulled Annie off the car and into a close embrace. As she turned to face me we kissed long and hard. I ran my hands down to her bottom and we hugged again. For long minutes we just stood like that in the bushes, both naked from the waist down and my cum slowly leaking out of Annie's cunt and seeping down her legs. Finally the insects got too much for us so we climbed back into the car - Annie ordered to travel home without pants. Yes, my cum ran out and made a bit wet patch in the car, but what did I care about that?

Back at our place Annie walked proudly through the car park to our door - though it was nearly midnight. With my cum drying nicely on her skin I suggested a nice long session of mouth music on her cunt. But Annie, too, was still feeling the huge rush from our outdoor escapades and she apparently had a strong need to suck my cock.

My Annie can be a slut and a sexual animal but I know that our love and trust is a big part of her being able to expose that part of her personality. Thanks to pride in herself and love for me Annie that night had a strong urge to give me a nice long session of oral.

Eventually we turned her cock sucking into a 69. I always love this position. And with her cunt smoothly shaven at that stage her entire genital area was coated with my cum and her own thick juices. I wanted to lick her as much as I could but I soon realised I was getting a better reaction by using my fingers. This time, however, it was Annie who couldn't wait and the combination of me fingering her cunt and her mouth stuffed full of my cock quickly had a nice, gentle orgasm flowing through her body.

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