Annie's Downpayment

byrock man 51©

"No... please... I get dressed. I not go out like this." Annie pleaded, tears streaming down her cheeks. Chi could not see her like this.

As Rocky opened the bedroom door, Annie pulled back trying to escape his grasp. Turning towards Annie, his face clearly evidenced the anger he felt that she was not obeying him. With a powerful yank, Rocky pulled her naked body into his. Annie stood before him stunned at the sight of the anger in his eyes.

"Listen, bitch! You are going to do as I want and stop giving me grief."

Teary eyed, Annie whimpered, "But... I let you... you fuck me... Why you take me outside? I let you do... everything you want... Now, you go!"

"We're not done yet, bitch. There's still one more thing to do. So, shut your fucking mouth and do as I say. We're going downstairs."

"No... no, Chi downstairs... I not go like this... Pleeesseee... you not let husband see me like this." As Annie begged, Rocky wrapped his arm around her waist and threw her naked body over his shoulder. He felt the wetness on his shoulder from the mixture of his cum and her pussy juices, which was dripping from her cunt down her thighs. Annie began to squirm and kick, trying to escape his grasp. Rocky raised his empty hand and brought it down sharply against the tender flesh of her rounded ass cheek. The sound of his hand against her flesh resounded through the bedroom. Annie felt a sharp pain where his hand had hit and let out a shrill scream.

Downstairs, Chi sat in his chair wondering what was happening. He knew he was helpless to do anything to save Annie, but then again, she deserved everything she got, since she enjoyed that man fucking her. His thoughts were soon interrupted by the sight of Rocky, naked with his large, erect cock swinging back and forth, as he carried Annie down the stairwell. Chi's eyes were also greeted by the sight of Annie's naked ass lying on Rocky's shoulder. From the corner of his eye, Chi saw Bull stand up and take a couple of steps closer to Chi. As he turned to face his captor, Chi saw that Bull was getting excited at the sight of Annie's naked ass.

"Bull, I figured you deserved a little bonus, seeing as how you've had to put up with Chi and his bullshit while his bitch wife here gave me a blowjob and then fucked my hard cock. I also figured that Chi here needed to see what will happen to her ass if he doesn't have the money tomorrow."

With that, Rocky dropped the whimpering mother on the large couch in the living room. The men's eyes stared in fascination and awe as Annie's firm breasts jiggled and swayed. Her constant sobbing filled the room irritating Rocky.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! My god, all you do is cry. Remember you agreed to this deal! Bull, just plug her ass!"

As Chi turned in horror, he saw that Bull had already removed his pants and was walking toward the couch. His cock was almost as big and wide as Rocky's.

"Chi... pleeessee... help... You not let him... oh, god...noooooooo!"

Bull grabbed Annie, "Get off the couch and bend forward over the arm."

Annie hesitated, unable to understand why her husband wasn't trying to help her.

"DO IT NOW!!!"

Annie reluctantly stood up and walked sullenly around to the arm of the couch. Tears streaming from her eyes, she bent over the arm. Bull placed his hands on Annie's firm round ass cheeks and spread them open, exposing her puckered asshole. Rocky threw the bottle of lotion over to Bull and then turned to Chi.

"I hope you're happy. Your wife's tight little ass is about to pay for your mistake."

Chi watched as Bull opened the bottle of hand lotion and poured the slick mixture over his throbbing cock. Then, Bull brought one of his glistening digits to Annie's puckered asshole. Annie felt his finger at the gate to her virgin anal orifice. As Bull pushed it forward, Annie screamed as the finger slipped past her tight sphincter into her dark rectum, its walls closing tightly around his invading finger.

"Nnnooooo... Chiii... please, take out... not let them do this... oooohhhh, god... Nooooo!"

As Chi turned his head to look away, Rocky grabbed him by his arms. "You know, Bull, why don't we get Chi here to help you? Let him stand next to his whore wife and hold her ass cheeks open for you."

Rocky pushed Chi over to Annie's prone body. Looking at his wife bent over the arm of the couch, naked, with a large cock pointed at her ass, began to make Chi excited. He felt his cock grow hard in the confines of his pants. His hands nervously circled the firm globes of her ass, his fingers digging into her flesh and spreading her ass cheeks for Bull's glistening cock.

"Noooo, Chi... please... please don't let them! We never do this before... I not able... I too small for him. Please... I do anything else he want... Not let him do this to me, Chi... I your wife..."

Bull looked at Chi, who had closed his eyes and buried his face in his chest, not wanting to watch his wife sodomized. Placing one his hands by her shoulder blades to keep Annie in place, Bull rammed two fingers into her puckered hole, plunging them in to the hilt, as Annie squirmed beneath him. His fingers slid into her slick hole and he manipulated them, stretching her tight sphincter muscle, as she sobbed incoherently.

Pulling his fingers from her ass, Bull held his cock with his hand and guided it toward her puckered hole. She whimpered as felt his loins close to her thighs and the end of his large cock rub up against her tight asshole. He looked down as his hand guided his cock, probing for her tight hole. When he found it, he pushed his cock forward until the head was pressing against her hole. His hands circled her waist, pressing on her hips, to hold her steady and then he moved forward.

"Nooooo... oooohhhh... god..." Annie screamed as she felt the head of his cock slip through her tight sphincter into her rectum.

Chi had looked up just as the large bulbous head of Bull's cock had spread Annie's little puckered hole and slipped in to her ass. Chi watched as Bull took a deep breath and forced his cock into her rectum, as he shoved the full length of it deep into her, painfully stretching her sphincter muscle as he stuffed his massive cock like a sword into the sheath of her ass. The shock of Bull's forceful entry caused Annie to scream out as loudly as she could. "Noooooooo... pleeeeesee... stop..."

Bull pulled his massive cock part of the way out of her stretched asshole, then with a hard shove embedded it again deep inside her. Annie let out another shriek. He continued sawing his cock in and out of her once tight asshole. As Annie felt his cock slide into her ass and stretch her hole, she held her breath. At first, the pain of his cock embedded in her ass was intense, but slowly she felt the muscles of her ass relaxed and the pain was replaced with a full feeling. Bull continued slowly stroking his cock in and out of Annie's ass. With each stroke of his cock, Annie began to feel a new feeling, a stimulating feeling. When she felt his stomach slam against her ass, she unexpectedly sighed with pleasure. She began grunting rapidly and uncontrollably with each of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh... yessssssss!" Annie's ass began to gyrate, fucking his cock with abandon. Her stretched sphincter slid up and down his shaft.

Rocky yelled to Annie's husband, "Chi play with her tits, pinch her nipples while Bull fucks her ass."

Chi reached for her breasts hanging over the arm of the couch. His fingers clawed her flesh and seized her engorged nipples. As he rolled them between his fingers, gently squeezing the rubbery points, she arched her back.

"Ohhhhhh... yesssssss! Fuck... ass! Fuck... pleeeeese!"

Her ass muscles seized Bull's cock squeezing it tightly. Grabbing Annie by her waist, Bull slammed his cock deep into her rectum. His cock throbbed deep in her ass and began to tremble with a series of tiny jerks. His balls emptied themselves deep into her ass. As his cock spurted his cum into her bowels, her body began to quiver a shattering orgasm swept through her body. In shock at Annie's reaction, Chi pulled away from her breasts and brought his hands to his face.

Bull lay on her back panting heavily; his cock still buried deep in her rectum. As he felt her ass muscles relax around his cock, Bull pulled his massive tool from her gaping hole. As Bull went over to his clothes and dressed quickly, Rocky went upstairs to retrieve his clothes.

As the two men walked to the front door, Rocky looked back at the young Chinese mother standing naked by the couch, cum dripping down her thighs and her husband seated on the couch with his face buried in his hands.

"Chi, look at your wife! Remember I'll be back tomorrow for my money and for another piece of her ass."

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