tagLoving WivesAnnie's Journey Ch. 01

Annie's Journey Ch. 01


My wife Annie insisted that I write this story to describe our journey of the last several months. I cannot believe that I agreed to do this but it is a great turn-on for Annie and I enjoy sharing and writing about our journey. This is the first of several chapters of Annie's Journey as it has taken me that long to fully describe her wonderful journey.

Annie and I (my name is Rob) have been married for eleven years. My wife is a beautiful Japanese woman with beautiful dark eyes, long black hair, and a really cute smile that will melt your heart. She is 34 years young (I am 42) and has always kept her self in excellent shape even after two children. She is a petit 5' -- 4" weights 110 lbs and has nice firm perky 34 C breasts with chocolate brown, half-dollar size areolas and large sensitive nipples that harden to the slightest touch, sometimes even just as her nipples brush against the fabric of her blouse.

We met in Japan while I was on a three-year assignment for my company as a regional sales manager. Annie had just graduated from university the year before where she had studied English and Interior Design. She came to work for the company as a receptionist in the sales department where she would welcome our guests, serve tea, and generally take care of any small tasks that were required. Annie quickly became popular in the office due to her pleasant outgoing personality, good looks, and her willingness to help with whatever had to be done at work. A few weeks after she started to work, we started talking and began to get to know each other while playing tennis at a company tennis club outing. Annie was and still is an avid tennis player and confident competitor. She usually wins when we play singles together. Annie also had an interest in photography arising from her work in interior design while at college. Photography has always been a great hobby of mine too. After discovering these mutual interests we began to date.

After several dinner dates, walks in the park, and occasional visits to the local movie theaters we arranged to meet at a local tennis club for a game of tennis one Saturday afternoon. After a couple of sets we stopped for a rest and shared a cold bottle of mineral water. As we were sitting facing each other, I could not help but notice that Annie was not wearing her regular tennis pants under her tennis skirt. Instead she was wearing some cute pink panties with lace edges. She noticed my looking and ever so slightly opened her legs a little to expose more of her little silk pink panty as she smiled her devilish smile at me.

Annie looked at me with her dark brown eyes, smiled and asked, "Do you like my pink panties?"

I said, "Yes absolutely!" as she opened her legs a little wider to show me a little more of her little pink panty between her legs. Annie smiled again and said that she had forgotten her tennis pants and had to wear her panties while we played. She said she hoped it did not distract me too much and smiled again. Then Annie looked into my eyes and asked, "Would like to touch my panties?"

I could feel my cock begin to stir and moved closer to her and placed my hand on her pink panty and moved my fingers along her slit. I could feel her thick pussy lips beneath her panties and worked my finger gently back and forth tenderly in her warm slit. As I did that I pulled the edges of her panties a little and a little black pubic hair slipped out from both edges of her little panty. Annie began to moan softly and worked her hips slowly to meet my probing fingers. She then shuddered and moaned softly again as her pussy began to get very wet and I could see a little wet spot growing on her pink panty. Before I could slip my finger underneath the edge of her panty and inside her pussy another couple came onto the court next to us. As they put their gear down next to us, Annie and I stopped reluctantly and started to stand up. As Annie was getting up she opened her legs as she stood up letting me and the guy next to us have a good view of her wet silk pink panties. She smiled at him then me as we walked back onto the court.

Later that same night, Annie lost her virginity.

After our tender love making session, we lay in bed naked and Annie put her head on my chest and began to tell me that what happened next to the tennis court reminded her of an experience she had had while she was still in college. She started by telling me that in her last year of college, she had a part time job to earn extra money working as a hostess in a little bar in the entertainment district nearby the campus of her university. It was not uncommon for cute college girls to work as hostesses in these bars as a way to earn extra money.

Annie went on to tell me that the name of the bar was 'Silk Panty' and that all the girls were required to wear the same 'uniform' which consisted of a very short skirt, low cut blouse, and white silk panties and bra. Also, Annie said that the girls were not allowed to wear panty hose as they would obstruct the view a customer would occasionally get of the girls white silk panties as they went about their work mixing and serving drinks and snacks to mainly middle aged business men out for a few drinks after a business dinner. Annie confessed that she really enjoyed the idea of men looking at her and finding her cute and sexy. Annie said that she would occasionally 'accidentally' let her customers have a peek at her white silk panties as she served a drink or snack and would occasionally discreetly open her legs a little to let a particularly nice customer have a better look at her white silk panties between her legs...

As Annie was telling me this story, I could tell that she was beginning to get excited again as she began to move her hips gently against my body. It was then that I first realized that Annie was a little bit of an exhibitionist and somehow that excited me.

Annie continued on saying that one night as she was serving a group of business men, a particularly handsome, younger man began to strike up a conversation with her. Annie told me that he was very nice and kept complimenting her on her appearance and kept telling her how cute and sexy she was. Annie confessed that that made her excited and she began to discretely raise her short skirt and open her legs a little to give him a better view of her white silk panties as she continued serving him drinks and snacks. Annie said that this continued on for quite a while and that she finally smiled a devilish smile and leaned over and asked the nice young man if he liked what he saw. That was the same question she had asked me earlier in the day!

Annie was moving her hips more and more now and had reached her hand down to finger her clit and wet pussy lips before she moved her hand over to my growing cock and began to stroke it as she continued on with her story. Annie went on to say that the young man of course said he very much liked what he saw and then asked to touch her white silk panties. Annie discretely opened her legs further, smiled at him, and took his hand and placed it on her white silk panties. The young man began to gently massage Annie's clit and pussy thru her silk panties and soon Annie's pussy was flowing and she was softly moaning with pleasure as she experienced a mild orgasm. The young man smiled and softly said to Annie that she was very wet and that he wanted her. Annie told me that she was very tempted as she was extremely hot and excited and really wanted to experience a cock inside her pussy for the first time but that she refused as she was afraid she would lose her job if she did that with a customer. So after a little more playing, Annie gathered herself and moved on to another group of business men and started to serve drinks and snacks to them as she calmed down. She never saw the young man again.

After Annie finished her story, she looked at me with a concerned look and asked me, "Do you think less of me because of what I did before with that man? I want you to know about me because I really like you and I hope that you like me and aren't ashamed of me"....

"Oh God no Annie, I am not worried about what you did with that man before, and I really do like you and like how you are....you are beautiful and sexy and I really do like you a lot"...I replied.

She smiled and looked up at me with those dark eyes and told me that she wanted me to make love to her again. Annie then told me that she was really happy now that she had refused that young man's advances and saved herself for me. Annie then rolled on top and spread her legs wide as she lowered her dripping wet pussy down on my hard cock. As she bucked wildly against my cock, she kept telling me how good my cock felt inside her tight pussy and that she never wanted me to stop making love to her. Annie continued to ride my cock hard and soon was beginning to experience a tremendous orgasm as she shuddered and screamed, "Oooohhh God, Ohh God, I am cumming, I am cumming, please cum inside me, please cummmm inside meeeeee!!"

I exploded into her tight wet pussy. Afterwards she collapsed on my chest as cum ran out of her hot wet pussy then we fell asleep.

Six months after our first night together, Annie and I were married. Two months after our wedding, my company transferred us back to the States to Chicago where we continue to live today. The last eleven years have been good for both of us. I have been successful in business life and we have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. We have a nice large home in the suburbs with a pool and tennis court in the back yard, two cars, and no financial worries. We have been very fortunate. Annie settled into a comfortable life as a housewife and mother getting involved in school activities with the kids, country club activities, and becoming a soccer mom shuttling the kids to their various activities. Through all the years, Annie continued to keep herself in great shape, paying attention to her appearance and always took extra time to make sure that she was 'just right' before going out of the house.

Our sex life also was good, regular sex in the normal positions two or three times a week as well as good oral sex. Annie loves to have her pussy eaten and her clit sucked and nibbled on and she has become a very skilled cocksucker and let me cum in her mouth occasionally.

After the kids came along, Annie's clit seemed to become larger and more sensitive and her pussy lips would become especially full when she was aroused. Her clit became so sensitive that just a slight touch would cause her to experience a mild orgasm and her pussy would get soaking wet with her juices. In the first several years of our marriage when we would go out for a 'date' I would encourage her to flirt with other men as I knew that it excited her. Annie would enjoy it when I encouraged her and shewould 'accidentally' show her panties or a little extra cleavage to a lucky appreciative man. She always got very wet and excited when doing this and our sex afterwards was especially hot.

About two years ago, however, our sex life had become routine at best and we had sex only two or three times a month. Annie lost her interest in flirting and showing off while we were out as things cooled between us in the sex department. It had become a concern for me but I didn't bring it up as I just thought that it was normal for a very busy couple to lose some interest over time.

About 18 months ago, Annie decided that she wanted to go back to work. The kids were settled comfortably in school and Annie's daily life was routine. She soon found a part time job at a large commercial real-estate company in the Chicago area working in the business development group. The company managed several large properties in the Chicago area and also would take on large renovation projects to update old properties to client's specifications. Annie's department was in charge of finding and recruiting new clients for the company to grow the renovation part of their business. Annie was the only woman in her group as well as the youngest. She worked alongside four older men who had been with the company for twenty years or more. Her job was to design and then maintain a web site so the company could showcase and advertise its renovation projects to potential clients. Annie immersed herself in the new job and began to learn about web-site design. She revived her old interest in photography and bought a new digital camera to take to job sites to take pictures of the projects and then upload them to the web site she was designing. She later added a digital video camera to take videos of the various projects. Annie's role was limited to web-site design and development and she was not expected to be in direct contact with potential clients. Annie missed the customer contact as she really is a people person and began to feel stifled in her role. Fortunately after about four months, a competitor acquired her company and Annie's life began to change.

The new management team was much younger and more aggressive than the previous owners and management. Annie's group was restructured and most of the old guys in her department were let go as the new management brought in younger more aggressive guys for the business development department. Annie's work in web-site design was recognized for its excellence and Annie was asked to start working full time and take on more direct customer contact activities aimed at recruiting new clients. Annie jumped at the chance, relishing the opportunity to be out with potential clients and help grow the business.

The new management team was especially appreciative of how Annie always presented herself -- very proper and always perfectly dressed. Annie's background in interior design along with her winning smile and outgoing warm personality soon resulted in several new clients along with the appreciation of her new bosses. After a couple of months, Annie was beginning to really enjoy her work and one evening after we had enjoyed a hotter than usual love making session she smiled as she lay in my arms and told me that she really enjoyed her new role and that she found it very easy to win over a new client. Then she turned to look deep into my eyes and told me that all she had to do was use her winning smile, dark seductive eyes, and show a little leg or cleavage and most of the time she could win over the client.

I smiled at Annie and told her that I was sure that would help her win some new business especially from her men clients and gently kissed her cheek as I moved my hand down her stomach to touch her clit again and slip my finger into her wet hole. Annie moaned and then said to me, "And sometimes uh, I let them see my panties too"... As she said that her pussy gushed with her juices and I felt her warm wet pussy contract around my finger.

I looked into her eyes and said, "Annie, it's OK with me if you flirt a little with your clients and if they get a peek at your sexy panties, well that's OK too"...

Annie just looked into my eyes and then kissed me and said, "I love you so much", before she slid down my body and took my soft cock into her mouth. I was so happy, Annie had not done that in over a year.....

Over the next few weeks, the new management team also subtly began to encourage Annie to dress more seductively at work to help with customer recruiting. Over a few weeks time, Annie's work wardrobe began to change. She would wear shorter skirts, low cut blouses to show off her cleavage, and she added a new collection of color coordinated silk panties and bras that she would wear to the office. Annie never wears pantsuits nor does she ever wear panty hose.

As her wardrobe was changing, Annie also started to be more like her old self when we were first married. Our sex life was really improving too, back again to two or three times a week... She began to start flirting with other men again with my encouragement when we would go out and intentionally let them have a peek at her panties or down her blouse at her wonderful tits. She even would initiate sex when we were alone at home which was something that she had never done before. Overall, Annie was just much happier it seemed and so was I.

One night not long after she started wearing her new work wardrobe to the office, she came into our bedroom wearing a white silk robe and stood just in front of me along side our bed as I was reading. She looked at me and smiled as I looked up and then she dropped her robe. Annie was wearing a very thin white silk bra and a little white silk bikini panty that was nearly transparent and almost too small for her and nothing else! I could clearly see her dark nipples which were hard and the bulge of her aroused clit and thick pussy lips against her silk panties. I smiled at her and let out a soft whistle as I reached my hand out to finger her slit for a second, it was wet. Annie's nipples were rock hard and she moaned a little as my finger brushed her clit. She then stepped back a little as my finger pulled away from her pussy and asked, "Do you like my new see thru bra and sexy little panties?"

"Mmm yea, and I like what is under them too".... I was getting hard as Annie never did anything like this before...

Annie smiled at me as she slid into bed next to me and started to kiss me. We kissed passionately for a minute or so then Annie pulled back to look at my face and said, "I have been having a lot of fun at work lately with my new clients, and sometimes I let them see my panties under my skirt when we are discussing new projects... usually I let them think that it was just an accident, but it's not"... Annie moved her hand to my growing cock and gave it a squeeze thru my panamas as she smiled at me and said, "I like for them to see my panties and maybe now they can see my pussy too with these thin panties on".....

I smiled back at her and said, "You better be careful or else you will have new clients lined up at your door all the way out to the hallway wanting to get a look at your sexy panties"...

Annie laughed softly and then moved her hand inside my pajamas to squeeze my hard cock again and said, "And sometimes, with an especially nice client, I'll flirt with him and give him a big smile as I open my legs and lift my skirt a little so he can see my panties between my legs"...

"Mmm God, Annie I love you", was all that I could say as she pulled the sheets down and took my cock out of my pajamas and began to take my hard cock into her talented mouth.

She sucked my cock till I was about to cum but before I did, I pulled her head up and said, "Let's take those sexy panties off so I can eat your pussy then make love to you".... I slipped her panties off and I moved down to take Annie's swollen pussy lips into my mouth before I stuck my tongue deep into her wet hole....

I ate her sweet pussy for a several minutes before I moved up between her legs and started to slip my cock inside her pussy and start to slowly fuck her...

Annie moaned as I slowly worked my cock into her wet pussy and started to move. She lifted her hips off the bed to take my cock deeper into her wet cunt and groaned saying, "Ohhh Rob it feels soooo goooddd, mmmmm"...

I looked at her beautiful face as I slowly moved in and out of her tight velvet tunnel. Her eyes were closed as I whispered in her ear, "Annie, I'm glad that you like to show your panties to those men, I get excited just thinking of them looking at your sexy panties and wondering what is underneath"...

Annie eyes opened wide as she looked at me. I felt a contraction in her tight pussy as she whispered, "And sometimes I get a wet spot on my panties too and I am sure some of them have seen it"....

"Mmm Annie, you are soooo hot, mmmm.... Annie it would be ok with me if you let them touch your panties too"... When I said that, Annie bucked and began to work her hips hard into my cock taking it as deep as she could.... I felt her pussy contract again around my cock as I continued to fuck her. Her pussy was pulsing and I knew she was about to cum.

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