tagLoving WivesAnnie's Journey Ch. 02

Annie's Journey Ch. 02


Over the next few weeks, our life began to get better and better. Clearly Annie's activities at the office had a wonderful effect on her and on our sex life as what we used to do two or three times a month we now did five or six times every week! My cock sometimes would get a little sore from all the fucking we were doing... but I never complained. Fairly often, Annie would come in from the office and if the kids were not around she would walk up to me and lift her short skirt and tell me to feel her soaking wet panties... Then she would tell me about her day and how she had managed to let another client have a good look between her legs at her often very wet panties... I would ask if she had let anyone touch her panties yet, but Annie always would smile at me and simply say that she was happy to just let them look at least for now....

Early last week, Annie came home from the office before the kids got back home from their after school activities, walked over to me and lifted her short skirt to show me her soaking wet panties. She had a smile on her face as she told me that she had let a nice client actually touch her panties and when he did he brushed her clit and then put his fingers between her pussy lips on the outside of her panties and she had an orgasm... "And then?" I asked...

"I made him stop and then gave him a little kiss on the cheek before we got back to business"....she said with a smile on her face...

"Oh man I bet the poor guy nearly died". Annie just smiled at me and then took my hand and led me to our bedroom.

As we approached our bed, she turned to me and said, "I want you to eat my pussy till I cum".... I pushed her down on the bed pulled her panties off and dove between her legs to taste her wet sweet pussy. It didn't take me long to lick her into a powerful climax.... Annie screamed as she came and her juices flooded out of her pussy nearly drowning me! After she settled down a bit, I pushed her legs up to her shoulders and rolled her ass up so that I was looking straight down into her wet open cunt and little brown rose bud.

I leaned forward and licked her swollen clit gently as Annie shuttered and moaned, "Oooohhh fuck...."

As I moved back up I saw her wet fuck-hole contract again... I looked at her puckered ass-hole and then leaned down to kiss it. Annie had never let me even touched her ass-hole before but when I kissed it again she let out a soft moan and lifted her ass up towards my mouth. I then began to suck on her little rose bud as Annie continued to moan and push her ass into my mouth. As I licked her little ass-hole Annie moaned louder and said, "OOOhhhh fuck that feels soooo good... mmmmm sooo good".... I started to push the tip of my tongue into her tight hole as she began to push hard against my mouth...

I felt her tight hole relax a little bit and then the tip of my tongue was inside her ass-hole.... I pressed my tongue deeper into her tight rose bud as her tight muscles relaxed a little more. Annie bucked hard against my tongue as I pushed it further inside her ass-hole. Just as I was able to start moving my tongue around inside her tight little hole, Annie began to scream again, "Ooohh fuck Rob, ooohhhh fuck that feels soooooo good, Don't stop....I'm going to cum again, ooooohhh God I'mmm cummmiinnngggg!!!" As she was screaming I could feel the tight walls inside her ass-hole pushing against my tongue as I continued to try to swirl it around inside her then I pulled my tongue out and sucked her ass-hole again as it pulsed with her contractions. Annie had a look of complete satisfaction on her face, her eyes were closed, and she was concentrating on the wonderful feeling coming from deep inside her... She opened her eyes and looked into mine and said with a smile on her lips, "Please fuck me, mmmm I love you sooo much"...

My cock was about to burst so I quickly stripped off my pants and moved between her legs to slide my hard cock into her warm wet pussy and begin to fuck her hard... I bottomed out on the first stroke as Annie groaned, "Oooohhhh fuck, fuck, mmmm fuck... it feels soooo fucking good, Ohhh fuck, give it to me"..... Annie's juices were flowing from her cunt and running down the crack of her ass to her little ass-hole and as I continued to fuck her I reached under her and began to finger her tight ass-hole.

The walls of Annie's cunt contracted around my cock as I began to push my finger into her tight hole... Annie lifted her hips up off the bed to give me better access and I pushed my finger past the tight ring of her ass-hole up to the first knuckle... When I did that Annie stopped moving and moaned, "OOOhh fuck it feels sooo good, oooohhh fuck my ass, fuck my ass, mmmm God"... I felt her tight muscles relax a little and then pushed my finger all the way into her ass-hole as I continued to fuck her pussy. Annie screamed as she bucked hard against my cock with my finger completely buried inside her tight ass. I could feel my own cock inside her pussy with my finger as it slid in and out of her wet cunt... I fucked her another minute before I felt another wave of contractions in her pussy and ass-hole... Annie was screaming all the while, "Ooohhhh fuck meeeee fuck meeeee, FUCK mmmmmeeeeeee!!!" As her tight pussy pulsed again around my cock, I couldn't hold it any longer and dumped a huge load of cum deep into her womb...and then fell over her chest as I was exhausted....

A few minutes later, I lifted my head to look into my wonderful wife's happy eyes and just said, "I love you sooo much"... then I kissed her again.

The next morning, I decided to work from home and was sitting at our breakfast table with a cup of coffee when Annie came down. She was wearing a bright yellow one piece sundress that came down to mid thigh. Her eyes were sparking as she walked into the room and smiled at me saying, "Good morning lover"...

"Wow, you look beautiful this morning, like a bright spring flower on a warm spring day!"

"Thank you", Annie smiled as she lifted up her little dress to show me her tight yellow panties. "Do you like my little panties?" Annie asked as she smiled and turned in a slow circle, wiggling her little butt at me before turning back to face me.

Her panties looked to be one size to small as the silk fabric was stretched tight over her pussy and her thick cunt lips were clearly outlined. Her trimmed black bush covering her pussy was easily visible under her panties. I pulled her closer to me and moved my fingers between her legs and gave her pussy a few strokes over her panties as Annie leaned into my fingers...

"Mmmm, that feels good"... She moaned.

"Will one of your lucky clients get to have a peek at these sexy little yellow panties today?" I asked with a smile as she dropped her dress back down.

"Mmm, maybe".... Annie said as she smiled back at me then she pulled me up to stand with her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a tender kiss before saying, "I really loved what you did last night, you know with my ass-hole.... I loved it...It felt soooo good. I would have never have imagined I'd like it..... But I hope that you do it again sometime soon".... Then Annie kissed me again before saying, "I've got to run or else I'll be late... See you tonight... love you!" Then she left.

I sat back down at the table and just thought, "Wow, what a change in my beautiful little wife in the last couple on months, I love it!"

Annie got home at about 7PM that evening and as she walked up to me in the den she had a huge smile on her face. I looked up at her and smiled as she leaned over to give me a little kiss and then sat down in my lap spreading her legs so I could see her panties. "Well you know it has been a year since I started working and the guys at the office are going to have a party for me this coming Friday"... she stopped and looked at me before she continued, "And we got the news today too that we won the biggest new project that the company has ever won and my boss told me that it was all because of me and my special talents!", then she smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye. I smiled at her knowing what she meant by 'special talents' before she continued on, "And one of the guys from the client company is the guy I let touch my panties last week!...he is going to be at the party too with his colleague, his name is Tom and the other guy's named Eric, and you are invited too!!" Then Annie hugged my neck and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

Annie came down stairs Friday evening dressed in a new beautiful mid length wrap-around red silk sarong style dress that was open in the back and tied in the front. Annie was gorgeous as her long black hair spilled down her back and her seductive dark eyes had a twinkle that I had not seen before. She walked over to me and I could tell that she was not wearing a bra as her full breasts had a nice bounce to them. Annie's hard nipples were clearly apparent under the red silk fabric of her dress. She looked up at me and gave me a devilish smile and pulled her dress open at the front to show me that she was wearing a new tiny red silk panty underneath her new dress. "You like?" she asked with a smile on her face. I smiled at her and gave her ass a good squeeze as she turned to go out the door.

We arrived at the restaurant at 8PM and were directed to a private dining room where the two guys from the office and the two clients were waiting. As Annie entered the room, all conversation stopped as the men looked at Annie and took in her stunning appearance. All smiled and I could feel the sexual tension in the room increase as all the guys were staring at Annie in her spectacular dress. Annie stood and then turned completely around giving the guys a wink and a smile as she did so. I could see Annie's nipples harden under her dress as she turned and smiled at me. Introductions were made, and as I shook hands with Tom, a tinge of jealously suddenly overtook me but was soon followed by a feeling of hopefulness.

A great five-course dinner followed with a different wine being served with each main course. The conversation around the table centered on Annie and on her negotiation skills. Annie flirted with Tom and Eric all thru dinner, once asking them if they liked her special techniques when it came to negotiations. Tom smiled and said that he especially appreciated her special techniques and looked forward to more negotiations with her during the course of the new project. Annie smiled at Tom and said, "Well, we will see how it goes", then she gave me a wink and a smile and I winked back knowing what she was thinking.

By the time dinner and desert was over, Annie had had three glasses of wine which for her was unbelievable. Annie seldom drinks and on the rare occasion that she does she usually has just one glass of wine and often does not finish that. I could tell that she was feeling the wine as her face was flushed and a slight red glow was in her cheeks. When Annie drinks she gets very relaxed and uninhibited and she was really enjoying herself tonight! I was wondering how far she would go....

Tom and Eric insisted that we go for a nightcap in the bar and listen to the music the jazz band was playing. Annie and I got up from the table and I held her steady as she walked out of the dining room and into the dimly lit bar area. Annie leaned into me and whispered as we walked, "God Rob, I'm getting hot and wet too".

As she passed thru the doorway to the bar, the backlight from the hall made Annie's dress transparent and the guys could clearly see the outline of her trim body under her dress. Tom mentioned to Annie that she certainly looked very sexy in the light and smiled as he took in her naked outline under her dress. Annie knew what was happening and spread her legs slightly and smiled and winked at Tom. Annie then moved to a table next to the dance floor and took a seat along the wall on a bench seat. I joined her to her side and Tom sat on her other side. Eric took the chair in front as the two guys from the office excused themselves and left us alone. Eric then ordered another round of drinks for our nightcap and to my surprise Annie asked for another glass of red wine. The drinks soon came and shortly afterwards the band resumed playing their soft music.

Tom then asked Annie if she would like to dance as the band began to play a nice slow tune. I gave Annie a wink and told her to go for it. Annie got up with Tom and joined him on the dance floor. As they gently rocked back and forth to the slow music, Tom began talking into Annie's ear and she began to smile that devilish smile of hers then she leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips for just a second. Soon, Tom's hand had slid down Annie's back and was resting on her ass. Annie made no effort to move Tom's hand as he began to gently massage her ass. I could tell she really enjoyed it as she had closed her eyes and was gently swaying with the music moving her hips into Tom's body. As the music continued, Tom moved his hand to the edge of Annie's sarong dress and worked his hand thru the slit so he could feel her ass directly under her dress. Annie smiled and looked over at me as I nodded my head in approval. Then she leaned up and kissed Tom again, this time lingering a little longer on his open lips as she moved her hand down Tom's stomach and squeezed his cock thru his pants... The music stopped shortly afterwards and Tom and Annie came back to our table with Annie looking even more flushed than before. As she sat down she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Ohh God, I feel so good so fucking good"... Then she squeezed my cock thru my trousers before sitting down letting her leg slip out from the slit in front of her dress.

The band started playing another slow tune after a few minutes and Eric leaned over the table gazing at Annie's exposed leg and asked her if she would like to dance with him. Annie smiled and began to get up and slide past Tom. As Annie moved slowly past Tom, I saw his hands move up to cup her firm breasts as she slowly slid by. Annie paused and sat down in Tom's lap momentarily as his hands squeezed her breasts and pinched her sensitive nipples. Annie moaned softly and wiggled her ass on Tom's cock before getting up again to join Eric on the dance floor. Annie looked over at me and gave me her devilish smile and winked, I smiled back at her.

Annie and Eric began a slow sway on the dance floor and as I was watching her, Tom leaned over to me and said, "Rob you have a beautiful wife, she is so sexy. You are a very lucky man"...

"Thanks Tom, Annie is really special and tonight she is so relaxed, I don't remember her ever being this relaxed and hot but I like it".

"Rob, please don't get angry but I sure would like to spend some more time with Annie, you know, to get to know her better"....said Tom.

Even though I have been thinking about Annie fucking another man for several weeks now, Tom's request startled me, I knew that my answer would represent a bridge crossed from which there would be no turning back. I thought for a second then said to Tom, "I think Annie would like that and I wouldn't mind but it's up to Annie". Tom smiled and nodded his head.

Annie and Eric continued their slow sway on the dance floor. Eric had moved his hand into Annie's dress and was caressing her breasts and playing with her sensitive nipples. Annie's eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face as he continued to massage her breasts and pinch her sensitive nipples under her red sarong dress. I watched as Annie slowly moved her hand down Eric's stomach and then gripped his cock thru his pants... Annie's eyes opened wide when she squeezed his cock and looked over to me with a big smile on her face as she caressed his cock thru his pants then she closed her eyes again...

Eric moved his hand down the front of Annie's dress, found the slit in front and slipped his hand inside her dress to touch her wet pussy thru her silk panties. Annie's eyes opened wide as Eric's fingers began to massage her clit and pussy lips. Annie moaned loud enough for me to hear and shuddered as her knees buckled. Eric had to remove his hand quickly and grab Annie to keep her from falling on the dance floor. They then made their way back to our table with Eric holding Annie steady. Annie slid past Tom and flopped down onto the bench seat sprawling her legs out in front of her. Annie made no effort to cover her exposed legs as her dress was lying open all the way up to her red silk panties. Annie then leaded over to me and whispered, "Ohhh Rob, I felt his cock! It's big! When he felt my pussy under my dress... I couldn't help it but I came... I'm sooo fucking wet now...I am nervous but I want to fuck sooo bad"....

"Annie", I whispered in her ear, "Just go with it, I love you soooo much, just relax". Then I kissed her ear.

Just then, Tom leaned over to Annie and touched her leg high up on the inside of her thigh then moved his hand over to the tie in front of Annie's dress. He asked her "What is this?" as he held the tie to her dress in his fingers. Annie turned to him, smiled and told Tom that it was the tie to her dress that keeps it closed and smiled at him again.

Tom then asked, "May I untie it?"

Annie smiled and flashed a devilish look over to me and replied, "Yes" to Tom.

With that, Tom untied Annie's dress and opened it up all the way exposing her breasts and her panty clad pussy to all. Annie smiled over to me and then spread her legs wider to give Eric, Tom and I a good look at her soaking wet panty clad pussy. In the dim light I could see Annie's pussy juice running down the inside of her legs.

I got up and moved so that Eric could take my place to one side of Annie with Tom on her other side. They wasted no time in moving their hands to her breasts and began to gently massage and pinch her sensitive nipples as Annie smiled and moaned. Tom leaned over and kissed her breast and then began to suck on Annie's nipple. Annie moaned and shuddered as she lifted her hips off the bench and began to move her hips in that familiar fucking motion.

Just then she stopped and made Tom stop. She lay further back in the seat and spread her legs wider to open up her wet pussy and then looked at Tom then Eric and asked them, "Do you like what you see?" Both Tom and Eric nodded yes and smiled at Annie. Annie then asked, "Would you like to touch what you are looking at?" I smiled and looked into Annie's eyes as both men quickly moved their hands to Annie's pussy. Tom began to massage her clit thru her panties and Eric's fingers found their way into the slit between her swollen pussy lips and began to move them gently back and forth. Annie's eyes were filled with lust as she looked at me and smiled while both men continued to massage her cunt lips and aroused clit thru her very wet panties.

"Annie", Tom asked, "is it wet underneath your sexy panties too?"

"Oooohh yessss", Annie moaned as she concentrated on the pleasure she was receiving..

"Can I see Annie?" Tom asked..

"Mmmm, yes", Annie moaned as she pushed Tom's hand away and then she pulled the crotch of her panties all the way over to one side exposing her dark bush and very wet pussy for us to see.... She smiled at me as I looked down at her cunt, her clit was standing at attention and her outer lips were swollen with desire, her inner lips were glistening with her juices. The smell of Annie's sex was powerful... Then Annie turned to Tom and said, "Please touch me, Mmmm touch my pussy"....

Tom moved his hand to Annie's clit and began to rub gently with his fingers. Eric then moved his hand to her cunt and began to slip his fingers between her swollen lips... Annie began to slowly move her hips again and lifted her ass up off the seat to let Tom and Eric have better access to her dripping pussy.... They gently rubbed her pussy for a minute then Eric tried to slip his finger into Annie's wet hole....

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