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Annie's New Lover


I've been asked about the start of the open relationship between Annie and myself. This is an account of the first time I ever sent her out to fuck with another man - what seems like a long time ago now! Its her story but we decided it would never get told if I waited for her to write it. Of course I've filled in some of the gaps but this is still Annie's story.

An open relationship is a two-way street and Annie liked the idea that other men would find her sexy and desirable. I did a bit of research and we discussed our options. In the end we decided the best way to start was to call on someone we know and trust. So I picked a friend of mine, Glen, who Annie knew but not too well. It wasn't hard to ask him the question and he didn't need a second chance.

So then...


It was a Saturday afternoon and we'd gotten home from shopping. The weather was warm and I was going around the house wearing only a T-shirt. By then I was used to pleasing John, my husband, by letting him see my behind or my pussy whenever he wants.

Suddenly my phone rang. John and I had agreed that he would find someone to proposition me for a date - but I didn't yet know when or where this would take place. So I was shocked when there was a man's voice on the other end - 'Annie, its Glen...do you remember me?' It was one of John's friends that I think I'd met only once before in a big group. 'I wanted to know if I could ask you to come out with me tonight...for a date.'

'Ummmm...' long pause, loud heartbeats in my ears...'sure Glen. You mean a 'date' date?...you wanna talk to John or...'

'No no' he cut me off. 'I was thinking just you and me...if that's OK with you.'

'Sure...wherever would be nice. I can be ready by seven....yes, see you then.'

By now John was in the room - obviously he had set it all up and knew what was going on. He did his best not to grin too wide. I just hung up and sat down as slowly as my quivering legs would permit.

'A date is it?' he asked. 'Should be really nice. I've got those new DVDs to watch so you should go out and have a good time.'

'I feel a bit strange about it now' I replied. Not that I wanted to back down. Its exciting to know that some men feel a big sexual attraction to me. And I have learned to enjoy the sexual adventures John gives me.

John took me in his arms. 'If it was Glen who rang then there's no reason for me to worry - or you. He thinks you're totally hot. Go out and have a good time...and make your decision later about what happens at the end of the night.'

We finished cleaning up around the house and watched a bit of TV to kill the few hours till Glen was to pick me up. Every time I thought about what might happen that night I got nervous all over again...and my pussy got moist. I asked John whether I should shave but he assured me that, no, Glen would appreciate my thick hairy bush.

Around seven John made himself scarce. Glen turned up - late, of course. We had a nice dinner and then managed to find a quiet bar where we could talk some more. All the time Glen kept looking at me like...well I guess he was trying to send me signals of some sort. He also kept telling me how good I looked and that he really respected me and John ...thought we had a great relationship. Poor guy! - he was so nervous.

Halfway through dinner I'd decided I was going to fuck this guy. Why not, I figured. He was nicely built, very nice looking hands and he wasn't cocky about the opportunity he'd been given.

This wasn't the first 'new' dick I've had given to me by John. I'd been interested in the idea from the first time John mentioned it. He had given me the confidence to expect sex to be more than just a man mechanically getting his rocks off. Then there had been my first threesome with a nice young man he'd found on-line. So on this night I was even more excited because I knew whatever I did would please him.

Still, the most important thing was that all this was happening with John's consent and encouragement - and John had made sure I would be totally safe.

I am totally devoted to John and I know he loves me deeply. But this wasn't about love - it was about recreation. I just hoped Glen would be able to put up a decent performance.

After a while I sat so close to Glen that he practically was forced to put his arm around me. I snuggled up close. I must say, it was thrilling to have this man so obviously lusting after me...to know he was fully looking forward to having sex with me...wondering what I would look like totally naked in his bed. My pussy was wet and if it hadn't been for the usual smells of a pub I am sure Glen could have detected that for himself!

Eventually I leaned in to Glen and let his hands start to stroke and caress my arms and legs. I wouldn't normally be the one to take charge but it seemed this time it was up to me. So I looked straight into his eyes. 'I'd like you to kiss me Glen'. And he did! - it was passionate, our mouths were open, our tongues wrestled. Finally he had gotten the hint.

'Annie...ummm...I don't mind...but we could go back to my place if that's what you wanted.'

I was out of the seat before he was and we barely spoke a word on the drive to his place. Once there we quickly moved to the bedroom. The fact he was hot for me only made me more excited by what was about to happen. Knowing how much John wanted this for me just made me more determined to make the most out of the night.

Straight away Glen started to undress me. That wasn't hard as I was wearing only a shirt and a skirt - no underwear at all. He gasped when he pulled down my skirt and saw my exposed pussy. But his hands first went to my bottom. 'Oh Annie', he moaned, 'you do have the nicest rear end a girl could have'. It did feel so exciting to have another man fondling my backside like that. I already had another plan for my bum for later in the night - but that was to be a surprise for Glen.

We kissed again - slower now, but no less passionate. Glen was gentle and he moved from my mouth to my cheeks, my neck, my shoulders. Then I began to undress him - time for my fun as well!

He was very excited by now and together we fumbled to remove all his clothes. I took in his body - not as big as John but I still felt small standing in front of him. He had a nice chest and I was relieved to see he had a nice looking dick, circumcised and already quite hard. I took it in my hand to test its feel and how stiff he'd gotten already. I let my hand run down to his balls and then I reached around to hold him and pull in close.

With my very best 'bedroom voice' I said quietly to him - 'Take me Glen.'

Gently he lowered me to his bed and lay on top of me. We kissed some more and I noted his cock was growing larger and harder in between us. Then he rolled over and pulled me on top of him. Definitely a butt man. How nice! I really did enjoy the attention he lavished on my bottom. A lot of hard work has gone into keeping it in shape and its one of my best attributes - or so John says.

More kissing followed and more moaning - from him!...telling me how turned-on he was and how he wanted to 'make love so gently'. It was a nice gesture but I was committed in my own mind and didn't need his sweet talking.

So I shifted position till I was lying next to him but more head-to-toe. I softly cupped his balls in my hand and he uttered a strange sound of delight.

He was a very admirable size and certainly hard enough for what I had planned. His helmet was not so big which was a bit of a shame as I usually enjoy a large, well-defined knob as it slips into my mouth and over my tongue. But by now I'd been well coached (by John) and I was ready to take control of Glen's dick. I moved forward and opened my lips. Glen was groaning before I barely got him in my mouth! It was an incredible feeling of freedom to be there sucking this man's dick. He tasted just fine and I felt him swell even more as I managed to fit about half his length into my mouth.

Glen still was trying to be sweet and he'd taken my left thigh and started carefully to stroke and kiss it. Not long after he wanted to slip a finger into my pussy. I didn't need to be asked twice and quickly parted my slender, brown thighs to give him proper access. So long as he could find my clit I would be happy.

Mostly I wanted to concentrate on this new and strange dick. I am sure it was pulsing as I slid my mouth back and forward. Every now and then I would pull it out so I could run my tongue along the underside. I really loved the feel of his nice veins though they're not as thick or purple as what I am used to. Glen had shaved his balls for me which I appreciated and I even allowed myself a few minutes to lick and suck on them.

I don't like the word 'slut' very much but on this night I wanted to be as open and as active as I could for my new lover. Later when I reported the details to John I knew he'd tell me how slutty I was - but he says he loves it!

I shifted position again so I could spread my legs even wider for Glen. He got the idea and slid an extra finger into my pussy. I mumbled around the sides of his dick - 'mmmm...yes, that feels really good Glen.'

'Fuck Annie...you have a great looking pussy. John is a lucky guy.' With that he started to stroke the insides of my pussy a little faster. 'I'd love it if you'd cum for me.'

The poor man was still so nervous and excited so I decided I should take charge again. 'You know you could give me a little more than your fingers.' Then he understood and pulled me on top of him. With my smaller size I fit easily on top of him and very happily lowered my pussy lips onto his face. At the same time I tried my best to swallow his dick as deep as I could manage. Its always a pleasure to have a guy really fill my mouth.

We kept up the 69 for quite a while. For all his excitement Glen just couldn't seem to show the same skill as I am used to. And he pretty much failed to do anything with my clit. But that was fine because my real aim was to have him cum for me! Yes, I'd decided I would take his cum in my mouth on our first date...and of course I always swallow!

Even before John I was open-minded about men cumming in my mouth. But I have learned to really enjoy the act and the sensation and the taste. I still would not do it just because a man wanted it but I do love the power of it. Knowing the effect it would have on Glen made me feel so wonderful and even more sexy and turned on.

So the 69 only lasted as long as Glen could hold off. Luckily that was about as long as I could manage with so much of his flesh in my mouth. He was magnificent I have to say! He kind of screamed out - 'Oh Jesus...Annie I'm about to cum' - and his whole body stiffened...his hips lifted right off the bed...I just hung on as best I could and kept working up and down his dick with one hand fondling his testicles. Glen grabbed my bum hard as if trying to push me down further onto his erection. And then he erupted in my mouth - powerful spurts of semen shooting out of his dick. I just held still and waited for the flood to subside...there were five, six spurts...I had to swallow more than once to keep from choking.

Then I just held still, holding him in my mouth till he signalled his dick was getting too sensitive. Only then did I release him.

I moved around to lie on top of him. He was still getting his breath back so I played with his nipples a little and he dutifully returned the favour. John had mentioned something about Glen preferring women with small breasts. I didn't bother asking. We kissed a little. His taste was still strong in my mouth and it was nice to smell some of me on his face.

Then I laid beside him, face down, and Glen went straight to my arse. I think he was keen to give me some extra pleasure. I hadn't cum yet myself but it was nice and relaxing to have him playing with my bottom. He rubbed it softly, massaged a little...even moved down to give me some nice gentle kisses. Yes, a real butt man! But still I kept secret the surprise I had planned for later.

My pussy was still wet and I was still horny. So I rolled onto my back and eventually got Glen working in the right place.

'Wow Annie - so much hair!'

'Sometimes I like to shave it.'

'I like it natural. And its so thick!'

Soon he had two fingers inside me again, working slow and steady. Now and again he did find my clit. It was nice, gentle - he was trying to be, well, a gentleman and I appreciated that he took some care. In the end, of course, I still needed to cum...to be fucked.

'Please Glen...I want you inside me'.

I reached down and found his dick half way to attention. He was so obviously excited. So was I, knowing I was about to experience my new lover in full.

Glen rolled on top of me once more and held me tightly in his arms. We kissed some more, foreplay I supposed. I decided to have a little of that myself so I reached down between us and again took his testicles in my hand. The feeling of those hard little eggs in his tight sack was delightful. I wanted to taste them again. But I also didn't want to waste Glen's second erection. I really did want a fuck! So when I was ready for him I wrapped my legs around his waist and tried to move my mound into a spot where I could rub against his stiff dick.

Glen found a condom and I reached out for his shaft again - to feel him throb and to anticipate how snugly his dick would fit inside me. I was very pleased to see how excited he was and would have kept rubbing if he'd wanted. But he, too, was in need of some serious fucking and knelt between my legs while he rolled on the condom. I spread wide for him so he could lay down between my legs and position the end of his dick between my pussy lips.

'Are you ready Annie?' he asked me softly. How sweet - but was I ever ready!

'Go inside me Glen' I replied and he did just that, slowly pressing forward and spearing me with his lovely dick. I put my legs around him again - so nice to help him bury inside me that way and to encourage him to let me have it properly. His thickness inside me felt so good. My pussy started to really get wet and my long, chocolate nipples hardened nicely. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensation of his nice dick opening and filling me at the same time.

He started slowly but soon my body was demanding more. I started to move my own hips to help him find the right spot. Then Glen went into action. His thrusting became stronger and his dick seemed to get harder. I could tell his balls were swinging underneath him as he began to thrust in and out. I wanted him to have room to move so I opened my legs again and lifted my knees up. Sometimes John likes to have my legs on his shoulders but I wanted Glen deep inside me so spreading wide was what I needed.

Luckily he had cum once already that night so he had good stamina. I did my best to let him know what a good job he was doing even though I am normally quiet before I actually climax myself.

I found myself wishing John could have been there to watch. He would have been so pleased and excited to see me let Glen fuck me like that. But I didn't really mind. It was a delicious feeling to know I'd been set-up by my husband to fuck an almost total stranger...my new lover...with his lovely dick...enjoying the way he kept my pussy so wet and his dick rubbed against my lips.

And I was especially turned-on knowing what I had planned to complete the night.

Again I tried to let Glen know what a fantastic job he was doing, how hot and swollen my pussy was feeling as his dick worked me into a frenzy. It was my usual quiet murmur, ...'yes...yes...yes...' He kept on pumping my pussy for ages - it must have been twenty minutes or more and I enjoyed every second of it. I love sex and I like fucking for as long as my pussy can take it - sometimes more!

But eventually I needed to cum. I wanted Glen to know so I reached up and grabbed his arms - so nice to find him well toned. He took his cue and started to work his hips even faster. Fuck it was good! Suddenly my murmurs turned to loud moans and my whole body started to respond to the pumping of his dick. I just exploded - a fantastic orgasm...three in fact (I think)...they just went on and on...all the time Glen still sliding in and out of my pussy as my muscles spasmed around him.

But I wasn't done yet of course. I never can get enough just from one fucking. Hence my plan to give myself one extra big thrill for this night.

'Wait' I whispered and he withdrew as I tried to roll over. As quick as I could I was one my hands and knees and thrusting my bottom at him. I wanted to feel his sweet dick in my anus!

I often like anal with John when we are face-to-face. But this night I only wanted to be crude and dirty and offer my behind to Glen in a way that he would not be able to resist.

'You want to go doggy?' he asked.

'Please Glen...can you go in my anus?'

'Really?...you want that?...I've never...' A virgin? - I was amazed.

'Don't worry. You're all wet from me and there's enough wetness on me too. Just try...'

Another wonderful first...me initiating a man into fucking a woman's butt! I could never have done it so easily if John hadn't arranged the night for me. It still felt a little strange to be kneeling in front of Glen, showing him my little hole and feeling so very naughty and dirty and exposed. But I knew Glen wouldn't hurt me and I knew how exciting it was to be giving myself to another man like that.

Being so nervous he went slowly which was good. But I was a little worried he might get too nervous and lose his erection. So I helped a little, reaching back to guide him to the right spot and my hand seemed to help him stay nice and hard. Such a nice dick I thought...so nice that my bottom is his first.

As soon as he was wedged in my anus I began to rock back and forth. Again this is a result the coaching I have had from John. Sometimes he likes me to do the work and on this night I was more than happy to take charge once more.

After a minute or two I had Glen buried to the hilt. 'That's it Glen...you can move now. Fuck me like before.'

'Fuck Annie...are you sure its OK?'

'If you start slow then it will be fine. Let me get warmed up and then you can cum in me.' He just gasped again when he heard that.

It felt so incredible to be filled up like that. Anal is always a special treat. To be the experienced part of the couple made it even better. I never really cum from anal but I meant what I said - I wanted Glen to climax while his dick was inside my bum.

I let him stroke in and out for a few minutes while I adjusted to his presence in there. So lovely to have his hard dick anywhere in me. I wondered whether without a condom I could have felt his small head.

Soon after I dropped my shoulders to the bed. I was all ready now and my bottom could take the new angle of his attack. From there I could reach back between my legs and stretch just far enough to put my fingertips on his testicles.

He'd been a little awkward at first but my anus started to loosen and lube up with the nice friction of his dick. I pushed back further now to make sure he could stay deep.

'Will you cum in me please Glen?'

'Can I fuck you harder?'

'Yesss!' I hissed. 'Harder is good.'

So Glen worked out how he wanted it and he started to thrust into me again quite nicely. Doggy style is always good - I like the feeling of the strength of the man as he shoves himself into me. The fact that Glen was in my bum made no difference at all. I was really enjoying this. It was fun to be coaching my new lover in anal sex. It was fun to able to shock this man I hardly knew with my darker side.

The yummy feeling of being stretched back there...the warmth spreading through my body, especially my pussy...the hardness of his dick...the rhythm of his testicles swaying against my fingers...

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