tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnnie's Story Ch. 03

Annie's Story Ch. 03


As a separate story, you don't need to read parts one and two, but it might help with character development. Please enjoy



Annie stood at the window in her one piece swimsuit, the heavy ten-power binoculars in her hands as she slowly swept along the beach with her eyes. This had become her decision making process as to whether she would go to the beach for a swim or just get into the pool that was one storey below her in her father's back yard. She peered up and down the beach trying to decide if it was quiet enough to put up with the flies, the noise and the blowing sand, not to mention the elbowing in the water or the beach as she sun bathed or even swam between the life saver's flags when it was busy.

She had been in Western Australia for about 12 weeks now, after a torrid journey across the country with a complete stranger called Beth. Beth had turned into a firm friend; perhaps partner in 'crime' might have been a better term, she thought. The field glasses that she held were also a new thing for her after being introduced to them by her 'evil' step mother. She had discovered the joys of watching and being watched. She smiled to herself, still scanning the beach which was only three, maybe four houses away down the hill that the house was built on. Here she was, she thought to herself, a mere 18 years old, thin with small breasts, not unlike when she was 16, and what a ride the last 12 weeks had been.

Annie shook her head at the images in her mind from the last three months. Before leaving Melbourne, she had thought herself very 'cosmopolitan' and 'with it' if somewhat inexperienced in sex, although she was not a virgin. Yet a mere 12 weeks further on, she realised how naive she had been. Prior to the last three months, she had never even seen another woman's breasts or pussy, and here she was having seen two separate lots, exposed herself in public, twice, and had her hands and face in places that she had never dreamed of! She felt her face redden at those thoughts, but a movement in the bottom corner of the binoculars caught her eye.

She had stood in this very spot in her step mother's bedroom one night with them sharing the binoculars and the telescope. They had also shared a very sexy encounter watching in the night outside the window. They had tried again a few times in the following few weeks to no avail, but there was still that excitement and arousal at the possibility of seeing something sexual and illicit. She was keen to see anything that might give her that new found thrill of watching someone, hopefully baring some skin or touching some loved one sexually. Was she addicted to this in such a short period of time, she asked herself? Was she now a pervert? She shrugged that thought away and another smile crossed her face; she didn't care. She moved the binoculars down and to the right to see what had made the movement.

It took a few sweeps across the small number of houses in that section of the hill, looking at all the closed windows. A small movement at a window attracted her gaze. She refocused, trying to stare past the reflections in the windows, until someone stepped closer to the glass. It took a few seconds for Annie to register...that someone was staring almost right back at her with binoculars of their own. Annie almost squealed and jumped back from the window to avoid being seen, her heart pounding. She wasn't sure why she had done that, after all, wasn't she just looking out at the scenery, she asked herself? She cursed herself for jumping back, whoever might have caught her looking might now surely think that she was guilty. She quickly looked down at herself, her large A-cup breasts rising and falling, their nipples protruding through the lycra and she thought how lucky that she had donned her swimsuit and had not come to the window naked as she had intended to; as she often did!

Her heart was still beating loudly and she wondered who it was that was looking out of their window like she was. She wondered whether this person was male or female. How old might they be? How long or how often had they looked up at her as she stood at the window regularly in all states of undress. She cursed herself again for jumping back out of the way and not staying to see who or what was on the other end of those binoculars. Amongst the shock and the fear of almost getting caught, she was surprised to find that excited little spark in the depth of her thighs that she had felt when her Stepmother, Cath, had been looking down at her a few weeks ago as Annie had made love to the young man she had brought home.

She squealed and jumped again as the phone rang beside her, breaking the silence of the house.

"H..h..hello?" she answered a little breathlessly.

"Are you playing with your pussy again?" she heard her friend Beth ask in fun.


"The lady protesteth too much, me thinks..." Beth came back quickly, quoting Shakespeare at the younger woman.


"Now you're repeating yourself!" she chided again in fun, "...but hey... I've got a hot guy waiting for me so I have to be quick. Do you have another room at the inn? I have next week off and seeing as it's my birthday I thought I might come and visit for a couple of days...if that's ok with you?" Beth's voice sounded just a little less authoritative on the last bit Annie thought.

"Yeah...sure...no problems!" she replied excitedly. "We have two spare bedrooms downstairs or you could bunk in my room..." she added without thinking and then blushed at what she had just said. "I meant...we...can...you know... put the trundle...the...er...roll-away... in my room, there's lots of ...of room...it's a big room..." she rattled on unnerved. Beth laughed along the phone line, enjoying Annie's discomfort.

"That's ok, Annie, I know what you meant... I'm just a bit disappointed that I can't sleep in that big bed of yours with you!" she said in mock disappointment, teasing Annie.

"Oh..YOU!..." Annie came back in mock anger. They both laughed and eased the moment, but Annie wondered if Beth was serious or not, She wondered also if Beth was replaying images from the last time they were on a bed together, as Annie was now doing.

"Look, I'll call you tomorrow night and we can work out the details, gotta run...ciao you..."

"Ok.." Annie said, then lowered her voice as if to not let anyone hear her, "..good...coz I have a few things I need to tell you."

"Oooo...sounds mysterious!"

They made their goodbyes and hung up. Annie walked to her room, thinking about what she had to tell Beth, excited that she could talk to her finally after a few weeks of not hearing from her at all, and she was very excited about her coming to stay for a few days. She thought she had best check with Cath to see if it would be ok first having already told Beth that it was! She walked nonchalantly passed the large window deep in thought, oblivious to the pair of binoculars that were trained onto the window from below, watching as she walked by it.

The watcher, having had a lovely view of a lithe body in a skin hugging lycra swimsuit for a minute or two, smiled, and looked on for a few more minutes until it was certain that this thin lovely woman up on the hill wasn't coming back, and then continued to sweep the rest of the houses with the binoculars in hope of finding someone else to help quicken the heart.

Annie grabbed her towel and headed for the beach, the soft gauze of her sarong tied around her chest. Laid on the beach on her towel and sarong, she oiled her skin and laid back to absorb the morning rays to warm her through, before the real heat of the day came and made it unbearable. She closed her eyes to the sun, the pink light outside, shone through her eyelids making everything warm, everything right, safe and relaxing. The beach wasn't too crowded, and she was able to relax further into the sand. Her mind drifted to Beth's arrival and the bunk bed she would sleep on.... or not, her mind said. She cast that from her mind, and the warm sleepiness of relaxing in the sun, allowed her mind to go off on its own without worrying about the here and now.

Warm sleepy images filled her mind, the long beach, the tall figures, running on the sand, diving into the water, playing games, running around, all naked, playing with each other's genitals. Beth's hand was on Annie's pussy, telling her it was alright to make her sleep downstairs. Cath's hand was also on her pussy telling her it was ok to touch each other while they watched someone having sex. Dave, the man she hadn't heard from since that previous encounter by the pool, was then touching her pussy, but the thing arousing her most was an unknown person reaching out from behind a pair of really big binoculars aimed straight at her pussy. Then all of those people were between her legs at once, their hands pulling and tugging, sliding in and out, fingers taking her pussy juices down and back, sliding fingers into her ass. Fingers explored her pussy while others pulled on her lips. A small pair of fingers pulled and tweaked her clit as the wonderful warm feelings spread to her outer extremities. Faces appeared before her, their hands doing wonderful unspeakable things to her, and the binoculars stared on, taking it all in. Men appeared above her, all naked, stroking there erect cocks, grunting as they got close to spurting all over her. She could see their hands pumping in frenzy. She could also see all the hands at her pussy, she could see her naked breasts heaving and arching up to catch every bit of cum that was threatening to spray all over her face, her neck and her chest. The sun darkened in front of her eyes and amidst all the cocks and hands and binoculars that were urging her on to orgasm she heard a small soft voice far away saying...

"Miss...Miss...are you alright?...Miss?"

She sat up straight on the sand, suddenly wide awake, amazed at how heavy her breathing was. Silhouetted before her on the beach was a girl of about 16, Annie thought, who was looking intently down at her. Annie looked around, and a few people that were near her on the beach were staring at her too.

"Are you alright Miss? You were making a lot of noise."

"I was...er... dreaming...having a bad dream...sorry... thanks... for asking." She said loudly for all to hear and smiled a feigned smile at the girl. It was all Annie could come up with as her brain watched the foggy erotic images in her head blow away in the light sea breeze. It hadn't been all that much of a lie had it? She had been dreaming after all, it was the waking up like that, that was the nightmare she thought! She saw the girl look straight down between her legs before turning and walking away. Annie sat and watched the girl walk away, making sure she was far enough away before wrapping the sarong around herself, and allowing her eyes to look between her own legs where the young girl had just blatantly been looking. To her great embarrassment she saw that not only was the swimsuit conforming to every contour of her lips, but there was a much darker visible wet patch that made the material cling even more, leaving nothing to the imagination. To top it off, her nipples were aching and very hard and the two tiers of her nipples were very visible in this usually discrete swimsuit. She stood up quickly, pulling at the leg of the swimsuit before dropping the sarong and running as casually as possible towards the water, despite the urge to sprint and dive under the waves and never come back up again!

The coolness of the water felt good on her skin, yet it didn't seem to cool the heat she felt between her thighs, nor the redness in her cheeks, as she relived some of those dreamed images again in her mind. The breasts, the hard cocks ready to spurt, the binoculars, and all those hands between her thighs put her mind into a turmoil, erotically pleasing, but turmoil just the same. She swam hard parallel to the beach to try and remove the images, and when she stepped from the water she was tired and breathless, and she thought at least the whole of the swimsuit was wet now, not just a tell-tale part of it.

Back home she headed quickly for the shower to wash away the salt from her body and hopefully the embarrassment from her mind. She peeled the still wet swimsuit from her body like a layer of skin, the damp material clinging as it was removed. Her breasts with their puffy erect nipples leapt forward at the release from the pressing damp material. The scent of the salty ocean filled her nostrils and the puzzling images of her dream and the ensuing embarrassment on the beach filled her mind. She rinsed the swimsuit as she stood under the warm stream of water but the water didn't wash away the very erotic images as she had hoped.

As her soapy hands washed her body, her mind replayed those images in her head once more; images of hands all over her, many hands, in many places and cocks, erect cocks aimed at her. These erotic images puzzled her, but her soapy slippery hands found her nipples and her pussy as she thought of them. Oblivious to the turmoil the images caused, her body was reacting to the rawness of them, the complete exhibitionism of them, right there on the beach surrounded by strangers. One of her fingers found her clit and her other hand found a nipple that she caressed and gently squeezed as she imagined the men standing around her, getting closer and closer to orgasm, grunting in expectation as they got closer to spurting all over her. She too found herself getting closer and closer, all confusion gone now, replaced with a tidal wave of pleasure unlike any she had experienced while touching herself before. Her breath was harder and small noises emanated from her throat in the shower as the noises from the men in her mind got close to their climax. She got close to her own only seconds away, the slipperiness of her fingers on her clit made more so by the fluid emanating from her pussy onto her hand.

As the orgasm threatened she was suddenly filled with the image of the binoculars looking at her in her dream, and was puzzled by them. On the brink of orgasm she stopped rubbing her clit, her breathing still hard as the sensations slightly ebbed. She was still incredibly aroused and wanting to cum, but she couldn't get away from the puzzling image of the binoculars in her dream. It confused her and aroused her at the same time. She remembered being watched earlier that morning as she had surveyed the shore line, and had an idea.

She wrapped herself in a towel and took another one for her hair, and made her way to her Father's large bedroom window where the binoculars and the telescope were. Her heart beat loudly in her ears as she stood at the window, close to the glass in the sunlight and proceeded to dry her hair. The throbbing between her legs was echoed by the beat of her heart in her chest. She felt the towel around her body starting to loosen as she continued, wondering if she was being watched, and wondering if someone was gazing up at her as they had been this morning, hoping they were. How could she find out if they were watching? Were they getting turned on as much as she had been while watching someone else? Were they wishing the towel to fall to the ground? Would she be brave enough to let it fall? Would she let herself stand their without a stitch of clothing on, visible to everyone, or to one unknown watcher in particular?

With each daring thought, the pleasure in her loins deepened. She felt the towel starting to slip, slowly at first, then fall completely away to the floor. She paused a second letting it hit the floor. She stood there, completely naked at the glass, frozen in delight and shock that she had actually let it happen. Her nipples were rock hard with excitement, and the throbbing between her thighs that had started in the shower, now intensified. She slowly picked up the towel and walked naked from the window, her heart beating hard in her chest, but she now wanted to know if she was being watched.

Out of sight from the window, she slowly pulled the telescope towards her away from the glass and tried to position it so she could see without being seen herself. In the shade of the room, she was pretty sure she could look through it without being seen. She trailed the viewfinder up and down the houses where she thought the watcher had been but couldn't find it. Minutes passed as she tried to find the window and her heart was sinking fast until she sailed past one window and caught movement again. There in the telescope's eyepiece was the telltale circles of a pair of binoculars looking straight back at her. She instinctively jumped back in fright again, but shaking her head, looked again, sure that she couldn't be seen, and tried to see just who was looking back at her.

The watcher below had seen the display and the familiar quickening of the pulse and the arousal in the stomach had begun. With avid attention the watcher focused on the window of the sexy young woman, and marvelled at the slim frame, the small round breasts and the curve of her bottom that had been put on view as she had bent to retrieve the towel. The watcher hoped that the woman would come back to the window and a heart fluttered as the naked skin was revealed. This is what made all the sitting by the window worthwhile.

A small thrill went through Annie as she realised that whoever was watching must have seen her drop her towel, and she avidly went back to the eyepiece, her mind running off with itself with delight. While it was arousing that she had been watched, she now wanted to know even more who was watching her, and gazed down through the lens. She could only see the circles of light from the lenses, her voyeur blocked from sight by reflection of light on the glass and a thin gauze curtain material at their window.

Minutes passed as Annie looked, even strained to get a glimpse of her watcher, but after a minute or two, she saw the binoculars move away from the window as if bored. She did see them flick back regularly as Annie watched, and a small thrill kept the throb in her pussy alive as she watched the person that had been watching her. The desire to see this person seemed to question her common sense as she tried to fathom a way of drawing this person out. Dare she walk down and knock on the door? No, she could never be that bold. Perhaps she could sit outside the house and see who came and went? No again she thought, she would need to sit in a car or something to be out of site. What would Beth do, she pondered? Annie knew that Beth would think that a more erotic attempt would be more interesting.

She jumped to her feet and ran to her room and donned her panties and her robe and came back to the other bedroom. She picked up her towel, took a deep breath and stepped up close to the window in the sunlight and began to dry her hair again. In an instant, the watcher below saw movement and lowered the binoculars from where they were and looked straight up at the window, getting bearings before bringing the binoculars back up to see the slim sexy young woman fill the lenses. The watcher saw the robe hanging open and half of one smooth silky white breast jiggling slightly with the movement of the woman's arms as she dried her hair. Half a breast, half exposed was very erotic and pleased the watcher and the familiar sensations made themselves known, leading the watcher to what would eventually happen, masturbation behind the curtain, watching someone, and especially someone as beautiful and sexy as the new woman at the house. The watcher had often seen an older woman at this particular window, and had seen the odd glimpse of something, and while all things like this were very sexy, this new younger one was much more appealing and if truth be told, much more arousing.

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