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Anniversary Cuckold


My wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary recently and yesterday we boarded a plane for a wonderful beach destination. Last night began with the plan to have a lovely dinner at a beach front restaurant and now a mere 24 hours later I am on my knees with a large cock only centimeters from my mouth. This cock is covered with my wife's pussy juices combined with the cum of my wife's new lover. His voice is casually commanding as he instructs me to clean him.

I open my mouth and lean forward and am rewarded as his large cock fills my mouth. I suck his cock because he has just provided my wife with an amazing 24 hours of sexual satisfaction while tapping into my submissive side. I relish my task and give it my best efforts. His cock is large and still hard. His manhood makes mine seem puny and useless. In one day he has helped my wife achieve multiple orgasms, all of them better than she ever achieved with me. As I suck his superior cock I feel my wife come up behind me and hold my head. She whispers in my ear, "suck it well my darling cuckold I want my lover to be a happy man!" As she says this I feel a firm hand grasp the back of my head as my new master starts to face fuck me harder and soon I feel his cock swell even bigger as he ejaculates down my throat. I look up to see my wife kissing her lover passionately as he holds my head and pumps his cum down my throat. He releases me and looks down and laughs. He turns to my wife and says, "Dinner?" and she says "absolutely!" So my cuckolding started with dinner and looks like it will continue with dinner.

Dinner last night.

My wife and I are waiting for our table having a drink at the bar when I take off to use the men's room. When I return there is a man chatting up my wife. He introduces himself as Steve and shakes my hand. He has a firm hand shake and says to me "I was hoping your lovely wife was lying when she said she was here with her husband." With that I thought he would leave but instead stayed. He bought us a drink in honor of our anniversary and paid special attention to my wife. The restaurant was very crowded and we were on our 3rd or 4th drink when Steve made a call and told us he could get us a table at another local spot just a few doors down. I thought he was offering the table to my wife and I, so when he joined us I was surprised but couldn't really complain. My wife seemed to enjoy all the attention she was getting and even sat back down on his side of our booth after she took a powder break.

We ordered dessert and another round and Steve mentioned that there would be dancing in a few minutes on the big outdoor patio adjacent to the eating area. He asked my wife if she thought her husband would allow him one dance before the evening was through.

"I think he will be OK with it." She said as she looked at me. It put me in a spot and I just laughed and said sure.

We talked some more and I noticed that my wife and Steve sat closer and that they began to touch more as we conversed. A couple times he whispered in her ear and she looked at me and then smiled. I really had to take a pee but was loathe to leave these two alone. Finally my bladder won the argument and I excused myself. I took care of things quickly and approached the table, at this point I could see that Steve had moved his left hand under the table and it looked like it was on Paula's leg. I started thinking this was going a bit too far, but at the same time I felt fairly aroused at the sight. I approached and sat down and Steve left his hand where it was and just looked at me. He was basically inviting me to say something, but I didn't, I just sat back down.

After a bit more small talk Steve announced he was going to dance with Paula. She said, "definitely!" and slid out of the booth, Steve followed and without a word he whisked her out the patio doors and joined the dancing crowd. I wanted to go watch, but didn't want to lose our table figuring they would be right back, so at first I just strained to catch a glimpse of them. One dance turned into many and at that point I paid the bill and made my way to the patio. I had lost track of them but then saw them slow dancing in the front corner of the patio. Steve was holding Paula tightly and their eyes were locked. I was about to go cut in when Steve whispered into Paula's ear and she responded by kissing him. They broke apart and then almost immediately rejoined in a deep kiss. Steve's hand came up to her cheek and then he slowly brought it down across her cheek, neck and left breast where it lingered. Paula sighed and her hand came up and covered his, pinning it to her breast. I was stunned, but at the same time I was frozen and I was getting quite hard while watching this scene.

As I stood there Steve noticed me and just as he did at the table he stared at me and left his hand on her breast. He leaned in and spoke to Paula and she just nodded. He walked her over to the patio's edge to a small satellite bar and got her a drink. I have no idea why I didn't jump in then, but I didn't. I just watched as they clinked glasses and then turned away from me and stared at the ocean. Steve stood right behind Paula and ran his right hand around her and up her stomach to below her breasts. I could not see but based on her body motion I could assume he was pressing himself into her. He started to kiss her neck and speak into her ear while he pressed her against the patio rail. I was stunned that my wife was seemingly sexually engaged with this man in public knowing her husband was somewhere nearby.

Suddenly Paula turned towards Steve and they kissed passionately. The passion displayed broke me out of my trance and I headed towards them. Paula saw me coming and spoke to Steve. He spun around behind her and draped his hand over her shoulder and across her chest. She brought her hands up and again pinned his to her breasts. I walked up and before I could speak Paula said, "Steve and I are going to take a walk on the beach, after that I don't know. He will drop me off later at the room, I hope you will still be there, but I understand if you aren't." With that she grabbed Steve's hand and led him to the stairs that lead to the beach. I stood stunned as they walked away touching and laughing.

I went back to the bar and had a couple of drinks not knowing what to do. I eventually walked back to the hotel and entered the lobby from the street. At the same time, Steve and Paula entered from the beach. Her hair was a mess and she was carrying her shoes. His shirt was untucked and they had the look of two lovers. I walked to the elevator hoping they wouldn't see me but instead just as the door opened they walked up and got in with me. Paula looked at me and then ran her hand up his thigh and to his crotch. It was at this point I first saw the outline of his large cock. Paula seemed obsessed with it and was squeezing it excitedly. Steve looked at me raised his eyebrows and said, "I guess I must be a bit bigger then she is used to!" Paula laughed and said, "that is an understatement."

As the door opened she sprang upon me and kissed me strongly. I realized then that her mouth tasted like cum. She said to me "Big and tasty!" Then she looked at me and said, "Steve is going to come to our room and fuck my brains out with his beautiful cock, you can watch if you want to, but you are not going to stop me."

Steve exited with Paula and held the door, he laughed and said, "come on, it is time to witness how a real man does it." I should have slugged him or left, but instead I lowered my eyes and stepped out. They continued to kiss and molest each other as I found the door key and opened the room up. Paula said she had to pee and swerved off into the bathroom. Steve looked at me, told me to sit in the big easy chair, I did. He then said, "I am going to bring your wife the kind of pleasure she has never known with you. By morning she will be mine and you can sit and watch for round one, but then you are to leave and not come back until morning. Understood?" I just nodded.

Paula came back just wearing her bra and panties. Steve wolf whistled at her and then said to me, "hey cuckold, is it Ok if I fuck your wife?" I didn't answer but just stared at my wife. He walked over and slapped me across the face and said, "focus cuck! What do you want me to do?" I stuttered a "huh" and got slapped again.

"You want me to fuck your wife, right?"

"Um, I guess if she wants it" was all I could say.

"I know she wants it, don't you babe?"

"God yes!" was her response.

"So what do you say, cuck, should I fuck your wife now?"

I meekly replied "yes."

"Louder there, and put a sir on the end of that like a good cuck!"

"Yes... sir"

"Yes sir what?"

"Please fuck my wife." I couldn't help but obey him.

"One more time and say it like you mean it!"

I found my voice; "Yes Sir, please fuck my wife!"

"There you go, now sit back and watch her have the best fuck of her life."

And it was. He slowly came at her and immediately spun behind her and started kissing her neck as he fondled her breasts. He let her bra straps fall from her shoulder but left the bra there to support her breasts. He squeezed and kneaded her breasts and then one hand went down between her legs and a finger immediately disappeared into her. She gasped and he continued to caress her breasts and finger her until she had her first orgasm. She moaned loudly and I could see her rise onto her tip toes as she shook through a strong orgasm.

He slowly released her and while she stood there regaining her composure he quickly undressed and suddenly he was naked and the size of his cock was fully revealed. Paula ran her hands down his chest and quickly found his cock. She just chanted versions of "Please fuck me!" to Steve who laid her on the bed and slowly removed her panties. His cock head hovered over her wet and ready pussy. But before he began he looked at me and said "come here and guide me into your wife."

I got up and hesitantly approached. He goaded me "come on grab me, might take both of your hands, your wife is waiting!"

I grabbed him, and looked at my wife. She sighed "please just put him in me!" I pulled him forward and then helped him enter my wife. He pushed slowly but continuously into her until his cock disappeared completely. "Back to your seat cuck, your participation is over, watch with envy!"

With that he began to slide in and out of Paula. She spread herself wide to encourage him and just kept moaning and writhing under him. His cock slid in and then he would pull out until the bulb of his cock was just exiting her pussy, then he would slide it back in. Paula was crazy with passion for Steve. She moaned and arched her back and I have never seen her nipples harder or her expression so focused. He eventually picked up his pace and just as she started to squeal in orgasm, he stiffened, moaned and shot his load deep into my wife. He slowed his rhythm and they both came off their highs. He stopped his motion but still laid somewhat next to her and somewhat on her with his cock still inside her. She moaned "Amazing!" and he said, "oh we are just getting started."

He turned to me, "Go find somewhere else to stay tonight, but be back with breakfast for us at 10am. I am going to wear out your wife tonight."

I stood and without even looking at my wife I left. As the door shut I realized I had a sticky hand around my shrinking cock. I was so enthralled with watching them that I didn't even realize I had masturbated to ejaculation. I quickly stuffed myself back into my pants and re-zipped. I stood for a while in shock and then walked to the elevator. I stopped at the front desk and asked for breakfast to be brought to the room at 10am. I then left and wandered the beach most of the night.

While I wandered, Steve and Paula fucked until almost 5am. Steve took her in multiple positions and eventually they fell asleep with him still inside her in a very satisfying conclusion to a spooning fuck.

When I returned about 9:45am I met the room service guy at the elevator, paid him and took the cart to their room. I knocked right at 10am and after a bit of a wait the door opened. Paula was semi-wrapped in a sheet and she said, "Set it up for us, then sit patiently in the big chair, we are going to take a shower." And with that she dropped the sheet and entered the bathroom where I could see Steve entering the shower.

I put the food on the table and when I looked into the mirror I could see a reflection of Steve and Paula in the shower. She was behind him snuggled up against him while lathering his amazing cock. I was memorized at the sight of its size. Paula seemed enthralled with it also. She caressed it and held it and pressed her breasts against Steve's back as she reached around him. Steve then turned to face Paula and they kissed passionately. As the water ran down them and rinsed them clean I watched as Steve's hand slid between Paula's legs and his finger slid inside of her. Paula arched her back and her gorgeous breasts were thrust towards Steve's waiting mouth. He sucked on her nipples and fingered her for a good long time. Eventually Steve lifted Paula off her feet and entered her and fucked her slowly against the shower wall. Paula's expression was one of deep satisfaction as she was slowly but steadily brought to a powerful orgasm. And even though she was looking right at me over Steve's shoulder she never saw me as her focus was completely on her lover.

Eventually Steve came inside of Paula with three or four strong surges. She collapsed around him and they held each other closely as they enjoyed the post sex intimacy. Steve let Paula back down and they kissed. Then Paula took the scrungie and poured some bath gel on it and slowly and very intimately washed every inch of Steve. His body was really quite magnificent. She finished her cleansing of Steve by bringing the scrungie up his inner thigh and through his balls and finished on the underside of his once again erect penis. She squeezed his cock a couple times, kissed him and laughingly pushed him out of the shower as she began to wash herself.

With Steve's exit from the shower my trance was broken and I quickly returned to the chair I was supposed to be in. In just a few minutes Steve came out of the bathroom. He was completely naked as he toweled off his hair. My attention fixated on his semi-erect cock. He noticed my attention and said, "I see you and your wife share an eye for great cock! Your wife can't seem to get enough of it, would you like a taste?"

I couldn't answer I just stared. The truth was I did want to hold it, to suck it, to taste it. This magnificent piece of manhood was providing my wife with more pleasure than I had ever given her, and this made me want to be near it, interact with it, serve it. I was just completely mesmerized. Steve walked towards me and stood right in front of me.

"Enjoying the view are you?"

"Yes sir"

"Ask nicely and I will let you touch it"

"Please sir may I touch your cock?"


"Please sir may I touch your perfect cock, the one that brings such pleasure to my wife?"

"You may"

I slowly reached out and gently grasped his cock. It was so strong. I caressed it and held it. I wanted it. I explored its ridges like I was discovering a precious substance. I ran my finger along one of its bulging veins and then circled the ridge on its massive bulbous end. I was entranced and amazed with how perfect Steve's cock was. At this point Paula emerged from the bathroom wearing just a robe and came up next to Steve. I looked at her, she smiled and said "incredible isn't it!"

I nodded and went back to touching it. I got off the chair and knelt in front of Steve and focused on his amazing manhood. I squeezed his balls and circled my finger around his cock slit, wishing I could be there when it erupted. I brought my mouth near it and wanted to suck Steve's cock more than anything, but he read my intentions and said, "You must ask your wife if you can suck it."

"Paula, may I suck Steve's cock?"

She pondered the question and said, "Yes, but only on two conditions, first you admit to Steve and I that he is a superior man to you and that you want him to be my lover, and second you beg Steve for permission to suck his cock. Do you agree?"

I looked up at her and with full conviction said, "Yes! His cock is superior and so is Steve. He is a man and I am a wimp. I beg of you Steve to be my wife's lover and bring her pleasure anytime, anywhere, anyhow you want. Paula I am your cuckold and will do anything Steve or you want me to. Steve you have taken my wife and made her yours, I will do anything you ask to keep you happy as you make my wife so happy. May I please suck your cock so that I can experience the thrill of it as my wife has?"

Steve looked down at me and responded, "You will get to suck it, but not now. I am hungry and the food is getting cold. Stand up, serve us our food and serve us. Do not speak unless spoken to, and be highly attentive to us. You are our cuckold slave and if you are a good boy I will reward you later with a taste of my cock."

With that he led Paula to the chair and sat her down. I scrambled to my feet and made it in time to pull back his chair for him. He looked at me approvingly and said "now strip naked and let me see that poor excuse of a penis you have." I stripped and stood in front of Paula and Steve. Steve looked at Paula and said "You have been married to THAT for 20 years, that is pathetic!"

"He is a good provider and a good dad, and now that I have you as a lover, I don't care about his tiny dick."

"Cuck, I want you to stroke yourself and tell your wife how sorry you are. When you cum, I want you to eat it as sign of your devotion to us. Begin."

I began to stroke myself. I was very horny so my dick came to life quickly. Fully erect I was ½ the size of Steve. I began to apologize to Paula and encourage her to be Steve's woman. I promised to never stray from her and to be loyal to her as payment for 20 years of unsatisfying sex. I eventually was ready to cum and Steve jumped in, "Do not cum without permission, cuck."

"May I cum sir?"

"That is up to your wife, it is she you have wronged all these years."

"May I cum Paula? Please!"

There was a pause and suddenly she took her full glass of ice water and threw it on my dick. I shrieked and my cock quickly retreated down to its typically pathetic size. "No!" she said, "Today is only about my pleasure, you will only be allowed pleasure when I permit, understood?"

"Yes" I managed to say as I stood there humiliated and shivering.

"Now go take a cold shower and come back to us ready to serve, there is no pleasure for you today!"

Steve added, "Paula's panties are on the floor over there, when you finish put those on so we don't have to see that pathetic dick of yours."

I did as instructed and while I stood under the freezing water I realized the next years of my marriage would certainly not be like the last 20. I completed my cold shower and put on the panties. I emerged from the bathroom to see Paula riding Steve's cock. He laid with his hands behind his back very casually as she impaled herself on him. Paula noticed me and laughed, ""look at our little cuck, he looks so cute in my panties. Definitely no more men's underwear for you."

Paula's concentration returned to Steve and as she rode him as Steve gave me my instructions for the day.

"Put your clothes on and go to the shopping district in town to a store called Expressions and ask for Sophia. I will be vacationing with your wife for the next 10 days and I want her to have a new bra and panty set for each day. I like bold colors, but be sure to mix it up. I also want her to have some tight tops to show off her chest in and a few short skirts to wear. Pick out a few dresses and at least five or six swim suits. Focus on sexy stuff, not slutty, but sexy. Lastly, hot shoes are a must. Don't be shy, buy a lot of everything and a special suitcase to put it in. Finally, buy yourself enough frilly girlie panties to wear for the 10 days. You will follow us on what was once your vacation and carry this special suitcase. Each day you will help your wife pick out a great outfit that will show off her hot body and be pleasing to me. Understood?"

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