tagRomanceAnother Changed Life Ch. 04

Another Changed Life Ch. 04


Thanks for all the comments and votes so far. Those on the last chapter made me giggle - I dunno about the ditto thing, but glad you liked it! Unless I get totally carried away, I think there is one more chapter of this story to go.

* * * * * *

Throughout lunch and dinner service I was so relieved and so happy I was singing to myself, not even caring that the other staff were laughing about it and speculating on why I was in such a good mood. When Mark came through the kitchen on occasions he gave me a bit of a look, but I was fairly sure now that he would end up giving me his blessing. It would make things very awkward at work if he didn't, and our friendship would definitely suffer, but I had known all along he was overprotective of Tess and it was hardly a surprise that knowing my history he would give me a hard time.

It was almost at the end of the evening crowd when I got told that Tess was in the restaurant and had asked to see me. I was just about still in work mode, at least to get someone else to finish up the desserts, before I went out. I wondered why she was there, since I thought she would be home tonight and I was expecting to go join her, and hoped it was nothing bad. One glance at her made me sure it wasn't.

She was laughing with a female friend, clearly the two of them had been out drinking as they were a little louder than they needed to be, and were giggling a lot. It made me smile before I even got to them, and I slowed down, wanting to hear their conversation before I intruded.

"... gorgeous, great body, a real sweetie as well when he wants to be, and that seems to be all the time at the moment. It's wonderful!" Tess told her friend.

I had missed the beginning of the sentence, but I suspected (and hoped) that she was talking about me. It sounded good and I reached their table smiling, sitting down next to Tess and kissing her on the cheek before she seemed to realise I was there. Her eyes sparkled when she looked at me, and she didn't seem bothered if I had heard what she was saying. Her friend however was looking at me like I was a piece of meat, and it made me shift in my seat with discomfort as she checked me out.

"Hey baby. This is my friend Gemma," Tess told me.

I shook hands with Gemma as she told me how she'd heard all about me, making me cringe with the implication in her words, and almost purred how pleased she was to meet me. I had to suppress a shudder as she held on to my hand for what felt too long. She wasn't exactly hiding the looks she was giving me either, and I wondered why Tess wasn't complaining. Perhaps this woman was always a flirt, or Tess was testing how I would react to her. I wasn't exactly happy at either option.

"I take it you've been out down the pub while some of us have been hard at work!" I teased Tess, trying to ignore the other woman.

"Gem called and asked me out and I figured it would be fun to go for a few drinks and then come and meet you. I haven't seen her for ages so we've been catching up," she told me.

"It turns out there was a lot to catch up with too. I can't believe she's never mentioned you before this evening, I'd be calling everyone I knew to tell them I'd found a hottie," Gemma said.

I cringed again. Before now I'd have been happy to be called a hottie, but it felt wrong in front of my girlfriend, even though she just seemed to be taking it as a compliment that she had good taste. How she wasn't uncomfortable that her friend was flirting with me I had no idea, it was making me feel really dirty, and I found a way out as soon as I could.

"I have to go finish up in the kitchen Tess. Do you want a lift home when I'm done?"

"Yes please. Can we take Gem home as well, it's on the way."

I smiled when I agreed to it, but I had my teeth gritted. I'd never taken so anti a woman in such a short space of time. She was pretty, but she wasn't Tess, and she had no right to be looking at me like that.

I tried to calm myself while I was finishing work, hoping that I wouldn't have to fight this new woman off. Even if I had still been single, I did like to work a little to get a woman, not just have one offer herself on a plate. I certainly didn't appreciate her behaving like that now though, and I steeled myself to be polite but unapproachable.

Sadly, she was still with Tess when I got out into the restaurant, although amusingly she was now trying to flirt with Charlie. He did not look impressed at all -- at least I'd managed to hide it a little. It relaxed me though, knowing it was just the way she was, rather than it being anything to do with me. Tess was laughing hard at the obvious flirting this time, but making no more effort to help Charlie than she had been with me. It was only when Gemma grabbed his arse that he finally cracked, almost growling at her.

"God woman, what is wrong with you? I told you, I'm taken, and you are most certainly not my type."

"Come on, you're so cute! I guarantee I suck cock better than anyone you've ever had," she purred, still trying it on.

"Honey, I really doubt that," Charlie replied, turning camp, which I had never seen him do before. "I'm the best cocksucker around here, and if you had one I might be half tempted to prove it."

Amazingly, even that obvious comment didn't put her off entirely.

"If you ever want to try pussy, give me a call."

"Not going to happen."

I had watched this exchange in silence, noting how Tess just seemed to be laughing more and more, and increasingly sure she was very drunk. That put any chance of us having a sensible conversation this evening right out the window, but at least she probably wouldn't object to me curling up in her bed again. After all, she'd need some looking after, and I could provide that easily, once we got rid of Gemma.

Charlie only calmed totally when Mark came through from the kitchen, the last of the staff still there. I heard Gemma draw in a breath.

"Jesus Tess, why haven't you brought me here before? Eye candy everywhere!"

"Most of the 'eye candy' are gay, and I wasn't letting you near the one that isn't. He's mine."

I grinned at her sudden display of possessiveness, glad she was finally making it clear she didn't appreciate what her friend was doing. She gave me a rather drunken smile in response.

"I need to get you two home, before you cause any more trouble," I told the women, steering them slowly out of the door to a look of relief from Charlie. He even wished me luck when they left me at the car, with the girls leaning heavily on the doors before I unlocked them.

I had to help both of them get in, and I made it quick with Gemma, but as I got Tess into the front seat I made the most of the opportunity to touch her body softly. My hand trailed over the swell of her buttocks as she leaned into the car, not putting any pressure on but it still enjoying the feel of her under my hand. As she started to sit my hand dropped away from her, but I lifted it to slowly run it up her side to the seatbelt, and then across her chest and down her stomach to plug it in, taking my sweet time.

Once she was sat I let my hand drift to her lap and down her leg. When I saw her eyes widen and heard her breathing change slightly I took advantage, letting a couple of my fingers slip up her inner thigh. Leaning into her body I let my breath caress her neck, before dropping my lips to it to nuzzle her gently. I saw her shift in the seat, and her legs parted slightly, allowing my fingers to trail further towards her centre. It was only when I heard a small whimper, a demand for more, that I drew back, closing the door on her and heading to the drivers seat, but I didn't miss the sound of disappointment she made when my hands left her.

Smiling to myself at the effect I'd managed to have with such gentle touches, I drove off, little realising what I had started. She started to return my touches as I drove, but she was far less gentle and more insistent. Her hand on my knee moved upwards fast and I had to take a hand off the wheel to stop her from grabbing at my crotch. My dick had already firmed at the feel of her warm body under my hands, but her sudden aggressiveness was making it harder, and I couldn't drive with her touching me that way.

"Not now baby," I whispered to her, trying not to alert my other passenger to what was going on.

It didn't stop her entirely, but at least her hand stayed more on my knee than higher up, and I could just about cope with that, or at least enough to get Gemma home, waiting while she weaved up to her front door and got through it, and then headed to get Tess back too. Once there was no audience, she got frisky again, her hands now roaming my chest over my shirt. I gasped as her fingers settled and pinched gently at a nipple, and tried not to swerve the car as I fought her off again.

"Tess, stop it. I love that you want me, but not when I'm driving."

I heard a grumpy noise, but she settled back into her seat, trying to sulk, but it was just funny to me. I wasn't kidding about loving what she was doing -- any time she had her hands on me was heaven -- but I really couldn't do two things at once when one of them had to take all my concentration.

She continued her mock sulk when we got to her house, refusing to get out of the car. She underestimated me, because I just unclipped her seatbelt and pulled her into my arms, carrying her the rest of the way and into the house. I enjoyed the feel of her in my arms, even when she didn't respond, and set her down on the sofa and went to get her a coffee, hoping it might help to sober her up a little.

I never got chance to find out if it would work, she ignored the coffee when I put it down, and pulled me to her. My body reacted again to her closeness, and I struggled to keep control. I didn't want this, somehow my head was sure of that even if my body and my cock were trying to persuade me otherwise. I needed her to be as responsive as she had been the first time we were together, not just drunk and horny, and reluctantly I began to pull away.

One of her hands grabbed at my arm to keep me still, the other went straight to the tent in my trousers and made me gasp my surprise and pleasure. I snatched at her wrist to hold her still.

"Don't do that love, please. I don't want it to be like this."

She looked annoyed. "I want you to fuck me Dan, it's been too long. I need to feel you inside me."

Electricity coursed through my body at her words, but my brain was still in control.

"I don't want to fuck you," I told her, seeing her face fall. "I want to make love with you, and that can't be like this, you're too drunk, you'll barely remember it tomorrow. I need us to do this right this time, not like before, and when you were sober you wanted to wait, you'll only regret it. Let me take you to bed so you can curl up in my arms, and I promise you when we do take that step, it will be so incredible all we will want is to do it again, and again, and again!"

"Since when do you turn down the advances of a woman you want, no matter how drunk they are."

"Since I realised how much I love you. I need the first time with a woman I love to be special and memorable to both of us. Please, let me just hold you tonight."

I knew I was begging again, but I hoped that my words would have some effect even on her drunken mind. It was probably crazy that I was even thinking this way, but I did want what I said. A one-night stand didn't matter, but the rest of our lives had to start with something perfect.

It wasn't clear whether she had relented by intent, or just started to spin out, but she finally nodded at me, somehow getting to her feet and staggering up to her room. I followed anxiously as she bounced off the walls on her way, worried especially as she climbed the stairs, my hands out ready to catch her if I needed to, but she made it unaided.

She had her back to me and started throwing off clothes as soon as she saw her bed. I didn't think she'd appreciate help and it wouldn't make it easy for me to leave her alone if I did, so I just watched as she stripped, catching my breath when it became apparent she wasn't stopping at her underwear. The vision of her naked back and buttocks had my cock rising despite all my good intentions, and then she turned and I was presented with the full view of her, naked, gorgeous, and all mine.

There was a small smirk on her face that suggested she knew exactly what she was doing to me, and when her eyes flitted down to my crotch and her grin widened I was sure she did.

"Yes, you turn me on, but I meant what I said downstairs. I'm not doing this now Tess, and you'll thank me for that in the morning. Let's go to sleep."

Her smile softened, and she wasn't teasing me any longer, just enjoying being with me. I hoped her libido was now under control, because mine was on the edge of taking over, and I really had to remind myself that I didn't want it. She looked somehow sweet and innocent now, no longer leering and coming on to me.

"You have too many clothes on for bed," she told me.

I stripped then, and the way she looked at me, it sent shivers down my spine. I'd cooked her breakfast naked and her eyes had been all over me then, but now it felt more sensual and less amusing. Steeling myself not to pounce on her I took off all but my boxers, resting my thumbs in the waistband of them to wait for her opinion. I liked the idea of us both being naked, but she'd have to approve it first.

"Aren't you worried about me taking advantage of you if you're totally naked?"

"I'm sure I can control the both of us if I need to," I replied, checking for her approval before I removed the last thread of clothing from my body.

Her eyes blazed with lust and I wondered if it had been a good idea after all. I liked the idea of us curling up naked, but realistically if she really started to play with me I would end up doing my thinking with my dick rather than my rational mind. He was already more than a little interested in the fact the beautiful woman we both wanted was standing in front of me without a stitch on.

Steeling myself to resist temptation, I walked past her and got into bed. I could almost feel her gaze on me, and I heard a low moan at the sight of my backside, already knowing she liked it. I slid between the covers and over to the side I had been directed to last night, lifting the duvet after me to encourage her to get in beside me. She didn't hesitate, and a moment later I felt her warm body pressing tight to mine.

It was nearly perfect, feeling her body against me like this, seeing the love and desire in her gaze. It was just the fact her eyes were also glazed slightly thanks to the alcohol rather than me that took the edge off. Soon, I thought, soon it will only be me and I'll be able to do what I need to with her.

I pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, an arm around her waist, and tried to will my cock to deflate. She moved against me, her arm and leg winding around me. The movement of her leg opened her thighs and brought her warm pussy so close to my balls, I could almost feel the heat radiating from her. Her face burrowed into my chest and I felt a couple of kisses against it.

When I didn't respond, even though I wanted to, she relaxed and unwound her leg, but kept her arm around me.

"It was worth a try," she muttered.

"Believe me, you are making it very hard to resist, but you know I'm right about this."

"You shouldn't use words like 'hard' right now, I can feel you against me and it isn't enough."

"It's enough for tonight love."

"Okay. Just hold me tight."


* * * * * *

I woke for the second morning in a row to something I knew I wanted forever. She was warm and her skin smooth beneath my hands where I was still holding her tight to me. She'd barely moved in the night and was still pressed against me, and part of me was still pressed against her. I moved back a little to get myself away from her, and my groan of pleasure at the feel of her skin sliding against me was met by a groan from her that didn't sound at all good.

The moan just got worse when she began to open her eyes, and she only managed to squint up at me. I smiled, amused, and kissed the top of her head.

"Would you like some painkillers?" I asked her, as quietly as I could.

My question was answered with another groan which I interpreted as a yes, so I headed to find some in her bathroom and returned with them and a glass of water that she gulped down gladly, sitting up only as far as she needed to. Even like this, hungover and tired, she looked good, but she'd looked a lot better the morning before. When she lay back down I joined her, holding her and almost falling back to sleep myself.

"You're the perfect gentleman when you want to be," she murmured.

"Good thing too, when you become such a tease with a few drinks in you!"

She groaned again, and I knew she remembered at least some of how she had behaved last night.

"Sorry about that."

"There is no need to apologise. I love that you want me so badly, even if it was only because you were drunk that you let it show."

Her dark eyes locked with mine.

"I do want you sober too you know. I just want to take things a bit slower, and I forgot that after a few vodkas."

"I noticed!"

"It's all Gemma's fault, I should never have gone out with her. I definitely shouldn't have brought her to the restaurant." Her eyes went wide after that, memories surfacing. "God, she was flirting with you. I let her flirt with you."

"I wasn't flirting with her Tess," I replied, worried she might think I'd enjoyed the attention.

"I know. She's just like that. She even tried it on with Charlie, didn't she?"

"More than tried it on, she grabbed a good handful of his backside when he tried to get away from her!"

She groaned yet again. "I'm gonna have to apologise for her behaviour. Sorry baby."

"It's okay. I didn't like it, and to be honest I didn't like that you didn't stop her either, but you'd both had a few."

"You wanted me to come to your defence against a woman flirting with you?" she asked, seeming surprised.

"No. I guess at that moment I wanted you to warn her off your man."

Her eyebrows lifted in surprise, and a teasing smile formed on her face.

"Ah, you wanted me to get all possessive and claim you! I did. Eventually. I think you're old enough to look after yourself though."

"I am. It just makes me feel really good to hear you say that I'm yours."

Lust blazed in her eyes. "You are most definitely mine Dan," she almost purred. "I might not have minded her flirting a little, but there is no way another woman is getting her hands on you again."

I let out a little laugh at that, even as my body was buzzing with ways I could be claiming her back, the physical type of claiming I knew we didn't want right then. I had to kiss her though, a reward to both of us. She moaned softly into my mouth at the first touch of my lips on hers, and I increased the passion, needing to leave us both breathless and panting when I finally released her.

"Your kisses are perfect," she mumbled as we parted. "They might be the best hangover cure ever!"

I chuckled at that, not sure they were curing so much as distracting, but it didn't matter which if she was enjoying them, so I gave her some more. She eventually pulled away from me, looking at me with such desire I knew those kisses were turning her on and she was probably as wet as I was erect. I could feel her nipples were hard as they were poking into my chest.

"You're not planning on seducing me to work off that hangover, are you?"

"Not planning to, no. It did cross my mind though, and if we don't get out of bed I might end up trying it. I have a feeling you'll knock me back again though."

"I would. This still isn't right and if you didn't agree you would have tried something by now."

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