Another Dockside Dicking

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Yet again, Shalendris is fucked near a harbor by a hung futa.
3.9k words
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The Sword of Dawn, one of the Alliance's greatest gunships, slowly came to a full stop over Stormwind's docks. Ropes were thrown down to anchor it to the ground and troops were slowly unloaded from the flying vessel, both by portal-creating mages and by dwarven gyrocopters.

Ashe stood at the edge of the gunship, looking down at the crowd that had gathered to welcome the soldiers back. The war was won. And while the Alliance had suffered many casualties in the long months of that conflict, the last few engagements had resulted in very little loss.

Months on the battlefield had left Ashe more than a little pent up. Typically, the Lightforged paladin would have been able to satisfy her needs between missions, as the hit-and-run tactics of the Army of the Light against the Burning Legion made it easier for her to find a woman or two to fuck aboard the Vindicaar. This time, however, she'd had the misfortune of being assigned to an all-male squad and privacy was rarely a consideration on the assignments they were sent on.

Her gigantic cock throbbed in anticipation and her balls churned. She needed to fuck. Now.

Jumping into the nearest portal down to the docks, Ashe quickly scanned her surroundings, spotting every woman there. While there were many potential candidates that she would probably enjoy stuffing full of draecock, her golden eyes locked onto one woman in particular.

The Kaldorei who'd taken care of her needs multiple times in the past, the one healer that always managed to get the job done. Shalendris, the Titty Druid. That hadn't been the title she'd given herself, but what she'd been named by all the soldiers who'd been under her care.

The Alliance army considered Shalendris a shit enough fighter that she had been assigned to Stormwind so as to not jeopardize any important missions elsewhere, but she remained a great asset and many were those who spoke highly of her healing capabilities.

Right now, Ashe needed a specific kind of healing as she approached the night elf, noticing how her typically gigantic tits were now smaller even than her head! The war had been difficult for everyone, and the healer's magic tits seemed to be emptied of their mana reserves. The Draenei had a solution in mind.

Without a word, Ashe leaned down, grabbing Shalendris by the hips and tossing her over-shoulder, keeping a hand firmly planted on the druidess's enormous, wobbling ass. There was one place the lavender-skinned whore had not lost any weight, Ashe thought, giving those prize-winning pumpkins an appreciative grope.

Shalendris immediately knew who had picked her up, carrying her off to some unknown destination. Though she'd not seen the paladin approach, her sensitive ears had picked up the minutiae of the sounds the Draenei made as she walked -- the clopping of hooves, the cling-clang of plated armor, and the lewd clapping of a cock far too large for it to be anyone else.

Well... Shalendris could think of other lovers she'd had that could fit that description, but none that had gone off on the Sword of Dawn.

"I deserve some payment for all the hard work I've put in for the Alliance, don't you think?" Ashe asked with a cocky grin on her lips as she hauled the night elf off towards the nearest dock where a single, tiny fishing boat had remained.

Though she could not see the destination, Shalendris knew very well that they were heading to where the Alliance's main warships were docked, surrounded by a handful of smaller vessels.

Curiosity finally getting the best of her, Shalendris spoke up. "Where are we heading off to?" she asked, attempting to look down and around Ashe to get a look at where she was being taken. Spotting the diminutive fishing boat, Shalendris raised an eyebrow. "Never took you for a fishing type."

Heaving the curvy elf onto the boat, Ashe unwrapped the rope that held it in place before hopping aboard as well, her immense weight causing the thing to nearly capsize.

When the Draenei sat down, Shalendris's eyes were immediately drawn to the colossal anaconda, its outline plain to see beneath a thin loincloth.

"Is this your idea of decency?" teased the Kaldorei with a teasing burst of laughter.

Ashe grabbed the two paddles on either side of the boat, shrugging. "I have grown considerably, it seems. Though from what I can tell, the opposite is true for you. Not much in the way of life essence for you to absorb?"

Shalendris shook her head. "Seems that dying men are not often in the mood to be donating much essence. And my healing spells are quite costly!" she explained, looking behind her as they started drifting out away from the docks.

"You still haven't told me where we're going," remarked the healer, turning back towards the rowing Draenei.

"Somewhere quieter."

"Ah? Is that so? Never took you for the romantic type," Shalendris playfully replied.

Ashe's cock throbbed beneath the inadequate loincloth. "We are not going on a picnic."

Shalendris felt her breath catch in her throat at the decisiveness with which those words were spoken, the sheer need in the Draenei's voice making the elf weak in the knees. "Hrm. I see."

It took them only a few minutes to reach their destination, the two of them still in the boat behind a large rock off the coast, jutting out from the depths.

"That... doesn't look like the more comfortable of places," the purple-haired woman declared, standing up to look at the wave-washed stone.

Ashe looked over Shalendris's form, noting how her breasts had shrunk down from goliath fuckpillows to hardly more than meager handfuls. Her hips and ass had remained as large and deliciously thick as she'd remembered, though, giving the elf an overall more youthful look. While her previous silhouette had given her an air of motherly fertility, she now had the look of a woman who'd spent much of her life keeping in shape, with muscular legs worthy of one who'd done much running.

"The rock is only there to hide us," explained the paladin. "I plan on fucking you in this here boat."

A smirk spread across the elf's lips. "What are you waiting for?"

Ashe pounced onto Shalendris suddenly, passionately, hunger and lust in every muscle, every fiber of herself. Like a parched woman at the last of the desert's oases, Ashe locked lips with Shalendris as they started undressing one another, tossing pieces of armor and clothing into the boat and making sure none of it went overboard.

Their breathing rapid, their kissing frantic, the pair soon found themselves fully nude in that small fishing boat, hidden behind the stack. And while their lips never left each other, Shalendris's hand soon found its way to Ashe's dick, caressing and stroking the beast to life.

Very little encouragement was needed, for the Draenei's cock soon reached its full length. Two and a half feet of dolomite-colored she-cock prodded eagerly at Shalendris's thighs and rubbed against the hungry folds of her elven pussy.

"By Elune's grace... Have you gotten bigger?" the night elf asked, feeling the colossus's weight against her hand, its veiny length pulsating against her touch.

Ashe shrugged, her kisses moving downwards, giving the lavender-skinned elf a kiss between neck and jaw, then moving down, planting those tender, loving little kisses here and there. Her lips would trace a path downwards, eliciting soft moans and sighs from Shalendris. While her cock remained pressed against Shalendris in one way or another, Ashe soon found her lips pressed to the elf's diamond-hard nipples, the purple nubs eager for the woman's mouth.

The Draenei suckled and licked at Shalendris's diminished chest, giving it as much attention as she would have if it had been the two gargantuan melons they'd previously been.

"Mmmmfff... Come on... Stop teasing and just fuck me, please," begged Shalendris, slowly rubbing at her clit with two fingers, reaching down to spread her pussy invitingly for her partner.

She couldn't wait anymore. Neither of them could.

Kneeling between Shalendris's legs, holding her ankles, Ashe grinned down at the purple-haired healer. Shalendris could only see her partner's silhouette above, with the sun shining bright in the clear blue sky above.

"I obey," Ashe said with a chuckle, holding her elephantine prick at its base and pressing its thick head against the elf's molten-hot cunt.

A moan slipped from the druid's plush lips as her entrance was parted by the ashen-skinned woman's gargantuan dick. "Ffffuck... Haven't felt a dick so good in ages..."

"Might not last long, I'm pretty backed up," Ashe warned, placing a hand on Shalendris's stomach to steady herself as she inserted herself into that warm, waiting tunnel, the delicious pressure forcing another delighted sigh from the writhing elf.

It felt so fucking good, and yet Ashe did not know just how hard she could go, given the druid's diminished tits (and, by extension, diminished powers). She had learned that it was the elf's enchantments that had made their previous lovemaking even possible, for a cock the size of Ashe's could undoubtedly cause serious damage to any regular folk.

Feeling hesitation in the paladin's actions, Shalendris placed a reassuring hand on her cheek. "I have an elixir to avoid any serious harm."

"Thanks," came the woman's reply. She pushed herself deeper into Shalendris, bulging the elf's stomach with the sheer size of that overgrown phallus.

Arching her back and placing her palms against her chest, Shalendris let forth another long, drawn-out moan.

A banshee's wail would not have been half as loud, Ashe thought. If those on the docks couldn't see them, many probably could hear them. And another thrust brought forth another wail from the elf.

"HNnnAAAAhH!!" cried Shalendris, tugging at her nipples and pinching those diamond-hard nubs with thumb and index.

A final grunt and thrust finally forced the final inches of Ashe's behemoth draecock into the moaning, writhing she-elf, whose mouth was agape with the mind-bending pleasure filling every nerve, her cunt stretched out to its elixir-enhanced limits.

The Draenei was panting as she started fucking Shalendris, her rhythm staggered by the oncoming release. "Fuck," thought Ashe, knowing she wouldn't last long, but this was something else. She gritted her teeth, holding on as best she could as she regained her composure, sliding her vein-riddled prick in and out of the lavender-skinned whore beneath her.

With curled toes pointed at the sky, Shalendris begged and moaned for more, encouraging the Draenei to fuck the shit out of her, to fuck her absolute brains out. The air was filled with their lust, the boat rocking back and forth slightly from the absolute railing Ashe was dishing out.


Repeatedly, the Draenei's huge, pumpkin-sized nuts, so full of potent seed, would smack against Shalendris's ass, tightening with every moment. She was getting close, so fucking close to release.

"I'm... CUuhhhHH...Nnngghh!" Ashe blurted out in a strained half-groan, leaning in to press her huge, white-grey tits to Shalendris's own, much smaller chest. Her cock flexed mightily inside the purple-haired healer as liters of hot, creamy nutmuck traveled upwards to the tip of her prick. The first blast was so powerful and filled the elf with so much jizz that the two were nearly launched apart from one another.

But Shalendris took all that cum inside her, womb swelling with the sheer quantity of thick sludge being pumped into her. The next few pumps of Draenei cum made Shalendris appear pregnant with twins, abdomen inflated with enough cum to drown a small horse. Not only that but Ashe's cum had been infused with her own Light-based essence, making it glow a soft, golden hue.

That glow remained visible even through Shalendris's distended stomach.

With half her cock still lodged firmly within her partner, Ashe straightened as her orgasm died down, a fine layer of sweat covering her toned form. "Huff... Sorry... Been a while..." the woman said, feeling the last few spurts of her dwindling orgasm filling the elf.

A mischievous grin spread across Shalendris's lips. "I do hope you're not completely done with me."

Ashe had expected it when she saw the woman's stomach slowly deflating -- with no cum running out of her stretched-out cunt. When she'd first met with Shalendris, Ashe had quickly learned how the druidess absorbed life essence (which included semen) to power her different forms of magic.

The Draenei stared, amazed, as most of what she'd pumped into Shalendris got transferred to the woman's breasts. The meager handfuls, slowly, started gaining in mass.

Biting her lower lip, Shalendris squeezed those magical mounds, moaning softly as she felt the heat of that delicious growth spreading to every part of her. She could feel her body absorbing the energy from the Draenei's thick, creamy cocksludge, transforming it into pure, life energy. As it was transformed, that energy was stored inside her chest, causing it to swell to far larger proportions.

In a matter of seconds, the elf's breasts had grown larger than her hands could handle, soft flesh overflowing from between her fingers. A soft sigh of satisfaction, of relief, slipped past Shalendris's lips. "This is my favorite part..." she whispered, eyes fixated on her swelling tits.

"I thought your favorite part was me fucking your brains out," Ashe remarked, feigning insult. "You wound me."

Both women had their eyes locked on those fattening melons. In the time it took to speak their words, Shalendris's chest had doubled in size. Now, each huge, jiggling mass of flesh had surpassed the size of its owner's head. And they showed no sign of slowing down.

The sight caused Ashe's softening prick to start swelling again. The night elf had not even needed any of her tricks.

Knocking the woman's hands aside, Ashe leaned down, gripping those enormous pillows with her powerful grip. She placed a hungry mouth on the lavender-hued boob, allowing her tongue to tease and swirl around the sensitive bud crowning it.

Shalendris, meanwhile, had brought both hands down at the joining of their bodies, placing three fingers at her clit. Her other hand gripped the base of Ashe's enormous, re-arming monolith. The thing was already nearing full potency, it seemed.

When the elf's breasts had reached a size similar to what she was known for, Ashe simply changed breast, allowing her face to sink inside that gigantic, pumpkin-sized mountain of meat, feeling its growth slowing down. There seemed to be not much else that Shalendris could absorb -- her stomach as flat as it had ever been, if one discounted the cock-shaped bulge there.

Shalendris could feel the mixture of her own juices and a few remaining drops of Ashe's release dribbling down her ass crack, tickling her sensitive skin.

Ashe pulled back, squeezing the sides of those gargantuan tits, pushing them together appreciatively. Shalendris's chest was now larger than Ashe's, as it was meant to be.

"Perfect," thought the Draenei, as she slowly extracted herself from the moaning Shalendris, watching as the enormous tube of meat was removed from the woman's stretched-out pussy, coated in their shared juices.

Now, Ashe straddled Shalendris's stomach, allowing her enormous, heavy nuts to rest upon the woman below.

Ashe's cock stood proud above Shalendris, casting its shadow on the masturbating elf who had been busy getting herself off with skilled fingers, fingertips running in circles around the sensitive pearl atop her nethers. Her other hand had found itself busily pumping at her needy hole, three fingers sliding in and out of her juicy gash, bringing her closer and closer to that self-made release.

Shalendris showed her amazement of that Lightforged cock with a widening of the eyes. The thing glowed with golden tattoos, some of which were curved and others more angular in design, similar to the tattoos found elsewhere on the Draenei. A single dollop of golden precum escaped from the tip of that behemoth she-prick, falling onto the elf's tits with a splat. That single splat was so powerful, so heavy, that it caused the woman's tits to wobble.

It was a sight to behold. And so were Shalendris's breasts, for Ashe soon found her hands drawn to them yet again, squeezing those gigantic udders as though she would this was the last time she would lay hands on a pair so magnificent.

Releasing one of the jiggling breasts, Ashe then brought that hand to the base of her colossus, pushing down on it so that it rested against Shalendris's breasts. The heat of that battering ram of a cock against her chest only caused Shalendris to accelerate her movements, fingers working even harder to achieve that orgasm.

Slowly, Ashe's dick started sinking between those marvelous jugs, feeling that soft flesh wrapping around her titanic pussy-destroying she-cock. Or tit-destroying she-cock. Though the thought of destroying such a beautiful pair of elftits was not something on Ashe's mind, she duly intended on pounding the everfucking fuck out of them.

Once her cock had settled in nicely in the valley of Shalendris's tits, Ashe noted how there remained nearly eight or nine inches of cock left, poking at her partner's face.

Shalendris got the message, and when the Draenei started moving back and forth between her tits, ashen hands planted firmly on each side of those great orbs, the elf opened her mouth. At first, her aim was slightly off, Ashe poking the woman's cheek with the helm of her behemoth a few times.

A simple readjustment later and Ashe could feel the warmth of Shalendris's mouth around her cock as she pushed between them, a few spurts of precum soon filling that hungry maw.

Shalendris shut her eyes as pleasure rose through every nerve in her body, her blood alight with the approaching storm of her release. Her hands kept on rubbing with determined vigor, fingers working furiously at her clit and pussy, the lewd shlicking of fingers pumping at her pussy echoing in the bay.

Ashe's fingers pinched at the elf's purple nipples, tugging on them somewhat, testing their weight as she started fucking those enormous elven tits faster and faster, gigantic balls sliding back and forth against the woman's stomach. "Nnngh... I've missed these fucking tits so goddamn much..." Ashe grunted. The Draenei's hips slammed furiously against the underside of Shalendris's breasts, each powerful thrust of her hips causing the boat to rock back and forth and each thrust forcing half a foot of Draecock down Shalendris's hungry throat.

With a long, drawn-out moan, body shaking in pleasure, the night elf suddenly came. Like the hurricane sweeping one off their feet, so too was Shalendris taken by that powerful release. Sparks went off in her mind, jerking her hands away from her cunt to place them on her oversized knockers. Her hands gripped the sides of those massive melons firmly, allowing Ashe the luxury of grabbing the back of Shalendris's head.

A devious grin formed on the Draenei's face.

With one hand firmly gripping Shalendris's right breast, Ashe forced more of her cock between Shalendris's tits and down her throat. And when her mouth had been freed, even if for just a moment, Shalendris looked up at Ashe: "How often did you dream of blowing your load between these tits?"

"I'm not planning on cumming between your tits, slut," Ashe replied in an uncharacteristically dominant tone. The way those words were said made Shalendris squirm in anticipation.

Pushing her cock back between the elf's breasts, Ashe found her enormous cock head yet again embraced by the warmth of Shalendris's mouth, the elf's tongue dancing along its surface. She would not last long, she knew. Not with a mouth so skilled and tits so amazing.

Making the most of it, Ashe brought both hands to Shalendris's head, clasping the sides of that head. Shalendris's eyes widened at the strength exhibited in the Draenei, lust and desperation fueling every movement.