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Another Juicy Story



This story continues from the previous "A Juicy Story" Although this is a freestanding story you might find it more enjoyable to read the other story first. Like "A Juicy Story" It was written for a friend who thought it should be published. I leave for you to decide if she was right. I hope you enjoy it.

I am deeply indebted to JuicyStarchild for editing my story and generally making it more readable.

She looked at herself in the mirror. The question in her mind was, did she actually like it. For the first time in her life she had gone beyond having her legs waxed. She put her hand down between her legs. As she ran her finger tips over her pussy lips she found herself excited by the smoothness. Her mound, labia and anus were all completely bare. She wondered what her husband would think of it. Not that it really mattered. What mattered was that he had told her to do it. He, her lord and master, wanted her smooth ... so, smooth she had to be. She looked again and running her finger along her slit decided it was really good.

She was increasingly unhappy with her weight. Her husband wasn't unhappy with her size and her lord had certainly never mentioned it. Still, she thought losing a few pounds wouldn't go amiss, and less of a tummy would make her new, bald pussy that much more attractive. She looked at the clock. Time to get ready. She squeezed herself into the basque he liked her to wear. She donned the black fishnet stockings, carefully rolling them up her legs and attaching them to the basque. Her black, four-inch, stiletto-heeled shoes finished the outfit. She returned to the mirror. Yes, there was the hour-glass figure her husband loved so much. She hoped her master would approve. Today, according to his instructions, she wore no panties. The sun shone outside, but her curtains were drawn. She pulled back the curtain on the patio door, just enough for her to see out into the garden. As she looked out, the young gardener peeled off his shirt. She never told her husband, but that chest was the main reason for hiring him She moved to get a better view and felt the cool draft from the air conditioning on her naked pussy. The sight of the young man stripping off, and the reminder of her own exposed state, started her pussy throbbing. She started to rub her hand over it. It felt so smooth to her, so hot. She eased her finger into her pussy and started to move it around spreading the wetness. Almost immediately she realised it had been a mistake. The whole of her pussy started to throb. It shouted out to her, in a rhythmic chant, fuck me, fuck me. She sat on the edge of the dining room table and thrust her two middle fingers into her pussy. Violently, she pushed her fingers in and out of her fanny. She threw her head back as her cervix performed its acrobatics inside her. The orgasm swept through her. Her juices flowed over her fingers and down her leg.

As she recovered, she looked at the kitchen clock and realised he'd be with her any second. She hurried to his chosen position at the foot of the stairs and knelt to wait for him. She didn't have long to wait. In seconds, he was there. He must have come in through the patio doors, as she hadn't needed to let him in. Still he wore the Darth Vader helmet, that changed his voice so he sounded like James Earl Jones. She knelt, craving his approval. As he approached her she cast her eyes down so as not to look upon him. He stood before her and, placing two fingers under her chin, lifted her face to look at him.

"You have done well, child. Now get up and let me look at you."

As she rose he held his fingers under her chin until she stood before him. Yes, she'd done everything he had told her. The fishnets complimented her shapely legs, the basque exaggerated her slim waist and her bust. He looked down at her bald pussy. Seeing it glistening with its wetness, he cupped it with his right hand.

"What is this, little one? You're already wet—I can see it has run down your leg. Have you been pleasuring yourself before my arrival?"

"Yes, My Lord. I'm sorry, My Lord."

"You disappoint me, child. Did you not agree that your body would be mine, to do with as I please?"

"Yes I did, My Lord."

"Yet you see fit to use it for your own pleasure, without first asking my permission?"

"I'm very sorry, My Lord."

"And just who was it, occupying your thoughts so much you could not control your urges?"

"It was the gardener, My Lord. He stripped off in the sunshine and, when I touched my bald pussy, I got so excited I just couldn't stop."

"You must learn to control yourself, little one. We'll discuss your punishment later."

He led her to the dining room table and tied her hands and feet to the legs of the table as he had done before. She looked up at the Darth Vader helmet he wore, and listened as the deep, disguised voice spoke to her.

"So, little one, you want to fuck the gardener, do you?"

"No, My Lord. I mean, only if it pleases you, sire."

"We shall see," he said, placing the sleep mask over her eyes.

Unable to see now, she relied on her other senses. She heard him walk towards the patio doors. She heard him slide the door open and felt the draft from the door wafting over her pussy. A vague throbbing started between her legs and she desperately wanted to touch herself. She lay there on the table for what seemed an eternity before she heard him once more at the door.

"There you are, boy, she's yours for the taking. Do as you please with her."

She heard the patio door close, then felt a pair of hands on her stockinged thighs. She felt the pressure increase on her legs and then felt the breath on her pussy. With each hot breath on her skin the throbbing increased. She longed to touch herself but the restraints held her fast. She longed to be touched, but all she could feel was his breath. Suddenly, it happened—she felt his tongue stroking her naked labia. Her throbbing increased. She felt his mouth on her pussy, felt him sucking on her as his tongue parted her labia and entered her. The whole of her pussy now throbbed and her need to orgasm rose. His tongue moved up her slit and found her clitoris. As he licked around her clit her body physically shook. She felt two fingers enter her pussy and start to work in and out while he sucked on her clitoris. It didn't take long before she felt twitching deep in her abdomen. When he started flicking her clitoris with his tongue she went completely over the edge. Her cervix started to convulse and her juices flowed uncontrollably. Her back arched and she started to shake.

No sooner had her body returned to normal than she felt his cock enter her pussy. Slowly at first and gently. She felt him push deeply into her. He started gently and increased in ferocity. In a matter of minutes he was forcefully slamming into her, the base of his dick rubbing her clitoris as he did so. She hadn't thought it possible to come harder than the first time, but now she lost control of her body completely. Her back arched again and her arms and legs tried to thrash but were held firm. The table shook along with her body. Her breath came in gasps and she was bathed in sweat. The cock in her pussy slowly withdrew and as she started to recover she heard her masters voice.

"That will do, you may leave now."

The patio door opened and she felt a cooling breeze on her wet body. The door closed and she heard him moving around the table. Her head hung over the edge of the table and she could smell his cock as he approached her. She opened her mouth to receive him. He stopped with the head of his penis resting on her lips. She sucked gently on it, then ran her tongue over his sensitive flesh. Slowly, he pushed his cock further into her mouth. As the tip reached the back of her throat she had to suppress her need to gag. She felt the head of his cock enter her throat and his scrotum rested on her nose. He withdrew, allowing her to catch her breath before pushing back in. He picked up the pace a little and fucked her face. It didn't take long before he pulled back so the head of his cock was just below her tongue. She felt the spurts of semen hitting the back of her throat and filling her mouth. She sucked gently on his cock as he slowly pulled out, draining him of all seminal fluid.

Without a word he left her lying on the table for what seemed an eternity, the draft from the air conditioning on her body, still wet with sweat, caused her to feel cold and she came out in goose bumps. She heard the study door close and then he was back with her. He lifted the sleep mask from her face and she smiled up at him.

"Did I please you, My Lord?"

"You always do, little one. But now we must work on your punishment."

"Have I not been punished, My Lord?"

"I gave you what you wanted, little one. You can't call that punishment. No, you've used your body for your own pleasure, without my permission. You must be made to suffer, so you know not to repeat such a sin."

"Yes, My Lord, of course."

He untied her wrists from the table legs and eased her up into a sitting position. He held up a cylindrical device, with rounded ends and a cord attached.

"This, little one, is a vivi." He bent down and inserted the device in her pussy. "You must keep it in place until you go to bed with your husband tonight. You must not remove it and, above all, you may not orgasm until in bed with your husband. Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Lord. What does it do?"

"You'll find out, little one. Now I must go."

She heard the front door close as he left and reached down to untie her ankles. She took herself upstairs for a shower. It was as she stepped out of the shower that she found out what the vivi did. At first she wasn't sure she actually felt it. She was still getting used to having the vivi in her vagina, but now she was sure she felt it vibrating. Not strongly, but just enough to make it noticeable. In fact it felt quite pleasant. It was as she towelled herself off that she felt it suddenly increase in intensity. Now it was something she couldn't ignore. She clamped her legs together to try and resist the feelings that started to build. The intensity increased again and she tensed her pelvic floor muscles to try to suppress the feelings. Then, just as it started, it stopped again. She dried herself off and dressed for the day.

Several times during the day the vivi did its little dance inside her pussy. Each time it was different, not just vibrating but throbbing in a pulsed pattern. Each time Lucy found herself desperately tensing her muscles, trying to keep her body from exploding into orgasm. By three o'clock in the afternoon she was on her third pair of panties. After the first time, which she had found quite enjoyable, she had questioned whether this could really be considered a punishment. Now she could see that it really was—she was being tortured with pleasure. She formed a plan to jump on her husband as he walked through the door, and demand he fuck her. That would mean she could take the vivi out. Around three thirty that afternoon it started again, this time throbbing with a definite rhythm. In less than a minute she was almost incapable of rational thought. She could hear a noise and it took her several seconds to realise the phone was ringing. She moved across the room and picked up the phone.


"Lucy, darling." It was her husband, John. "I do hope you haven't started on dinner yet."

"What ... dinner? Err, no, not ... yet."

John looked at his computer screen. He had a skype connection open to his computer at home. With a couple of mouse clicks he changed the music.

"I have to entertain a client and his wife tonight, so we'll be going out to dinner and maybe a spot of dancing." He knew how Lucy loved to dance.

"Do we have to? Oh ... oh," she said as the change in rhythm hit her. "Do ... do ... we have ... to?"

"Is there something wrong, Lucy, darling? You seem somewhat distracted."

"No, no. I was listening to a play on the radio when you called. I just got absorbed."

"OK. I'll be back around six and you get your glad rags on. I'll see you later, sweetheart."

As he hung up the phone he closed the skype connection.

Lucy's relief, as the vivi stopped dancing in her pussy, was tangible. She let out a sigh as she sank back in the chair. As she recovered her composure she realised the top of her legs felt wet and slippery. She put her hand up her skirt and confirmed she needed another pair of panties. She had cleaned herself up, and abandoned panties altogether, before the thought struck her that her plan for the evening was no longer an option. If they were going out to dinner, and John wouldn't be home till six, there wouldn't really be time to fuck him. He'd only have time to shower and change before they had to leave for their night out.

The vivi struck her down twice between the phone call and Johns arrival, one of them so strong and with such a rapid rhythm she was unable to function at all as she strained to resist the orgasm she wanted so much. She showered and started to put on her make-up. She put on her sexiest underwear and wore stockings. John was later than she expected and she greeted him at the door, wearing only her underwear and stockings. She kissed him passionately.

"Take me, John. Just fuck me now."

"I'm sorry, Lucy, darling. We just don't have the time."

"Just a quickie, darling. I need you so badly."

"Really, darling, we don't have the time. We're going dancing. You know how much you like dancing."

"Not as much as making love to you."

"I'm sorry my love. We really do not have the time. I need a shower and, beautiful as you are, you cannot go to dinner like that."

Lucy gave up and John headed up to the shower. By the time he'd dressed Lucy was just putting the finishing touches to her look.

"God, you are a beautiful woman," he said, kissing the back of her neck.

She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She was five feet eight inches in her heels. She wore a sparkling, red, full-length dress which was split up to her knee. The bodice was cut low enough to show off the cleavage of her ample breasts.

"Yes, it's not too bad, really, is it?" referring to her body.

"You'll be the belle of the ball," John told her. "Now we mustn't keep Mr and Mrs Laithwaite waiting."

The taxi honked his horn outside. John reminded Lucy it was time to go. She took a short jacket from the wardrobe and followed him down the stairs and into the waiting taxi. They picked up the Laithwaites at the hotel and continued to the restaurant. George Laithwaite was a tubby man of about five foot eight inches. He was in his fifties, his hair grey and thinning. His wife, Josephine, was tall and slim with shoulder length dark hair. Her blue eyes and high cheeks made her stand out as beautiful. Trophy wife, thought Lucy. Strangely, George seemed to be spending his time in the taxi mentally undressing Lucy.

In the restaurant George sat next to Lucy and almost immediately had his hand on her thigh. Lucy prepared herself for a long evening fighting off an octopus and was just thankful the vivi hadn't started since they left the house. It wasn't until she was halfway through the main course that she started to feel it again. Just a gentle vibration, the kind she had thought pleasurable earlier in the day. Nevertheless, it made her stop dead. Oh no, she thought, it works here as well.

"Is something wrong, darling?" asked John as he noticed her hesitation.

"Oh, it's nothing really. I just realised I forgot to do something I had promised to do today."

"I'll bet she was arranging your social calendar, John," said George. "I know if it wasn't for Josephine, I wouldn't go anywhere." As he spoke, he patted the top of Lucy's thigh.

Lucy realised she might have a little problem. Keeping the lecherous old man at bay would normally be easy enough, but if the vivi started doing its dance in her pussy she might not be able to stop her body responding to his touches.

Once dinner was out of the way, the cabaret started. A band came on with a singer, doing mainly jazz and swing numbers. Lucy was very happy that John was first to ask her to dance, and was especially thankful when the vivi started to throb in time with the music. John held her close but not close enough for Lucy at that moment. The throbbing in her pussy had to be sated. She pulled him close so her breasts pushed into his chest and she ground her pubic mound against John's rapidly swelling cock.

"Lucy, you really must control yourself. We aren't supposed to be the cabaret. It's not that sort of place."

"I think George was hoping it would be."

"If you keep dancing like this, he'll think it is."

"Well, I wanted you to fuck me before we came out. Please, John, can't we go into the toilets or something?"

"Really, Lucy. I haven't had sex in a toilet since I was a teenager."

"All the more reason to re-acquaint yourself. Oh, please, John. Just take me somewhere and fuck me."

At that point George Laithwaite tapped John on the shoulder.

"I say, old chap, would you mind if I had a dance with this beautiful lady?"

Lucy looked longingly at John.

"I'm sure that'll be fine, won't it, Lucy?"

John stepped back and reached into his jacket pocket. To Lucy's relief the vivi stopped throbbing. George put his arm around Lucy's waist and pulled her close to him. He was the same height as Lucy in her heels and his eyes rarely left her cleavage. As they danced his hand dropped down to her bottom and he pulled her hips into him. As his hand started squeezing the cheeks of her arse, Lucy pushed back from him.

"Mr Laithwaite, whatever it is you're buying from my husband's company, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am not included."

"Now, now, Lucy. I saw you with John. I know what you want, even if he doesn't. The thing is, Lucy dear, I'm prepared to give it to you."

"Mr Laithwaite, either you dance properly with me, like the gentleman you are not, or I'm going to slap your face in front of everyone and tell both my husband and your wife what you have suggested."

Deeming discretion to be the better part of valour George placed his hands in more respectable positions and they continued to dance, Lucy looked around and noticed John dancing with Josephine Laithwaite. She was a good dancer and was gliding elegantly across the floor. Lucy wondered how such a beautiful woman had ended up married to such an unattractive lecherous excuse for a man. To make things worse she was now dancing with John—the same John who should at this very moment be sinking his cock into Lucy's pussy.

As the evening progressed, the vivi did its jig inside her whenever she danced with her husband. Lucy could take no more—she fainted. John caught her and carried her back to her seat. He apologised to the Laithwaites and asked the maître d' to call a taxi for them. All the time Lucy seemed a bit groggy. John helped her into the taxi and they headed for home. No sooner had they left the club than Lucy was astride John in the back of the taxi. She pulled up her dress.

"Now will you please fuck me."

"Lucy, can you not wait till we get home?"

"Yes, but only till we get home."

The taxi ride was spent with Lucy's mouth locked on John's lips and her tongue down his throat. When they arrived home John gave Lucy the front door key, to let herself in, while he paid the taxi driver. She left the door ajar for him and the first thing he noticed was Lucy's jacket lying on the floor. A few steps further in he found her red dress. At the foot of the stairs he found Lucy. She wore only her bra, stockings, suspender belt and her high heeled shoes. He smiled and walked over to her. She grabbed him by the tie.

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