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Another Santa's Helper


Life is good in our winter wonderland. We live in a perfect neighborhood in the Upper Midwest. We get to experience all four seasons and our Holiday Season is the White Christmas many only experience in movies and books.

Our neighborhood is full of great people that look after one another. Our favorite part is that there are six couples in their 30's with children of similar ages on our street. This is great because we all live similar lives and can easily relate. Amazingly, we all get along quite well and spend a lot of time together. We rotate the parties and barbeques from one house to the other and it is common for a conversation over a fence to become a block party.

All of the couples are fairly attractive and I definitely wouldn't mind the opportunity to engage in a little extramarital fun with any of the MILFs on the block. Almost without fail, conversation turns to sex when we are all together. However, it has all just been innocent teasing and flirting (until this Christmas Eve). I have definitely been labeled as the biggest horndog of the men and I'm okay with that. None of the others seem to mind either and I tend to be allowed to push the sexual envelope a little further than the rest. Luckily I have a very understanding wife that is comfortable with my horndog traits. I have even been caught with my hand on an ass or two that didn't belong to my wife without paying any consequences.

As Christmas was approaching, I had purchased several gifts for my wife that I couldn't hide in the house. I took them over to John and Brie's house to keep them out of sight until I put them under the tree on Christmas Eve. John and Brie live down the street from us and have 2 young children. Brie is one of the neighborhood MILFs that I often bring into my sexual fantasies. She's has short blonde hair and stands about 5'-8" with 36D breasts (or so she brags around the bonfire after a few drinks and I always ask her to prove it) and a well rounded ass that does a nice job of filling out her jeans. She's a definite smart ass and I always imagine that she's slightly on the wild side in bed even though she gives off a goody two shoes persona. John is definitely a great guy and I would gladly switch places in bed with him one night to get a shot at Brie.

On Christmas Eve, I put on a Santa suit and walked across my roof to allow my kids to get a glimpse of Santa scoping out their house. I could see the kids through the window and knew that I would get at least three more years of them believing in Santa out of my 10 minute stunt. After climbing off of the roof, I headed to John and Brie's house to get the stashed presents.

Almost immediately after I rang the doorbell, Brie flung open the door, grabbed my arm, and pulled me into their living room. She said, "Where the hell have you been?? The kids are ready to be put to bed and have been waiting for Santa to read them a Christmas Eve bedtime story." I quickly realize that she thinks that I am John dressed like Santa and that he was supposed to read a story to the kids as Santa. I start to tell her that I am not John, but before I can say a thing, she grabs my crotch and gives me a hard sensual kiss. Not one to miss an opportunity, I return the kiss with equal passion. I even reach down and rub her ass through the matronly terry cloth robe that she is wearing.

As our lips separate, she pushes me towards their family room and says, "Hurry up and get the kids in bed and maybe Santa will get a special snack." Then she turned and headed up the stairs towards her bedroom. I turned to watch her ass as she climbed the stairs and noticed that she was wearing a little green elf hat and green fishnet stockings were covering her legs beneath the frumpy robe. This could be interesting, I thought to myself.

Before I walked into the family room I had to adjust my hardening dick in my baggy Santa pants. I walked into the family room where John and Brie's kids were sitting on the floor and shaking some of the presents under the Christmas Tree. I let out a loud "HO HO HO" and they both turned with big smiles on their face. After the excitement died down, I was able to get through "Twas the Night Before Christmas" just as the kids started to nod off. After carrying them off to their rooms, I had my first chance to think through my situation…..

What do I do know? Do I run upstairs and indulge in the Santa's treat that is truly meant for John? What happens when the beard comes off? Will John be home soon? How much longer can I be gone before my wife starts wonder? Will I ever get another chance to fuck Brie? This is a no brainer. I may never get another chance to make this fantasy come true.

I nearly trip trying to run up the stairs to get my Santa Snack. As I enter John and Brie's room, I notice that the room is lit up with candles and that Brie is standing in the middle of the room in a sexy green elf costume. She has on a little green skirt just long enough to cover those things that I can't wait to see. Her sexy green fishnets are held up with a matching green garter belt. On her head is a little elf hat with a silver bell. Instead of curly elf shoes, she is wearing green high heels.

With her hands on her hips, she says, " Hey Santa. If you share some of your goodies with me, I'll help you empty your sack." Yeah, it was a little corny, but my cock definitely leaped to attention at her obvious intentions. Not wanting to give myself away, I just gave her a jolly "HO HO HO".

Brie walked over to me and continued the kiss that started at the front door. Again she reached down and grabbed my now throbbing dick and squeezed it gently. Not wanting to be outdone, I reached down to rub her sexy ass. I slide my hand under her skirt to find a bare ass awaiting my roaming hands. Brie moaned into my mouth as I squeezed both of her lovely cheeks in my hands. She let go of my hard-on to grab my ass with both hands and grind her pussy against my cock. I liked where this was going.

After a few minutes of kissing, rubbing and fondling, Brie slid down my body and onto her knees in front of me. She leaned her head forward and began nibbling on my hard cock right through my pants while I ran my fingers through her hair. Catching me by surprise, she grabbed my baggy pants and pulled them down to my ankles in one quick motion. As she started stroking my dick with her hand, Brie began licking up and down the underside of my now dripping erection. I became paralyzed with the fear that she would surely notice that this wasn't her husband's dick that she was licking. That fear quickly subsided as she sucked my cock into her mouth while gently squeezing my balls. Santa was very pleased with his little helper.

Brie was definitely a skilled cock sucker, and if the rumors around the neighborhood were true, I could expect her to swallow every drop of cum that I hoped to shoot into her hot mouth. She alternated between stroking my cock with her hand and sucking me deep into her mouth. Every time that I thought I was about to cum, she would stop sucking and lightly lick every inch of my dick or take my balls into her mouth and massage them with her tongue. Then, it was back into her horny mouth for more sucking and stroking. Each time she would take me deeper and deeper into her mouth and I was starting to feel the head of my cock slide down her throat. With only a couple of inches of my dick not in her mouth, she grabbed my ass with both hands and forced my cock all the way into her throat. Using her hands on my ass to hold me in place, she moved her head to push me in and out of her mouth and down her throat. She was literally fucking me with her face.

She must have sensed that I was about to cum because she slid me out of her throat and started stroking me again right in front of her face with her mouth wide open. I came right away and shot a huge explosion of cum into her waiting mouth. My cock just continued squirting loads of cum at Brie's face. Most of it was in her mouth, but a few stray shots were dripping from her face. I thought that I might cum again from this sexy sight.

I thought for sure that it was time to hightail it out of there. But Brie wasn't done with this game yet. She reached behind her and grabbed one of those polaroid instant cameras from off the bed and told me to take a picture of my cum dripping off of her face. I gladly took the picture that she requested and a few more of her licking my cum off of her own face and then off of my softening dick. Maybe now I should leave????

Nope, Brie wasn't even close to through yet. She wanted to have Santa take pictures of her sexy elf costume both on and as she took it off. Well why not, it is the season of giving . Besides, maybe I would be able to sneak a few of the pictures into my pocket to remember the moment.

Brie got on her knees in the middle of the bed and started to unbutton the front of her little green elf dress form the top down. Once she got to her waist, she stopped and opened her dress to reveal her sexy breasts trying to burst out of a green satin demi-cup bra with the tops of her nipples barely visible. I started snapping away with the camera. She then pulled her left breast from the bra and pushed it up until she could flick her own nipple with her tongue. It doubled in size in seconds as she started to suck her nipple into her mouth. I couldn't take pictures fast enough. Brie removed her bra and massaged her sexy white boobs and rolled her hard nipples between her fingers while I rubbed my recovering cock and snapped pictures.

Pulling the front of her short dress up above her waist, Brie showed me her beautiful bald pussy. The swollen pink lips were peeking out from between her legs as she reached down and rubbed her clit with one hand while holding her skirt up with the other. It wasn't long before she was into some serious pussy play with two fingers sliding into her now dripping pussy and the palm of her hand rubbing her mound in little circles. I took only a couple more pictures before I crawled onto the bed and started sucking her swollen nipples. The sensation of me on her tits must have put her over the top as she screamed out while she came . Her body was shaking and I was now having to hold her up since her body seemed to turn to jello. I gently laid her down and moved between her legs. Looking up to make sure that she couldn't see me, I slid my Santa beard down far enough to allow me to eat the sweet pussy of my neighbor's wife.

She came back to life almost immediately. I started by licking her lovely pussy from top to bottom before pushing my tongue as deep into Brie as I could. Removing my tongue from her hot hole, I gently nibbled on her clit with my lips. Moving my hand between her luscious thighs, I pushed first one and then two fingers between her pink swollen lips. Brie thrust her hips up to meet my hand and gyrated her hips in rhythm with my probing fingers. I continued to nibble her clit with my lips while quickly flicking it with my tongue. I was having hard time keeping pace with her as she pushed her entire soaking crotch into my face as fast and hard as she could. Brie began to shake as her second orgasm of the night overtook her.

As she started to raise up on her elbows, I quickly pulled my beard back up to cover my soaking wet face. "Are you hard enough to fuck this horny elf yet?", Brie whispered, as I peeked up from between my neighbors thighs. "HO HO HO!" I responded.

Brie rolled over and crawled up to the headboard on her hands and knees and grabbed the top of it with both hands. My sexy neighbor and wife's close friend was sticking her horny round ass right in my face with her dripping pink pussy just aching for my cock. This couldn't really be happening. I grabbed the camera again and took a few more pictures of this sexy woman before she realized I wasn't John and kicked my butt out of her bedroom.

Then, tossing the camera aside, I crawled up behind Brie's sexy ass and rubbed the head of my finely recovered dick on her swollen pussy. Without warning, she thrust her ass back towards me and forced my hard cock almost all the way into her with one stroke. "HO HO HO!" I yelled. I grabbed her hips and thrust into Brie from behind as hard and as deep as I could. Momentarily concerned that it was a little too rough, Brie quickly laid that thought to rest when she yelled "HARDER Santa! Fuck me deep and fuck me hard!" … So I did. For nearly fifteen minutes I fucked my sexy neighbor from behind while she yelled, moaned, and fucked me back with equal intensity. She must have cum at least 3 or 4 more times. Then this wild woman took me by surprise and said, "Stick your finger in my ass!!"

Being a huge fan of ass play, this couldn't have been going any better. So, after soaking it in her hot juices, I stuck my middle finger into my horny elf's ass. Working my finger in and out of her ass while fucking her from behind was almost more than I could take. I came to my senses just long enough to grab the camera again and take a picture of my dick in Brie's pussy and my finger in her sexy ass. As soon as I put the camera down Brie reached underneath us with one hand and started fondling my balls while I screwed her. I could feel my finger in Brie's ass with my cock and this with the sensation of her fingers on my balls put me over the top and I came deep inside of her pussy while she collapsed onto her chest on the bed and I fell on top of her. I must have cum for a full 20 seconds or more and couldn't stop shooting my load into my hot neighbor.

I didn't lay there long as reality once again reared it's ugly head. I jumped off of the bed and grabbed my baggy red Santa pants and black boots. I threw them on as quick as I could. I looked to the bed to see Brie now propped up on her pillows completely naked except for her little elf hat. I grabbed the camera and took a final picture.

Brie surprised me then by standing up and walking around the room to pick up all of the pictures that had been left lying around the bed and floor. She walked over and handed them to me and said, "Don't forget to take these home with you." Then she leaned over and grabbed her bra from the bed and showing me the tag and smugly said, "I am a 36D and as you can now attest, I do swallow."

Busted!!! She knew who I really was. Oh well. She isn't screaming or yelling at me, so it must be okay. She walks up to me, kisses me, then spins me around and pats me on the ass. "Now hurry home Santa."

So, I head on down the street towards home. About halfway there, I notice a guy in a Santa suit standing under a streetlight. As I approach, I notice that he is sorting through a stack of polaroid pictures. Coming right up to him, I realize that it's John and he is looking at pictures of my wife Amy flashing her big 38DD's in a red elf costume.

I pat John on the back and give him a "HO HO HO!" He responds, "And to all a goodnight," as he walks off towards his house.

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