tagErotic CouplingsAnother Saturday Night

Another Saturday Night


She walked in the door to the apartment. She had been to see a play with her sister. Before she left, he told her he was taking his kids out that night, so she didn't expect him to be around very long after she got there. It was around 4:30 pm on Saturday night.

She said hi and he answered. But it wasn't his usual bubbly salute. He seemed upset about something. She went in her room and took off her shoes and came back in the den and sat to watch television, not really watching, but wondering if she should intrude on his thoughts. He sat at the computer quietly clicking away at some site. It was his quietness that spoke volumes. He got up and went outside. She was worried about him so she walked to the door and opened it. He was standing on the porch.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

He said he was fine. She felt dismissed, so she went back in the house. A few minutes later he came back inside and went to his room. He got something then yelled, "I'll be back later", as he slammed the door going out.

She tried not to think. She turned off the TV and turned the stereo up really loud. It was playing Madonna's Erotica. She started to dance. She loved to dance and she just didn't get to do it as much as she used to. Dancing helped her lose herself in music and not think. She didn't want to think.

She was really starting to feel the music. Her hips started to move as her hands slid up her sides and over her shoulders above her head. She gyrated a slow grinding turn, as she heard the door slam. He was standing there smiling at her. She laughed at being caught. She figured he forgot something, so she smiled back at him and continued with her turn.

He walked into the room and grabbed her swinging arm and pulled her to him and hugged her. All of the energy faded out of her as she melted into his body. He hadn't touched her for three months, then the other night they had had sex. It had been rough and not very feeling. She was trying to decide if she could do that again.

But he felt different. He had been unemployed for a few weeks and was expecting a call from her company about a job, but because of bureaucratic red tape, the call hadn't come. He raised his hand showing her a fifty dollar bill, "look what I found hidden in my wallet," he smiled.

She laughed and said, "Good for you!"

He said he had been thinking for several days he may have hidden some money away for a rainy day, and he just went out to the car and decided to look in his wallet and it was there. He smiled at her and told her to go get dressed, they were going out. She said ok.

She walked in her room and shimmied out of her sweats and was starting to pull on some jeans when he walked in on her. He walked over to her as she stood with one leg in and one leg out and started kissing her. As he put his arms around her and pulled her close all she could think of was how good she wanted him to make her feel.

He slid his hand under the back of her thong and started to pull it off. She let the jeans slip out of her hands and she put her arms around his neck and started sucking on his neck. He pulled back for a second and looked at her.

"Are we going out?" she asked.

"I don't know," he said looking at her. "What do you want to do to me. You tell me you lie in bed and think of doing stuff to me. What do you want to do?" She looked at him. She didn't know where to start.

He kissed her again then pulled her shirt over her head and pulled the front of her bra down and started sucking her right nipple. He grabbed her close and spanked her ass as he leaned over her. He whispered in her ear, "do you want it rough or soft?" She didn't answer.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back roughly, and said it again, "DO YOU WANT IT ROUGH... or soft," he said starting in a loud domineering voice and ending in a gentle voice.

"Soft" she said quickly.. "please," she whispered.

He kissed her softly on the lips and led her to the bed. He pushed her shoulders down so she would sit, then he motioned for her to lay back. He knelt at the edge of the bed and bent her knees and pushed her legs apart. First he blew on the pussy that was fast becoming engorged, then he moved his face close in and began to gently lick. She closed her eyes and just floated as she felt his tongue find all the little spots that made her tingle and jump. He moved lower and thrust his tongue in deep. She opened her eyes wide as she felt her hips want to move towards him. She lifted her hips and moved into his face, helping him reach with his tongue.

"You taste so good," he said looking at her through her legs. He slid two fingers into her. She could hear the slurping sound as they were immediately engulfed in her juices. He pulled them out and moved them to her lips. She sucked gently on them.

He moved back off her and stood up. She sat up and as he pulled off his shirt, she unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down. He lifted one foot and she pulled the leg off and then the other. He stood naked in his socks. She sat facing his tummy in her socks.

She kissed his bellybutton, and pushed her tongue inside. She bowed her head lower and kissed the tip of his cock. Then she swirled her tongue around the rim and got it wet. Then she blew soft cool air on it. He moaned, "oh, I like how you do that." She smiled to herself and nibbled her way down the shaft. Then she took her tongue and licked from the base to the tip in one smooth movement. As she got to the top she took the whole thing in her mouth and sucked. "OHHHHHHhhhhhh," he moaned again.

She kept sucking and sliding up and down. After a few minutes he pulled her up and laid her back on the bed. He pushed her back to a prone position and lifted her hips and put a pillow underneath her. As he spread her legs as wide as they would go, he entered her. He did a soft thrust. Then he grabbed her ankles and brought her legs together pointed straight up. Then he began a rhythmic thrust. Every time he pushed deep she grunted.

She wanted to wait for him to cum so they could cum at the same time, but he was getting her there fast. Every time she felt she was about to let go, she concentrated and didn't let it happen. But as soon as she relaxed again to let his thrusting take her back into it, she was coming closer to orgasm faster each time. She could tell he wasn't ready yet.

He moved her ankles to his shoulders and put more of his weight on her and started pumping harder. She couldn't hold it anymore. She came.. and she let it wash over her as he kept going. She knew he would bring her back fast.

And he did. But this time he was almost ready. She gauged his breathing, when she felt he was close, she started to let herself go again. It is so much better when you can cum at the same time. Faster and faster he was pushing, and she tightened every time he thrust forward.

He looked in her eyes, "God, you are sooooo tight and wet...". His eyes watered as they both concentrated on the other. She felt him start to cum and she let it flow over her again. He stopped thrusting and looked at her and stopped breathing and let it happen. Then he collapsed on top of her. She held him tight, kissing his head.

After a few minutes he pushed himself up. "ok," he smiled. "all my tension is gone."

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