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Another Violation


Ravaged twice now and sore from the sex, but still wanting more she drives home and takes a hot long bath. All fresh and clean the memories of the sex still echo in her mind. What will happen next; keeps popping up and exciting and alarming her at the same time?

Oddly she feels energized and more in need than before. Out of the bath and putting on a pj top you stroll through the house. Her sex is still swollen and she finds herself gently rubbing her tender clit. She hears a truck pull up and realizes her hubby is home for lunch.

He barely gets through the door before she is on him. Dropping to her knees she rips his pants open and greedily fishes out his still limp cock. Looking up at him she begins licking and teasing the head as it slowly grows to full size. MMM he tastes so good, but she wishes it also had the taste of another woman on it.

Massaging his balls and slowly jerking him she moves up and down on his sex. She is learning to ignore the gag reflex and moves him ever deeper down her throat. It's a bit sore from earlier, but she loves it none the less.

He can't believe what's gotten into his wife. She is an animal now. He watches her work his cock like a pro. His balls tense and he knows that his endurance is fading fast. Pushing her off, he scoops her up and carries her towards the bedroom.

He throws her onto the bed and dives into her sweet wet pussy. Its flavor is a bit different but he loves it still. She seems to be electrified by each stroke of his tongue and nibble he gives her. Her moan reach new heights and he is glad the windows are closed. Reaching down he finds her toy box and finds her realistic toy, the one that she enjoys with and without him.

Sliding it in, he turns it on and resumes his oral pleasure as well. Her dreams are similar to this and she imagines a threesome. Soon her body is trembling and heading quickly for orgasm. He senses this and changes the pace to allow it to build some.

She claws at the sheets on the bed as the feeling keep growing and his teasing her only makes it worse. She wants him so badly. Wants to feel his thick cock inside her as he pounds her ass, yes she loves it rough. She wants him to own her and control her.

Finally she reaches the edge and fall over. Her mind spirals as the orgasm takes over. The earlier events of the day add to her enjoyment and her voice rises to fever pitch.

"Yes, oh God Yesssss, that feels to goooood. I love it when you eat my pussy like that!"

His turn is now and he rolls her over and she assumes the position. Her ass is raised in the air and its pear shape draws him in. He kneels behind her as his cock presses against her lips. He slides insider her slippery sex easily.

He hands her the toy, "Here work that pussy with me baby. Mmmm I want to fuck you like an animal. You have me so turned on. You're such a naughty girl." With that his hand comes down hard on her ass.

She is in ecstasy as he begins hard slow thrust into her well sexed pussy. Two cocks and a toy in one day are more than she is used too. Mmmm his cock feels so good as he holds her hips and pulls her to him hard. Sharp cracks fill the room as he takes turns smacking her ass as he thrusts harder and harder inside.

"That's it baby, show me who's the boss, I have been so naughty, Mmmm Yesssss that's it smack my ass and fuck me hard. Harder baby make me squeal. That's it really tear my pussy up"

He can't believe how she is talking, but its turning him on more and more. He grabs her hips and trusts with all his might. Her pussy makes slurping sounds as he pulls out. Harder and harder he thrusts. His body glistens with sweat from the exertion. Her head buck from the ferocity of his thrusts.

He feels her pussy tighten and begin milking his cock. She gets hers and he still keeps going. One orgasm fades into the next. His balls ache from the impacts with her hips and his orgasm eludes him.

"Come on baby, that's if fuck me real hard, I want to feel you fill me up with your creamy load. Cum in me baby, that's it fuck me hard and fill me up."

"Yeah that's what you want. Want it hard, you want me to make you scream. Mmmm yesss your pussy feels so damn good." He cannot believe he is saying these things, but it makes him want her more and more. Soon his balls retract and his cock shudders inside her. She can feel the muscles rippling inside her ravaged pussy. His cum shoots like a fire hose in her silky depths.

This makes her cum again. The both collapse as they breathe like runners after a sprint. He is kissing her back and neck as they calm down. He strokes her hair and kisses her cheek. Tenderness returns as his cock slowly slips from her pussy.

"That was incredible baby, best lunch ever. I wish I could stay here all day, but I have to be in a meeting that I can't miss. I love you."

"I love you too," as they kiss one last time. She can taste her nectar on his lips. As he leaves something catches her eye. Her mind is playing tricks on her, but she swears there was a face in the window. Dismissing it as the product of hormones she begins to drift off into peaceful sleep.

Sensing a presence in the room all thoughts of sleep fade. Has he reconsidered his meeting and wants more? She rolls over and is startled to see a woman standing at the foot of her bed. Before she can speak the woman puts her finger to her lips and hushes her.

"Mmmm that was hot what you and your hubby did. I got off twice just watching you. I know you also enjoyed my man this morning and so I think it's my turn."

Her sun dress falls to the floor. She is tall and lean. Her body is well defined and muscular but incredibly feminine at the same time. Her hair is jet black and short and her pussy is bare. Her skin is bronzed from both heritage and tanning. She leaps on the bed with cat like grace.

"Mmmm looks like your man left me something to clean up."

This can't be really happening. Not all in one day. You watch as she stalks up to your pussy like a kitty heading toward a saucer of milk and slowly drops down all the while looking into your eyes. Her tongue scoops up the cum that has escaped your pussy.

"Mmmm he tastes so good. Love to have it from the tap, but I also love it mixed with a woman's nectar."

She is tender and her tongue seems to know each spot that sends a shiver down your spine. Soon she is licking and nibbling as your body reacts with spasms to each touch. She seems to know exactly what makes you tick. Soon you are shaking and your wails of passion once again fill the room. Your body contracts and your sheets pull off from the grip you have on them. You bite your lip and taste the coppery taste of blood.

Release comes like a waterfall. Your body seems to float for an instant and then crashes down into the fury of climax. The room spins and your voice cracks. Your eyes roll back in your head as your body convulses on the bed. She slows and with great care barely lets you calm down. Finally she releases you and allows you to recover.

Moving up on your body she looks into your eyes. Her eyes are emerald green and they sparkle with gold flakes. Her lips are ruby red and full. She kisses you tenderly and softly.

Slowly your lips part and your kisses become more passionate. You can taste your sex and his on her lips. It's reminiscent of the morning but different as one is very familiar and one new. Soon you are entwined in each others arms. Her pussy rubs against yours. Both are smooth from waxing and the swollen buds meet and ignite a new fire.

Her pussy grinds into yours as your tongues dance in each others mouths. She kisses down your neck and nibbles on your ear. Her body moves on yours like it has always been there. You both become glossy with sweat and soon both tremble and cum.

Her pussy washes over yours with her nectar. You can feel it running down your legs and the crack of your ass. A new hunger has awakened in you. Pushing her off you and sliding down her body.

Her breasts come to your lips and you suck and lick them. You know how you like yours licked and it seems she has similar tastes. You nibble and bite them gently as she strokes your hair and purrs.

"Mmmm yes, dear, that's it bite them. Pleasure and pain are so close. Your tongue is very talented and I can't wait to feel it in my pussy. I bet you give great head."

Looking up into her eyes, you worry that you're not going to please her. You have never done this after all, but your hunger makes you want to try. You want to taste her sex and feel her cum. You long to feel her squirt in your mouth and swallow the salty sweetness of her.

"Don't worry baby, I know you have never done this, you'll be fine just let go and enjoy."

With that you dive into her pussy with abandon. It's so soft and sweet. Her nectar is everywhere and the more you taste the more you want. You find her clit and it stick out from her lips. Your tongue lightly flicks her tender bud and her body shudders at the touch.

This is power, and different that what you do when it's a cock. Her body is more like yours and you know what you love. Each lick, flick and swirl you can imagine being done to you. Soon she is pulling your head into her sex and grinding on your face.

You can hardly inhale from the force of her pulling you in. Grabbing her clit you suck it hard and whip it with the tip of your tongue. She tenses up and seems to seize then screams and shoots a hot stream into your mouth. You cannot believe this is happening. She seems to cum and cum. Each lick hits her and makes her shudder more and more violently.

All strength drains as you feel her orgasms all fade together. Finally she grabs your hair and pulls you off. You climb into her arms and kiss once more. Holding each other until sleep takes you both.

You awake later and are alone. The room still smells of sex and your body aches from the exertion. Another bath is poured and you wonder what tomorrow will bring

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