Any Chance We Could Ch. 09


They took the plea to heart and exited the car very demurely. The valet left with the car and we went inside.

No sooner had we begun to cross the foyer, when I heard a familiar voice, "Veronica, Scott! Hi."

We both turned and saw Carol walking toward us. She was wearing a long black gown with a slit in the front, black fishnet hose, and four inch strappy heels. She looked gorgeous. "Are you here to try to steal Scott, you hussy?" Veronica laughed as she said this.

Carol hugged us both, and said "No the charity board is having its annual dinner meeting in one of the private dining rooms and we always take the opportunity to dress up. How do I look Scott?"

"Dressed up and quite attractive. I do like the fishnet hose with that dress."

"Right answer handsome," said Veronica as she nudged me with her elbow.

"Oh, this is Katrina, Scott's daughter," Veronica said.

"They shook hands, Carol saying, "You look lovely, and nice to meet you. You look lovely as well Ashley. Hmm, I don't see any young men, this must all be for your benefit," said Carol looking at me.

"Some people get all the luck, thanks Carol, nice seeing you again." I said.

"Do you mind if I come by your table later, if my dinner breaks up early?" Carol asked.

"No, not at all, please do," I said. Veronica smiled as I said that.

"You're very special," she said to me as Carol walked away toward her dinner.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Making Carol feel welcome, my ex would never have done that."

"Perhaps that's why I've got you now," I said.

"Mr. Appleton, Ms Bryce, your table is ready, if you, Katrina and Ashley will follow me," the dining room manager said.

We once again had a banquette booth. Veronica slid in, I was next to her. Katrina went around and slid in next to Veronica and Ashley next to me. Veronica had her usual Chardonnay, I had a beer, and Katrina again charmed the young waiter with her cleavage so I'm not sure what they got.

I told them all about the status of the hot tub and asked if there had been any invitations extended and for how many. I said I would have a caterer take care of food and beverages, and suggested that perhaps Veronica could get a couple of parents to chaperone in addition to the two of us. Ashley asked about making it a slumber party and Veronica vetoed the idea, too many ladies she said.

Ashley and Katrina were expecting only about ten to twelve even though there were eleven on each team in addition to themselves.

During another round of drinks, we talked about tomorrow's schedule. I was to pick up Ashley at 9:30 to go get the car, Katrina had to be at the lab at 8:30, and Veronica was picking up Agnes at seven thirty for an eight o'clock meeting across town. We would all wind up at Veronica's sometime after noon. I was told to bring my camera, plenty of memory and batteries. As if to emphasize the batteries point, Ashley reached into my lap and gave me a gentle squeeze, and a light stroking with her nails.

My hand fell into Veronica's lap and she promptly uncrossed her legs and moved it onto her leg through the slit on her dress. She moved my hand up to the welt of her stockings before being stopped by the fabric.

We ordered, again no menu, Katrina and Ashley were getting better at describing what they wanted. Both Veronica and I ordered seafood. Katrina mentioned how she hoped I'd like the display tomorrow. Ashley told her not to be concerned, how could I not. Veronica asked if she could model a few things as well. No one objected. The food came and hands came back on the table. Ashley's from my leg, Veronica's from Katrina's leg, mine from Veronica's.

While relaxing from a very good dinner, and drinking coffee, the band began playing. It was mostly slow dance music. As it began Katrina slid out and invited Veronica and I to go dance. We did, I held the love of my life very close to me. My hand on her bare back felt just delightful, her firm breasts pressed against me were as delightful. She mentioned that my dick felt good against her hip, and "When do I get you inside me again?"

"Etchings, tomorrow night, all night, at my house."

"Ooh, you're such a sweet talker, it's a date. Are panties optional?"

"Yes, but stockings and heels are preferred in lieu of."

"I can handle that. I love you so much, handsome. I love you for your subtlety among other virtues, one of which is poking my hip most provocatively."

We held each other closely through most of another dance, when Ashley came out, tapped her mother on her shoulder, and said "Come on, Mom, share just a little. Although I'll bet he's not too little right now is he?"

"He's not, don't break him, I'm sure Katrina wants a turn feeling that wonderful dick as well." Veronica kissed me as she stepped away and went down the hall to the restroom.

Ashley snuggled into me putting both arms around me. "Do you like the garter stockings on us?" she asked.

"Very much," I said.

"I guess that was a rhetorical question, I can feel how much. That's nice Scott." as she pushed that much more firmly against my hard on. "If we weren't on the dance floor I ask you to put your hand on my ass to feel the straps. I'll bet you'd like that wouldn't you? Tomorrow for sure?"

"Yes, for sure. Ashley you are every bit as wanton as your mother," I said. "Do you talk to everyone else this way?"

"Only Katrina and Mom."

I dropped that thread and we danced a while longer, her face against my neck, delightful scent, light and subtle like Veronica's, similar hair texture, I could be dancing with Veronica twenty five or so years ago.

The music ended, I walked Ashley back to the table and excused myself for the restroom.

After finishing there, I was walking back up the hallway when Carol came out of one of the private dining rooms that opened onto the hallway, nearly colliding with me as she was making a parting comment to someone still in the room. I put out my hands to avoid directly running into her side. I wound up with one on her back and one on her breast. "Hi, Carol, excuse me for bumping into you."

"Oops, sorry, Scott, but I think the pleasure might have been all mine. I was coming out to join you and Veronica, the feel you just copped wasn't expected in the bargain." I could tell immediately another reason why she and Veronica are close friends.

As we walked down the hall to the dining room Carol slipped her arm into mine.

"Look who I found!" I said as we got close to the table.

"Where, in a stall?" asked Veronica.

"No I was coming out of one of the dining rooms and literally ran into Scott. He didn't seem to mind, he copped a feel in the process," said Carol.

"Really, boob or butt?" asked Ashley.

"Boob, did a nice job too," smiled Carol. "Only squeezed once ... or twice."

Veronica just looked at me, winked, and said "Join us, want a drink, coffee?"

"Oh, I'll just sit, I've had enough coffee, if I need any more stimulation, I'll just ask Scott to grab the other one."

"Veronica, lover, I was walking down the hall when she came out of a private room and turned to talk to someone inside and I put up my hands to avoid colliding. One inadvertently wound up on her breast, which incidentally is a nice firm handful. If I were going to do it on purpose, I would have turned her back to me and grabbed both. You know I'm a double boob grabber."

"I know, handsome. Did she object?" asked Veronica.

"I didn't mind at all, next time I'll back into him!" exclaimed Carol as she sat and scooted next to Ashley.

I held my hand out to Katrina and said, "Come on sweetheart, let's dance."

We held hands as we walked onto the floor then she turned into me and put one hand on the back of my neck and the other against my chest with my hand on top and pushed her breast against it. I put my other arm around her and rested my hand on her lower back

She leaned her head against my cheek and shoulder, her soft hair and perfume were delightful. She would occasionally press her hip against me and sigh as my hard dick would poke her.

"Dad, you make me so happy. I'm glad you and Veronica have fallen in love. Before Veronica I hardly ever saw you. Are you going to marry her?"

"We honestly haven't discussed it ... yet. But I wouldn't be surprised. Does that bother you?"

"Not at all, I would love living with Veronica and Ashley. Besides, I would get to see you every day, even though I couldn't sleep with you as often as we have this week," said Katrina.

"I'll bet we could work something out," I said.

"Since I've had you in both my hand and mouth, it's even more delightful against my hip." Katrina said.

We danced two more numbers and at the end of the third one Carol came out and cut in.

"Excuse me Katrina. Veronica made me do this."

"That's OK," said Katrina, "Enjoy."

Carol began about two or three inches away, but gradually tightened her arm and pretty soon was against my chest. "Nice erection you've got there," she said.

"And nice breasts you've got there," I responded.

"Thirty-six C and perky," said Carol. "Did I do that?"

"You haven't hurt it but the three women in my life had the most to do with it. Veronica keeps me pretty much in this state most of the time," I said.

"You and Veronica make a nice couple, I gathered as much from our conversation the other night and seeing the two of you together today at lunch pretty much confirmed that. I'm happy for both of you," she said

"May I?" she stated more than asked, and kissed me full on the mouth. "Mmm, that felt nice, she's so lucky."

"I'm looking forward to spending time with both of you, now that you're a couple. Would that be OK with you, Scott?" Carol asked.

"Yes, that'd be fine. I have a weakness for redheads anyway. Especially ones who kiss like you just did."

"Really! Maybe the three of us can work something out."

Veronica stood as the number ended and I thanked Carol as we walked back across the floor. I put my arm around Veronica and kissed her. "Dance with me?"

"Of course'" she said putting her arm around my waist and her head against my shoulder, "I've missed you handsome."

"I've been right here," I said.

"Yes, but not touching me. I saw Carol kiss you, did you like that?"

"Is this a trick question?' I replied.

"No, just an honest answer will do," Veronica said.

"I was surprised and yes it was nice, very nice. No comparison to you though." I said.

"Thanks, maybe we can work something out and you could get another taste of her. That really hardened you didn't it," she said.

I danced two numbers with Veronica, one with Ashley, one more with Carol and the last one of the night with Katrina.

We walked to the foyer, requested our cars, said good night to Carol and got three very deliberate, crotch-flashing, thighs apart, leg shows as I put them in the car. I had a hard time sliding under the wheel. Veronica was in the middle with her skirt pulled up so the top of the slit was slightly above her crotch. She invited my hand against her pussy by taking it there the minute we started moving.

I heard some small sighs from the back seat and noticed that Ashley and Katrina were sitting side by side. I assumed that there were hands under skirts there as well.

When we got home, I kissed Veronica deeply and passionately, and got each of them out of the car. The leg show I got then was twice as revealing and much longer than the one at the club.

"Are you sure you can't spend the night handsome?"

"Not tonight Veronica, we all have to get an early start and if I get in bed with you I know I probably won't get to sleep before I have to get up."

"Big talker, why not try?" she asked.

"Lover, we'll be together from noon tomorrow through Monday morning."

"Does that mean two nights with you?"

"Yes, it does. Katrina and Ashley probably won't mind spending two nights together, either."

"Can I ask Carol over for dinner on Sunday?"

"Are you asking if I mind?"

"I guess," said Veronica.

"No. Not a bit. Will she bring her husband with her?" I asked.

"No, she's single, has been longer than I and she hasn't mentioned seeing anyone, so I guess by herself."

"Dad, wait a minute I need to use the bathroom before we go," said Katrina.

After she came back we kissed goodnight, Katrina and Ashley doing likewise, said our goodbyes and headed to the car and home.

As soon as Katrina got in the car she began pulling her skirt up so she could sit in the center with her legs fully exposed. "Katrina, you have beautiful legs. Sexy legs in those stockings."

"Thanks, Dad, I glad you think so."

Katrina opened her miniscule evening purse and took out a bit of cloth and held it to my nose. I smelled a mix of her perfume and her pussy scent.

"Is that what you did in the bathroom?" I asked.

As a reply she put her panties on my lap took my hand and put it on her leg just below the stocking welt. As I moved my finger tips and began caressing her thigh through the nylon she spread her legs a bit wider. I gradually moved over the welt to her bare thigh, squeezing the bare flesh. I continued to caress her thigh and began to feel her damp pubic hair against the side of my hand. She scooted against my hand and pulled it harder against her pussy with her hand around my wrist. I turned my hand and cupped her very wet pussy.

After a few minutes she asked, "Did you like the smell of my panties? Do you like touching my pussy? You did last night and in the shower. I know I liked it."

"Yes," was the only word I could utter. When we got home she slid across the seat, her legs apart and the skirt riding up to her waist as I held her door open.

She stood in front of me, moved closer, and said "Squeeze my ass, please."

Since she had held her skirt up, I squeezed and caressed her bare ass, the garter straps an added benefit. She kissed me, a deep, tongue inside my mouth kiss. When she broke the kiss, she said, "This was a wonderful evening, Dad, thanks. I feel very pretty and very sexy right now, would you photograph me?" she asked.

"Sure, sweetheart. What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well, let's get inside. I would like some fully dressed, then some undressing glamour type shots."

"Come on Katrina, let's go the den and let me think about what we can do." As we reached the den I turned on all the lights in both the den and the hallway and got my camera out of the bag on the den floor.

"Stand in the doorway, touching the doorframe with your hands, and face me." I took off my jacket and tie and took about six or eight test shots. Katrina came and stood next to me with her arm around my waist as we looked at the shots.

"Ooh, Dad, I think this'll work, the color looks good, the pictures are light enough, good detail. I'm going to go brush my hair, be right back. And keep that hard on, OK?"

Katrina was back in a few minutes, hair smoothly brushed, fresh lipstick and I suspect a new dab of perfume.

"Stand in the doorway, cross your ankles, hands behind your back, smile. Now open your legs turn your entire body and as you turn sideways keep looking at me. Great, keep going around."

"Now bend slightly at the waist bring your hands in front of you, put them on top of each other on your leg and bring your upper arms together a bit to emphasize your cleavage."

"Pull your neckline down just a bit. Want to try for a nipple peek?" Without a word she pulled the neckline aside a bit until the edge of her areola was showing. Then after a few shots she pulled it aside a bit more so her entire nipple was bare.

"Like that?" she asked with a smile. "Of course you do."

"Now, spread your legs a bit and raise your skirt slowly, I'll stop you." I stopped her when the bottom edge of the welt became visible. "Now, put your back against the doorframe, and raise your leg and put your foot against the other doorframe. Pull up your skirt as you do that."

She had her knee above waist high with her high heeled foot against the opposite door frame level with her waist. Her skirt was above her stocking top, and she looked beautiful.

"Now do that with the leg away from me." Katrina raised her other leg, pulling her skirt up and revealed not only the stocking top, but her crotch as well. I moved more obliquely to her and began shooting. "Do something for me, would you?" I asked.

"Sure, what?" she asked

"Run your finger through your pussy and then put it in your mouth," I asked.

"Like this? " She slowly drew her finger through her slit and brought it to her mouth as I fired off eight or ten shots.

"Yes, it looks great. Here, take a look." I stepped to her and showed her the camera screen.

"Yes, it does." She put her hand behind my neck, pulled me to her, and kissed me. As she was kissing me she put her finger back into her slit, thoroughly wetting it and offered it to my mouth as we broke the kiss.

"Taste OK?" she asked as I wrapped my lips around her finger and she slowly pulled it out.

"Yes, delicious. I could do that more often, sweetheart."

"And we will. Next pose?" Katrina asked.

"Sit down, keep your back against the doorframe, and bend one leg to put your toe against the other doorframe and raise your other leg putting your foot against the frame at about face high. Let your skirt fall where it may." It fell almost to her waist revealing the stocking tops and a lot of hair. "Great series, Katrina. What's next?"

"Unzip me," she said.

She stepped out of her dress, handed it to me, and I laid it across the couch. Her bra was sheer and her nipples were tenting the fabric. Her garter belt was dark green matching her heels.

"OK. Now stand in the doorway, spread your legs to touch the bottom of the frame and reach up with your arms to touch the top corners."

"Like my pussy uncovered? Are my stockings the same height? Can you see my nipples? Are you going to cum?"

"Yes, to all of those," I groaned. You are extraordinarily sexy, Katrina."

"The stockings?" she asked.

"All of it, just every bit of you." I said.

"Now some bare-breasted," as she removed her bra. "Nothing subtle. Just my bare tits."

She stood with her hands on her hips turning slightly in both directions.

"I think that about does it. Excited Dad?" she asked. Then she embraced and kissed me.

She broke the embrace, backed up a few steps bent to pick up her dress and bra, walked back towards me, kissed me, and said "Love you. Sleeping with you tonight?"

"Yes, and I love you too."

"Katrina, any chance you could leave the hose and heels on bed?" I asked.

"And heels? I'll be right there as soon as I hang the dress up," she replied.

After hanging her up dress she came into the bedroom, wearing only the garter belt, hose and heels. After climbing in next to me she lay on her side and put one leg across my thighs. I reached down and began caressing her hip between the top of the stocking and her waist. Of course I reacted predictably and in no time was very hard. Katrina reached down and wrapped her hand around my dick and began to gently squeeze and stroke me.

"Can I try again?" she asked.

"Try what again?" I asked.

"I want to suck your dick again," she said.

"Only if I can return the favor," I replied.

"And you think I might not let you?" she replied.

She lifted her leg off me, scooted toward the foot of the bed a bit and moved her mouth closer to her handful and began to very gently kiss me. She did this for an eternity before bending down a bit more and taking my head into her mouth.

"Turn your head a bit so I cum into your cheek rather than into your throat," I said.

She turned her head slightly then moved her mouth down a little bit to take me deeper and into her cheek and continued to stroke me and lave my head with her tongue.

"Soon, sweetheart, you'll feel it in your hand as it starts. Ready?" I started to cum and she continued to stroke me and I could feel her tongue on the side of my dick. "Hold me tight and you can delay the next spurt."

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