tagIncest/TabooAny Chance We Could Ch. 17

Any Chance We Could Ch. 17


This is work in progress, more chapters are complete and will be submitted at regular intervals. It's in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn't find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone so if you're just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter. Enjoy, please comment, and vote. Love those red 'H's.

Thursday, October 8.

Breakfast was the usual treat, for this morning's show both Katrina and Ashley were wearing sheer bras, and compression pants and high heeled sandals. "Playboy is back I assume?" I asked as they kissed me. I returned the kiss along with a quick gentle caress of a breast.

Veronica came in wearing a suit skirt, hose and heels. She sat on my lap with her arms around me and passionately kissed me good morning in front of the girls. I squeezed her bare breasts and lightly pinched each nipple.

"I love cuddling against you as we sleep. I would miss you if you weren't there to hold," she said.

Katrina asked "If we came down topless would you do that to our breasts?"

"Absolutely," I replied.

"I would too," said Veronica.

"Oooh," they both reacted.

"Today's the big day. Are you both ready?" I asked as they got up.

Wiggling their asses at me said "Yep," as they headed for the stairs.

"Lover, do have to leave right away or do you have a few minutes?" I asked.

"Ooh, a quickie?"

"Sure, but I really want to look at the mystery room," I said.

Veronica stood and took my hand and we walked across the hall to the closed doors at the end of the entryway. She was right that the double louver doors gave me the impression that it was a closet of some sort. Before she opened it she said, "Stick your head in and make sure the drapes are pulled and that nothing has died in there."

I did, "It smells a bit musty, like an attic and the drapes are pulled."

My topless fiancée and I walked in and I surveyed the room. It was a nice size, with built-in maple shelves flanking a stone fireplace along the far right wall that backed onto the garage. I noticed a large work table, probably two dozen miscellaneous books on the shelves along with a few other knickknacks on the shelves. One the left and back walls were several electrical outlets and double phone jacks. The wooden floor looked to be made of some old rescued oak planks. I also noticed a disk in the center of floor that I suspected held electrical outlets. Across the ceiling ran two large beams, probably more decorative than structural I thought. As I opened the drapes on the far side of the room light flooded the room. Veronica covered her breasts with her arms then realized that we were surrounded by woods. The light was not great because the window was undersized. The room had serious possibilities as a home office or den. It was as if someone had given a significant thought to the room.

"Why don't you use this room?" I asked as I walked around the room.

"Didn't really need it, Ashley's bedroom is large enough that her study space is there. I didn't have any hobbies, that is, until you. Now I can hobby you in my, our, bed. Can you put your computer in here and begin using this for your home office and picture hobby?"

As I checked out the wood fireplace I replied, "I think it'll be more than fine, I'll get a mover tomorrow to bring my desk, credenza and TV over and get them to put the boxes and the table in the garage basement while they're here, If that's fine with you."

"It's more than fine. Maybe some rainy day we'll, Ashley and I, go through those boxes and probably pitch most of whatever's in them. Some of them look like they haven't been opened since my ex and I moved apart. Didn't see any need to look in them after he died. Besides, the bonus is that you can be here almost all of the time. No more need to run to your house to do some work. I like the thought of that," Veronica said.

I looked out the window and noticed the pool to the left. The room had a lovely view over the rolling hills below. "Hmm, let me bounce this off you. Rather than getting a new house, we could upgrade and expand your house. I wonder how easy it would be to get the pool heated. We could get a high end hot tub with molded seats and jets. The hot tub could even have some type of seasonal roof and wall system so we could use it year-round. We could expand your double garage to hold four cars and put a studio on top of the expanded garage. The two louver doors need to go, and if we expand this wall outward. With a large picture window this room would be much better. We can look at doing things with the kitchen, the bedroom and other areas too. Why not just stay here?" I mused out loud. As I said that I moved behind Veronica, softly cupped her breasts and pushed my batteries against her ass.

She sighed, and turned her head enough to kiss me. "I'm going to be happy wherever you are. I'm happy to take a new look at this house. Let's dream and see what an architect says is possible. I would love for you to hold me longer but I've got an appointment that I'm just going to make. Lunch?"

"Yes." I reluctantly released her and we started up the steps together.

We both finished dressing and left. As soon as I got to my office and handled a few calls I asked Grace to make the moving arrangements for tomorrow morning and check my calendar to make sure I could be in only a few hours in the afternoon. I needed to talk to Emerson about last night's call. Until Grace reminded me I forgot he was in Chicago visiting with a major client and wouldn't be driving back until late Friday morning.

Grace reminded me with a minute to spare that I needed to leave for lunch with Veronica. I walked into her office, spoke to the staff that was there and we walked to a near-by deli for a sandwich and a great local Root Beer. We talked about the move, and I asked if she wanted to go to my house after the game and help pack the desk and credenza. "Sure, handsome, will we have time to fool around?" she asked.

"We'll make it," I replied, "I'm not going to the office until after lunch tomorrow, so if you can, stay home with me we'll have a lot of time to fool around after the movers leave. They're supposed to be at my house at eight o'clock and are supposed to drop off some empty boxes at your house this afternoon." We finished and walked back to her office, embraced and kissed on the sidewalk and agreed to be at her house at three.

I got there after Veronica. When I walked in she greeted me with a longing kiss. "I missed you this afternoon, Scott. The boxes were on the stoop and I dragged them into the hallway."

She had changed into a pair of fitted slacks and a nice soft-looking sweater. She was wearing three inch heels and I assumed hose. "Let's take your car, I'll put these boxes in the back now and we can go directly to my house after the game," I suggested. After loading the flat boxes I put her chair and both our jackets in the car as well and we left.

Veronica moved next to me. As I put my hand on her thigh I felt a garter clasp. I smiled at her. "You wonderful vixen, I think you're trying to be wanton. And you're succeeding!"

The girls were on fields one and six for the first game and Ashley moved to two for the second. Both were visitors for the first game and both were home for the second.

We chatted with several of Ashley's team parents before I made my way down to six, waved to Katrina and sat in the bleachers with a mom on either side. I suddenly realized that few dads were attending the games. They were making the same mistake I made, I mused, putting business and building their careers ahead of supporting their daughters. It was a mistake I regretted but was trying to redeem it by telling my daughter over and over how much I love her and that I'm proud of her. I basked in the inner warmth knowing that she had become a generous warm young woman with a warm heart, and that she did it without me being there as much as I should have been for her. At that moment I was filled with great pride in Katrina.

The cheering mothers around me drew me back to the game. Our team was ahead by three after the first, six after two, eight after three, ten after four and in the bottom of the fifth, the game was called. I sat for a few minutes chatting with two moms while waiting for Katrina. When she came out she left her bag by the fence and we walked down to one to watch the end of that game.

We found that Ashley's team was ahead by one in the bottom of the fourth. They held it due to sparkling defense, scored an insurance run in the seventh which they needed as the home team scored one in the bottom. Both Ashley and Katrina's teams had won four straight. While we were 'enjoying' our epicurean delights from the snack shack, we were again joined or became part of a large group of both team's players and parents. There was some good-natured ribbing about the next game on both sides. At five thirty both girls headed to their fields, both enjoying hugs from me and kisses from Veronica before leaving. I left my fiancée in her chair, her jacket draped over the back. It was warmer today than yesterday. After modestly kissing her I walked down to field six. The same two moms flanked me and we chatted before the first pitch.

The other team exploded in the first, scoring four times with hits that were dropping in front of our outfielders. In the bottom of the first Katrina got a hit and was driven in for the only run. In the second inning our pitcher found her groove and while allowing two men on base they failed to move any across. In our second a fat pitch got creamed with one on and cleared the fence for two RBIs, giving us a three to four lead. With no more hits the inning ended

Due to a third base error, they scored one in the third, but were held to that even though the bases were loaded with two outs when the catcher snared a ball fouled back with a great dive near the backstop.

In the bottom of three, Katrina was the second batter and scored two RBIs with a hit and then crossed on an error. Two more got on base before a nicely executed double play ended the inning. I was getting tired just watching. In top four, the other team scored one run on a solo homer. Fortunately the next two batters flied out and the last batter was out on a cleanly caught liner to Katrina.

In the bottom of the fourth, after two outs we scored two runs, again on a base hit and an error. The third out was a come-backer to the pitcher who nicely stopped it on the first bounce and fired to first base.

With a six to seven score to open the fifth it was anyone's game. They loaded the bases, but the runner at third was forced out by a throw from the first baseman. Bases were still loaded and their heavy hitter was at bat. She popped to Katrina who caught it and alertly doubled-off the runner at second.

Going into the bottom of five we needed some insurance runs. We had two runners on, one a hit, the other an error. The third batter popped to the first baseman and the runner on first had a brain freeze, left the base and was doubled off. The next batter hit a long high deep fly to left which was totally misjudged by the fielder allowing our runner on second to score and advancing to third herself when the throw missed the cut-off. The next batter slapped a ball that went past the pitcher and was misjudged by the second baseman who retrieved the ball too late to throw either runners out giving us two in for the inning.

Our first batter got a solid single to mid left field. Then with Katrina in the hole, our best hitter was at bat. Though our best hitter she was usually an erratic batter at the plate. She hit one through the right side that landed fair and rolled into the corner. The right fielder was particularly fleet of foot and the batter scored a triple and a RBI. With one on, two out, our next batter hit a slow roller, the coach held the runner on third and the batter made it safely to first. Not very adroit fielding choices were made, but we were happy to take the results.

Katrina was having a conference with her third base coach as Ashley and Veronica walked up. The moms next to me stood and stepped back a row for them to sit next to me. "Hi, Dad," said Ashley as Katrina walked to the box. A swinging strike, two balls low and inside, and another swinging strike. Then came a mistake that came in just above the knees, dead center and fast. Katrina picked it up as a straight fast ball, no drop and connected with every part of her body above the knees. The ball continued to rise as it left the infield and sailed over the top of the right field fence about three feet to the right of the leaping right fielder. A split second later and she might have had it. Katrina raised both arms and began running the bases. Our team had a home run, 3 RBIs and still only two outs. Ashley yelled, "Yeah, Katrina way to go!" Veronica hugged me with one arm and kissed my cheek.

Katrina heard that and gave us a thumbs up as she walked back to the dugout, smiling broadly. The next batter was out on a bouncer to short who easily threw her out at first. We had the lead at thirteen to six for the home team going into the sixth. At the end of the inning the other team narrowed the score by two runs.

In the bottom of the sixth our bats were silent as a new pitcher took the mound. She had some nice stuff, was able to move the ball around. Maybe the plate ump was related to her as she seemed to get all the marginal calls in her favor.

Ashley said that they had won by a run and that if Katrina's team won this game they would play each other for the district championship.

We just had to hold the lead in top seven. Though we allowed two more runs the final score was thirteen to ten.

Ashley was bouncing around waiting for Katrina to come out the gate and when she did they hugged and bounced with their arms around each other as Ashley congratulated her and told her that she had won as well.

Veronica and I both hugged Katrina as they both walked toward us. "Maybe the snack shack is on to something you've both won games after eating there'" I mused.

"No, Dad," they both responded. "Coincidence!"

We walked the girls to their cars, I kissed each as they got in. Veronica and I told them we were going to my house to pack my desk and credenza. "Have fun in the shower, too bad I can't be there," I smiled.

"We'll wait," they replied, "Maybe."

When we got to my house we hauled the boxes in and Veronica went to the bathroom and came back out without her slacks. "Wow," was all I could say to my fiancée now dressed in a sweater, garter belt, stockings and heels. By the movement of her breasts as she walked toward me, the bra was gone as well.

"What's it going to be, handsome, pack those boxes or pack my box with your raging cock?"

"Did I really hear an either or question there?" I asked as I was opening my belt, unzipping my fly and pushing my pants down and stepping out of them. "Come. Sit on the edge of the desk," I commanded in a playful tone while pushing the phone and some papers aside.

She perched her magnificent ass on the edge of the desk top, reached down and pulled her V string aside and said "Put your round peg into this wet hole handsome."

As I moved closer she wrapped one hand around my dick, aimed it and didn't miss. I slid into her gradually while she gave a very satisfied, "ummm" and as my pubic hair became entangled with hers she said "Oh, yes, that's so good." She put both arms around my neck and raised her legs and crossed her ankles behind my back, leaving just enough room for me to begin to slowly thrust in and pull out. I raised a hand to each breast. They felt fantastic through the soft, thin sweater as I palmed her very hard nipples and cupped her perfect breasts.

"Oh, handsome, you feel so good, why didn't we do this this morning? Keep moving, harder, harder!" Veronica moaned as our tongues urgently explored each other's mouths. Our hands were moving rapidly all over each other. Soon she began taking shallow breaths and panting. I was feeling my balls churning.

She sensed my state as her voice filled the house demanding "Now, now, fill me, now!" As soon as she cried out her command she too began to cum, pulling me hard against her with both her arms and her legs as my cum filled her. As our breathing was returning to normal and my legs stopped shaking. I lowered my hands down her back, cupped her ass and lifted her off the desk and moved backwards to the couch. As I started to sit, she released her legs and wound up straddling me as I settled into the cushion.

I slid both hands under her sweater. She raised her arms, and I pulled it off. I took each hardened nipple in turn and gently sucked and nipped them. While I was still inside her I started to stir. "Again handsome? So soon?"

"God yes," I replied.

"Let's do this, please." She rose off me, stood in front of me, turned around bent a bit at the waist, as I slid forward to the edge of the couch, I licked her ass crack and asshole as she pulled the string aside. She shivered and reaching between her legs grabbed my cock and sat down on it, swiftly feeding it into her wet, warm vagina. She let go of my cock as her labia hit her hand, leaned back against me. She pulled my hands to her breasts before putting her hands on my thighs and slowly began to squat up and down on me. "Ooh, nice, very nice, pinch my nipples, gently, gently." She turned her head a bit, and said 'Nibble."

I pulled her hair back and began to nibble her ear lobe, and lick her ear, "Oh, God, I going to cum again, nice, nice, ooh." Her breathing sped up I could see the pulse in her neck increase and she loudly moaned, and settled her ass down on my thighs.

"I love you so much, so much Scott. I can't imagine being without you."

"I love you too Veronica and I think we're pretty much stuck with one another."

We sat for fifteen minutes with me having gotten soft inside her, but still inside her. "Do you need to cum again?" she asked, "Do you want me to suck you?"

"I'll take you up on that when we get home, lover. Why don't you just curl up in the corner of the couch where I can look at you as I work on the other boxes." I went to get her a towel and brought in a warm wet wash cloth and began to clean her pussy. She took the cloth from me and gently wiped my dick. We passionately kissed for twenty to thirty seconds. When she released me, I half heartedly began to pack. After finishing the second box I sighed, "I can't do this now, I need to be in bed with you. I'll come back right after breakfast. They're not supposed to be here until nine. Let's go."

Veronica smiled, extended her hand to be pulled up from the couch, returned my embrace before retrieving and putting on her sweater. She disappeared into the bathroom to get her dress pants and put them on as I was putting on mine. On the way home I enjoyed having her head on my shoulder as my hand lightly stroked up and down her mid thigh.

When we got home we walked into the house with my arm around her waist. Without a word being spoken went directly up stairs hand in hand. As we passed the girls bedroom we both noticed it was quiet. As we entered ours, I asked, "Will you leave on the hose and heels?"

"Of course," she teased, "providing..."


"Providing you don't have anything on," she smiled.

As I was laying on my back naked, cock pointing at the ceiling, waiting for Veronica to finish in the bathroom Katrina walked in. "Oh, am I interrupting something?" she asked knowingly.

"You will be in a few minutes, but not at the moment. What can I do for you?" I asked.

"Since Ashley and I are going to play against each other tomorrow, who will you cheer for?"

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