tagIncest/TabooAny Chance We Could Ch. 19

Any Chance We Could Ch. 19


This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. If you're just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter.

Saturday, October 13

When we awoke in the morning, I was on my back, Ashley's hand was on my dick and Veronica's hand was on Katrina's pussy.

I climbed over Ashley as carefully as I could and went into the bathroom to relieve myself, brushed my teeth and got ready to get into the shower. As the water was warming up Ashley came into the bathroom sat down to pee, saying "Hi, good morning. I'm going to join you."

"Sleep well?" I asked.

"I slept very well, Dad, except I woke up a couple of times with my hand around your dick and yours on my tits."

"I liked that" I replied as we stepped into the shower. Ashley lathered up a wash cloth and told me to turn around. I did and she began washing my back, then my butt before doing my legs. Turning my hips she began on my dick, balls and then stomach. As she stood she wrapped her arms around me, kissed me and massaged her breasts around on my soapy chest. Her nipples were hardening and they felt wonderful. I slid my hand down her back and began to massage her tight small ass cheeks. I pushed against her a bit and reached the other wash cloth and as she kept her arms around me I lathered it up and began on her back. "Turn around sweetheart," I asked.

She pressed her ass against my erection as I soaped her firm breasts and moved down to her pussy. I turned her sideways to me and soaped in between her legs then dropped the cloth and began to massage her breasts. "That feels fantastic, get between my legs," she said as she turned her head to kiss me. I dropped my hand back to her crotch and moved my finger into the top of her slit to her clit. As I moved my finger on top of it, she grasped my dick and began stroking me. "God, Scott, that really feels great."

"Which, my finger or my dick?"

"That's a hard choice to make so early in the morning, can we finish this later?" she asked. "Let's rinse off and dry off before we look like prunes. Love you."

We disengaged, rinsed and stepped out to dry off. As I was drying Ashley's back Veronica came in, sat, finished, stood, kissed us both and asked, "Did you leave any hot water?"

"Good morning, sweetheart, yes I'm sure we did." I said. I made mental note to make sure that upgrading the hot water system would be on the renovation list.

Just as Ashley and I finished drying, Katrina came in, grabbed my dick, kissed me, sat, peed and while peeing pulled me over in front of her by my dick, and kissed my head. Then she joined Veronica in the shower.

I put on sweat shorts, a polo shirt, sandals and headed downstairs as Ashley walked to her bedroom. I had finished making coffee when Ashley walked in wearing pantyhose, moderately high heels and a half cup bra. "You're enticing, Ashley, nice look." I said.

As we were finishing our first cup, the other two vixens came in. Veronica had on a long tee shirt, heels and a smile. As she stepped toward me for a kiss I patted her bare ass. Well, not totally bare, I could feel the string up her ass from the g-string panties.

"Mmm, Katrina and I had a nice shower, did you and Ashley?" she asked.

"I don't think I could have a bad shower with any of you," I replied.

Katrina kissed Ashley before commenting, "Nice look sis."

Katrina was a bit more conventionally dressed, short skirt, unbuttoned blouse, two inch pumps, bare legs. As she stepped over to kiss me her blouse fell open as she leaned over and my hand went for her bare breast for a gentle caress as I lovingly kissed her. "Told you it would get his hand in there," smiled Veronica.

"Yep, I'll try this more often Mom. That's for being predictable Dad, that was nice. Thanks for a nice caress and a nice kiss."

"Oh, I see a bit less blatant than just topless," I said.

As we ate and drank, I asked if anyone wanted to go to my house this morning to pick up some more clothes, some papers, and my photo prints. Katrina added, "I need more athletic shorts and some other clothes, I'll go."

Veronica asked, "Ashley will you stay here with me and help get the house straightened up a bit, and put extra towels in the bathroom and by the backdoor. We kinda got distracted last night and need to catch-up."

"Okay Mom. Maybe we can get an encore tomorrow, after practice?"

"Absolutely," I responded. I walked out the door to the deck to take in the weather. It was clear with a light warm breeze. "Ashley go look at weather on the 'Net and see what's over the horizon, will you sweetheart."

As Katrina and I helped Veronica straighten up the kitchen, that darn blouse kept falling open every time Katrina bent over. Once she bent in front of Veronica who availed herself of the access opportunity. "Thanks, Mom, nice kiss and caress."

Ashley came back all smiles, "It'll be unseasonably warm today. It could get to the high eighties before a cold front drops down late tonight or early tomorrow and becomes colder with rain."

"Hmm, sounds great for today and even greater for tomorrow as try outs may be cancelled, tsk, tsk," remarked Katrina. "If it's raining, I'll call the rainout line and we can spend the day in bed doing who knows what."

"Well, a little kink in your dream for tomorrow sweetheart. Hazel is coming by at eleven for lunch with me. Maybe, just maybe, Scott will play with you two for a while in the afternoon. If you talk nice and flash your breasts he might be persuaded," Veronica said.

"If there's plenty of flashing, or not, you can count on me. But, I need to spend some time at the computer tomorrow sorting Carol's shoot. She's coming over Thursday to take a look. Feel free to help. I know you both think Carol's sexy." I replied.

"Come on Katrina, button up, one or two at least and let's get going," I said. We both kissed Ashley and Veronica and headed out to Katrina's car. She slid next to me, pulled her skirt up to reveal very brief G-string panties, lots of hair, and fastened her seatbelt.

While driving I caressed her thigh and played with the pubic hair falling out of the minimal coverage of her panties. As soon as we walked in the house she unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it wide open and said, "Feel free to touch, kiss, suck, whatever tickles your fancy at any time."

I walked toward her, side-stepped her outstretched arms and spun her back against me. I put both hands on her luscious breasts, caressed them, then lowered one hand to her skirt hem and pulled it up enough to touch her thigh at the panty edge. She turned her head enough to kiss me. After a few minutes she broke the kiss and ground her ass into my dick. "If we don't get started, we'll be late. I need to make a stop on the way home," I said.

She reached a hand behind her back and wrapped her fingers around my erection and asked "For?"

"I need to get a jock strap, remember I said I would wear one at your party to avoid embarrassing both of us."

"Can I take it off you after the party?"

"Yes, you can. Now let's get started, and you don't need to button the blouse," I said.

"We have time to play. Wouldn't you like to see me in just these panties and heels, in your arms, on the couch, with your hand between my legs, sucking on my gorgeous boobies?" Katrina coyly asked.

"Well, since you put it that way, yes I would," I said.

Katrina took me by the hand and led me to the couch saying, "Take off your pants and sit."

"Underwear too?"

"Absolutely," she said.

I complied and sat while she unzipped her skirt and let it puddle at her feet. The G-string was everything I had hoped for, virtually nothing in the front and just a string up her ass.

"Like it, want to touch? Your dick says you do," she said as she lay down on her side across my lap.

"You have such a sexy body Katrina, very sexy, very desirable to me, Ashley and Veronica as well. But I'm not telling you anything new, am I?" I asked.

"I feel very sexy and loved in our new household," she said as she leaned toward me and gave me a loving kiss.

As I was kissing her I moved one hand to her breasts and the other under the edge of her G-string. She raised her leg and opened herself up to me. I began to caress her breasts and moved my fingers in her slit from her clit to her asshole. I let go of her breasts and wrapped that arm around her as I pulled her to me so I could feel her hardened nipples against my bare chest.

As our kiss deepened I put one then two fingers into her vagina and began rubbing her clit with my thumb. "Oh, God, that feels soo good, umm," she whimpered breathlessly into my mouth.

Katrina began humping against my hand and after several more minutes came with a loud moan. "You do that so well. No wonder Veronica loves you so much."

She moved her upper body back on my legs and took my very hard erection into her mouth. She moved her head back and looked up saying, "Your turn," before taking me back in her mouth. After eagerly bobbing her head several times, she stopped again and said, "Don't you dare take your fingers out of my pussy."

Katrina continued to stroke and suck with growing urgency. I finally exclaimed, "Now sweetheart," and began to cum in her mouth. She moved her lips to just behind my head and took four or five shots into her mouth, then swallowed. "God, I love blowing you," she said.

"And I adore loving you," I said. I took one finger out of her vagina and rubbed it against her asshole.

She jumped a bit and said, "Ohh, nice."

"Have you loved Ashley like this?" she asked.

"No, not yet. Do you think she might enjoy it?"

"No question about that," she said.

"The question is whether you'll enjoy more than a finger. Some women do, some tolerate it but many do not. You'll need to decide for yourself."

She leaned down and took a long deep suck of my deflated dick, raised up and said, "I guess we have some work to do, don't we?"

"Yes, this stuff isn't going to move itself," I said.


"Yes," I replied.

"Will you lick my pussy, suck my clit and put your tongue in my vagina sometime soon?"

"Absolutely, now let's get dressed and do what we came here for," I said.

As she stood she said, "Well we really did come here didn't we?"

After washing up a bit, dressing and another long embrace with my hands caressing her ass, we got back to the project at hand.

I carried my prints out to the car. Closing the garage door so that passersby couldn't see us moving things out.

Katrina filled several boxes and the half the backseat with clothing, shoes and sundry items from her bedroom. "Dad, when I was going through my dresser drawers I noticed that I have a lot of plain underwear that Mom bought for me over the years. Can Veronica take me shopping to completely revamp that part of my wardrobe?"

"I'm sure she would and I wouldn't mind a show if you wanted to give me one. By the way, Katrina, are you going to miss this house?" I asked.

"No, we hardly lived here. We slept here, we ate occasional meals here, but I don't have any memories except for the last few weeks as we've become more intimate. I love our new life and the way you have become so affectionate to me as well as with Veronica and Ashley too. That sure was a fateful day that you escaped to see me play. Are you done?" she asked.

"Yes, except for this," I said as I pulled her to me, putting both hands through the front of her blouse, leaving one on her back and tracing the curve of her back down to her ass with the other one. We embraced. As she pulled back after breaking the kiss, I pulled both hands out touching each breast gently with my finger tips.

"Ohh, that made me shiver," she said as she put her hand inside my shorts and wrapped her cool hand around my dick. "Let's go get a box for this marvelous thing."

Before leaving she went back to her room and put on one of her plain cotton bras.

We carefully checked that the house was secure, and locked the garage door after backing out. I reminded Katrina to button her blouse as we stopped at a large chain drug store on the way home. With her blouse fully buttoned Katrina went in with me. She was amused by the supporter display. I told her how I choose the one I did, we checked out and shortly arrived home.

We'd just unloaded the car when the catering truck pulled up in front of the house. We shuffled cars around to the grass on the side and the truck backed up to the garage. Gwen and Teresa immediately began unloading. "Oh, Scott, remember we're still short a female staffer. Did you ask the young ladies if you could cook on the deck near dinner time?" Gwen asked.

"No, I'll do that now." I went into the house to find my vixens. Ashley was in shorts and a tank top. Veronica had put on shorts and a bra under her tee. "Gwen asked if I could cook some stuff on the grill later this afternoon, but I want to know if it's alright with the two of you."

"Dad, why wouldn't it be?" asked Katrina.

"Yeah, why not?" chimed in Ashley.

"Well you asked for only female staffers, that's why I'm asking if it's okay" I asked again.

"Sure," they replied in unison.

The two cops arrived at noon. I paid them both and gave some simple instructions. Keep visible, come inside through the front door when they wanted to use the bathroom or eat or drink. If some boys were caught sneaking around, send them on their way with the admonition that if they returned they would be arrested for trespassing and I would prosecute. First time, free pass.

"That seems more than fair Mr. Appleton. One of us can walk around in front, and the other can borrow a chair and move around the corner to watch the fence. The only guests will be teenage girls and adult females correct?"

"Yes. The three of us are the only males here. I know it's a tough job, but someone has to do it." I kidded them.

"Yeah, but you're the inside man and that has to be the toughest part. By the way, here's our cell numbers. Call if you need some help."

"OK, here's mine. I'll call you now and you can save it as Scott Appleton, and not as my company name that'll come up," I said.

Katrina and Ashley were in the kitchen snacking on something that Veronica had fixed and offered some to me to tide me over 'til real food this evening. The caterers had finished setting up the deck with tables and chairs and were unpacking some food for mid-afternoon snacks. They were dressed in tan polos with the club logo, matching Bermuda style shorts and comfortable athletic shoes. On the other hand, my sweethearts were in their suits under long tee shirts and low heeled slides.

Just looking at them made me glad about this morning's purchase. I was wearing a white polo shirt and Bermudas while Veronica had now changed into a short skirt, loose woven top and low heeled shoes. Her hair was down and I motioned her with my finger to follow me into the crafts room. We stepped behind the doors and I passionately kissed her, caressed her ass and reminded her how much I loved her.

"Thanks, handsome, I love you too. Let me repair my lipstick and welcome whoever I hear walking up to the door."

I worked in the crafts room for the next several hours hearing the steady stream of young ladies and moms. I went into the kitchen about three o'clock to get something to drink. I put my arm around Veronica's waist and said hello to three of the four women that I already knew. Veronica introduced me to a stunning, slender, light brown-haired woman who was in a short summer dress, hose and heels. "Scott, this is Georgina Mallory, her daughter Angela plays with Katrina and is also trying out with both our girls."

"Veronica, I love the way 'both our girls falls off your tongue'. It makes it sound as if they always have been, and that's wonderful. Scott, I'm a single mom, have been for the last six years and I hope that someday I meet someone who cares for Angela as you obviously care for Veronica and Ashley."

"I recall that you're a photographer, or do I have you confused with another Appleton?" Georgina asked after a few seconds of silence.

"No, that's me. I'm really an investment banker, but I have a passion for my photo work, thanks for remembering."

"Scott, could you do a big favor for Angela and me?"

"Sure, Georgina. What?" I replied.

"Wow, I'm impressed Veronica. He just met me, I've blurted out a request for a favor and he's said yes," said Georgina.

"Well, he's like that. That's another reason he's so special to me," said Veronica.

"Georgina, what can I do for you?" I asked.

"Angela and I have a special bond and I'd like for you to see if you could capture it in a photo series while we're still living together. Next summer she's contemplating transferring from SLU to UCLA and I probably won't get to see enough of her after she leaves."

"I'd be pleased to give it a try in a couple of weeks perhaps if that'd that be acceptable?" I asked.

Thanks, Scott, I really appreciate it," she said.

I chatted with the other moms and watched the activity on the deck. Most everyone was in two piece suits, some skimpier than others, most of the bodies were toned enough to look nice in the suits. My daughters didn't particularly stand out in their choice of suits. Ashley's was not the string thong that she had worn for our pool photo session but Katrina's was. Someone had hauled out the portable CD player and music was loud but not blasting. I did see that there was a group of girls arranged in a loose circle lying on their stomachs with their tops untied soaking up the unseasonably warm sun and trying to talk above the music. Viewing all those fit nicely figured young woman stirred me and made me thankful for the extra item I was wearing.

"Uh oh," I thought, "there's about to be trouble in pool city." Four girls had scooped out water in some containers that Gwen had set aside and were walking toward the sunning group. All four of them unleashed their cool water attack at once and of course when the newly drenched ladies sat up they left without exception their tops on the deck. As a group the topless girls ran after the water throwers and as they attempted to push the throwers into the pool, all but one was pulled in too. The screaming quickly subsided and the war in the water to take the tops off the four throwers began. And in short order they were successful. Almost all of the ladies on the deck and in the pool were topless, two of them were trying to cover up with their hands and the others showed no concern. Among the unconcerned were of course Ashley and Katrina.

Georgina remarked, "Your daughters have beautiful breasts. That's mine with her arms around Katrina."

As Angela let go and backed away I noticed she was as incredible as either of mine. "Looks just like me," said Georgina as she motioned with her head towards her daugther. Not sure how to respond I kept quiet.

Veronica walked up behind me, put her arms around my waist and rested her chin on my shoulder. "Good thing you have that thing on, handsome," she whispered in my ear. "Angela is as lovely as her mother isn't she?"

In agreement with her I nodded slightly.

At that moment Ashley saw me, smiled and waved. I waved back.

"No shyness there is there," said Bev who was now standing next to me. "In fact, none of them seem concerned, do they?"

"Kids certainly are different today," Evelyn remarked.

Bev chimed in with, "I wish I'd been as confident of myself at that age. My daughter Caroline doesn't seem to care that you're looking, or that any of us are. I wish I had their figures too. Youth is wasted on the young, damn."

Ashley came running across the deck, breasts bobbing, towards the door, slid it open and said "Dad, hand me my cell, please. Hi, everyone, why don't you take off your tops and join us?"

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