tagGroup SexAny Chance We Could Ch. 30

Any Chance We Could Ch. 30


This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the beginning to appreciate this tale.


Wednesday, October 24

As soon as Emerson left I chased a giggling and playful Veronica up the stairs towards our bedroom . When I caught her just inside the door and tried to kiss her, she wiggled free and proceeded to teasingly push me towards the large bed we lovingly named Bryce Field.

Following her little guiding pushes I sat on the edge of the mattress. Her hips swayed as she made her way over to the Bose radio and selected a station with a strong rock beat. I watched her dance as she moved towards me. Veronica's eyes glowed as she straddled my lap and threw her arms around my neck. Her kiss was filled with heated lust. I moaned into her mouth. She moaned too as she wiggled her ass upon my aroused manhood. The kiss ended and a impish grin appeared on her face, "Pretend that you're Emerson."

This is interesting, I thought. For over twelve years I've carefully guarded a secret: that I found Hazel to be warm and sexy, and several times she'd been the focus of a fantasy.

I was game and tried to pretend to be nervous as well as excited. As we kissed, my hands awkwardly grabbed hold of her luscious bosom. Veronica groaned her pleasure. As my hands tried to undo the buttons of her top, Veronica broke the kiss and slapped at my hand. "Don't be so eager Emerson. Let's savor our first time."

With that said she stood and started to dance to the new tune that had just started. Though she could clearly learn a few pointers from a nightclub dancer on how to dance seductively for her man, I was still enjoying watching the love of my life dance for my pleasure. She undid her light green knit top and tossed it to me. As she danced two to five arm lengths from me her eyes shone as her hands undid her skirt and let it pool at her feet before dancing over to me and pushing my legs apart.

With my legs pushed apart my fiancée danced and enticingly swayed between my legs as she undid her bra. She slowly slid her bra off and tossed it on my head. Before I could successfully grab her she quickly stepped from between my legs, turned and bent over showing me her wonderful full ass. As my eyes took in her drawing her grey panties down her legs I thought, Emerson would love to see that succulent ass. He'd want to keep her bent over and take her right there and then.

All she had left on were her hose and heels. I swiftly removed my shirt, stood and removed the rest of my clothing. I gave a throaty growl as I resumed my own identity. I was eager and ready. I roughly embraced and kissed her. I firmly caressed her magnificent ass and pulled her against my erection. She giggled as we broke our kiss. After kissing her nipples I started to manhandle her gorgeous breasts, pulling them hard and twisting her nipples. She moaned with delight as my lips moved to kiss and lick her neck and earlobes.

When her breath was coming in pants, I said, "Come Mistress Veronica, lie with me." A broad smile crossed her face when I called her "Mistress Veronica." At that moment I knew that Reverend Graham perceptively hit on a hidden characteristic and desire.

Teasingly Veronica moved across the bed and lay on her back. I knelt next to her with my fingers toying with her long blonde mane as the other hand expertly fingered her pussy. Her inner lips were moist when I first touched them. A minute or so later they were wetting my hand with her excess excitement.

After a few minutes of this she looked at me lustfully and said, "Fuck me, fuck me now Master."

I lay down next to her and in a commanding tone ordered, "On top."

She quickly rolled over, straddled me and in one quick movement impaled herself completely on my cock.

Soon she was rotating her hips, and raising and lowering herself on me with at quickening pace. "Handsome, what you do to me,…" she said before groaning and losing her train of thought.

She was on a mission. I was on a similar mission of pleasuring her and climaxing in the process. Perspiration was running down both our faces as we drove ourselves toward a wonderful release. Her eyes were closed as she increasingly gulped in air. In the heat of the moment, I said in a matter of fact tone, "So you want to fuck Emerson as well as Dave." Her eyes flew open. As she looked into my face she nodded her desire.

Wickedly pushing her button again I growled to plant a seed if she hadn't already held the fantasy, "Maybe you'd like to take on Emerson, Dave and me all at the same time, one after the other."

"Ohhh yesss….that would be so hot," she smiled lustfully.

As she was about to cum, there were footsteps and voices coming from the hall. The sounds coming from the hallway must have disrupted her because she complained, "Ohhh shit, I was so close."

No more than five seconds later Katrina was the first in our bedroom and quickly turned on the camera system. Driven by need, Veronica cried, "Fuck me harder handsome, give it to me hard."

I started to thrust up into her as she drove herself downward. In a matter of seconds we had a strong rhythm going. Repeatedly the crown of my cock crashed into her cervix. She loudly grunted each time my cock impacted her cervix. A sheen covered our skin as we both approached our climaxes. The three girls silently undressed as they watched us both cum and then when Veronica had collapsed against my chest. The girls then climbed on the bed.

Ashley, never missing a chance for sex immediately began licking my softening cock as it began to slide out of Veronica. As it came free Ashley took it into her mouth and thoroughly licked off our shared juices.

Katrina gently eased Veronica off my chest and helped her to lie alongside me. As she moved between my fiancée's thighs and lay in a prone position my daughter looked at me. A large grin appeared on her face as her head started to move towards the open pussy before her. She began licking my semen as it began to leak from Veronica.

Mary Claire began kissing me. As she kissed me she reached over me to massage Veronica's breasts. Her breasts dangling down over me made delightful toys, delightful to me and to her. After twenty minutes of our daughters' attention, I asked to be excused from the cluster and went into the bath room to relieve myself and to wash. I was joined shortly by Veronica , she too wanted to take a sponge bath.

We went back into the bedroom climbed on the bed and both Veronica and I leaned against the headboard. Katrina sat between Veronica's legs and leaned back against her bare breasts. Ashley shifted to sit similarly against me as Mary Claire snuggled between Veronica and me. I put my arm around Ashley and gently caressed one of her bare nipples.

As we cuddled Ashley began telling us about the movie. All three girls agreed that the advertising over-hyped the whole production and it was pretty much a waste of time.

Ashley then asked how the rest of the evening had gone with Emerson. I told them how Veronica had flashed the poor guy for almost two hours after dinner. "With pearl panties, or bare pussy?" asked Katrina.

"I was a bit more subtle than that," replied Veronica. "I wore a nice satin thong. With that and the stockings and an occasional spread of my legs, I don't think either your Dad or I saw his eyes until I stood when he was ready to leave."

"We tried to get him to open up about how to loosen Hazel up. Apparently she won't engage in oral sex, either as the doer or the recipient. He attributes it to early over-zealous religious influences by her family and their ultra conservative minister."

"I didn't know they were religious or that she went to church," Katrina said. "Isn't Emerson Jewish?"

I replied, "Neither of them arereligious. He's not attended the synagogue since he went to college. Occasionally he's gone with her a few times to her church. I think she's a member of a church but only attends once every month or so. Do any of you have any suggestions how we can help him out? Oh, as Veronica was saying goodbye she gave him one of her incredible open-mouth kisses and said 'While you're fucking Hazel tonight, imagine it's Mary Claire or me.'"

"Poor guy, I'll bet he was hard all the way home," remarked Ashley.

"When I told him to imagine fucking one of us I wrapped my hand around the steel rod he had in his pants. He was far harder than he had been at the club dancing with us," grinned Veronica.

"I guess I shouldn't have told him that if Hazel would let him, I'd fuck him," giggled Mary Claire.

Katrina still with a questioning look on her face asked, "I don't get it. How do her parents and minister influence her today?"

Veronica hugged Katrina more tightly as she lovingly explained, "Kitten, what we're taught as children and teens continue to influence us as adults. Some things which we're taught again and again, particularly with sex, remain in our conscience and sub-conscience and influence how we feel about things decades later. Some people never question what they were taught by authority figures in their youth." Katrina nodded her understanding.

"Anyone have any ideas?" my fiancée asked again.

"Maybe he should ply her with lots of wine and diamonds and when she's relaxed simply go down on her. The first time she has an orgasm from his tongue on her clit I don't think there be any further reluctance," offered Ashley. "I'll even let him practice on me," she further offered.

"Me too," chimed in Mary Claire.

"How about I blow him in front of Hazel, when she sees that my skin doesn't rot and lighting doesn't strike me, she'll be convinced," added Katrina.

"All wonderful suggestions, but I think there has to be a more subtle approach. I haven't known Emerson long, but I suspect he'd be like your father who'd see getting a woman drunk to seduce her as a form of rape." She squeezed my hand as I nodded. The girls too nodded that they understood the point.

"If she feels 'raped' then the future could be bleak. Now that I think about my response to Katrina's question I think I'll call Evie and ask her opinion. I think we need to tackle this from a different direction. Handsome remind me to ask her when we meet with her next week if I'd not already called her," continued Veronica.

"By the way, with regard to Sunday morning and going to church, both of you girls have to go. You may come too if you wish Mary Claire. Also, I've invited Grace, Sharon and her mother Jane over Sunday afternoon and for dinner. They're supposed to be here after two. Jane is as beautiful as her daughter, only blonde instead of dark haired. I suspect that she's bi like Sharon, but we'll have to find out won't we," smiled Veronica.

"Cindy'll be here won't she?" asked Mary Claire.

"I think so," relied Veronica. "She's coming after work Friday midnight. Why?"

"If she's here, I think I'll pass on the church thing. Cindy has a thing against church and ministers. I'll stay with her and begin to make some nibbles for the afternoon. Perhaps we'll shop for last minute items we'll need for me to cook dinner. Besides, I haven't made love to Cindy for a while and it'll be good to see her this weekend and be alone with her that morning," smiled Mary Claire.

"What are her issues with religion?" Veronica had no sooner asked when she quickly said, "No, don't answer that. Cindy'll tell us in her own way when she feels comfortable."

Veronica asked Katrina to unclasp her stockings. As Katrina was doing that Veronica announced, "You're all welcome to stay, but no more lovemaking. With a two hour time change and an early morning I need to get to sleep and won't be able to if the bed is bouncing."

Ashley got up, turned off the lights. Walking out the door she said, "Come on Sis and you too Mary Claire. Let's brush teeth and let the parent-units get their beauty sleep."


Before I opened my eyes I felt Veronica's warm breath flowing across my right cheek and nose. I turned my head a little to the right as I opened my eyes to take in the face of my beloved. Though her hair was tossed around her head, her face had that early morning color and she had morning breath, to me she was beautiful. As I looked at her I recalled years of the lonely bed night after night. I was so happy that the desert-like part of my life was over.

She must have sensed that I was looking at her as a small smile appeared a second before her eyes opened and she whispered, "I love you too handsome."

Still bleary eyed, Veronica and I untangled and walked into the bathroom. As soon as we were in the warm shower we began to wake up. After soaping each other Veronica bent over and implored, "Fuck me, now, I won't have an opportunity again until Friday." Since Veronica and I met I have never turned down an opportunity to make love to my mistress. There was little foreplay as we both sought successfully to cum before using all the hot water.

As we got out and were toweling off, a nude Mary Claire pranced in, to tell us that the coffee was brewing. She playfully kissed us both before stepping into the shower. Her complaint that the water was just warm reminded me to make sure that we increased the hot water capacity.

Veronica made one more check of her suitcase after putting on a casual mid-thigh length skirt and a tight knit top without a bra and three inch slides. It was getting to be seven-thirty as we finished our breakfast and a second cup of coffee. Katrina and Ashley rushed out the door after suitably kissing me and Veronica and wishing her a pleasant trip. Mary Claire informed us that her mother just called her cell to say that she'd be home about eleven this morning and asked if she was available for lunch. She didn't know what was up but from her mother's tone Mary Claire sensed her mother was depressed. She didn't know what had happened but she planned to head home directly after dropping Veronica and Hazel off at the airport.

I was in no rush to get to the office. Emerson knew I was going to hang around for the meeting with Dave and the decorator, and then with the title company rep. If all went as planned I would get to the office just in time for the ten-thirty meeting with our attorneys.

Veronica answered the knock at the door at seven-forty. Alyssa Jamieson introduced herself to Veronica then me as she was ushered past me to the dining room. From the living room where I was reading a business journal my eyes took in the very attractive, slender, hazel-eyed brunette. I thought she was probably Kim's age.

As Veronica handed her a cup of coffee Alyssa remarked, "You should have heard the girls at the office last week when your contractor visited. I'm the envy of every girl at the office since being assigned to your project. Hopefully working under, …er, with him'll be a pleasure."

Remembering Veronica drooling over Dave, I could only smirk hearing this as I pretended to read.

As Dave pulled into the driveway Veronica stood to look out the window. Alyssa joined her and watched our contractor as he walked to the house. Veronica noted, "Too bad it's not hotter. I'd love to entice him into the pool. I can only imagine what his package would look like in a Speedo."

Alyssa replied in a low voice to Veronica, "It's always hotter in Florida where I'm from. What does your fiancé think about your lustful thoughts?"

"He knows I look at Dave and a few other men. He doesn't mind any more than I mind him looking at other women," Veronica replied as she looked over at me and smiled.

As the doorbell rang, Veronica turned to answer the door. I laughingly said to Veronica, "Ah, time for the Dave show. Try not to jump his bones until our job's done." Alyssa raised her eyebrows at that comment and slightly blushed before looking away toward the front door.

Veronica opened the door and invited Dave in. Knowing he could take in her beauty, his eyes swept her face, her breasts, her stomach and legs to her feet. Then as he shook her hand he returned his gaze back to her eyes. You devil, I thought. You're braless and he's enough of a gentleman to look you in eye after he accepted your invitation to quickly admire you.

Dave also shook Alyssa's hand and greeted her as well. "So you're my decorator. Your boss certainly made a very lovely choice. I'll have to call her and thank her."

Alyssa murmured a "Good morning, Dave. I'm Alyssa Jamieson and thank you," Her cheeks were a little flushed.

As we sat down at the dining room table, Dave unrolled a set of blueprints. He started by noting the new first floor bedroom suite. Just as he was pointing out that the patio door from the new bath suite was by the hot tub Mary Claire brought in a tray with another cup, a carafe of coffee, sugar bowl and pitcher of cream. After setting it on the table across from Dave, she reached across the table as Dave stood and shook both their hands as she introduced herself to both Dave and Alyssa.

As she turned and walked toward the den, Dave unashamedly watch her swing her incredible ass. "Where do you find all these lovely young ladies?" he asked. "Does she live here too, along with … Cindy is it?"

Veronica responded, "She's here a lot lately same as Cindy, but neither live here full-time."

"I mentioned yesterday that this is becoming my most attractive site ever, and Mary Claire … certainly affirms that comment." As he was saying that he glanced at Veronica's breasts, and visually caressed them, again.

God, I wonder if his wife is as attractive a female as Veronica finds Dave and if she shares. Though Dave is tall and well muscled I pictured his wife as being dwarfed by him, possibly about 5'1" blond, large breasted and quiet. I imagined her being a woman who quietly kept his home and eagerly pleased him by obeying his every whim.

Alyssa opened her laptop and began taking notes as Dave pointed out the various features. He noted on his electronic pad that we needed to increase the capacity of the hot water system. When we suggested enlarging the new bedroom suite by moving the end wall out another eight feet, Grace's office which was designed to be on the other side of the pool from the bedroom suite was enlarged too in order to keep the symmetry. After noting the inclusion of a wine cellar in the basement and a twenty bottle wine cooler in the kitchen we began walking from room to room.

With the blueprints in hand he walked Alyssa through our home to give her and us a general feel for the design. Some generalities were noted, heated tile floors in all the baths, oversize showers in the new first floor bath, master and the girls' bathrooms. When Alyssa asked questions about décor Veronica noted that a male finish for the den matching my tastes would be appropriate but that she wanted female finishes for all the bedrooms.

Upon exiting the girls' current bedroom Alyssa asked Veronica, "Close your eyes, let your senses go. What type of environment do you want for the master bedroom? Imagine the scene. What sounds do you hear? What aromas to you smell? What type of tactile experiences do you feel? The bedroom should engage all your senses, not just fit a theme."

Veronica said she liked that approach but that she wanted to think about our bedroom for a few days. She promised to have some discussion starting points when she returned. She also gave Alyssa the cell numbers of the girls to get their thoughts. When Alyssa saw Bryce Field she laughed that that bed alone started to give her some ideas for the master suite.

Standing in the kitchen Veronica said the kitchen was to be completely replaced with granite counter tops, stainless appliances, an eating area and have a visual separation from the living/dining room.

As we were winding down, Mary Claire answered the door, invited the title rep in who told her that she was a few minutes early. Mary Claire seated her in the den. As Mary Claire walked past us again, obviously passing in front of Dave, she let his eyes linger on him, glancing down at his 'package' in an obvious manner.

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