tagLesbian SexAnya Becomes a Slave

Anya Becomes a Slave


All character's in this story are considered to be at least 18 years of age and not to be considered connected to any actual person or place. This story contains nonconsensual, lesbian, and BDSM themes. Please be advised of this. Please feel free to give me positive feedback I am a new writer and would enjoy knowing what readers think of this story.


Anya closed her eyes when she knew what she had to do. Her taut stomach churned as she knelt at the door. Her bare knees rubbed roughly against the carpet, her downturned eyes caused tears to fall leaving salty trails down her breasts and bare body. The door slowly creaked open towards her, a women strode in with a grey pinstriped business suit, black stockings, and black pumps. Anya knew the business suit because she had been wearing it this morning when she had met Ms. Davis.

Anya had spent much of the day thinking back on those few hours which had brought her from normal successful business women down to the level of something lowlier than a slave. Anya had woken up this morning, showered like usual and slipped into her black sheer bra. It cupped her 38 C breasts perfectly. Her bra accentuated her dusty nipples and gave her ample lift and cleavage for her outfit. She slipped into her matching sheer crotch less panties and garter belt. As she rolled her stocking up her toned legs she noted how sexy and in control she felt. She always wore her sexiest underwear on Monday's it made the day less drab. It made her feel powerful and beautiful and gave her the best outlook on her day. She slid into her grey pinstriped suit and pumps before fixing her hair and face into a professional manner. She headed out the door for her job as a real-estate agent.

She drove to her office and walked in feeling very self assured. She climbed out of her silver convertible and went inside. She sat down at her desk opening and looking at her calendar for the day. She slowly crossed and uncrossed her legs under her desk enjoying the sensation of the gentle breeze passing over her legs and unclad pussy lips. She smirked at herself. She stopped fantasizing and got back to work. Today she had to show a 5.3 million dollar home to a Ms. Davis at 10am then lunch with one of her partners at the firm before closing on another house at 2pm. After that she planned to call it an early day.

Anya climbed into her car and drove the 30 minutes to the house she was showing this morning. Ms. Davis was an odd woman in her late 20's with some peculiar requests for a house. She wanted it at least 30 minutes from anyone else. It needed to come with a lot of land. It was not all that unusual for a client to want privacy but Ms. Davis's demands where very specific. As Anya got out of her car she noticed Ms. Davis was already there standing outside her black car with very tinted windows. Anya sized her up as she climbs out of the car. Ms. Davis was a short woman of about 5 foot tall. She wore a pair of black dress pants and a silk green button down blouse. Her brown hair hung in loose waves around her shoulders. Her emerald eyes peaked out over a pair of sunglasses. She did not appear to be woman who was used to waiting on someone.

Anya walked over and stuck out her hand to Ms. Davis. "Hello, I am sorry I kept you waiting my name is Anya and I will show you this house. I believe you are going to really enjoy it." Anya dropped her hand and walked to the front door. She opened it and ushered Ms. Davis in. As they got to the second floor bedroom Ms. Davis smiled a mischievous smile. Ms. Davis closed the door behind her and said, "Now Anya, you little cunt, take off all your clothes."

Anya looked surprised and annoyed at Ms. Davis and stuttered as she wondered what was going on. Before she could respond Ms. Davis came up to her and slapped her hard across the face, "Take them off cunt, NOW". Anya looked up from the plush carpeted floor as Ms. Davis opened up her briefcase. She pulled out some pictures and thru them on the floor next to Anya. "If you do not do what I say copies of these will be sent to your boss, your family, and the local newspaper. I already have them ready to go on the mail if I do not tell them to stop." Anya looked at the pictures and was surprised these were not her but they were very good falsifications. A woman who looked like her soliciting a very young male prostitute. The next picture showed a gangbang, her face in clear view. The third photo showed her fingering herself at work while a man licked her under her desk. None of these pictures where actually her but they were such good falsifications that even her mother would be able to tell the difference. She knew looking at these pictures that these would destroy her life and her career if they got out. "Do you understand now, cunt. NOW take them off."

Anya nodded that she understood and stood up. She slowly unzipped her skirt and slide it down her legs. She stepped out of it. "Don't leave it there, pick it up and fold it and place it on the bed." Ms. Davis snapped. Anya quickly did as she was told. She just hoped that if you obeyed that this would be over soon. Anya quickly slide out of her suit jacket and folded it placing it on the bed. "That is beautiful lingerie you have on there little cunt. I want you to place your hands on your head and stay like that." Ms. Davis went over and picked up her pictures off the floor. She neatly placed them in her briefcase and pulled out a long strip of cloth. She quickly went over and covered Anya's eyes blindfolding her. Right before the blindfold fell completely over Anya's eyes she saw the flash of a camera taking a picture.

"Anya, spread your legs I think you are hiding something from me." Ms. Davis purred as she came close. Anya felt the heat of her body nearer hers as she slowly stepped aside putting her feet at shoulder width. "Aww, crotchless panties, how much of a whore are you really little Anya?"

Anya stammered, "I'm not why are you doing this to me." Ms. Davis hand went towards Anya's pussy and roughly separated her wet pussy lips. "Your pussy betrays you my little cunt, you want this don't you?" Ms. Davis purred as she roughly shoved a well manicured finger deep into Anya's pussy. Anya wanted to moan but held it back as Ms. Davis began to slip it in and out slowly.

Ms. Davis pushed Anya down to her knees. She grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over the edge of the bed. "I want you to take off the rest of your clothes, NOW." Anya quickly did as she was told trying to search her mind for some answer and some way out of this bad situation. Ms. Davis reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs that were hinged. "Put your hands behind your back Anya." Ms. Davis voice was calmer cooler now. Anya did as she was told and Ms. Davis quickly slapped the handcuffs on her. "good now let me explain the rules to you little Anya. Would you like that?" Ms. Davis smiled down at her kneeling. "yes please." Anya said her voice shaking with worry. Ms. Davis stood up and kicked her over with her shoes pressing her pump against her throat. "First rule little Anya, is that you will address me as Mistress. Nod if you understand." Anya nodded and Ms. Davis loosed her hold on Anya with her shoe. She then grabbed Anya by her hair and pulled her up to a kneeling position at the edge of the bed. "Second rule is you are going to be my slave for the foreseeable future. For today you will call into work and tell them you have a death in the family, you will need to rest of the week off. This week you will learn how to properly be my slave. Do you understand?"

Anya's voice broke but she was to scared not to reply, "yes, Mistress."

"Good, as long as you understand your place. Now little whore you are going to undress me and lick me pussy." Anya stood up and fumbled for Ms. Davis's buttoned down shirt and once she found the buttons was quickly able to get her out of her shirt and bra. She felt her pussy getting wet, it was betraying her again she didn't want to want this but she knew she did on some deep dark level. Anya quickly undid her new mistresses pants. She felt around for panties but found none, before she could say anything Ms. Davis placed a heel on her chest. "Get back on your knees, little slut and lick my pussy or you will be punished."

Anya got on her knees, and spread Ms. Davis's legs. She had never eaten out a woman before and was a little unsure as to how to go about it. She started at her knee and began to kiss up towards her pussy. "Silly slut," Ms. Davis laughed as she grabbed Anya's head and shoved it into her pussy. Anya quickly got the picture and pushed aside her new mistresses pussy lips with her nose and began licking her wet pussy. Ms. Davis moaned softly as Anya began trusting her tongue in and out of her pussy. Anya's nose rubbed gently against Ms. Davis's clit.

Ms. Davis kept her hand tightly wound tightly in Anya's hair as Anya began to lick furiously. Anya began to lick more intently spurred on by the moans from her new mistress and the awakening of her own desires. "That's a good little slut when I cum you are going to eat it all aren't you" Ms. Davis bucked her hips wildly against Anya's face and her pussy spasmed. Her cum gushed out of her pussy and all over Anya's face. She held Anya against her pumping pussy and eased up only her orgasm left her. "Now little slut clean up my pussy." Anya, who had begun to enjoy her submissive nature and squirmed against the carpet with her wet pussy, quickly began to lick the pussy in front of her clean.

When she was satisfied Ms. Davis got up and grabbed Anya by the hair. She pulled Anya up on to the bed and threw her down on all fours. "Stay like the bitch in heat you are little slut." Ms. Davis went over to her briefcase and pulled out a cat of nine tails. "Since it is your first day as my slave I will be easy on you. You have been a disobedient little whore and you must be punished. You rubbed your pussy all over the carpet and you will be whipped for it. Do you understand."

"Yes Mistress." Anya said her voice shaking her pussy so wet her juices were dripping down her leg. "Now since you licked me off fairly well, you are only getting 10 strokes I want you to count them understood." Anya nodded as the first stroke of the cat o nine tails came down on her ass. It stung and she cried "One" Ms. Davis smiled and took her free hand and began to rub her clit as the second blow landed. "Two" Anya cried out. "Three" and "four" were cried out just as quickly as Ms. Davis rubbed her clit and watched Anya's ass get bright red.

"Five" Rang out Anya as the next blow feel on her searing ass. Ms. Davis climbed on the bed after five and got on her knees in front of Anya. She quickly unhand cuffed her. " Slut, I want you to finger me until I cum while I finish your punishment. If you can keep counting and get me off before I get to ten I'll make you cum understood."

"Yes Mistress." Anya mumbled as the sixth blow fell. "Six" She yelled as she quickly slid two fingers into her mistresses pussy and began to pound away. Ms. Davis let out a series of low, sharp moans as her orgasm built. With Seven, eight and nine, Anya's fingers began moving at an almost inhuman pass. Just before the tenth blow feel Ms. Davis screamed out in orgasm. She smiled down at her pet and climbed back off the bed. "Stay where you are slut and you will get your reward."

She grabbed the cat o nine tails and turned it the other way around. She quickly pushed the rough leather end of the whip into Anya's soaking wet pussy. She rammed it in and out of her. "Cum now you little whore or I'll stop." Being talked to like that pushed Anya over the edge and she came covering the whip with her cum. Ms. Davis shoved the whip into Anya's mouth and made her clean all of her juices off. "I think you will make an excellent slave, my little cunt."

To be continued...

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