tagBDSMAnya's Dungeon Debut Ch. 01

Anya's Dungeon Debut Ch. 01


Anya felt the cold, rough, stone walls with one hand and the steel rail with the other as they continued their descent below. As they rounded yet another corkscrew in the spiral stairs she began to doubt herself again. Did she really want to try this? Did she really want to be spanked and god knows what else? Did she want to make Tom her pet on a leash?

"Well, that part wouldn't be half bad she thought to herself."

She had always known that the latex and leather clothes and all the chains and strange looking toys turned her on. But would the actual event turn her on? Would she actually enjoy feeling it done to her? Or enjoy watching someone else do it to the love of her life, Tom?

Her stiletto-healed, lace up, black leather boots coming to rest on the bottom step, she steeled herself...it was now or never...dive or run for your life...so she held her breath and dove.

It was dark and dank inside the basement dungeon. Yet some of it was actually pretty in a way. There was what seemed to be an altar in the center draped in blood red velvet with two silver chalices. The base of each shaped like a skull in silver that opened to a transparent flute.

Turning to the other wall Anya saw arm shackles that were built into the stone and ankle shackles as well. Then looking to her left and saw straps and whips and cat-o-nine tails in all sizes. She saw steel spikes and all sorts of things that didn't know what to call or what the use of them might be.

"Whoa, did I make a huge mistake here?" Anya thought to herself again.

Tom looked around the room at all the torture devices and all the things that Anya had seen and he felt as if he were at home. He thought he was really going to enjoy this, at least from the watcher's seat. He still didn't know if he wanted to be a participant or not...only time would tell.

It was such an amazing place. There was an assortment of ropes for those who liked to be bound. There was a spanking bench. There were big leather strap-ons with dildos and dongs and anal plugs hung neatly to the side of the belts...

"Just choose your size and ride," Anya thought.

The Dungeon Mistress came to greet them then. Mistress Bianca.

"Hello Anya, hello Tom, welcome to my humble abode." She said in a welcoming but controlling tone.

She saw Anya's eyes as they couldn't help but continue their surveying of the surroundings.

"Don't worry my beauty, it is a lot to take in at once. Just remember that everything that happens here is consensual. If we inflict pain on another person it is because they have begged us to. You will not have to participate at all if you are not comfortable with what you see." Mistress Bianca continued.

"But something about you tells me there's a spark there waiting to be lit...I think that for the most part you will find this evening to be extremely pleasurable." The Mistress slipped in at the end.

"Right then, so let me explain how things work. You may watch only and not participate if that is what you are comfortable with, but we do ask that even if you watch you remove all your clothing and put on one of the velour robes over there. The black, dark blue, and green are for the men, the purple, red and burgundy for the women.

There is a couple's room at the back where you may change together. But let me caution you that you should be sure to take the right color robe from the pegs.

Blue means that the man is willing to participate in sexual acts with either men or women. The black means that he goes only with women, and the green means that he is undecided.

Same type of system with the women's ropes, the purple says she will be sexual with either sex. The burgundy says that she will be sexually active only with men. The red means that she is undecided.

So chose the appropriate rope and find your way down the corridor to the third room on the left." The mistress explained.

Both Tom and Anya decided to take their robes in the colors that meant undecided. They weren't sure but with the right approach from the right person, in the right situation who knows what they'd do. Wasn't that the whole point of their being here to begin with? To expand their sexual horizons?

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