tagNon-EroticApology to the One I Loved & Hurt

Apology to the One I Loved & Hurt


I think Elton John said it best: "Sorry seems to be the hardest word."

A couple of months ago I posted a story on here called Dear Journal. I never should have done so. What I posted was an actual transcript from my MSN messenger between myself and someone I dearly love. I posted that story because I was angry at him and it was the only transcript I had not erased. I honestly gave no thought to him when I posted it. I wish now that I had done so.

So, what do I do to repair what I did? I'm not sure anything can be done. I can apologize for the rest of my life, and God knows I am sorry for having hurt him because, deep down, I do still love him. He didn't deserve this... he did not deserve any of the pain I ever dealt him over the 6 years we have known each other. I truly am sorry. If I could go back and change it all, I would gladly do so in a heartbeat.

Everything he said today about me when he confronted me was both true and deserved. I don't blame anyone or antyhing but myself... and at the moment I truly despise myself.

So, with all of this said, I am asking The Powers That Be to please remove the Dear Journal story and to post this one instead.

To the one I hurt: Nothing I"m doing now makes anything I did right, but I hope, in time, it will show you that I accept what I have done wrong and I want nothing more than for you to believe me when I say I never meant to hurt you or betray your trust. I truly am sorry.


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