tagFirst TimeApril Showers Ch. 02

April Showers Ch. 02


"You really have a beautiful body, from your gorgeous face to this perfect, tight pussy," he told me. Ben's fingers traced the inner folds of my lips, swirled along my clitoris, then plunged into the hot, wet center of my body.

He repeated the pattern several times, speeding up with each "circuit" through that part of me. His attentions suddenly centered on my most sensitive nub, and I experienced a minor earthquake, shaking and trembling with the intensity of the pleasure Ben was bringing me. When I came, it felt like lava shooting through my veins, melting any last concerns except two: I wanted more of this, and more time with Ben.

With a bright-red face that matched the color of his rapidly growing cock, Ben said he was too hot to stay inside. He pulled himself out of the pool and lay down on the muddy ground nearby. I followed him, trying to decide what to do in order to bring him more pleasure. Somehow, I felt like I owed him much more than I had given him.

Shyly, I stood over his prone body. I said, "I'd like to try something now... If that's okay with you."

Ben smiled and nodded, his eyes wandering across my body possessively. The way he looked at me was almost as thrilling as what I planned to do next.

I placed one foot on either side of his hips, slowly squatting down so that I could center myself over his thick hardness. His gaze sank with me, tracing my hips and thighs, clearly relishing the view of my naked body spread open before him. I realized I would probably lose my balance if I tried to stay on the balls of my feet, so I momentarily rested on top of Ben, my breasts flattened against his hot, unyielding chest as I shifted myself to a kneeling position.

Reaching down between us, I ran my small hand along the velvety skin of his shaft, awestruck that I could cause him to grow and swell that way. Driven by curiosity, I let my hand wander momentarily lower, stroking and cupping the soft, hairy globes below, gently kneading him. He groaned and I lifted my head to look at his face, smiling in triumph to have such a strong man so obviously at my mercy.

His hands came up to grip my bottom, grinding me against him. Reluctantly, I removed my hand from his balls and slid it up to the head of his penis, using that as a guide so that I could join our bodies together again. Even though we had done this only a few minutes ago, it was still a tight fit. But once he was fully inside of me again, I was overcome with a feeling of rightness – we were designed to couple this way, and it was my privilege to bring him as much pleasure as I had received.

I felt Ben push his hips up against me, his big, rough hands still anchoring me to his body. He began to lift and rock me, and I followed his lead. Our pace was slower than before, as if we were both just savoring the wonder of what we were doing. The skies opened up, and the water pummeling our naked skin made the heat between us seem so much more intense.

The sensation of the rain coursing across me brought my attention to my breasts, bouncing and bobbing with each thrust we made. Small droplets kissed my nipples before plunging to my tummy and trickling down to the wonderful spot where Ben's body penetrated my own. Closing my eyes, I cupped my breasts, pinching and twisting my hard, pink buds between my fingers.

I felt teeth nip at my hands and my eyes flew open. Ben urged my hands away from my breasts with his mouth, sucking and biting first one, then the other nipple. I cradled his head against my chest, pulling him closer and arching my back so that he could access more of me. But no matter how close we were, it wasn't enough for either of us.

With a growl, Ben rolled over, taking me with him. I flopped in the mud, rain falling all around as he leaned into me. He pushed my knees up to my aching breasts, opening me to his onslaught before pulling almost fully out of my yearning body. As he slammed home, it was my turn to moan and growl, his relentless drive fueling my own. That now-familiar tingling started, and with every thrust, I moved closer to the edge. Feeling the liquid fire of Ben's own blast deep inside me, I screamed as I was blown apart by my own explosion. My body convulsed momentarily, as if I had lost complete control over myself.

The rain stopped and the sun came out. I was still lying in the mud, Ben on top of me. He pulled out of my body, and I felt the juices of our act begin to trickle out of me, too. In the bright light of day, covered in grime, I began to feel something I probably should have as soon as I realized he was in the pool with me: deep-down embarrassment. He was a stranger, and I had let him touch me and do things to me that I knew I shouldn't let anybody do, except my own husband. There was no other explanation for my behavior, except that I was every bit as wild as my parents thought I was, and now I had the proof of my own wicked, wanton self in the sticky fluid between my thighs.

In a panic, I wriggled out from under Ben and scrambled into the hot spring. I furiously rubbed my skin to get the mud off then tried to rinse the evidence of what we had done from deep within me. I turned my back to Ben as I tried to scrub the shame from my body, but I knew that what I felt was deeper than anything that clean water could reach. I washed the remaining dirt from my hair before climbing out on the far side of the pool from Ben. I quickly located my belongings and got dressed as fast as possible. Only then did I turn to look at this man, my first lover.

On his face and in his eyes, I could see a kind of bewildered hurt. He asked, "Are you really just going to leave now? After all that we... I think we have something really special here."

I felt treacherous, burning tears well up as I said, "It's not you. You're pretty much perfect. It's me. I need to face the truth about myself – that I'm sinful and willful and hedonistic – and that I should never have let this happen. I'm sorry, but I really have to go."

All I wanted to do was run into his arms, because I knew that with a few touches, he could make me forget what was going on in my mind. But instead, I turned away and began my short hike home. After I was sure that he wasn't following me, I finally allowed myself to cry.

Once I was home, I put on my pajamas and climbed into bed. In the growing darkness, I thought of Ben and the magic between us. A tremendous sorrow welled up inside of me, but it was too much to cry about. Instead, I closed my eyes and willed myself to sleep.

The next morning, my father was surprised to find all of the fight gone out of me. I agreed to meet with men he considered to be possible suitors; it seemed like my only chance to rein in my wicked nature. And I tried to tell myself that I might find a husband who could make me feel the way that Ben did, so we could live together happily.

It didn't take long for my father to line up a first date for me. His name was Daniel and he would come to dinner at our house, then he and I would go back to his place to meet his dad. Around 27 years old, Daniel was passably attractive – a little taller than me with a thin, wiry frame and a shock of curly blonde hair. I wasn't sure what color his eyes were – I could tell they were dark, but he barely looked at my face during dinner. He seemed reasonably smart, but shy and a little awkward, and I felt guilty for spending the entire evening comparing him unfavorably to Ben.

My mom smiled encouragingly as Daniel helped me put on a jacket and held the front door open for me. My father reminded us that he expected me to be home in a couple of hours. I climbed into Daniel's pickup for the long, silent ride to his home.

When we arrived, Daniel quickly walked around the truck to open the door and help me down from the cab. It was a polite thing to do, and I smiled warmly at him. He briefly returned my smile, then took my hand and tugged me along, up the stairs to the front porch and quickly pulled me inside of the house he shared with his father.

Daniel's father, Mr. Callaghan, was waiting for us in the front room. He was confined to a wheelchair, and my opinion of Daniel rose when I realized he had probably stayed home to take care of his dad rather than going out in the world on his own. Mr. Callaghan looked at me with such intensity that I felt nervous, shifting from foot to foot and smoothing my long skirt with slightly damp palms.

Mr. Callaghan said, "You make a striking couple, both fair and tall. But such a slim girl may not be able to bear children. Holly child, come here and let me look more carefully at you."

As I stepped forward, he kept gesturing to urge me closer, only stopping when my knees brushed his. Without a word, he put his hands on my waist, then slid them down to my hips as if measuring my breeding potential. Frowning, he said, "I really can't tell if you're developed enough to be a good wife for my Daniel. You're going to have to remove your outer garments so that I can make a better assessment."

I balked and stepped back, blushing furiously. "Mr. Callaghan, it's really not proper for me to undress in front of you or your son. I mean, we're not even engaged..."

Mr. Callaghan laughed. "That's a mere formality, girl. Your father has explained that you need a man to take you in hand, and I'm not sure there are many men who will be willing to take you on. Now, I'm sure you don't want to disappoint your whole family, so hurry up and be done with it."

Ashamed that my father clearly thought so little of me, and afraid that what Mr. Callaghan said was true, I slowly removed my jacket, blouse, skirt, and sandals. He looked even more intensely at me now that I was standing before him in only my white C-cup bra and simple cotton panties. I heard Daniel breathing heavily behind me and decided that my potential husband-to-be approved, but his father was sitting in stony silence.

Mr. Callaghan reached up and placed his hands against the bare skin of my waist, which caused me to flinch. As his hands slid down to my hips, his fingers dug into my flesh. He was remarkably strong, and with a quick yank, spun me around and had me seated on his lap. My legs draped on either side of his, and I couldn't close them due to the lifeless limbs in between my own. I tried to push up, but he pinned me to him by wrapping one arm across my collarbone and the other around my abdomen. Daniel stood in the same place I had been standing, looking at me in the same way his father had been.

I struggled to break free, but felt a growing hardness against my backside with every jerk and wiggle. I was faced with two options – either continue to fight and bring him more pleasure, or acquiesce and hope they didn't take things too much further. Resigned, I stopped moving and simply awaited what would come next.

Mr. Callaghan said, "There's one thing you will need to understand about our family. Daniel and I share pretty much everything. Because he will be your husband, after you are married, he will be the only one allowed to fuck your little cunt so that any child you have will be his. But you will be taught to pleasure us both with your hands, mouth, and ass. Now we have to see how trainable you are."

Daniel unzipped his pants and pulled his penis out. Even erect, it was not as large as Ben's was. I almost laughed, realizing that no matter how bizarre the situation, I was still comparing Daniel unfavorably to Ben. But the truth is, I had nothing much to laugh about.

Daniel began stroking himself, rubbing his palm over the head of his penis, teasing the underside of the little helmet, then slowly sliding his hand up and down the shaft. Mr. Callaghan pushed me forward a little, then took my right hand and guided it to Daniel. He said, "Stroke his cock just like he showed you. If you're good, it won't take very long."

The new position I was in pushed me more firmly against Mr. Callaghan. Through my panties and his trousers, I felt his erection nestle against almost the entire length of my slit. In my ear, he hissed, "Rock against me. There are two of us to service here."

I began to shift my hips back and forth, almost as if I were riding a horse at a canter. Once I was used to the rhythm, I focused again on Daniel's cock, stroking it exactly as he had been stroking himself, which allowed his precum to coat him from tip to base. Mr. Callaghan reached from behind me, pulling down on the cups of my bra so that my naked breasts popped obscenely out over the top of them. With every move of my pelvis, they bounced up and down. I could see Daniel's eyes move with them, as if he were mesmerized.

When Mr. Callaghan reached forward again, he cupped my left breast in his hand, pinching my nipple mercilessly. His right hand slid down to the front of my panties, beneath the elastic waistband. I felt him cup my mound, squeezing tightly before slipping his middle finger down to my clit. Although disgusted by the situation, I nonetheless felt myself respond, my juices slicking his finger as I rocked and stroked and rocked and stroked.

I felt Mr. Callaghan tense up as he began furiously strumming me with his finger. Almost immediately, a mini-earthquake hit me and I began to spasm. I felt a hot wetness against my bottom and realized Mr. Callaghan was cumming, too. He dropped his hands, and Daniel took both of my breasts in his palms, mauling them furiously for a few moments before pushing my hands away from his stiff member. With a few vigorous strokes on his own, Daniel came. Hot, slimy cords of white goo lashed my bare tits, a few spurts hitting my chin. After what felt like an eternity, his eruption stopped, leaving me dripping with the remnants of his passion.

Mr. Callaghan said, "Good girl. I think you will fit in well here – you are willing, and it's clear you are an eager beaver," which caused Daniel to snicker as he zipped himself up. He handed me a soiled handkerchief, which I used to mop up the mess on my chest.

A few minutes and some quick clothing adjustments later, I found that I couldn't meet Mr. Callaghan's gaze as we left. On the ride back, Daniel made a point to kiss me goodnight and fondle my tits at the same time. He said, "Don't you think we could be happy together? I know it would be fun for us both."

I shrugged, not sure what I should do. I knew they had taken advantage of me, but I wasn't sure I deserved better treatment. Was it really only a couple of days ago that I had opened myself up so unselfconsciously to Ben? It seemed impossible.

My parents were both waiting for me when I opened the front door. They peppered me with questions, which I halfheartedly answered. My father seemed satisfied, and I realized that in just a few days, he would announce my engagement to Daniel at church... and that would be it. I didn't know if I should tell them what had happened or not; it could help me escape this marriage, but would any other be better? Would I be blamed for allowing them to fondle me, and for what I had done?

Still weighing my increasingly limited options, I went to bed.

I tossed and turned all night, and as the first pink blush of sunrise crept across the valley, I decided that I had to get out and clear my head. For the first time since my afternoon with Ben, I climbed out of my bedroom window and made my way to the hot spring. I arrived just as full daylight hit the clearing, and felt myself calming down despite my situation. Exhausted, I pulled myself onto a boulder, kicked off my shoes and socks, made a pillow out of my jacket, and laid back for a nap.

I woke with a start. The sun was much higher in the sky now, indicating it was nearly noon. With a big yawn, I rolled from my side onto my back, stretching my arms as high as they would reach as I flexed my legs. I opened my eyes again in time to see a very naked Ben reach above me, pinning my arms to the rock as he lowered himself onto me. He maneuvered himself between my legs, rubbing his thick cock against me through my shorts and panties. I shivered and felt my nipples harden in anticipation as Ben kissed me fiercely, filling my mouth with his tongue.

God, I had missed him. And he clearly had missed me.

Without a word, he yanked down my zipper, unbuttoned my shorts, and with one hand, started working both shorts and panties down my hips. I eagerly lifted my bottom from the rock, allowing him to more easily remove them. Carelessly, he tossed my shorts and panties behind him. I expected him to pull off my bra and t-shirt in the same rough way, but when he released my hands, it wasn't to free my breasts from my clothing. Instead, he rolled me over onto my stomach and pushed against my legs until I was kneeling.

Ben smashed his way into my pussy, his cock forcing my body to open as he pushed his full length into me. I felt his balls slap against me as he bottomed out, and he followed that with an open-palm smack against my backside. I was already so excited that I was shaking, and somehow, his coarse handling of my body made me even more so. I didn't want him to be gentle; I wanted him to take me, to ravage me, to fuck me. He seemed to want the same thing, and we bucked and thrusted against each other in a frenzy. But before I was ready, Ben's cum coated my inner walls. Mewling in frustration, I continued to push against him has his cock slowly receded from my hot slit.

Ben pulled out of me and flopped onto the sun-warmed boulder. I tried to cuddle up to him, but he pushed me aside. Surprised, I said, "But I didn't... I really need you."

With a snort, Ben laughed. "Sure you do. That's why you fled last time, and why you let me come out here every day, waiting for your return. You want more? Then show me how sorry you are to put me through that."

Trying to buy some time while I figured out what to do, I pulled my t-shirt off, smiling at him encouragingly in the hope he would reach out for me. He didn't. I looked at his naked body and suddenly knew exactly what to do. I crawled across the boulder to him, then reached out and stroked his beautiful penis using the same motion I had so recently been shown by Daniel.

After a few moments, he began to harden. I hesitated for a moment, then bent my head and swirled my tongue against his cock. I could taste our mingled juices, not exactly delicious, but the taste was salty and earthy and sweet, and I couldn't get enough of it. I flattened my tongue and ran it across the swelling head and followed that by tracing the little ridge I felt with only the tip of my tongue. Taking him into my mouth, I sucked in air before bobbing my way downward on his thick shaft. Ben's large hand cupped the back of my head, directing my efforts as I tried to take all of him in my mouth. Even as I gagged around the cock that was pressing into my tonsils, Ben's steady pressure told me I needed to do more. I shifted slightly, and it was enough for him to slide fully into my mouth and throat. He wrapped my hair around his hand and rapidly tugged me up and down, fucking my face as I drooled into the nest of dark curls at the base of his shaft. Suddenly, he tensed up, pushing me down with extra force as he bellowed, his cum bathing my throat and mouth. I swallowed what I could, panicking because I couldn't get air as he held me in position.

I rolled over on my side, his flaccid cock slipping out of my swollen, wet lips. I hid my face from him as tears filled my eyes. I had been wrong about myself, offering up my virginity without the slightest hesitation to a total stranger even though my whole life, I had been told it was something to prize. I had stupidly trusted Daniel and his father to be good, upstanding Christians, and they had used me for their pleasure. I had come here for solace and had rejoiced to find Ben here, but he wasn't like the Ben I remembered from a few days ago. He had taken me – twice – with as little consideration and affection as the Callaghans had shown me. A little sob escaped my sore throat, but I quickly choked it back.

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