tagRomanceArabella Ch. 01

Arabella Ch. 01


He was just too close for her liking. She had to fake a smile, act like she loved the attention he showered her with. They moved together to the melody. Everybody was there, the press, the ministers and politicians, the high class celebrities and the King himself. All eyes were on them as they danced. Her insides were burning with rage. Gregory had tricked her father. She didn't want anything to do with him. After three full years chasing after her, he had won Arabella by simply offering her father money. He had bought her and that made her sick to the core.

Gregory knew they needed money. Kate's health was deteriorating everyday. Although Arabella was working, she didn't make enough money to take care of her mother and pay for her college fees. On the other hand, Jeremy couldn't hold to a job, with his gambling addiction worsening their financial woes. Nobody really knew Jeremy had a gambling addiction. Arabella found out when her father told she had to get married to Gregory to pay their debt to him. When they were bankrupt, on the verge of being kicked out Gregory had come out of nowhere like a knight in shinning armour to save them. And all he wanted in return was Arabella. He held her tight against his body as his hands explored all of her. The gesture was at least decent. He didn't want to embarrass her on their wedding day. Gregory knew she was uncomfortable and that a part of her hated him. He didn't care. In time Arabella would come to love him as his wife.

She froze as his lips temporarily rested on her neck. Her fists were clenched; after a moment she remembered she was being watched. She exhaled, feeling his hand on her waist as he pulled her away. God, the pathetic dance was over! She hated laying her heard on his chest because his warmth and essence had drawn her in. She felt like she wanted to stay like that forever. To hear his heart beat. To survive this marriage she had to not submit to him. In time, she hoped he'd grow tired of her and send her back to her father.

Arabella didn't know any of the people that were at her wedding. Smiling gracefully at them was so hard. Some reality TV show stars couldn't stop snapping pictures of her wedding gown and her million dollar ring. They were probably tweeting about it, she thought. When things calmed down a little bit, she rushed to the bathroom. Closing the door, she threw up. God, she hated him! Gregory just had to ruin her life. She didn't want to get married. She remembered the many times he asked her out. She'd always be rude to him, hoping he'd get the message and move on. He never did. He kept on persisting till he finally found something that would put her at his mercy.

Arabella rinsed her mouth, she wasn't aware that somebody was watching her. "Are you okay sweety?"

Arabella almost jumped. "Teresa, you scared me."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

The young woman nodded. Teresa was married to Gregory's brother Chris. Together they had beautiful daughter named Emily. Sensing that Arabella wanted to be alone, Teresa left. Arabella wanted to cry but she couldn't ruin her make up. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. She was getting married to a Prince. A lot of girls would give a lot be in her position. But she wasn't a lot of girls. She wanted to be a dentist, to finally have enough money to take care of her mother. She wanted to travel, maybe study till a master's degree.

Gregory looked for his bride. It was time to leave. He had waited patiently for Arabella to notice him. He wanted her, always did. The girl was just too stubborn to realise they were meant for each other. She fit perfectly in his arms. Her ego matched his well too. He knew he'd have fun breaking through it. She was strong willed, he loved that about her. Whatever challenge came her way she put up a fight and saw it through. She was hard working too. She waitressed so her mother could get the best health care even though her father was swallowed by debts. When he negotiated with Jeremy he knew the old man was in a tight corner. He'd do anything for money. Even though she'd hate to admit it, Arabella needed the money too. Soon things caved in and their financial situation was getting worse. Her mother's cancer was spreading despite the expensive intensive care and they were losing a lot of money because of her father's addiction.

Gregory was smart; there was no way in hell he'd let the opportunity pass. He offered to help. First he gave Jeremy large sums of money just for 'personal use'. Then he paid for Kate's treatment. When they were about to be evicted, he paid their rent. The little gifts to Jeremy continued for a long time. When he had him in a corner he asked for one thing only : his daughter. At first the old man was reluctant. He had no idea what Gregory's intentions were with Arabella. He was too far gone with his addiction, so Gregory stopped giving him cash. Making him desperate. Gregory knew desperate men made stupid decisions. All he had to do then was wait, wait till Jeremy cracks and gives up his daughter. He did crack, it didn't take long.

Arabella looked out at the sky. She was dizzy, she had never flown anywhere before. There she was, on her way to Morocco, a place she has never heard of before. She held on tight to her seat as Gregory stared at her. He walked to her, lifting her up. He sat down and placed her on his lap. It was so quick Arabella couldn't protest. "I won't hurt you. I just don't want you to be sick," he told her as her eyes shot a mean glance at him.

He loved the contact between them. She laid her heard on his shoulder. God it felt so good! He smelled like heaven and masculinity blended together. She inhaled his scent as he brushed her brown hair. She was tired, as soon as she relaxed in his embrace she fell asleep. Gregory straightened her hair with his hand. "Sleep little one. We have a long night ahead of us."


She woke up in his arms. Her wedding gown was gone. All she had on was her underwear. Damn him, she thought. He felt her stir, he was lost in his thoughts. "Do you wake up angry all the time?" he asked.

"Why the hell am I naked?" she spat.

"You're not naked," his response was ever so calm.

"What the hell! Did you undress me?"


"Where the hell did you get permission to undress me?"

"Do I need permission to undress my wife?"

"I'm not your wife! You tricked my father into giving me to you."

"Interesting...I could swear we exchanged vows not so long ago," his blue eyes studied her.

"I'm not sharing this room with you. I want my own privacy."

"Your own privacy?"

"Yes! I'm not sharing anything with a creep that has undressed me in my sleep."

"There's no need for privacy between you and I. We're one now," he held her down, trapping her hands above her heard. She kicked but he managed to avoid her attack. "Maybe we need to set some rules," he told her. Her breasts were already popping out of her lacy bra. He looked at them in admiration.

"Were not setting any damn rules, get off me!"

"Don't make any scent little one. We don't want to upset anybody," he whispered in her ear. His breath on her earlobe made her gasp. Something about him made her lose her senses, she just didn't want to admit it. Gregory unhooked her bra. Arabella felt ashamed and crossed. She wanted to disappear. He was pleased with what he saw. He had waited too long for this. It was 00h45 and the moon was full, it's beauty reflecting their desire for each other. Arabella wanted to say something but Gregory's mouth kissed away any protest she had. She moaned as his tongue thrusted into her mouth. He loved the way she moaned, the way her body stuck to his as he manipulated his way into her heart. His hand explored her body. Right from her chest to her thighs. She gasped, she was easily possessed by his touch. He chuckled, seeing her like this, defenceless and under his mercy made him hard. He liked it when she was mean, it gave him more reason to shut her up.

He snuck a thumb inside her underwear and she tried to move away from his touch. He had gone to far for her comfort. She closed her legs tightly, denying him access. "Gregory no wait," she breathed.

"Why would I want to wait?"

"I-I'm a virgin. Please don't hurt me," she covered her face with her hands. He kissed her hands till she moved them from her face. "Ara I care about you. Why would I want to hurt you?"

"I don't know. We don't know each other well enough."

"You've never given me the chance to know you."

"I never wanted this. Getting married. I'm to young. I don't know what it means to be someone's wife."

"You think you can trust me to help you figure it out?"

"But you tricked my father. How can I trust you?"

"Ara, I did all that so I could be close to you. I'm crazy about you. You don't have any idea just how beautiful you are to me." Gregory kissed her, she didn't resist or fight him. He kissed her collarbone and she moaned, arching her back. She was so responsive to his touch.

Following a trail only he knew, he parted the her slim thighs. His thumb rubbed her clitoris and her world collapsed. She moaned into his mouth. She had never felt like this before. He wanted to cherish her, to love her every night as long as he lived. He lowered his head down to her flat stomach. She groaned, the pleasure was electrifying and too much to bear. Removing her panties, Arabella blushed red. She wanted to cover her face when Gregory looked at her shaved pussy. "Don't cover up my love. You're beautiful," he told her. She was still shy but his reassurance meant a lot to her. He dug is heard between her thighs, smelling her sex. Intoxicating and wet, he teased her clitoris with his tongue. Oh!" she cried out. His mouth was made to eat her out, he knew that all along. He just had to prove it to her. Her clitoris swelled as his mouth lapped on her sex in all its glory. She lost all the sanity she held on to. Beautiful and feminine, she let go and he adored every part of her.

"Now you're naked," he said. She giggled, her hand held in his. "I'm sorry little one. It's gonna hurt." She felt his manhood on her moist entrance. She tried to move away but he steadied her down. Gregory looked into her eyes as he pushed all nine inches of him into her wet folds. Her eyes were shut as she tried to make sense of the pain she felt. Arabella felt like she was torn. Tears ran down her cheeks. He hated this, with all his heart. Gently, he kissed the tears away and she opened her eyes. His cock was now burried deep inside of her. He had broken her hymen; taking away all her innocence. He wrapped her in his arms, whispering sweet words to her. Arabella nodded, she wasn't sure how and when his cock fit into her pussy. But they moved in one rhythm now. She was attached to him like a little feather to a bird.

She looked at where their bodies were joined together. God! Sex was truly special she thought. She thanked herself for abstaining from sex till her wedding day. This moment would forever be special to her. That moment Arabella didn't despise Gregory for what he did. She appreciated him for being her husband, the man who made her a woman. The man who loved her patiently for three years, even when she was too blind to see it.

He moved slowly into her. Arabella closed her eyes, she was lost in the feeling of his cock lost inside her wetness. He plunged into her and his groans filled the air. Arabella felt her body let go once more as another orgasm rocked through her body. "Yes," she breathed. She wrapped her legs around his lower body, edging him to go deeper and harder. He plunged into her mercilessly, lifting her leg in the air as he fucked her till orgasm. She felt good around him. Tight and warm. "Oh my God! Please don't stop," she moaned. She had no idea where all this need was coming from but she felt she needed him as her legs quivered. He wasn't gonna stop any time soon. He needed her. He wanted to lay claim on every part of her. She was his now.

Eventually Arabella gave in to exhaustion. Gregory's strokes were long and gentle as he emptied his semen into her womb. Arabella moaned, he was still inside her as his lips were locked to hers. She fell asleep in his arms. Exhausted but content. She seeked for his warmth as the night got colder. Her brown hair falling graciously down her back, Gregory spooned her, his arms around her body as he drifted into sleep. He had to be the happiest man on earth.

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