tagFirst TimeAre You Sure You Want This?

Are You Sure You Want This?


"Are you sure you want this?" I ask.

"Yes baby" he says in his sexy deep voice.

I'm am sopping wet at the thought of what we are about to do...

It was something we built up to slowly, fingers while giving him head, then eventually a toy. I went shopping for a nice slim one especially for him. Last thing I wanted was to go too fast and turn him off to it.

I could tell he enjoyed it though, his moans, his orgasms, telling the truth he was not comfortable enough to verbalize yet, his hard cock pulsing in my mouth while I pump a nice toy into his ass. This is hot, but I want the next step.

He gives my right breast a little caress, running his thumb over my hard nipple before turning from me and getting on his hands and knees on the bed.

I reach down and caress his balls, giving them a little squeeze of my own and work up to his cock, stroking him from behind. I pause to pour some lube into my hands, getting the fingers on my right hand nice and slick. I go back to stroking him with my left hand and put my slickened fingers to his ass.

Nice and slow, I run my fingers in a circular motion around his hole. I slip a finger in, nice and slow, love the way he moans as I do.

I pull out and press two fingers, inserting them slowly and gently, giving him time to adjust.

"Don't forget to breath, baby" I say "relax for me honey".

He breathes deeply, slowly, his cock getting diamond hard in my other hand.

We'd watch porn, all the typical scenes- MF, F2F, MMF. MFF, groups, anal.

Then, trying to see how far I could take him, I suggested some m2m. He declined. I suggested some mfm, with bi guys. He looked at me skeptically, but said he'd give it a try since I had told him it was a fantasy of mine.

We watched, and I watched him. He is very honest. Men do not turn him on, his cock does not lie. I was hoping to catch a bit of a hard on growing during some m2m scene to betray his denial that it aroused him, but no go. No stiffening when the men go at it.

But when the woman strapped on and started fucking a guy, mmm he does seem to like that. Good to know...

I remove my lubed fingers from his ass and started lubing up the dildo swinging in front of me in my harness. We picked it out together, just for this special occasion. Purple, about 7" long, unrealistic with a very bulbous head. It is now shiny with lube and I am so wet at the thought of inserting this into my husband I almost can't stand it!

I move my hands to ass cheeks, so muscular and firm, I squeeze them, knead them. He moans but doesn't look back at me.

"Are you ready baby?" I ask.

"Yes baby" he replies.

As the porn scene progressed and the tattooed slut in the video was fucking the bi porn guy as he's on the floor on his knees, his head resting on a cushion on the floor, my man's cock gets harder and harder and I can tell he's into it. I slide over, my hand on his cock and my tits against his arm and back, and I whisper in his ear.

"Mmmm, fuck this is hot baby. Don't you think so?"

"Uh huh" he half grunts, his eyes closing for a moment and his breath catching as I give his cock a squeeze.

The porn slut's tits bounce as she thrusts into one lover while the other gets behind her and rubs her ass. The man getting fucked rolls over, his knees up and his cock bouncing with every thrust.

"God I'd love to fuck you like that honey. Would you let me baby? Would you let your wife fuck your ass with a strap on and make you cum?" I breathe into his ear.

He moans at my words, puts his head to mine as I pump his cock.

The tattooed slut has her hand wrapped around her lover's cock now, while the other one reaches around her and cups her tits.

"Yes" he says.

"Yes what?" I ask, wanting desperately to hear him say it.

"You can have my ass baby" he says.

My pussy is drenched and my nipples ache as I shove my tongue in my husband's mouth and the man on screen cums all over his own stomach with the porn slut stroking his cock and her fake cock deep in his ass.

I press the round head of my dildo to his ass. Lubed up properly it eases in and then suddenly his sphincter wraps around it and I'm in. He lets out a delightful groan. I slide in little by little, returning the favor he has always shown me by not just slamming my ass the moment he enters me.

His deep, sexy groans fill our bedroom. My hands on his waist, I begin pumping, slowly, steady, in and out of my man's ass. I look over and catch the sight of us in the mirror on our closet door and absolutely love what I see. My man, all 6 foot 2 of him, bent over on our bed. His toned arms out in front of him, his head on a pillow. His thick, muscled thighs and his ass, so goddamn sexy, starting to move in rhythm with my pumping . The sight of him getting fucked is so sinfully delicious, my nipples and pussy ache from over stimulation.

I continue my steady fucking, increasing in speed slightly. His breathing quickens and he reaches his hands back to me. I take them into mine and hold them as I fuck him. I look back over at the mirror, and I see my tits bounce as the porn sluts did. With my husband off his elbows I can see his cock in the mirror and it is bouncing in the breeze as I thrust.

"Uhhh, oh fuck, ohhh fuuuuckkkk" my man is saying, his words driving me on as much as the view in the mirror. "Oh...fuck...cum..." is all he can manage and I see jet after of jet of cum shoot out of his cock as it sways and bounces. His hands squeeze mine and he lifts his head to the sky and groans a nice loud, husky orgasmic groan and I'm positive the neighbors are getting an earful.

Fuck oh dear, he came without me stroking him! I don't think I even knew that could happen! So fucking hot! I slow my pumps as he comes down from his cloud and let's go of my hands. He collapses onto his arms, his face buried in the pillow. I slip my fake cock from him and he falls completely onto the bed. I walk around the bed and look at the wall on the other side and his cum is splattered on it.

I bend down to him and kiss him on the forehead and cheek and he grabs my head and kisses me deeply, his tongue swirling into my mouth.

We break our embrace and I stand and he reaches around me and begins to unbuckle my harness. I assist him with the other buckle and I slide my temporary cock over my hips and as soon as it is gone he pulls me to him by my hips, his head on the edge of the bed. I lift my leg and rest my foot on the bed next to his head and he pulls me down to his mouth and he shoves his tongue into my pussy and it is just what I needed. He laps and tongues at me like a castaway who has gotten his first sip of water in days.

I get on the bed, over him in a 69 position and he grabs my ass and completely buries his face into my twat. Sucking on my clit, moving back and shoving that tongue as far as he can in me, his hands gripping my ass. Fuck yes, I love this.

My eyes closed in pleasure; I am losing myself in his oral assault on me. Suddenly, he has rolled me off him and he is up and getting behind me. He is hard again already and before I am even sure of what is happening he is sliding his cock into my hot, aching pussy. He is in me and fucking me, hard, urgently. His balls slap at my clit and he grips my ass now and I am in the throes of my own orgasm in short time. He fucks me through my orgasm and continues on until I build towards another one. As I get to the edge coming once more, he comes again. The feel of his hot cum filling me up is exactly what I need to send me back over the top and I come for the second time, our combined moans echoing and I am waiting for a bang on the wall or a loud "For Christ's sake, quiet down already!" from our neighbors any moment now.

We collapse together, sweat dripping, hair matted, panting, gasping. Exhausted and shaky, but in complete post coital bliss.

In ragged, breathless rasps he says "best...Valentine's day...ever".

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