Army Brat Ch. 03


"Jesus," he sighed. "You still could have stayed."

"I could have said the child was yours but I couldn't live that lie. If I would have stayed here everyone would have put the big Adultery "A" sign around my neck. I had to get away to decide…to decide if I wanted to keep the baby."

"So it was all about you and the baby. Did you even consider what you would do to Ellen?"

"No, I didn't. I fooled myself into thinking that she was fifteen and old enough to handle me leaving. It was a few months later that I realized what a mistake I had made." Tears continued to fall as she remembered the pain she had and the pain she had caused.

"You know you are bringing back the same pain. You are hurting her again Maria."

"I know but I need to explain everything. And if she still hates me after that then that's ok. I deserve it and will leave her alone."

"She's not ready to speak to you. She just found out that you were moving back so give it a little time." For the first time Allan was feeling sorry for his ex-wife. His buzzer when off and he looked down to see the emergency code. "I have to get back upstairs."

He stood and she stood. "I'm glad you kept the baby."

"There really was no choice. I became a doctor to save lives not to kill a life." She rubbed her eyes and looked at him with sadness.

"Thank you for talking to me."

She moved closer but he moved away. "I'll call you if and when Ellen wants to talk." He walked out of the door leaving her alone.


After desert Danny stood. "So what does everyone want to do?"

Before Ellen could suggest the two of them going to the boat Lisa spoke. "I have my glove so why don't we go outside and toss a baseball?"

"Er…I promised Ellen that we were going down by the river front," he said trying to keep her happy.

"You can do that later," Janet smiled. "Go toss a ball and I'll call Allan to see if we can all go out tonight for dinner."

Ellen couldn't complain since it was Mrs. Brand's idea. She reluctantly walked out into the garage with Danny as Lisa ran upstairs to get her glove. "She's going to live with you for a month."

"I didn't know so don't blame me," he said pulling down two baseball gloves from the shelf. "It doesn't matter because I love you. How many times do I have to tell you?"

"Oh I believe you but I'm not sure she does. She's the one you have to keep telling."

He handed her the glove. "Here."

She tried to put it on her right hand and realized it didn't fit. "I think I need another size."

Danny laughed. "It goes on your left hand." After getting it on she waved it in his face. He laughed and ran from her out the front to the lawn. "I'll throw you an easy one."

Ellen saw the ball coming and slapped at it causing it to fall at her feet. She picked it up and tried to throw it but it rolled out of her hand and went behind her. She heard him laughing and started laughing too until Lisa ran out with her glove. "I was watching. You throw like a girl."

"I am a girl bitch," Ellen thought as she picked up the ball and threw it under hand to Danny. Danny threw the ball hard to Lisa who snagged it and fired it back to him.

"Bula-Bula!" Lisa laughed.

"Bula-bula," Danny yelled as he threw it back.

"What is bula-bula?" Ellen asked.

"It's what we say when we are together," Lisa giggled.

They threw it hard back and forth about six times before Ellen complained. "Hey throw it to me!"

Lisa grinned and aimed. Ellen tried to get the glove up but the ball was too fast. It smacked into her right eye and bounced away. All she saw were stars before she blacked out.

"MOM! We need your help!" Danny yelled.


Allan had just walked out of the surgery when his cell went off. He saw Janet's caller ID. "Hi.'

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your daughter was hit on her eye with a baseball a while ago. But except for a black eye she will be fine."

"Do you need me to come by and look at it?"

"No, but I wanted to tell you that Captain Elliott and his daughter are in town. Do you still want to go out to dinner and meet them?"

"Sure, let me get cleaned up and I'll swing by around 5PM."


"Ahhh," Ellen groaned when she opened her eyes and felt the pain. She was having problems seeing out of her swollen right eye. "What happened?"

"The ball hit you in the eye," Danny said. "Put this ice pack on it."

Ellen did as he said and looked over him with her good eye at Lisa who stood back smiling. She knew that Lisa did it on purpose but decided not to pursue it. She pulled Danny down and pressed her lips into his.

"Thank you for helping me."

Danny tried to pull back but Ellen held him close enough to slip her tongue between this tightly closed lips. His tongue flicked across hers until she finally let him go. He turned to look at Lisa but she was gone.

"When are we going to be alone?" She whispered.

"I…uh…don't know," he answered. "It's kind of messed up right now with Lisa and her dad here. Maybe later tonight."

Ellen left an hour later to go home and get dressed for dinner. Danny helped carry in Lisa's bags and sat on her bed as she unpacked.

"This will be so cool being together like this," Lisa grinned. She opened her large suitcase and pulled out a stack of panties. As she carried them to the dresser she dropped a pair of black lace boy shorts by his feet.

"Oops. Would you hand me those?"

Danny stared at the sexy undies before picking them up. He blushed and put them on the pile of other silky sexy panties. "So are you still going out with Ryan?"

"Na, Ryan was just a friend. I'm free as a bird," she smiled.

Danny watched her take out a pile of bras but this time she didn't drop any. As she leaned over to put them in the bottom draw her shirt slid up in the back and he saw the strap of her pink thong. "I uh..better go and get dressed for dinner."

Lisa moved to the door and closed it. "You know we are going to share a bathroom so we might as well get used to seeing each other in our underwear. She pulled off her shirt and stood shamelessly in her sheer bra.

"Uh….we better not," he said feeling light headed. Her breasts were bigger than he had last seen them.

"It's not a big deal. You saw my boobs at your birthday party…remember?" Before he could answer she reached behind her with one hand and released the clasp. Seconds later the bra lay on the floor by her feet.

"Lisa…..we can't…" Danny stumbled for words seeing her large and pointy pink nipples pushing out at him.

"You're the only one who has ever touched them Danny." She moved up to him and took his trembling hand. "They are yours to touch anytime you want."

Danny watched his hand as she guided it up in front of her right titty. As she pulled it forward he quickly jerked it away.

"Lisa, I'm in love with Ellen. I'll always want to be your friend but that's it."

Lisa moved back and covered her breasts. "I thought that we…you know…had something more than just friendship. That night at your party when we kissed and you touched me."

"It was a special night for me. I'll always remember it but I've fallen in love with Ellen. I need for you to understand that because if you don't it will difficult for us to remain as friends."

"I've always loved you Danny," she said feeling the need to cry.

"I've loved you too but like a sister," he said moving over to her. When she opened her arms he hugged her soft naked breasts into his body. "But that's it."

Lisa pulled him closer and moved her lips near his neck. She felt him getting hard and reached between them to grab onto his hard-on. "You want me too Danny. I want you to be the first." It was the first time she had touched it.

"Ohhh…don't," he said pushed her back. His fingers pried hers from his bulge before he turned to walk out. "I know that you hit Ellen on purpose so don't ever do something like that again."


"Oh my," Allan said when he saw his daughter's black eye. "A baseball did that?"

"Yeah that bitch hit me," Ellen said as she moved into the hall bathroom to look at her face. "I think she is after Danny."

"I don't think she has much of a chance," he grinned. "Let me see it."

Ellen leaned back against the sink as he examined her injury. "It will take about a week to heal. I don't see any damage. How is your vision?

"Good but there is something else. Lisa is moving into Danny's house for about a month and in a few weeks her father is moving in as well until they find a house."

"Just her father?"

"Her parents are getting a divorce and the mother is staying in Germany."

"I'm not sure if I like that." He said thinking of Janet and the man living together.

"We're in the same boat," she said. "I better get some makeup on my eye before we go out."

Allan didn't say anything about his conversation with Maria because he wanted to think about it for a few days.


Janet carried the towels into the hall bathroom next to the bedroom that Tom was staying in and left them on the sink. When she turned to leave his bedroom door opened and he walked out with only a towel around his waist. "Oh…sorry….I uh.." she glanced at the shape of his penis pushing out the front of the towel. "I mean…I left some extra…towels on..the…sink."

Tom could see that she was embarrassed. "Sorry I didn't pack my robe."

"I have one of Josh's. I'll get it for you." She hurried by him and into her bedroom. A minute later she returned and saw the bathroom door cracked open. "I have your robe!"

Tom had thought he closed the door and had removed the towel when he heard her voice. He turned to push the door closed when it opened. He quickly turned showing his hard buttocks. Janet stood there in shock as she saw his lean muscular backside.

"I thought the door was closed." He opened the shower door and walked in while she walked backwards into the hall and closed the door.

Tom grinned as he moved into the shower because he had always liked Janet and when his wife left him he thought about the possibility of hooking up with her. Now that they were going to live in the same house he thought that maybe he would see if she would be interested.


"Does it still look bad?" Ellen asked her dad after they got out of the car in Danny's driveway.

"It's not as swollen but it still is dark," Allan said feeling bad for his daughter. They moved to the door and rang the bell. Again Lisa answered it.

"Oh hi you must be Ellen's dad. I'm Lisa." She held out her hand.

"Glad to meet you," Allan said wondering if this cute girl could have hurt his daughter on purpose. They all moved inside and he stopped to see Janet sitting next to a tall man on the sofa.

"Allan, I want you to meet Tom. Tom this is Allan." Janet smiled.

"Hello," the two men said at the same time as they shook hands. Allan moved to the chair while Ellen and Lisa moved into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry about before," Lisa started. "How is the eye?"

"I'll live," Ellen said not smiling. "I'll be ready next time."

"I've had a few black eyes from softballs," Lisa bragged. "I even broke my ankle once during a game."

Ellen was happy that they were alone. "There is something you and I need to discuss."

Lisa sat down. "Danny and I have already talked. He said that he loves you and I can respect that."

Ellen was surprised. She sat across from her. "I know you two have been friends for a long time and I don't want that to stop. He told me how you helped him after his dad died."

"It was a bad time for him. He looks happy now being here. I'm sure you have a lot to do with that."

"Wow," Ellen thought. "The girl isn't so bad after all."

"Hey how are my favorite girls?" Danny asked. He had been listening to the conversation in the hallway.

"Actually good," Ellen smiled. She was happy when he moved to her and kissed her lips.

"How is the eye?" He looked at it closely.

"Not as swollen." She grabbed his hand and stood. "Let's get the old people and go to dinner."


Dinner was at the same river front restaurant which had become their favorite. They sat at a large round table so Danny had Ellen on one side and Lisa on the other. Across from them Janet sat between the two men. The conversation was mostly about the town and the school and afterwards the young ones took a walk on the boardwalk.

"Let's show Lisa your boat," Danny said.

Ellen wished that they were going to the boat alone but was happy that Lisa seemed to be accepting her role as just a good friend. They ran down the boat ramp and stood behind the boat.

"Nice you must be loaded," Lisa said.

"Not really," Ellen replied. "It was my grandfather's boat and he gave it to my father."

"I'll get it open," Danny said remembering where the key was kept. He climbed up on the ship and as he was unlocking the door heard Lisa scream.


Danny heard a big splash and turned to see Lisa in the water next to the dock. "LISA!" He didn't even think before he dove over the side.

Ellen stood in shock because the girl had turned and smiled at her before she yelled. After she jumped into the water she realized that she had been had. "Danny I didn't push her."

Danny held onto Lisa as he swam back to the small steps leading up out of the water.

"She pushed me in Danny," Lisa whispered.

Danny held onto the steps as Lisa in her dripping white dress climbed out. His eyes moved from her nicely formed wet butt up to the dock at Ellen's face. "Why did you do that?"

"Danny I didn't do it," she said firmly. "She's lying."

Lisa started crying as she waited for him to climb out next to her. "I'm cold Danny." As he curled his arms around her and pulled her into him she looked over his shoulder and smiled at Ellen.

"We need to get you home," he said before reaching down and picking her up. He didn't even look back at Ellen or say anything as they walked away.

"Danny, she's lying." Ellen said angrily afraid that he actually believed that she would do something like Lisa was claiming.

Tom, Janet and Allan were outside on the boardwalk leaning against the rail when they saw Danny carrying a wet Lisa up to them. "OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED?" Janet asked.

"She fell into the water," Danny said. He sat her down and Lisa ran into her father's arms.

"Ellen pushed me in daddy," she sobbed.

"I did not," Ellen said as she ran up to them. "She jumped in to make it look like I did it."

"Ellen," Allan said. "Tell me the truth. Did you push Lisa in?'

"No daddy I swear. I would never do something like that." She reached for Danny's hand but he moved away. "Danny, you don't believe her do you?"

"I don't know," he said looking at his mom for help.

Janet took Lisa's hand. "First of all let's get you two back to the house to get some dry clothes on."

"We should come with you," Allan said wanting to get the matter cleared up. But Tom moved between Janet and him.

"I think it's best if you and your daughter do not come with us."

Allan bit his lip to keep from arguing with this man.

Ellen stood next to her father as they watched them leave. "I think we should go home," he said.

"You believe me right daddy?" She said as they walked behind the others.

"Yes baby. I do." They met in the parking lot by the two cars. After Lisa and Danny moved into the car with Tom, Janet walked over to Ellen and Allan.

"Are you coming over to the house? Maybe we can all talk this through?"

Allan looked at Lisa sitting in the backseat next to Danny. "I believe my daughter Janet. I hope that you do too." He looked into her eyes but she turned away.

"I'll call you later," Janet said as she climbed into the passenger seat next to Tom.

As they drove away Ellen saw Lisa's head fall over onto Danny's shoulder.


It was later that night as Ellen and her father watched the news that the phone rang. She jumped up and ran over to answer it.


"It's me," Buttons said. "What's up?"

"Can you spend the night with me? I've had a really bad day."

"Sure I'll be right over."

Ten minutes later the smaller girl walked in wearing her pajamas. "Hi Dr. B."

"Hi Buttons. I'm glad you came over."

"Let's go upstairs," Ellen said.

After Ellen told Buttons about Lisa Buttons was fired up. "I'll really push her into the water. I might be short but I'll kick her ass."

"It's what she wants," Ellen said. "She found a way to get between Danny and me and now is alone with him. He hasn't even called me."

"He's known her since they were eight so he is mixed up. He loves you but doesn't want to lose her as his friend."

"You know even if I did push her in how about the fact that she hit me in the eye with a baseball on purpose? Why wasn't he angry with her about that?"

"You're right," Button's said sitting on the bed next to her. "Maybe Danny isn't as perfect as we thought."


Danny held Lisa on the small sofa in their basement. They had showered and changed into sweat pants and tee shirts before they went downstairs. "Are you feeling better?"

"Not really," she whispered rubbing her braless breast against his arm. "I'm so happy that you are here with me."

Danny's mind was going in circles. He had heard Lisa cry out and then heard the splash. Lisa had always been honest with him so why would she lie about something like this. But at the same time he thought he knew Ellen and never would have thought that she could push anyone into the river.

"She's not for you Danny. You really don't know her that well. It's only been a few weeks." Her hand dropped to the top of his thigh and started massaging it.

Her breast against his arm and the memory of her in the damp dress was causing a serious stirring in his loins. His body was taking over while his mind bounced around. "Lisa…we shouldn't.."

Lisa moved her fingers upward until she touched the hardness under the cotton covering. Again she curled her fingers around him but this time began to stroke him. "You want me Danny. You are so hard."

"Lisa…stop," he said grabbing her wrist and trying to pull her hand away. After she let go he moved away. "I told you that I love Ellen."

Danny moved upstairs and walked into the quiet house. He heard the TV on in the den and walked in. He suddenly froze when he saw his mother and Tom standing in the middle of the room hugging. "Mom."

Janet pulled away and looked back at her son. "Danny…we were..we were…"

"Do what you want," he said before turning and running up the stairs. His life suddenly went from bad to worse.

"Shit he thinks that we were.." Janet said as she turned away from Tom.

"Weren't we?" Tom asked. After all they had been hugging for over a minute and he thought that she felt his hardness.

"No. Not that," she gasped. "I was crying and you were comforting me."

"Janet I care a lot for you," Tom whispered.

"I can't do this," she said as she too moved up the stairs.


"It's him," Buttons said to Ellen after she picked up the mobile phone. "Do you want to talk to him?"

"Yes." Ellen took the phone. "Are you finished believing her?"

"Ellen, I'm sorry I should have stayed with you. I understand now that you were upset about the baseball."

"Oh my god! You still believe her don't you? I'm going to say this for the last time. I DIDN'T PUSH HER INTO THE RIVER!"

She closed the phone and handed it to Buttons. "You're right. He's not perfect."

He called five more times but they didn't answer it.


After church on Sunday Danny drove by Ellen's house to see if she was there but no one answered the door. Fifteen minutes later he ran down the boat ramp and found that the ELLEN MARIA was gone. "Shit."

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