Army Wife


Tom sat on the headboard of the bed, his dick sticking out as he spread his legs. He was directly above me and I could see his hairy balls slapping her chin as she sucked his dick. He held up her hair with one hand while the other snaked down her body and grabbed a tit. He squeezed and massaged it. I was letting her ride me as she rocked her body on mine and squeezed her pussy muscles over my cock, milking it. This happened for about another 10 minutes. We were both close but could last about another 5 minutes. She had two mini orgasms as we slowly fucked her.

"Dude just fuck her silly," Tom said from above. "You can cum in her if you want." I didn't reply. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard and fast. I was pounding upwards, shoving my dick upwards into her pussy, my pelvis slapping her ass.

Karen had no gag reflex so now Tom was fucking her face. I could see precum and saliva forming around her mouth as he rammed his cock into her. Her boobs were flailing around in circles and slapping one another. We were both very close.

Karen had her eyes closed and was twitching a bit. She was approaching her own orgasm too. Then she started to buck her hips and arch her back. She released Tom's dick as I continued fucking her silly. She jerked his dick violently and started screaming.

"Yeah just fuck that pussy," Karen screamed. "Fuck it hard and fast. Make me cum you fucking son of a bitch. Fill my cunt with your jizz."

"Take that bitch!" I shouted and I picked up the pace. My legs were tiring but I didn't care. She started screaming out as she came. Her pussy tightened and felt wetter as she exploded over my cock. She was slamming herself down onto me.

I couldn't even let her finish her orgasm and came into her seconds later. My balls contracted and I released another torrent of cum into this lady. Since she was cumming it was easier to fuck her now as she was extremely slippery. Our juices mixed together as I released myself into her and we both screamed in ecstasy.

I just laid there after my orgasm subsided. I felt her lean forward as her tits pressed onto my face. I watched as she sucked Tom off. She was bobbing her head onto his pole as she used one hand to massage his balls as the other stroked his pole. I placed a pillow under my head and had better access to her tits. I started to suck them as I felt my dick soften. It popped out and I felt some of our come drip out onto my lap.

Tom was moaning loudly. His mouth was agape as he received a fantastic blowjob. Then I saw him twitch. His hips started to rock and I noticed his nuts and ass tighten.

"Holly fuck!" he cried as she replaced Karen's hand with his. She stopped sucking him and I noticed that she pulled back slightly so the head of his cock was mere centimeters from her open mouth. Then I saw it. His jizz just exploded out of his pole and fired straight into her mouth. Whatever that did not make it into her mouth dropped on her shoulders and hair or on her tits that she held up.

When they finished, Karen rolled off me, her mouth still holding Tom's seamen. Tom sat down on the bed, his dick shrinking. He looked tired.

"Fuck that was a good blowjob," he sighed as he leaned on head board. I sat up I went over to Karen.

"I love the taste of cum," Karen gurgled. She then closed her mouth and I watched her swallow Tom's goo. She had a finger in her pussy and was pulling out my cum. she then licked it off and moaned.

"It's so tasty," she cooed.

"So how was your thank you present?" Tom asked.

"It was fucking awesome," I said. He grinned.

"Well that's not all you receive. From now on, feel free to fuck my wife any time you want," he said. I almost choked.

"Tom. Seriously?" I asked. He nodded.

"Of course. Besides, the little cunt here likes a good dickin" he chuckled. I looked at Karen and noticed her playing with the excess cum on her face and mouth. She looked at me and smiled. Then she grabbed my cock and stroked it.

I grew hard again and she sat up. I looked at Tom.

"I'm tired now. I rather watch you two fuck," he said calmly. I nodded and felt her mouth over my cock. This was the best present ever.

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