Art Ch. 01


This story could have gone in a variety of other categories, as it involves domination and submission, and aspects of heterosexual and lesbian sex between participants of different ages. If that offends you, then I suggest you don't read it. If it works for you, check out my other stories! The story is my recreation of one I read years ago on a different site; so if it seems familiar, that may be why. If you know (or even wrote) the original, I hope you'll forgive my adaptation; and let me know what you think.

If there's a moral to this story - and I'm not sure that there is - it's to know how to keep a secret. Because if women know that their preferences aren't going to be the stuff of gossip, they might do anything with you!

I kept a secret about a girl I knew, a few years older than me, who crashed her car into a lamp-post whilst driving home from the pub a bit worse for wear. Just happened to be walking nearby, that's all, and heard the car crunch to a halt.

Anyway, there was no-one else involved, and it was a fairly low-speed accident, so when Janie staggered drunkenly out of the car, I helped her walk the half-mile home. I was fifteen at the time, and Janie was eighteen; but I knew her brother from school. Still, when her mum asked me not to tell anyone, I didn't. And three years later, I realised it was the best thing I'd never done!

Janie had gone off to university, and I was at college when her mum transferred there as the new head of Art; one of my best subjects. She was strict as hell, but fair, and very supportive to me. In fact, I didn't think anything of it when she asked me if I'd like to be involved in some extra-curricular classes...

I turned up at four as she'd suggested, and met her in the arts lab. The lab was isolated at the far end of school from the entrance, so there was no-one about apart from me.

"Hello, Tom." said Mrs Wood with a smile. "So glad you could make it."

"No problem," I said. "What's up?"

Mrs Wood spoke quietly and calmly. "Well, I've been concerned about your development, Tom. Actually everyone's, but yours in particular. Not that you don't show talent - far from it - but that your opportunities here are limiting you."

"What do you mean?" I asked a bit anxiously. Art was my favourite subject, and I was thinking about doing it at university. I thought things were going fine.

"Well, you've got real talent, Tom. Your oils are making good progress - and I think that your charcoal portraits are truly superb. But in order to develop your skills properly, you'd need to do more than simple portraits. I think you need to move on to full figure nudes."

We'd done plenty of work with still-lifes, and portraits, usually of each other. But school policy forbade letting us draw full or partial nudes, for some reason. I can't imagine why!

Still, we'd all made a few jokes about it. I'd even suggested it, casually, to a couple of ex-girlfriends. But to no avail. So what was Mrs Wood's plan?

"Um, that's kind of... I mean, I'd want to, but isn't it kind of against school rules?"

"Well yes Tom... But great artists need to break the rules sometimes... And I know you can keep a secret..."

I remembered Janie's drunken crash then, and wondered if this was some sort of payback.

"So Tom; I see three factors coming together... You need to learn to sketch nudes... I'd like some new sketches for my private collection...and I have a model who wants nothing more than to help me..." said Mrs Wood calmly, as if suggesting nothing more than a cup of coffee.

"I - er - wow!" I babbled, a little stunned. "You mean a nude model? A girl?"

"Of course, Tom. But she expects your total discretion - as do I." She raised a finger warningly. "And you won't disappoint me, will you?"

"No, ma'am" I said earnestly.

"Very well." She said. "Now set up the area. You see the inflatable mattress there? Lay it out with the white duvet in that cupboard."

I did as she asked, and she disappeared into her supply room. I heard low voices murmuring as I did what she asked. The blinds were drawn, and two spot-lights were already fixed on the subject area - usually used for pot plants or sculptures.

Mrs Wood came back out, smiling. She walked past me and told me to set up my easel as she locked the door.

"Now, I want you to be relaxed and mature about this, Tom. It's difficult posing nude for the first time, and some nervousness is only natural. You being calm will make it easier for her. And I'll expect you to thank her properly at the end."

"Sure, Mrs Wood. Who is it, though?"

"You're ready then? Good. Fernanda? Come on out now, there's a good girl"

Be calm, be cool I thought to myself. But I couldn't think of any girls called Fernanda. And then my jaw hit the floor as I saw who walked out of the supply room, wearing just a flimsy blue cotton robe.

There's one teacher like Miss Carter in every school, I guess. One young female teacher who drives all the boys wild. They aren't always that attractive, in all honesty. But Fernanda Carter was a full-blown knockout. In her late twenties; dark Spanish complexion with bright green eyes and long black hair. She taught English literature, and dressed pretty sensibly for the most part. Still, even 'sensible' clothes couldn't hide her large bosom, or the long legs that pushed her close to five foot ten in her socks. Not that she was wearing socks now.

I gaped as she walked out. She looked prettier than ever; her wavy black hair falling to her shoulders, face made up with a little blusher, eye shadow, and lipstick. She looked at the floor as she came out to the drawing area, and stepped onto the soft mattress.

"Very good Fernanda. Now, as we agreed; the Venus pose?"

Miss Carter kept her eyes down, slipping one arm and then the other out of her robe; whilst struggling to hold it closed. She arranged her hands underneath as the robe quickly fell to the floor. She was a dark Venus, rising from the depths... She stood there, naked, head down. One arm reached across her chest to conceal her breasts - or at least, her nipples - and the other snaked down to cover her pudenda.

I swallowed, mouth dry.

"Chin up now, Fernanda. Look at us." said Mrs Wood. "In your own time, Tom."

I jumped slightly at the sound of my own name, realising that I was supposed to be sketching. I picked up my charcoal as Fernanda lifted her head, finally looking at me with shame burning in her eyes. She looked unhappy, but didn't say a word as I moved my easel closer.

Eagerly, I drank in the sight of this live nude woman; this goddess made flesh. Obviously I'd seen plenty of porn before, and I'd been with a couple of girls; but this was different. She wasn't a teenager, but a woman; her body more mature and fully-developed. Although she was covering herself with her hands, it didn't really hide much. The soft flesh of her ample breasts swelled above and below her slender fingers erotically.

I began to sketch as I studied her; starting with the curvy hourglass of her body; the swell of her hips leading down to the long, long legs. In a couple of minutes, I had these roughly sketched, and moved on to her arms; a much trickier proposition. Her right arm was pulled back to enable her to cover her breasts; the right breast squashed behind her forearm and the left lifted a little as it was covered by her hand. Her breasts were truly amazing; I thought as I carefully shaded in her cleavage.

The sketch was taking form now, as I moved on to her left arm. This snaked down her flat stomach and between her legs; modestly hiding her pussy from view. I wondered what lay underneath as I focussed on that hand. A Brazilian? Was she shaved? Maybe even a piercing... My cock was as hard as a rock in my trousers, and as I glanced up to Miss Carter's face, I got a shock as I realised her 'modestly' lowered face was directed straight at my crotch!

I gulped as Mrs Wood spoke behind my ear. "Very good, Tom. You've perhaps made the torso slightly long though. Now finish the head, and don't leave out the detail in her hair."

Her hair was glorious, if you like it long. I know that I do. A curly black mane tumbling onto her shoulders, and scattering both in front and behind. The hair framed her face beautifully; and complemented her coffee-coloured skin beautifully; the skin smooth and flawless.

I did my best to capture the tangled mass of curls cascading around her beautiful face. Her eyes flickered between my crotch, then up to catch my eye. I wondered what she was thinking seeing me study her, with obvious arousal.

"Very good, Tom." said Mrs Wood. "You can relax now for a moment Fernanda. Then, perhaps we'll sketch you from behind. Tom can practice on the simpler lines of your back."

"Yes, Mrs Wood" said Miss Carter in her gently accented voice. She sounded almost... submissive! I couldn't help noticing how she and Mrs Wood referred to each other. Mrs Wood was definitely... I don't know - in charge? I wondered what the deal was between them. Why was Miss Carter modeling for me? I knew she was single; was she into women? Were she and Mrs Wood...?

Miss Carter hadn't relaxed her hands, although she had padded from one foot to the other. God! In a room with Miss Carter, naked! If only I could tell my friends - well they'd never believe me, and it would never happen again, I guess, so that would probably be a pretty stupid thing to do!

"Turn around now, dear" said Mrs Wood coolly.

Miss Carter nodded silently, and turned her back on me, bringing her slender waist and beautifully rounded buttocks into view.

Oh! My! God!

I like a nice ass. And I've seen plenty on the net. What's that girl - Keyra? The one so many sites give 'best bum' award to. Well, she doesn't come close!

I have never, in my life, seen a bum so pert, high and firm-looking.

"What do you think?" came the whisper in my ear.

I didn't turn my gaze. "Perfect. Absolutely bloody perfect. Amazing." I muttered.

"Well, that's high praise. Tell Miss Carter what you just told me." she said, finishing loudly.

I blushed, glancing at her for a moment. She looked back at me firmly.

"Ah, Miss Carter... I was just saying, er... That you, er... You... You have a very nice ass." I said to her.

"That wasn't quite what you said, Tom." said Mrs Wood coldly. I hastily corrected myself, not wanting to upset her.

"I said it... Your bum was...perfect. That it was amazingly perfect. The best I've, er... seen."

Mrs Wood smiled at my blushing face. "That's better, Tom" she said warmly.

I looked at my feet momentarily, wondering what Miss Carter had made of the whole thing. God, how embarrassing!

Mrs Wood peeled off the sketch I had made, and told me to continue. I looked at Miss Carter's naked, graceful curves. Her hair tumbled over her back, hanging down to a point between her shoulder blades. Beneath this, the muscles of her back curved gracefully alongside her spine. Her hips flared out, framing that amazing ass, and becoming long beautiful legs that stretched down, becoming firm thighs and graceful calves. Just beneath her bottom, between her thighs I could see a tiny patch of light gleaming, but couldn't make out the treasures that lay beyond.

I wiped my mouth, aware that a little spittle had escaped my half-open jaws. It took quite a while before I managed to start drawing...

Mrs Wood stood beside me, gently guiding my sketching, helping me get the proportions right. If it wasn't for the fact that the model was my naked, gorgeous English teacher; I could almost believe that this really was a real Art activity!

From behind, Miss Carter had a real hourglass figure, all smooth curves and ass. I hardly felt I did her justice, but Mrs Wood seemed very pleased with my charcoal rendering.

As I got more charcoal, Mrs Wood repositioned Miss Carter; she sank to her knees on the mattress, and then turned herself. Her legs came halfway, displaying her firm thighs and ass as she removed her hands. She turned her upper body further until she was lying semi-recumbent with her legs curled beneath her, reclining back on both hands. The angle she leaned back at hid her pubis, but made her magnificent breasts thrust forward proudly; and once again I found myself staring. Her breasts were huge and heavy - probably an E or F-cup - with just the slightest sag to them. Her nipples were erect; raspberry red in the middle of soft brown areolae. She obviously tanned topless. As she saw me staring, she shook her hair back, biting her lower lip before looking at me proudly.

As she lay back, propped up on her arms; Miss Carter's breasts were pulled up and back, separating them clearly. All I wanted right then was to go to her and take her in my arms. My cock throbbed painfully in my jeans; a prisoner fighting for release. I realised with horror that my empty left hand had moved to touch my cock inside my pants, and hurriedly moved behind the easel to sketch.

This was a difficult task; my head confused with lust and desire. The object of my dreams; hell, most of the college's male fantasies was lying naked before me; proudly exposing her flawless naked body. Nude, I thought to myself; but it wouldn't stick. Nude was an artist's word; it had nothing to do with desire. Miss Carter was naked. Very naked.

A trickle of sweat ran down my face; and Mrs Wood's finger caught it beside my ear.

"You seem hot, Tom" she said questioningly.

"Um, yes ma'am" I said; face flushed. Frankly it was amazing there was any blood left for my cock.

"Take your shirt off," she said. It wasn't a suggestion, but a flat statement; and it didn't even occur to me to question her. My T-shirt hit the floor in seconds. I looked at her nervously for some sort of approval, but she didn't even look at me. I turned back to the sketch, painfully aware that I was - well, less than ripped. Frankly I was a bit thin, with a slim waist and slightly delicate arms. I mean, I'd been thinking about hitting the gym; but if I'd had any idea I was going to be taking my shirt off in front of someone like Miss Carter...

Anyway, I was a little cooler now; but it didn't really help my sweaty fingers much. The charcoal pencil was crumbling in my hand as I tried to draw Miss Carter's magnificent breasts.

"It's important," began Mrs Wood "to keep one's mind clear of distractions when sketching a nude. It's all too easy for one to be distracted by one's basest desires. Are you distracted by your desires, Tom?"

"Aaah.... No...?"

"Are you sure?" said Mrs Wood, stepping close to me. "That bulge in your pants tells a different story. What do you think, Fernanda? Is our young Michelangelo distracted?"

I could have died on the spot.

My naked teacher spoke up again in her soft voice.

"Yes, Mrs Wood. He looks very distracted. And... uncomfortable..."

"You do, Tom. What shall we do about it?" She leaned in, conspiratorially. "I think you should jerk off, Tom. That should clear your head for a while."

My mouth fell open, and I gaped like a fish. Mrs Carter's eyes widened slightly and her breasts rose as she took a deep breath. She stared at me, breathing heavily.

"Take your trousers and pants off Tom," said Mrs Wood.

"Um, but..." I mumbled.

"Tom! I don't want to have to tell you again. Do as I tell you. Take them off." came the crisp reply.

I stared at her, and then looked at the floor as my hands went to my belt. Slowly, I unbuckled it, and then unbuttoned my fly. I pushed my jeans down my legs. These, at least, showed a bit of definition from cycling to college every day. My socks came with them, leaving me in my boxer shorts with a raging erection tenting out the front.

Shyly, I looked up at Mrs Wood, and she raised an eyebrow as if to say 'What's the hold-up'. I looked at Miss Carter, whose gaze was firmly fixed on my crotch. I put my hands on the waistband of my boxers and pushed them down an inch, but halted. I could hardly do it.

Mrs Wood spoke again; this time almost kindly. The stick and carrot approach, I guess. "Come along Tom - I'm sure Fernanda and I have both seen naked men before. There's nothing in there to be embarrassed about. Besides, Fernanda here has been kind enough to display herself for your benefit. It's a bit unfair not to show her your...appreciation."

I pushed.

My boxer shorts slipped down my thighs and dropped around my ankles; displaying my erect cock.

Now, I know the rest of my body isn't too impressive. I'm not muscular or exceptionally tall. But I do have a nice cock. Last time I measured, it was just less than eight inches from base to tip; and broad, measuring almost seven inches around. I know, that sounds a lot - but it's only a bit over two inches diameter, that's all. Still less than my wrists, and as I've said, I'm not a big guy. There's a slight upwards curve to the shaft, before the swelling head, covered by my foreskin.

I looked up sheepishly.

"Oh, that's very nice," said Mrs Wood with emphasis. "Don't you think so, Fernanda?"

Miss Carter blushed crimson as she stared at the hard shaft erupting from my crotch. She nodded, blinking furiously.

"I'm sorry Fernanda, I didn't hear that. What did you say?"

"It's very nice Mrs Wood. Very...nice." she stammered, lowering her eyes.

Watching her embarrassment didn't do my erection any harm, and when Mrs Wood told me to take hold of it, it seemed only natural.

With just a little encouragement, I was soon stroking my rod in front of the two older women; the older one dominant and clothed, the other one submissive and naked. So naked - breasts pushing forward...

"Well done, Tom" said Mrs Wood softly. "Now Fernanda, he's done so well showing his arousal - why not help him by showing yours?"

Miss Carter stared at her, not moving.

"Turn towards us and open your legs, dear." came Mrs Wood's cool order.

I began to pump my fist in earnest as Miss Carter's slender thighs rose and turned towards me. Slowly, they parted, revealing her pussy in all its glory.

Between her legs, Miss Carter's pussy was located beneath a dark patch of hair which was trimmed into a neat vee. Her pussy lips were bare, swollen, gleaming under the spotlights.

I gasped as her beautiful pussy was revealed, jerking my fist hard on my stiff cock. All the visual stimulation, and the heady eroticism of the situation was too much for me, and I came in seconds. I grabbed the head of my cock with my free hand, catching the erupting semen in my palm as I cried out with release.

I fell to my knees as I came; trying not to cry out. When I finally opened my eyes again, I saw Miss Carter watching me, breathing heavily; still reclining on her hands, her legs spread widely.

"That looked very enjoyable, Tom" said Mrs Wood, as though she was commenting on what a nice sandwich I was eating. She waited a moment for me to catch my breath before continuing "So, are you ready to finish your drawing?"

I looked at her, open-mouthed, before nodding mutely.

"Best go wash your hands then Tom," she said dismissively, and turned to look at Miss Carter.

I didn't really listen to what they were saying - my mind's never very sharp right after an orgasm - but they kept talking quietly as I washed my hands, and came back over to stand by the easel. The room had gotten so warm that I hardly noticed that I was naked, and I picked up a new stick of charcoal, sharpening one end to a point.

Miss Carter was now back in her (slightly) more demure pose; reclining on her hands, with her upper body directed at me, and her slim waist twisted so that her legs curled underneath her. Her pussy was hidden from view again, which helped me focus a bit as I started back on the charcoal drawing.

I have to admit, it was easier to draw without having an enormous hard-on nagging at me. Miss Carter's curvaceous form quickly took shape on the paper; and this time I managed to get the perspective on her breasts just right. They looked like they were thrusting out of the paper at us!

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