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Asexual Reproduction


Amy, Kelly, and Wendy were usually full of friendly chatter and conversation as they went about their days at New Gaia PolyTechnic, but today's xeno-biology lecture had definitely made an impression. They met at the door in wide-eyed silence as they exited the classroom lab, and even after exchanging nauseated expressions it still took a couple moments until anyone spoke up.

"Damn, Kelly," said Amy at last, "you were right. That shit is soooo fucked up."

"I know," replied Kelly, "and it's just a fucking plant, you know what I mean? How creepy is that?"

"And that *shape*," added Amy. "What possible reasons could a plant have for growing a piece that looks exactly like a human dick, anyway?"

"Fungus," said Wendy softly as she followed her friends down the hall.

"What?" Kelly asked.

Wendy just kept walking, staring at her feet and not quite realizing Kelly had asked her a question.

"What do you mean, 'fungus'?" asked Kelly again.

"Nothing, sorry," said Wendy. "It's just ... not really a plant -- biologically, it's more like a fungus." The young, lean Asian woman had a work-study job as a Teaching Assistant in the xeno-bio department, but tried not to bore her friends with details about pistils and stamens and the like.

"Plant, fungus, whatever. It's fucking disgusting. And could you believe that shit about 'psycho-sexual reactions'?" Kelly asked, rolling her eyes for effect. "What a crock. She *wishes*, the old perv..." Blonde and stunning, Kelly saw most things through a prism of sexuality because that's how most people saw her.

"She did say it was a myth," added Amy.

"Yeah right, a myth she gets off on every time she's up in that lab all alone doing 'research.' Sicko..." Kelly didn't really mind the leers she got from her professors, including Walters. Actually she rather enjoyed all the attention, even when it came from women. Kelly certainly wasn't opposed to the occasional girlfuck and Walters kept herself in nice enough shape and everything -- she had a gorgeous pair of breasts, in fact -- but, still, Kelly had a serious boyfriend at the moment, and besides, Walters had to be at least, like, 40 in terran years. Eww.

"It is kind of amazing, though," continued Amy. "You get so accustomed to thinking only animals can exhibit that kind of predation, but competition is competition, right? So by definition, any native species that survived the pre-colonial terraforming would have had to be the ones that adapted and found ways to continue to propagate. And think about it, lots of parasites alter the behavior of their hosts, this one evidently just altered things a little more ... profoundly."

As bouncy and bubbly as her short brunet curls, Amy was the friendly one -- and her heavy, delectable breasts and full, ripe hips made her a very nice friend to have. None of the girls found it particularly hard to attract lovers, and together they considered themselves the apex predators of the social food chain at PolyTech.

"Yeah, whatever. Save it for finals, brainiac." Kelly got almost all A's, too, but never missed a chance to tease Amy for being the smartest. "Look, I'm going to have to skip the coffee shop today, girls -- I've done next to nothing for that Orbital Mechanics test on Friday, so I'm going to hit the books instead. Kisses!"

After a quick wave in reply, Amy and Wendy headed off as a pair, but after only a couple steps Wendy pulled up short. "Shit," she said, patting her pockets. "I, ummm ... Shit, I think I left my, uh, commlink back at the lab -- Ames, you go ahead and get us a table, I'll catch up. Order me a latte, okay?"

"Oh. Well, ... okay," said Amy forlornly as Wendy hustled off back the way they came. "Bye."

* * *

"Damn, I've always had a knack for little white lies," thought Wendy, "but I cannot believe I pulled that one off." The way her heart was racing, she could barely believe she made out of the lab without having a heart attack. Or more likely, she thought, collapsing under a tidal wave of orgasms.

Even as aroused as she had gotten during class, she didn't really intend to act on it until Kelly begged off their traditional post-class coffee break. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, however, Wendy found herself going for it practically before she could make up her mind about it.

She was small and firm enough up top that today, like a lot of days, she just skipped the bra; and now with each step she took back toward the lab her swollen, sensitive nipples sizzled back and forth delightfully against the inside of her shirt. "I'm only going back to look at them," she promised herself. "Only to look. Look but don't touch." Her pussy was fairly squishing with anticipation.

She still wasn't convinced her friends hadn't caught onto anything, but they sure hadn't seemed to; and in the state Wendy was in, she didn't really care very much either way. In fact, Wendy had been in a frenzy ever since old lady Walters unveiled the specimens for the day's xeno-bio lecture: Lovelock spores. *Real* ones. Right there in front of her. Hundreds of years old, and long since dead and dessicated, Walters had insisted, but even during the lecture -- as soon as Wendy saw the close-ups on the hologram projector -- she knew Walters was wrong.

In fact, no one on Gaia knew as much about Lovelock spores as Wendy did -- obviously not Walters, who must have learned everything she knew about the spores from other scientists. To be fair, Walters' lecture had focused on the history and mythology of the spores, instead of their mechanics and biology, and she'd largely gotten the historical context exactly right.

The story among some of the colonists was that the whole planet was a cohesive system; one which affirmatively managed its resources and inhabitants through seemingly unplanned variations in things like the location and amounts of rainfall and the spread of vegetation. The Lovelock spores fit into this story in a fascinating way: the spores were said to be parasitic, and used humans to reproduce not only the spores themselves, but ultimately also other humans, in a sense.

Once grotesquely and painfully impregnated, the history books said, women would reportedly spawn several spore pods first, before eventually giving birth to nightmarishly mutated human/fungus hybrids with poisonous blood that spit fire and ate children, or something like that. There were no reports of the spores being implanted in men.

The professional scientists among the colonists debunked these reports, considering the spores to be just an unusually well-adapted form of incompatible local flora, and listed the spores among the other native species that were to be eradicated as the colonists themselves completed the final terraforming by hand.

Wendy, however, had spent countless hours reading through the settlement's archives. She read the first hand reports in the original wikis, not just the digests prepared by the Gaian authorities for the history books.

Dozens of those reading sessions had ended with Wendy's panties bunched up around an ankle and her fingers strumming herself through one soul-shaking come after another as she read about women from the original settlements losing themselves -- or, more accurately, eagerly and ecstatically volunteering themselves -- to the enchantments of the soul-sucking "demon fungus."

Some of the descriptions were incredibly, almost reverently detailed, and Wendy had memorized the archive addresses for the really good ones. Over time, she'd learned about how the spore pods could go dormant in order to survive droughts, floods, radiation storms -- just about anything, really; and she read about how the original settlers eventually figured out how to tell the dead ones from the dormant ones and eradicated them.

Or so they thought. Within 10 seconds of looking at the pods Walters had brought into class, Wendy was positive they weren't dead -- and she felt herself getting steadily hotter and creamier thinking of creative new ways to bring them out of dormancy.

Now back at the door to the lab, Wendy took out her TA key and paused. After a deep breath, she let herself in.

* * *

Wendy could hardly believe her own irresponsibility. She had no idea how she could ever explain it, but who knew if she'd ever have an opportunity like this again? She was *so close*, and besides, the whole lab building was nearly deserted in the late afternoon anyway. It's not like there would be any witnesses.

She also wasn't totally sure it would even work: the textbook she raised above her head wasn't particularly hard, but it was heavy and the display case didn't appear to be all that strong...

The sound the case made when it shattered seemed deafening inside the lab, but to Wendy's relief and incredulity, even after waiting for several breathless moments no one seemed to have noticed. She held her breath in equal parts panic and arousal, but no one rang in over the classroom commlink, no fat campus security guard came puffing up to the door. The pods weren't exactly protected like a bio-hazard, but why would they have been? Long dead fossils were no threat, right?

"Just gotta take one out to get a really good close look," she thought, as she put down the book, "then I'll put it right back."

She shuddered through a ferocious surge of arousal when she felt the heft of the first spore case in her hand. This was no dried out, ancient relic; this had mass and purpose and vitality. She trembled and felt beads of sweat lining up on her forehead as she gently withdrew the alien object through the broken glass and held it in front of her face.

"Gods, it's beautiful," she thought, staring intently at the spore's outer shell and cradling it reverently in her hands. It was roundish and oblong, a little smaller than a rugby ball, with a smooth, rippled, slightly translucent surface. It seemed coated in some kind of hard, shiny enamel -- but just underneath, the skin shimmered with wild, deep swirls of colors. Midnight blues, forest greens, inky, dark browns; all interweaving above, through, and underneath each other.

Wendy was transfixed. She found what she thought may have been a small crack in the top of the casing, and lightly ran her fingertips over it as she would the skin of a lover.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned softly to herself. "So smooth ... and so pretty... Gods, there are Lovelock spores right inside here, right in my hands. *Real* spores just like the ones that took all those women back when Gaia was first colonized. Ohh, just imagine the enticement, the surrender, and then the sensations of being *seeded* by a..." Wendy sighed, sliding a hand towards her crotch.

"NO, stop it," she commanded herself, snapping out of her reverie just before her fingers made it underneath her skirt. "Just stop. This is getting out of hand," she thought, taking a deep breath. "This fetish is gonna get me busted."

She took another look around the lab and promised herself, "Just check out the others, really quick, then they all go right back in the case. And then I head back to the dorms and spend the rest of the day jilling off like a maniac..."

* * *

Wendy's face and neck glowed bright red as she locked the classroom door behind her as quietly as she could and quickly hustled across the hall to the women's bathroom. She'd never be able to keep up the facade if she ran into anyone now, but she figured one quick wank session couldn't take more than a couple minutes. She felt like she could come any second already. "Hello?" she asked, with a quakey, wavering voice as she walked through the bathroom door.

Her mouth was parched and she had to clear her throat before speaking again. "Anybody in here?" Sighing with lust when she heard only silence in response, she put her bag down on the floor of the handicapped stall and walked back to the door.

"One quick come, just so I can get my composure back," she thought to herself. "Just take a few minutes here in private, have the best come of your lifetime, and then they all go right back to the lab." She turned the deadbolt with shaking fingers, and hurried back to the stall where she left her bag.

Her panties were soaked nearly to the waistband, and practically dripped as she pushed them down her legs with her skirt. She kicked off her shoes but kept the socks, and turned in place to sit on the toilet seat. Her skin and blood sparkled as though electrified as she reached between her legs for her backpack.

The sensation of cool air against the soaking heat in her crotch, and the cold, hard seat just under her steaming pussy reminded her of some of the best cums of her life -- back in high school, during slumber parties at a girlfriend's house, when she used to sneak into the bathroom to rub one out after a spirited round of spin the bottle. It was funny how often she and her friends would use the game as a pretext to make out for hours, even though none of them was willing to be the one to take things beyond "kissing practice." Still, though, there were usually at least two or three bathrooms around, so each girl always managed to find some private space to cum in.

Finished with her reverie, Wendy's breath caught in her throat as she lifted the biggest pod out of her bag. It felt warmer now than it did in the lab, but maybe it was just her. Either way, though, it had definitely changed. The surface seemed less like enamel, and somehow softer. It was still shiny, but it had a give to it more like patent leather. Wendy nearly panted as she turned the case around in her hands, looking for the crack she'd spotted moments earlier in the lab.

She had another flash of recollection when she found it, something she read about ending the dormant period of the spores. "Heat and moisture," she thought feverishly, and then with a gasp raised the spore to her mouth and extended her tongue.

The taste was strong, and spicy, and she shuddered through a min-orgasm when she considered how much it tasted like pussy. "More like Amy than Kelly," she thought, thinking fondly about the more overt lovemaking she shared from time to time with her college girlfriends.

When she went back to lick the crack again, she felt the skin of the case shudder just a bit under her tongue, which startled Wendy enough she nearly dropped it.

Staring intently at the spot she just licked, Wendy noticed the skin of the pod unmistakably cracking open a little. Leaning in for a really close look, Wendy noticed that the swirls just underneath the enamel were actually leaves -- leaves which were sliding apart from each other and spreading open ever so slowly.

She reached down to touch herself for a moment, shuddering as she wet her fingertips in the puddle between her legs and then brought those fingers back up to gently caress the broadening gaps in the outer layers of the pod.

It jumped again when her dripping fingers made contact, and then began a subtle, rythmic pulsing from base to top. Wendy watched, fascinated, as each pulse steadily opened up the pod like a blooming flower. There were more delicate petals just underneath the larger, tougher leaves on the surface, and with a quick glance down Wendy's lust surged even higher as she watched the petals of her pussy spread wider and thicker, mirroring the petals she held in her hands.

She gasped again when the very tip of the stamen -- the dick-shaped sex organ Professor Walters had illustrated to Amy's fascination just hours earlier -- revealed itself between the innermost labia of the pod.

It raised up steadily and inexorably under her gentle caresses, growing up and out towards full erection like a slow motion hard-on. "This can't be random," she thought, "it's like this was intentionally molded to appeal specifically to humans..."

It really did look incredibly similar to a human penis, but it wasn't identical. It was pale purple, for one thing, with very fine, dark green and red ridges like the underside of a leaf. And as it stretched out of the pod and she reached out to wrap her fingers around it, she realized that as cocks go, this one would have been a monster.

It also had its own kind of a flower just at the very top, which steadily spread back over itself as the stalk grew higher and thicker. The outer petals soon folded back over the end and capped the gray-ish/purplish stalk with a pale yellow head.

Some kind of thick sap oozed from the tip -- like pre-come, she figured. This was more viscous, and there were lots of stringy little jet-black streaks in it, but just like pre-come it was delightfully slippery. It felt wonderful, in fact, and allowed her fingers and hand to slide easily and smoothly up and down the stalk as she gently jacked it like she would a boyfriend. It even smelled nice, Wendy thought, just before she licked her lips and bent forward for a quick suck.

The sap had a very hard, almost chemical taste, and Wendy moaned loudly as a wave of sensation rushed from her tongue throughout her body and mind. She could feel herself getting hotter and hornier as she greedily licked at it.

And licking it was hot enough that she just had to go a little further. When she took it in her mouth she could feel it pulsing hotly against her tongue and the back of her throat, and each time she pulled back to lick she could watch it grow and thicken another few millimeters. A mixture of the stringy fluid of the stalk and her own saliva soon soaked the neckline of her shirt, and after spending another moment enjoying the stalk orally she pulled herself away from it to think for a second. She considered her options while her hand idly stroked up and down the pod's rigid, stalky erection.

"Moment of truth," she thought, wondering exactly how far she was really willing to take this. She'd fantasized about the spores for so long, though, and so far the reality was every bit as good as imagined it would be.

How could she not at least try it?

She knew she might have second thoughts if she hesitated, so reaching down between her legs, she worked to manuever the end of the broad, wet tube into the entrance to her pussy.

At first, she managed only to frustrate herself. The dimensions and weight of the stalk and the pod were all wrong. Sitting on the toilet seat, she couldn't keep a good enough grip on the pod while guiding the stalk inside her pussy. She managed to stroke the end of it along her lips well enough, which did feel terrific, but she couldn't get the angle right to really get it inside herself.

With a flash of inspiration, she put the pod on the floor and then flipped around to kneel above it while supporting herself with her forearms on the toilet seat.

"Oh-oh-hohhh...... That's perrrrrfect....." she moaned as she drove the rod deep inside herself with a single stroke, and settled her hips firmly down atop the pod. She found she could wedge the pod between her ankles, which gave her just enough leverage to work the stalk vigorously in and out of her dripping sex. Her arms soon collapsed underneath her as her clit slid delightfully up and down the wide, firm rod.

Her face was now slightly mashed against the rim of the toilet seat, her sweaty hair matted across her forehead, but she couldn't have cared less. She freed up her right hand to reach down and rub herself frantically as she felt the pod start rythmically contracting from its base up towards the stamen.

With a shudder, she looked down and saw a bulge about the size of a billiard ball start working its way up out of the pod. She sighed a bit when she realized it gave her something to grind herself against at the base of the stalk, and in an instant she did so with great panting gasps of pleasure. Wendy's efforts steadily worked her pussylips wider and wider and the ball was soon buried deep inside her.

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