tagInterracial LoveAshley & Chantel Call on Me

Ashley & Chantel Call on Me


One Friday morning in the middle of October, I got a pleasant and unexpected call: "Hello, George, this is Ashley. Do you remember me?"

"Ashley? The woman who started at the University last month? The daughter of Janet? Of course, I remember you. I have very pleasant memories of you and your mother." That was certainly the truth. I had gone to see Janet, and she had gotten me to eat the virginal pussy of her daughter, bringing her to a climax; two climaxes, actually, because Ashley is a very sensuous young woman. Janet feared her daughter would get sexually aroused when she started attending the University and lose her virginity and, as she watched me eating her daughter's pussy, Janet had gotten so turned on that I had to eat her pussy and fuck her after Ashley climaxed the second time. When Ashley watched what her mother and I were doing, she got so turned on that, I had to eat her pussy again and then I had to eat out Janet again. Both women enjoyed three orgasms, and I enjoyed all of them almost as much. I have extremely fond memories of that day, one of the best of my life, and I think of it as "My mother and daughter banquet".

"George, do you remember that therapy you gave me? Well, I feel like I need a 'booster shot'. I came close to giving in to my boy friend last week. Can I come to see you tomorrow morning?"

"Sure, Ashley, I'll be happy to give you a 'booster shot'. Will your mother be with you?"

"Not this time but I will tell her I'm going to you for more therapy. I have a surprise for you, though. Do you like chocolate covered cherries?"

I do have something of a sweet tooth and I am very fond of the chocolate and syrup and maraschino cherry concoction known as "chocolate covered cherries". "Yes, I do, but you don't have to bring me candy. You are better and sweeter than any candy in the world."

Ashley giggled and answered my flattery, "Thanks, George, but I want to, and you'll really like this one."

After that, we worked out the details of time and I made sure she had my address. I didn't know what she meant when she said "this one" because that kind of candy usually comes in a box of twelve, but I wasn't very concerned. As I said, I had very pleasant memories of that day with Ashley and the more I thought of her juicy pussy, the more pleasant those memories became so I was really looking forward to making more memories of that sort on Saturday.

When I opened the door to Ashley on Saturday morning, I was surprised to see that there were two women there, Ashley and a very attractive young African-American woman, short with large breasts and short hair. Ashley introduced me to her companion. "George, this is Chantel. I told her about what a great sex therapist you are and she wants some of the same treatment as I will be getting."

After they were inside and I closed the door. Chantel offered her pretty brown hand and said "I'm very glad to meet you, Mr. Boxlicker. Ashley has told me how good you are and I am anxious to get your treatment. I'm a virgin, like Ashley, and I want to stay one until I am sure the guy is the right one but it is hard to do with the guys at college. I have been giving my boyfriend hand jobs but he wants more. I sometimes get turned on too, and it's hard to hold out so I really hope you can help me. Ashley tells me you treated her and she hasn't felt as much need, even though her BF has been pressuring her as much as my BF has been pressuring me."

Ashley added, grinning at her joke, "This is the chocolate covered cherry I told you about. I hope you don't mind that I brought her with me. She really needs your help, George. Playing with her clit just doesn't do it for her any more, just like it wouldn't do it for me if it weren't for the therapy you gave me. I know you are concerned with her age but don't worry. Chantel was born just a week before I was so we are both 18."

"Well, Chantel," I answered, "if you have talked about me with Ashley, then you know how my treatment works. You are a really beautiful young woman, just like Ashley is, and I can see why the men at the university want to have sex with you and break your cherry. I can't guarantee anything but I have helped many young women just like you. First, though, since the treatment is very personal, please call me George"

"Okay. George you are. Ashley said I could have you treat me first while she watched and that I could watch her treatment. Is that allright with you?"

"Absolutely. The treatment actually works better if you watch someone else being treated first. If you're ready, let's go to the bedroom."

After hanging their jackets in the hall closet, I escorted the two young women into the bedroom. As usual, when expecting female company, I had made the bed that morning with clean sheets and I had no other covers on the bed. The previous day, I had enjoyed a long and very satisfying session of making love with another lady friend so I would be able to eat both these lovely, young pussies without needing to get off, although if Chantel offered me a hand job, I would certainly not decline. When I had shaken her hand earlier, it had felt muscular but with a palm that was soft and supple, and I have no objection to beautiful young women jacking me off.

Although I would be eating Chantel's pussy first, Ashley also started undressing, both women removing their jeans, shoes, sweaters and underwear until they were naked. Chantel lay on her back and Ashley lay on her side, prepared to watch me provide therapy to her friend. After removing my shirt and shoes, I lay next to Chantel on the side opposite Ashley, happily looking at Chantel's large, firm breasts. Her smooth skin was the color of rich milk chocolate and her dark brown nipples, except that they were small, did remind me of chocolate covered cherries and I expected them to be even more delicious than the confection.

Holding one of the beautiful twins in either hand, I started licking the nearest nipple, using short strokes of my tongue. They were small, normal for a young virgin like Chantel, and I moved my mouth back and forth licking her nipple with the top and the bottom surfaces of my tongue, delighting in the feeling as the dark nubbin became erect. The other lovely breast received the same treatment from me and my tongue enjoyed the feel of the second nipple equally as much. Chantel really liked what I was doing also and murmured her appreciation while her upper body squirmed on the bed, thrusting her breasts toward my mouth for our mutual pleasure. Already, Chantel's pussy was slowly humping into the air and I could smell the delectable juices dripping from her.

"Feels really good, doesn't it?" Ashley asked. "Wait 'til he gets to your clit. It feels a million times better than your fingers.

I couldn't help thinking that Ashley was making it hard for me to live up to my billing but I was looking forward to giving it my best try. For several minutes I switched my tongue back and forth between Chantel's succulent globes, hearing her breath quicken and feeling the tiny ridges of her nipples as they became fully erect. Eagerly, I drew one luscious mound into my mouth, sucking on it gently while continuing to lick her nipple. Chantel drew in her breath sharply as I progressed to this stage of the treatment, and I could hear her start to coo with pleasure. Her cooing increased in volume and the squirming of her upper body became more pronounced as I moved my mouth back and forth to suck on each of Chantel's delightful breasts. "Oooo, George, that feels so wonderful," she said. "My boy friend did something like that one time but he was too rough and I wouldn't let him do it anymore. But I really like what you're doing to me there."

"I told you he is good," Ashley added. "Wait until he gets to your pussy. You'll go crazy."

"Crazy" might have been too strong a word but I could tell that Chantel was really going to enjoy what I would soon be doing. Already, her pussy was fucking strongly into the air and producing a trickle of delightful juices which would, I knew, taste even better than they smelled. As I had done the previous month with Ashley, I decided that my treatment of Chantel would be best if I brought her to a quick climax the first time I ate her pussy, then continued eating her, bringing her slowly to her second orgasm. That would bring the most pleasure to Chantel and me and Ashley would enjoy watching us all the more.

Although I was truly enjoying myself on her breasts, the time had arrived to go lower on Chantel's lovely body. Besides the actions of her pussy, my licking and sucking on her lovely twins had caused the squirming of her upper body to turn to writhing and her cooing was turning to turn to moans of pleasure. Starting with the channel between her lovely mounds, holding one against either of my cheeks, I started licking, kissing and sucking my way down Chantel's soft, sexy belly. Slowly, my mouth worked its way down, swirling briefly in her navel just to hear Chantel giggle. The activity of her pussy got more frenzied the closer I got until I started licking over her mons, enjoying the feel of her soft, curly, black pubic hair on my tongue. After I reached that point, I got up and moved around until I was kneeling between Chantel's legs.

"Now it's going to get to be really fun," Ashley told her friend as I gave Chantel instructions on how to most enjoy what I would be doing.

"Raise yourself off the bed so I can slip this pillow under your ass. Okay, now lift your legs into the air. That's good." With Chantel's legs raised, I braced my shoulders against the undersides of her thighs and wrapped my arms around so my fingers were in her pubic hair, and I would be able to use them to open her pussy lips when it was necessary. Once I had her thighs held securely, Chantel's knees bent so her feet rested on my back. With my face just inches from her lovely pussy, her plentiful juices smelled even better than they had earlier. Chantel's thighs had already turned out, presenting her pussy fully to me and I knew that, after feasting on those juices, I would suck on her clit until we had both enjoyed her first climax. Chantel's second climax would take much longer and would be even more pleasurable to her and me.

I started by licking the juices that were running out of Chantel's pussy, delighting in their taste, and when I had enjoyed all of them, I licked the upper inside of her lovely brown thighs. The feel of my tongue on these very sensitive parts of her body caused Chantel's pussy to fuck even stronger into my face, and to produce even more of her delicious juices. I licked it all up, wondering if she might cum even before I started sucking on her clit. I knew she was truly enjoying what I was doing but Chantel interrupted her sighs and moans of pleasure and told me anyhow.

"George, that is incredible. I have never felt anything so wonderful."

"Just wait. It gets even better," Ashley chimed in. She was right; it would get a lot better for all three of us.

With my fingers, I gently pulled apart Chantel's swollen pussy lips and started sucking up the pool of fresh juices that had collected there. I love everything about eating pussy but I especially love eating the pussy of a young African-American woman like I was doing then. The sight of her brown outer lips and her swollen, almost purple, inner lips, and the way they contrast with the rich pink of her vagina is one of the most beautiful sights I can imagine. As beautiful as her pussy is, however, the feel of those lips and her soft pubic hair on my tongue is even better, especially when her pussy is eagerly fucking into my face the way Chantel's was. Equally marvelous is the sound of a young woman as she expresses her pleasure at having her pussy eaten for the first time. Her ecstatic sighs and moans are some of the sweetest sounds I know.

As wonderful as these things are, even better is the incredible aroma of fresh juices from a fully aroused pussy, and the taste of those juices is the best of all. Besides that, although I have tasted pussy juices from many women, Chantel was producing some of the most delicious in my experience. When I had again enjoyed them all, I gently probed my tongue into the small area between her love hole and her clit. Already, her whole body was pitching around on top of the bed and her pussy was almost wrapping itself around my face. Chantel was moaning and sobbing from the pleasure my tongue and lips were giving her, when I made it even better, taking her adorable clit into my mouth and gently sucking. While I sucked, my lips formed a seal around the base and my tongue caressed the sides and top of her precious love button, adding another element to the tactile pleasure I was giving and receiving.

"Oh! Oh! What's happening? It's, it's so good!" Chantel blurted out. What was happening was that she was starting to cum, possibly the first time ever, certainly the best ever. "Oh, my God," Chantel cried out. Her legs squeezed my temples and her hands went reflexively to the back of my head pressing my face tightly against her pussy. With her heels pressing into my back and her thighs squeezing the sides of my head, Chantel's youthful muscles lifted her ass all the way off the bed as she jammed her pussy as tightly as she could against my face. From side to side she swung her legs, babbling "Oh! Oh! Oh!" I kept my arms tightly wrapped around her thighs and I kept my mouth busy, sucking and licking her precious clit.

For almost five minutes Chantel continued cumming, probably the best five minutes of her life up until then, and some of the best of mine. When she climaxed it was with a great spasm, followed by a complete relaxing of her entire body, including her hands and legs that had been holding my head. Chantel slumped on the bed and sighed, "That was the most wonderful feeling ever." Her delicious cum juices were smeared all over her pussy, crotch and thighs, and I sluiced them up with my tongue, then started licking the soft, brown flesh between one of her inner and outer pussy lips just below her pink love hole.

"If you think that was good," Ashley advised her friend, "just wait a few minutes. George is going to keep eating your pussy and the second time you cum will be even better." Ashley was partly telling the truth. As much as Chantel and I had enjoyed her first climax, I expected to keep eating her pussy and both of us would enjoy her second orgasm even more. However, I hoped and expected to take much longer than the few minutes Ashley was predicting.

Chantel's pussy was just as soft and succulent as it had been before she started cumming, and even more fun to eat. I finished licking between her pussy lips to where they are close together and my tongue started caressing the outside of her outer lip, again relishing the feel of Chantel's curly pubic hair. Slowly, enjoying myself and giving her even more pleasure, I licked to the end of the outer lip. After reaching that point, I brought my tongue back down and started probing the seam between Chantel's inner and outer pussy lips, licking the surfaces of both labia over and over again. By the time I reached the end of her inner lip, Chantel was again cooing in pleasure. While her upper body was squirming on the bed, her pussy was fucking up into my face and producing more of her delicious juices.

I licked to the end of her outer lip again and then brought my tongue back to where her inner lip ended by merging with her other inner lip to form her clit hood. Slowly, enjoying myself almost as much as Chantel was enjoying it, I licked the top of her hood, indirectly stimulating the precious love button sheltering underneath. Very briefly, I curled my tongue under the protective covering and caressed her sweetest of sweet spots. Chantel's cooing started to be replaced by moans of pleasure and her pussy fucked harder into my face and produced another gush of delightful juices.

From the contact of my tongue and her clit, Chantel was already writhing on the bed. Because I didn't want to bring about her orgasm too soon, I kept the contact with her clit brief, and brought my tongue back down to feast on the nectar her pussy had produced. After licking it all from her pussy lips and sucking it from her love hole, I licked Chantel's other pair of pussy lips, once again moving slowly and covering all surfaces many times over. "Oh, George, that is incredible! I have never felt anything like it," Chantel interrupted her moaning and sighs to tell me. Ashley didn't say anything and when I glanced in her direction, I saw her fingers busily massaging her own clit.

This time, when I brought my tongue back to caress Chantel's clit hood, I continued a little longer and when I explored under the protective cover, I caressed her engorged clit for almost a minute, using a very light touch of my tongue. The only sounds being made as she thrashed about on the bed were moans, ending in sobs, and she was fucking her pussy into my face almost as hard as she had earlier. I could tell Chantel was getting closer to cumming again and I could also feel myself getting aroused from the sight and texture of her pussy and the taste and aroma of her juices. Although I had enjoyed some great sex with a lady friend the previous day, Chantel is so sexy and her pussy is so marvelous in every way that my cock had stiffened and was thrusting against my pants. I unzipped them and let my cock protrude from my undershorts.

After I brought my tongue back and relished all the fresh juices, I very carefully opened Chantel's inner pussy lips with my fingers. Reveling in the sight and texture of the soft brown flesh surrounding her pink love hole, I started probing my tongue into the edge of that delightful place. A steady stream of her nectar trickled out, pleasing my taste buds, as I probed the lower edge and continued along first one side and then the other. By the time I had finished probing both sides, Chantel's thighs had turned out, presenting her pussy even better to my pleasuring tongue, and she was fucking into my face even stronger than when she had cum earlier.

Slowly and gently, my tongue explored under Chantel's swollen, purple inner lips, stimulating the most sensitive part of her pussy except for her clit. From one lip to the other my tongue moved, tasting the wonderful juices as it traveled across her love hole. Chantel was ready to cum and I was ready to have her cum because I knew we were at the point where we would both get the maximum pleasure. Very carefully, my tongue explored the upper rim of her wet love hole, indirectly stimulating her clit. After just a few strokes of my tongue, I pushed Chantel's clit hood out of the way and sucked her adorable clit into my mouth. Once again, my lips formed a seal around the base of her precious love toy while my tongue caressed the swollen sides and top of the little charmer. I sucked gently while caressing with my tongue and holding on with my arms around her thighs, ready for Chantel to start cumming.

It took only a few minutes. "Oh! Oh!" She cried. "It's wonderful! It's even better!" For the second time that day, her legs were squeezing my temples while her hands were on the back of my head, pressing my face and her pussy together. As Chantel thrashed and pitched on the bed, digging her heels into my back, squeezing my head between her thighs, she babbled, "Oh! Oh! Oh, my God!" At one point, as she continued cumming, her ass lifted all the way off the bed, jamming her pussy harder and even more delightfully into my face. For almost five minutes, Chantel and I really enjoyed her cumming until she climaxed, arching her back and abruptly flexing her hands, jamming my face and her pussy together. After that, she happily relaxed on the bed, her arms flopping at her sides and her legs releasing my head and draping themselves over my shoulders.

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