tagLoving WivesAshley Fulfills Hubby's Desire

Ashley Fulfills Hubby's Desire


Ashley and Andrew have been together for ten years. Though married for five, they have no kids, preferring their freedom. When Ashley and Andrew met sparks flew. They have spent as much time together as possible considering their opposite hours and are still deeply in love today. Ashley works at the neigborhood pub, while Andrew is a chartered accountant and works from home.

Andrew was spending a Sunday evening in the pub watching football. A shy quiet type he sat alone at the bar watching the other patrons and the game, enjoying a pint on a lazy Sunday. At halftime of the game he headed for the men's room. When he was returning to the men's room he saw Ashley talking with a tall, muscular young man. Not wanting to interrupt business he stopped by the men's room door.

Ashley had not seen him standing there and Andrew could see that the young man was making small talk. Although he could not hear what the guy was saying to her, Andrew could tell by the body language that he was trying to chat her up.

"Hmm.. Tall, and handsome." Ashley thought to herself as she tuned out the next pickup line from the dark haired hunk in front of her. If she wasn't married she would want to know what this stud brought to the bedroom.

"What time do you get off?" he was asking her.

She looked him up and down again. Oh yeah, definitely. But alas, she loved her man. Biting her lip she looked back up at him, flashing her wedding ring at the same time.

"I'm sorry honey, taken, but I'm flattered. Can I get you a drink?" Always working.

"Well your man doesn't have to know." he said seductively, moving closer. Ashley could smell his cologne and a hint of ale. She felt a tightening in her loins as the sexy bulk brushed a hand on her hip. Pulling her in slightly.

"I'm sorry I can't." She said quickly, pushing him back and turning toward the bar. She looked up to see Andrew wasn't at his stool. Probably gone for a cigarette.

Andrew watched the persistent young man watch his wife walk away. His eyes lingered on her ass before she was gone. Andrew stood there by the door, wondering to himself how often advances like this were made on Ashley.

With her long dark curls, and curvy figure Ashley stood out in a crowd. With her dark brown eyes and sexy smile she could make any man long to lay her down. Still he couldn't get the image of the dark haired young man putting his hands on her out of his mind.

For the rest of the football game he watched Ashley with the male patrons as much as he did the television. He had watched her work before, and knew that she played it up to make money as long as the guys didn't get the wrong impression. As he had seen at halftime, she could put them in their place when they did.

It began to dawn on Andrew that it wasn't jealousy that was making him crazy. It was something quite different. Each time a guy would flirt with Ashley, he got hornier and hornier. Was he crazy? What was wrong with him? Images, followed by feelings ran through his head. A flash. Ashley, on her back with some young stud lying on her. They were locked in a passionate kiss.

"What the fuck Andrew? Get a hold of yourself." He thought. It was too late. The image was there and the room spun. He was thankful when the game ended quickly, paying his tab he headed out the door to walk the three blocks to their flat.

He was home before he realized he hadn't said goodbye to Ashley. He must really be fucked up. He knew she would assume he was feeling a bit drunk and would forgive the slip.

Andrew went into their bedroom. He could feel the beginnings of a hard on and Ashley wouldn't be home for hours. He quickly laid on the bed and with thoughts of young men fucking his wife he jerked off to a gushing orgasm.


Andrew was still awake when Ashley crawled into bed beside him.

"Where did you take off to so quick?" She asked.

"Ah, sorry. Had a few to many I guess." He was horny again. She had freshened up before bed and he could smell her faint scent. "I saw that guy hit on you at half time."

"Oh, baby, don't be jealous." She said, touching his face. "I love you. I told him to beat it."

"You didn't notice he was gorgeous?"

"Was he?"

"Don't be coy. He was good looking."

"Yeah I guess, but I'm with you."

"No dirty thoughts crossed your mind?"

Ashley's hand dropped from Andrew's face as she looked at him. Where was this coming from? He knows I'd never cheat on him. What's gotten into him.

"I mean.... if any did it's ok... I mean..."

"Would you really want to know if they did?" she probed, trying to find the source of these odd questions.

"Yeah... I guess..."

"Well I wouldn't want to know if you hand dirty thoughts about some girl."

He hadn't thought about that. For the first time since Ashley came to bed he thought that maybe this was the wrong sort of conversation to be having, but he couldn't stop himself.

"Well I won't tell you, but...." he said.

"But what?"

"Well let's just say that watching him put the moves on you I got a little randy." he replied sheepishly.

Oh. There it is. Strange. Most guys would be jealous as hell but Andrew gets 'randy'. "What?"

"Ok..." here goes, "I haven't been able to get the image of his hand on you out of my mind. I left the pub because I was rock hard thinking about it. I came home and messed up the sheets. Sorry... their in the wash."

There. It was out. What the fuck was she going to do, he had just confessed a dirty secret to her. Feeling vulnerable he lay there watching her as she processed this information.

"Let me get this straight. Seeing that sexy young man touch me made you horny?"

"Yes, very."

Well if this isn't the strangest.

"Well what if I did have dirty thoughts?"

"Well... Maybe if you told me about them, I'd get hard again and you might get laid." He was relaxing. Ashley wasn't as freaked out as he thought she'd be. She was just thrown a curve, but she seemed to be getting the idea.

"Umm... well... I did wonder if he was as good a kisser as his lips suggested...." she tried tentatively.

"Yeah? That it?"

"No." she replied. Well if he asked for it he'll get it. Let's see if he can handle what I was really thinking. "I wanted to run my hands through his hair while I found out."

"Well that's something." Andrew said, moving closer, cuddling into Ashley's warmth under their duvet.

"I thought that after the pub closed I could find out if he had half a semi or if that massive bulge in his pants was soft."

Andrew's hips inadvertently twitched, pushing his now rock hard cock into his wife's thigh as she told him about her fantasy.

"Wow." she gasped, "you really do like that?"

He kissed her deeply, their tongues entwining passionately, hands roaming.

"Yes." he said coming up for air. She gets it.

The next half hour was beautiful hard lovemaking as Ashley told him all about what she could have done with the mystery stud at the pub.


It had been eight months since that football game, and role playing like that night had become a semi-regular part of their sex life. Over the last couple of months Ashley had taken to making Andrew watch her masturbate (manually, and with a vibe), while telling him another story. Then they would fuck like mad, each time surprising her that the thought of her with another man drove her husband so crazy. She had started getting into it and found that she was fantasizing about a lot of the younger guys that came into the pub. She had often used the vibe when he was out or sleeping.

They had decided to take a long weekend and head to the coast. They were staying in a small inn with it's own restaurant and bar in a small town nestled on the bay. After dinner they inquired about where to spot the night life and were told that Morgan's was the place to go for the university crowd, but that the older crowd preferred the pub. Looking for a quieter time they headed for the pub. They shared a corner booth for a couple for hours each having three or four of the house pints.

"Kind of boring here don't you think." Andrew said after a long pause in the conversation. Ashley watching the bar staff, he was sure she was criticizing.

"It might be fun to check out Morgan's" she said. "The desk clerk said they had dancing."

"Sure if you want."

"Ok you get the check, I'm going to go to the ladies for a minute."

Andrew motioned for the check while he watched her head for the restroom. He noted how great her shapely legs looked in the short skirt. He had seen that she was wearing those stockings she brought with her, the skirt barely covered the lacy elastic at the top. His cock thrummed thinking of her milky white thighs hidden beneath the soft black silk of her dress.

After she used the ladies room Ashley looked in the mirror. She felt energized, alive. Freshening up her make up she allowed a quick moment to lift the front of her skirt and run a finger through her pussy. She was wet. The bartender was hot and she'd been daydreaming about him ravaging her from behind when Andrew had broken her train of thought. One last check in the mirror and a flip of her hair she headed toward the door having no idea where their games were going to take them.

Morgan's was loud, dark and full of young bodies. Andrew and Ashley found a high top near the dance floor and set their cocktails down surveying the crowd. The desk clerk was right, this place was jumping. The average age was late twenties, but in their early thirties they didn't stand out.

"Want another?" Andrew asked noticing her drink was getting low.


Andrew went for the drinks, glancing back at Ashley to see that a young man with wavy dark hair and a deep tan had stopped at their table. When he returned the guy was still there. Ashley introduced her new friend as Mark.

"He plays for the university's football team." She said. By the slight slur of her words Andrew could tell that the hard liquor was hitting her hard on top of the beer.

"I had just asked your wife to dance, she said she would like to if it was alright with you." Mark enquired, clearly wanting to get Ashley on the dance floor.

"Fine with me man, I've got two left feet anyway, you two have fun."

Ashley placed her hands on Andrew's face and gave him a peck.

"I love you."

"I love you too baby, have fun."

For the next couple of hours they drank. Andrew holding the table while Ashley and Mark danced. As the night had progressed he noticed that Mark was getting more and more comfortable dancing with a married woman. Perhaps Ashley's openness gave him courage as they ground through a fast song with deep bass, Ashley pushing her ample rear into him again and again, Mark's hands roaming up and down her sides.

"I'm beat..." Ashley said collapsing against Andrew as he stood by the table. "Let's get a booth and relax a little, there's a free one at the back."

Ashley led Andrew through the dance floor. The bar opened up in the back and he could see there were quite a few private booths free. They chose one in the corner. From here Andrew could see Mark chatting with a couple of guys by the bar. His friends waved to him as they headed towards the side door and Marked turned toward their table clearly intending to join them. After watching them on the dance floor Andrew was eager for him to join them. He couldn't believe how aroused he was watching Mark dance with his wife, and wanted to see what else might transpire.

Ashley watched Mark walk to the table. Her right leg pumped up and down nervously. She had crossed a few lines dancing with Mark. She had felt his cock grow hard as she ground her rear into him. He had groped at her ass and even slipped a hand up her skirt touching her bare ass, and she'd let him. She had enjoyed it and knew that she must be sopping wet. She could feel her pulse in her loins as Mark took a seat at the booth, putting an arm up on the back of the seat. With Andrew on one side and Mark on the other she didn't know what to do.

"I've gotta go..." Andrew said. "nature calls." Giving his wife a kiss he headed for the restrooms.

Ashley and Mark just looked at each other for a long moment after Andrew was gone. The music would drown out most conversation anyway. Ashley moved closer to him, placing her hand on his leg.

"What am I doing?" She thought. Her marriage was important to her. She didn't want to do anything to damage that, but damn it, Andrew hadn't stopped her. In fact he hadn't said anything, he just watched. He would have said something if he was uncomfortable. Wouldn't he.

All thoughts of consequence disappeared as Mark grasped the back of her head with the arm that was around the booth, pulling her to him to plant his dreamy lips on hers. The kiss was soft at first, then grew into a hungry necking that lasted for at least a minute. Ashley breathed deep when they released, looking into Mark's big dark eyes.

Andrew had come around the bar just as they had begun to kiss, his cock grew as he watched his wife in a passionate embrace with this stranger. What had he done? Had he turned his wife into a slut? He couldn't think. Couldn't concentrate. The desire burned hot. He wanted Mark to take her. Take his wife right there in the booth. Couldn't. Must get out of here.

He slipped into the booth with them. Mark was no longer being discreet as his large hand rested on Ashley's shoulder. Ashley being only less so as her hand lay high on his thigh.

"Maybe we should all head back to the inn?" Andrew suggested. "We've still got a six pack of cold ones. Anyone for a night cap?"

Ashley leaned into him.

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"I'm sure."

Ashley looked over at Mark, who at the moment looked so tasty sitting there like he ruled the place. At the moment he ruled their booth. She wanted him. Could they go back to the inn and not do something stupid. It was Andrew's suggestion, but did he see them kiss. This was a moment of truth. She knew if they went back to the hotel and he moved on her she'd let Mark have his way. Would Andrew freak? Would it turn into a huge mess?

"You're sure?" she whispered in his ear.

"I saw you kiss. I'm sure." he whispered back.

"You in?" Ashley asked Mark.

"Sure, it's on my way anyway." he shrugged.


Andrew's stomach had churned on the walk from Morgan's to the inn. They had walked three abreast, Ashley in the middle holding each of the men's hands, flirting and giggling with them both. He knew he could stop this. Just say something and end it. She would stop. Nothing had been done that couldn't be chalked up to a little drunken craziness. Yet.

The butterflies intensified as they walked the hall to their room. At the door Andrew let go of Ashley's hand to get the pass key. Feeling tipsy from the booze Ashley stumbled into Mark. He put an arm around her to stabilize her. The shared a quiet hotel hallway laugh before Andrew finally opened the door. His guts turned over when he sighted the bed. He wasn't sure there was any way to stop this now. His mind's eye pictured Mark with his wife on the bed before him. He became dizzy with the rush of blood from his mind to his loins.

"Cold one Mark?" Andrew asked walking to the bar fridge.

"Sure thanks man."

"I'm just going to get a little more comfortable. I'll just be a moment." Ashley said heading for the rooms small bath, the scent of her hair filling the room.

Andrew wasn't sure what to do. Wasn't sure what was going to happen. They made small talk about the universities football program, the weather and politics. The suspense began to weigh on Andrew. What was taking so long. He was going crazy wanting to know what would happen. He felt that the tension itself was like sex, a pleasure and a pain. Even if Ashley asked Mark to leave without anything happening, he'd fuck her himself, and probably not last long in this state.

In the bathroom, Ashley put the finishing touches on her lip gloss. She looked at herself in the mirror, asking herself for the millionth time what she was thinking. She had brought the black silk chemise to match her stockings for Andrew. She hadn't planned on anything like this. The thought first formed at the pub before they even met Mark. Since daydreaming about the pub's bartender, an evil thought had formed.

Andrew had said before that his hottest fantasy was to watch her with another man. To watch her fuck for the sake of the pleasure it gave her, and the pleasure it gave him seeing her. She had always dismissed it, thinking she could never break her vows in that way.

The tickle she had felt thinking about the bartender had no comparison to the throbbing she now had. When Mark had caught her in the hallway she had once again felt his strong arms around her. Though he was incredibly sexy in his own way, her husband was slight. Not anything like the six foot six football player Mark was. Thoughts of him entering her while Andrew looked on, cock in hand, were making her wild. She pulled on a wine colored satin robe and slipped into classy heels. Making eye contact with herself in the mirror she decided. If Andrew wanted a show, she'd give him a show.

And get to fuck a hot twenty-five year old stud in the process.

Andrew heard the bathroom door open. Not turning to look he kept his eyes on Mark. From where he sat on the room's love seat Mark could see the bathroom door. By the look on his face Andrew could tell he liked what he saw come out of the bathroom.

To faint music from the rooms sound system Ashley walked into the room. She noticed that Andrew had taken the chair, while leaving space beside Mark on the love seat. She was encouraged by this small signal from her husband that she should go as far as she should want. Not wanting to deal with the bed just yet, feeling nervous and energized and fucking horny, she headed for the seat beside Mark, wanting once more to feel his heat. Andrew grabbed her arm as she passed, pulling her face to his.

"You look beautiful." He said kissing her softly. "I love you."

He looked at her, his eyes silently asking if she was comfortable.

"I love you to." She nodded and gently returned his kiss.

She sat on the love seat. Mark's arm, draped around the back, didn't move, but his knees jerked as he beheld the pale white hint of cleavage hidden beneath the dark red of the satin. Andrew watched his wife sink back against him. She turned her face up to him. In that moment all three knew that she would give herself to him. Ashley stood, letting the robe fall to the floor. She was wearing a black silk chemise that barely covered her bottom and the silk stockings from earlier. She bent over slightly to kiss Mark gingerly on the lips allowing Andrew to see that as usual she wore no panties. His cock throbbed as he could see that Ashley had gotten a brazilian before their trip. Though she was usually shaved, she looked pristine now as her pussy lips swelled from the thrill of Mark's kiss.

She sat back on the love seat, nearly climbing onto him. She was ready to pull out his dick and squat on it right here and now, but the beauty of tonight would be in the show. She felt his wet tongue slip between her lips as she kissed him again. The heat between her legs became an ache as she felt his big strong hand cup her breast, gently pinching her nipple between thumb and finger.

"Hmm.." she moaned. Breaking the kiss she looked over at her husband, still worried he was getting more than could take. Praying that he wouldn't stop this. Her body urging her forward, begging to be penetrated to the core and brought to screaming ecstasy. Andrew sat wide eyed watching them, slowly rubbing his cock through his pants.

As he had watched them kiss Andrew had grown so hard he thought he would burst. She had never looked so sexy to him. Her pale skin showing at the shoulders and chest, through the spaghetti straps of her top. The milky white of her thighs over her stockings, and the base of her beautiful ass just peaking out from the soft silk. She looked at him as he rubbed his cock through his pants. Andrew sat rapt as his wife looked down into Mark's lap and began undoing his belt.

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