tagFetishAshley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 04

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 04


Ashley is a 19 year old high school student, one of the last in their school's grade 13 program which is now ending. She found a tablet she was able to translate and now she has the ability to control minds. She has used this power to fill her growing pee fetish she discovered one evening when she pissed into her 18 year old sister's favorite teddy bear.

Her latest adventure took her to another girl at her school Meghan Peters. She made her way to Meghan's home and had some fun wetting her things before the two of them headed to the park and Meghan ended up having her own wet fun with a boy there.


This was amazing. She got back at Meghan and even got her into a kinky piss-based relationship. Now it was only a matter of time before the new Meghan was spotted around the school. This would affect her reputation for sure.

Currently Ashley was looking for a new place to pee. School just got out and she figured there may be some empty classrooms she could find her way into. She was just passing by the gym when she looked inside, and saw a golden opportunity for her. But this was not a matter of mere chance.

Kevin had always admired Ashley. She was the hottest girl in the school as far as he was concerned and her eyes were the loveliest shade of blue he could imagine. He just spotted her and was watching from around a corner when she snuck into the boy's change room. This got him curious so he followed her in, being very careful not to make enough noise to be heard. Was she meeting a guy in there for sex in the middle of school?

What Kevin saw when he got in there was not something he had expected. She was arranging the bags of clothing along the bench. At first it seemed as though she were looking to take something, but when she found a particular bag she seemed to be looking for she merely placed it first in the line of bags. Kevin had taken this opportunity to sneak into the shower as quietly as possible, and had just hidden himself when Ashley walked over to the door to lock it.

What followed was the hottest thing Kevin had ever seen in his life. She unzipped her pants and lowered them, exposing herself to the hidden boy. Kevin was so turned on that he couldn't help but quietly unzip his own pants and reach for himself in response. He couldn't believe that he was seeing Ashley's naked crotch as she lowered herself over the bag she found. Kevin was couldn't believe that what she did next could surprise him more, but she began peeing into the bag.

His hand raced along his shaft even faster as Ashley proceeded to move from bag to bag. She was just finishing with the last bag when she seemed to hear something. Kevin fearing she noticed him hid further into the shower. He was relieved to hear someone else's voice and the two of them talking. He hoped she wouldn't get in trouble and peeked around the corner just in time to see Ashley with the boy between her legs licking her to ecstasy, licking the pussy that Kevin just saw peeing into the bags.

His hand returned to finish its job. Kevin wondered if perhaps he should have walked up to her himself instead of hiding where he was, could he have been in this boy's place. Ashley moaned in orgasm she told the boy to put his mouth over her pussy. As Kevin heard the quiet gulping of the boy he knew Ashley was peeing into his mouth. This incredibly sexy thought was enough for Kevin to finish his own orgasm, squirting his load onto the shower wall.

Kevin thought about what just happened long after the other two had left. Ashley was so incredibly sexy, and what she did had turned him on so much. If only there was a way to be in that boy's position. Ashley seemed to have gone into the change room based on opportunity, and didn't mind peeing on other people's things and even in their mouths to fulfill her desires.

Perhaps if he set up an opportunity for her, he could get what he wanted as well. He knew what her last class was on a Friday, since he was in the same class, perhaps he could intercept her on her way home. He did know that she tended to walk by the gym.

Ashley walked into the gym, totally empty except for one person. A boy named Kevin was there, she knew him from some of her classes. He was under the bleachers and he appeared to be stuck. Lying on his back Kevin had of course pretended to have gotten himself stuck retrieving something. "Ashley, do you think you could help me, I seem to be stuck. Some jerk knocked my wallet out of my hand and I got stuck trying to climb out. I would ask you to find someone else but I don't think there is anyone around here at this time of day."

"I see that." replied Ashley looking around the room to make sure. Kevin's heard was racing as he saw her hands begin to drift towards the hem of her skirt. Seeing the coast was clear Ashley smiled down at Kevin. "You don't mind if I help myself first do you?"

Kevin pretended not to understand but hoped he knew well what she was about to do. She walked over to him and turned as she stood over him, her back against the bleachers directly over his head. She could see him looking directly up her skirt at her naked pussy.

"I was just on my way for a pee when I saw you here and you don't look like you are in a position to say no."

"No to what?" Said Kevin his heart thumping like a jackhammer as Ashley lifted her skirt and lowered her pussy to hover over Kevin's head.

"To my peeing all over your face of course." He pulled on his feet, wedged between two supports. It would take him a couple minutes to get unstuck. Kevin had made sure when he got under the bleachers that he was really unable to get out, partly to make sure she didn't see through his guise, and partly because he liked the idea that if she began and he didn't like it there was no way to get out quickly. He wanted her to make him accept her hot piss.

He saw the muscles in her abdomen contract slightly and an arc of yellow descended out of her hitting him in the forehead and cascading down his face. The feeling of her warm fluid running on his face was a huge turn on, probably the biggest one he had ever experienced even more so than seeing Ashley's pussy. This was incredible for both of them, though Ashley didn't know how much Kevin was enjoying this.

He created an opening for her by pretending to open his mouth in shock and she took it, quickly aiming her stream between his lips. The moment her stream hit his tongue it was an incredible mix of tasting her pee for the first time and the thought and feeling of Ashley's pee running into his mouth.

He closed his mouth seemingly to stop more from getting in but really so he could analyse what he had; and eventually swallow, to feel it pass down his throat. He angled his head so that on the next pass she would get some in his nose so that he could have another excuse to open his mouth for her without being obvious.

Ashley saw Kevin gasp for air and used this as her chance to seal his lips around hers. She lowered herself further onto his face her pussy lips descending between his lips. Kevin could not close his mouth to her stream now and Ashley was really getting turned on by all this. It was hard for him to believe where he was right now.

Kevin was glad Ashley had her back to the bleachers. Not only could he look up and see her face, and the outline of her teenage boobs, but he was able to reach into his pants and stroke himself though this experience was so intense he didn't think he would need much stroking.

"Go ahead and lick me while you're down there." she told him and within seconds his tongue was stroking her lips to circle around her clit a few times before licking her lips again. She was grinding on his tongue finishing her pee when a jet of jizz shot out of him and into his pants. He began to feel glad the taste wasn't too strong as his interest began to wane while she gave him the last of her pee in one splash on his tongue. She moaned in pleasure as her pussy spasmed with orgasm. Kevin licked off the moisture from her pussy.

She looked down at him and thought for a bit, then back at his stuck foot, then back to his face again. "I'm sure you'll be able to get out of this on your own. Just don't tell anyone I was here." Kevin felt strangely compelled to follow this order she had given him, though there was no way he would have told anyone about this if she hadn't.

Ashley stood up, straightened her skirt, and walked out of the gym giving Kevin a quick "See you around." before heading through the doors. It only took Kevin about 3 minutes to get unstuck. He couldn't believe how well that worked, but he wished she didn't head out so soon. He was hoping to talk to her for a bit after she helped him out. This was far too intense an experience for him and he decided that one way or another he would feel her pee on his face again; the sooner the better.

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