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For the past few years, my French wife Yvette and I have taken a Winter break in the Far East – Thailand, Vietnam or Bali - and this year was no exception. We love massages and take the opportunity to have as many as possible while there; the norm out there is 2 hours often ending with a relaxing cup of tea. The massages are normally given by female masseuses, only occasionally is it a male masseur. Usually, we are shown into a cubicle together, so there's little chance of anything overtly sexual happening and even when in separate cubicles, the fear of the masseuses steely fingers taking retribution for unwanted advances stopped me (I felt that they could do a serious injury if annoyed).

The dress code differs from establishment to establishment; sometimes underpants/panties or swimwear bottoms, sometimes baggy shorts are provided, and sometimes nude but with a small towel covering the interesting bits. Despite the apparent modesty, the eastern style of massage includes working on all the muscles and joints, sometimes simply using the acupuncture points as pressure points for knuckles, elbows, knees and feet. Also incorporated are twisting and stretching the joints and back, and the masseuses have no concerns about putting their hands or feet in your groin area to gain the maximum pressure. Obviously, sometimes I started to get an erection but this usually went down when it was ignored and I thought of swimming in icy cold water.

On our penultimate evening this year, after walking around to do our final shopping, we found a salon that looked a bit newer and more up-market than the one we'd used earlier on the holiday. We went in to be told that they could take us immediately, and that the cost was €15 each (just under 20 US dollars) for 2 hours. We agreed and followed a young woman dressed in silk pantaloons and a loose tee shirt to a large cabin at the rear. It had a large sunken shower, 2 massage tables with overhead rails that the masseuses could hold onto when walking on you with a curtain between them that was drawn back.

We asked if we could have a shower and the masseuse, Deri as she told me later, went out to fetch bath towels. She came back with them before we'd finished getting undressed and sat on a chair between the tables, watching us and chatting, and not blinking an eye as we finished stripping and showered. We dried ourselves and, as Deri said nothing about clothes, lay down on the massage tables just wrapped in the towels. Deri then pulled my large towel out from under me, threw it into the corner saying that we wouldn't need it again.

While she was doing this, I heard the door open and someone else came in. I turned my head and saw that it was a young, good looking local guy in his early twenties who walked up to my wife, said hello and that his name was Hong. He removed her towel and also threw it onto the floor. It was now obvious that Yvette was going to be given a nude massage from this guy. Hong and Deri then exchanged a few words and the curtain was drawn between the 2 massage tables.

Deri put some scented oil on her hands and began with the soles of my feet and pulling my toes to see if she could crack the joints. She twisted my ankles and then moved up to my calves, deeply rubbing the muscles with her fingers and thumbs. An Asian massage tens to be quite noisy; with grunts and aahs of pain or pleasure depending on the actions of the masseuse or masseur and, in between my involuntary soundings, I could hear Yvette moaning and grunting too.

Deri then moved to my side and started on my right thigh, she probed and stroked the muscles on the outer and then moved to the inner. As she did this, the side of her hand pressed gently against my balls and perineum. My prick had stated to swell by the time she moved to my other side and I took the moment to rearrange myself so that my prick was flat against my stomach. Deri repeated her earlier actions on my left thigh, but seemed to linger longer against my balls. Then she moved down to my feet and, putting a hand on each of my ankles, stroked several times up to the sides of my bum, pulling my cheeks apart so that my anus was exposed, and back down again. Then she repeated the actions up and down the inside of my legs and, when her thumbs touched my perineum she pressed them deeply into me which was a wonderful sensation.

I was getting quite hard now and wasn't sure if it was with sorry or relief that I felt her move to the head of the massage table and start on my head and neck. Then she moved down to my shoulders and the back of my chest. She moved back to the middle of the table to start work on my lower back. She added some more oil which dribbled down between my legs then first worked my buttocks individually and then, with a hand on each, moved them in a circular motion, as her fingers slipped closer and closer to my anus. She finished with my back and left me tingling by running her hands several up from my balls, over my anus and crack of my arse and up my spine. Then she asked me to turn over.

As I did so, I heard Yvette almost whimpering as she moaned and wondered if Hong's technique was the same as Deri's. I assumed it was similar as, within a few moments, I heard some murmurings and what sounded like Yvette turning over onto her back too.

My hard prick was pointing straight up and after looking at it, Deri said it's ok and smiled. As before, she started at my feet, my shins and knees followed and then she pulled my legs even further apart so that she could work on my thighs. She even moved my balls with one hand so that she could massage deep into my groin. All this time, her arm was brushing against my prick but, unfortunately, she never touched it with her hands.

She then moved up to my head and face, and rubbed a finger along and between my lips. Then I couldn't help myself, I nipped and held her finger between my teeth and licked the tip as I tried to suck it into my mouth. I saw Deri grin and she pressed her digit further into my mouth, pressed down on my tongue and rubbed it in and out. I then smiled at her as she removed her finger and lifted my arm and rested it on her shoulder so that she could massage my upper arm. I stroked her neck ear as she did this and she looked my straight in the eye and blew me a kiss.

She then removed my hand from her neck so that she could work on my hand and fingers then placed it between her braless breasts as she worked on my forearm. I gently moved my hand from one breast to another, feeling her nipples hardening as I did. She then dropped one of her hands and pinched my nipple and giggled before continuing with my arm. When she finished she went to the other side to repeat her procedure, as did I with her neck, ear and breasts.

Deri then poured a load of oil into my navel, and used this as a reservoir to spread it around my belly, just stopping along the edge of by pubes before slipping one hand lower to cup my balls in her well oiled hand. Her other hand stayed flat as it too slipped down so that her forefinger and thumb were either side of my aching prick. She then removed both hands and brought her face down to me and lightly kissed my lips before moving to my ear and whispering "do you want me to finish you?"

Of course I said yes, quietly, and she replied, "ten euros?" I just nodded and her hands went back down. She gently massaged my balls as she slowly stroked up and down my shaft. Then I felt one of her fingers rim around my anus and slip just inside. This made me groan and she hushed me and nodded her head to the curtain separating us from my wife and Hong. I looked that way too and my senses immediately seemed to become more acute as I listened to the familiar sounds of Yvette coming to orgasm, soft, hoarse moans of pleasure as she tried to keep the noise down.

I looked back at Deri, smiled and slipped one hand under her tee shirt to play with her tits and the other into the elastic waist of her pantaloons so that I could feel her bum. Her hand went faster on my prick, it finished me and my back arched as I seemed to shoot out litres of cum onto my belly. Deri used some of this as additional lubricant as she slowly ran her fingers around and just under the head of my now softening prick. She continued this for another moment or two as she removed her other hand from my arse and balls, and reached for a small hand towel that she used to clean by belly and prick and her hand.

She then left me and looked around the curtain. She then looked at me, winked and quietly left the room, leaving me to listen to Yvette finally reach her climax. I sat up and used a pillow to lean on against the wall. Then Deri came back in carrying 2 cups of ginger tea; she disappeared behind the curtain to give one to Yvette and then came back and sat next to me on the bed. I heard a zipper being pulled, and assumed that Yvette was giving Hong his tip. This reminded me and I asked Deri to pass my shorts and, after taking out my wallet, gave her fifteen euros. This got me another smile and a kiss. She ran her tongue over my lips as she put the money in her pocket and then got off the bed to rub off any excess oil with a hot, wet towel which she laid across my lap as she finished.

The curtain was then pulled back by Hong as he left the room. Yvette was sitting, leaning on a pillow as I was, with bare boobs, a towel across her upper legs and sipping her cup of tea. Deri asked if she'd enjoyed her massage with Hong and Yvette, avoiding my eyes, said yes. I asked if we could make another appointment for the next evening, before our final dinner. Yvette said yes and I asked Deri if she and Hong would be available again. She said the she would but would need to check with Hong and she went out.

I told Yvette that that was one of the best massages I'd ever had; still not looking directly at me, Yvette replied that it had been great. I left it at that. I know my wife well and, if she wants to tell me just how good it had been, she would. If not, I'd heard and so she would only have been filling in the details. Deri came back in and said that Hong would be available, and so we confirmed that we'd be back about the same time the following day. Yvette took €30 euros from her bag, and I suggested that, as it was such a good massage, we should also give them an additional five each, which she did.

Yvette and I strolled back to our hotel and agreed that, to gain the maximum benefit from the oils used in the massage, we wouldn't shower until the morning. We passed a restaurant we'd liked the look of and decided to eat there, under the stars, before going back to our cabin at the hotel. After a superb meal and wine, we linked arms and walked slowly back, ignoring the people trying to sell us even more knick-knacks and tee shirts. We ignored the bar and, while Yvette was in the bathroom, I took a bottle of champagne from the fridge and opened it.

"Something special?" Yvette said as she came out of the bathroom and saw the drink waiting for her.

"I hope so," I replied as I went in. When I returned, I saw that Yvette had put on a sexy, silk nightdress that we'd bought that day, and was holding both glasses as she lay back against the pillows. I got onto the bed next to her, took a glass, pecked her on the lips and toasted to a great day. I leaned over and slipped a strap off her shoulder that slipped down baring one breast. I gave her my glass and asked her to put them both on the bedside table as I slipped down and took her nipple between my lips. It was already hard and I sucked on it as I bared the other. I then switched to that one as my hands went down to slide her nightgown up, over her thighs and stomach.

As I kissed down Yvette's body, I could feel the smoothness of the oil and smell the perfume (we learned the following night that it was champaka, a local flowering tree). As got to her thighs, I could also smell Yvette's own musky scent, mixed with the perfumed oil, it was a heady mixture. I kissed her thighs and she slid down the bed and opened her thighs to my tongue. Her pussy was soaking and tasted beautifully sweet. She said, "Quickly, I want you in me now."

Her pussy was so wet that I slipped all the way in straight away and, despite coming only a couple of hours earlier, quickly felt my balls tightening and my prick swelling. "Now," I asked?

"Yes, yes," she said. "Fuck me hard". So, being a gentleman, I obliged. We awoke a few hours later, chilled by the air conditioning and got into bed, cuddling our sweaty, oiled bodies together as we slept again.

After a final day on the hotel beach, we showered and went for our massages. Deri and Hong welcomed us and showed us into the same room (this was when we asked about the perfumed oil). This time, the curtain was already pulled across and, as we'd just showered, I just stripped and lay down on my front. I also heard Yvette getting undressed and onto the bed while talking quietly with Hong.

Deri's massage was just as good as the day before, but even more intimate with little strokes and squeezes as she worked on my body. As soon as she made me turn onto my back, I got hold of the bottom of her tee shirt and gestured that she should take it off! She bent down and whispered that I was a naughty boy, but slipped it over her head as she stood back up. Her tits were magnificent, not too big and saggy, but a pet handful each. As she bent over me, I was frequently able to take either one or the other between my lips and, as I did, I slipped my hand around to stroke her arse.

Only when she finally cupped my balls and started to wank my prick did I slip my hand inside her pantaloons and between her thighs. She opened her legs and bent over me and I pulled her thong aside to feel how wet she was. I slipped first one and then two fingers inside and bent them forwards to stroke her g spot and tapped my thumb gently against her clit. She licked around the head of my prick and then took it between her lips and sucked me deep into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down as her hand moved up and down my shaft.

One finger of the hand around my balls slipped into my anus again but this time, it went in deeper and she massaged my prostate. I exploded into her mouth and she sucked me down, swallowed and then moved up to kiss me so that I could taste my own cum on her tongue. All the while my hand was still working on her pussy and she started to shudder. I kept her open mouth on mine and gently pinched nipples her as she came and covered my hand with her juices.

She then sat o the bed next to me for a few minutes while we both regained our breath and listened to the erotic noises from the other side of the curtain. I clearly heard Yvette come, soon followed by a couple of grunts from Hong. I looked at Deri who pointed under the curtain where I could see Hong's feet close to the top of the bed. I raised an eyebrow at Deri who pointed to the curtain, took my hand between her thighs as if she was fucking my fingers, then made a wanking sign with her hand, and said "Very good."

This time I got twenty euros from my wallet and slipped it to Deri as put her tee shirt back on. She went out and came back with the tea and hot damp towels. Only when she'd rubbed me down and made me comfortable against the back of the bed with my ginger tea did she pull back the dividing curtain before sitting at the foot of my bed. Hong was just finishing rubbing a nude Yvette down with the towel and then he helped her up to the top of the bed, this time without the towel, before giving her the tea and going out to the reception area.

Yvette was still flushed and regaining her breath as she sipped her tea. "That was even better than yesterday," I said.

"Yes," was all she said. We eventually dressed and Yvette gave Deri €40 and, as we left, I saw her slip some money to Hong who took her hand in both of his and kissed the fingertips.

"He's such a gentleman," I said to Yvette as we got outside. "I hope they're both still there next year," and got an old-fashioned look in return.

That night, after our final dinner and finishing the champagne that I'd put back into the fridge, we fucked like rabbits before we falling into a deep sleep. Certainly, my experiences with Deri heightened my desire and, I'm sure, Yvette was thinking about enjoying Hong.

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