Asian Massage


I walked into the massage parlor and noticed the bell on the door ring as I entered annoucing my arrival. There was a small lobby area with only two soft chairs for people to wait. As I walked up to the desk an older japanese woman in her fifties came in from the back hall slipping between strings of beads the type that were popular in the 60s. She was barely 5 ft tall, wore a long grey robe, and had house slippers like she was getting ready for bed.

She approached the desk and asked if I wanted a massage? I was still looking around the place and peeked behind her past the beads into the room she just came from. There were four women sitting on the floor eating chinese food and it smelled great. One woman was older perhaps the same age as the woman now facing me at the desk, the rest were barely 21. Each of the young ladies was dressed in a typical school girl uniform. A white stretch top with a short black flannel skirt with pleats and white socks with matching shoes. The skirts seemed to hang at mid thigh, showing off some nice legs though the skirt seemed a bit shorter than I would have imagined for school.

A finger snapped in my face making me realize I had been ignoring the lady at the desk. I looked down to hear her ask me again, now a bit angry, if I would like a massage. I told her yes and we talked about all the options, prices, etc. She called her older friend over and they whispered a few words and then had a good look at me like I was a piece of meat. I was worried that I would end up with one of them in a massage room....what a turn off! But as if they read my mind they called in Japanese to one of the girls sitting on the floor and she jumped up giggling and very happy.

I was escorted to the back to a room. As I walked down the hall I noticed there were about five doors on each side, each with a number on it. However, the rooms were separated by thin walls and there were no walls at the top, just netting. It must be very easy to hear the person next door I thought.

I entered into room 6 and she told me to stay dressed and wait for my masseuse. The room was small, just room for the massage table and a nightstand on either side. One stand had towels, tissues, baby oil, and a radio with a cassette while the other stand had a pouch, more towels, and several massage oils and powders. It was dark, but I could still see with most of the light coming into the room from the hall under the door.

There was a sharp knock at the door "Bang Bang!" and before I could answer she entered. She introduced herself as "Keyoki" and twirled around her dress flying up Marilyn Monroe style and bowed. I also bowed and told her my name as she started undressing me. She was small about 5' 2" 95 pounds compared to my 6' 200 pound frame. She was wearing the same school girl outfit she had on earlier and even in the dark I could see the outline of her tangerine sized breasts. Her hands were very strong and in no time I was down to my underwear. As I stepped out of my briefs she looked at my dick, giggled, and licked her lips I think. It was like she was embarrassed and turned on at the same time.

She gave me a pouch to put my valuables in and handed me a robe. I barely had it on and she opened the door taking me to the back room for a shower. There she took off my robe and had me lay face down on a massage table the same size as the one in the room. However, this table was put in the middle of a large shower so she could wash me on the table. First she wet me down and then she used a sponge and soaped me everywhere, she even stuck her finger in my ass cleaning me inside and out. She turned me over and did the same. However she spent extra time soaping up my crotch area. She touched my dick several times and finally put her fist around it bringing me to full erection. With one hand she massaged and soaped my balls while using the other hand to stroke up and down my cock. She justed smiled at me, like it was something she did every day.

She kept stroking with her fist, her hand tight around my shaft with her thumb flicking the underside of my sensitive head! I tried to talk to her but she did not speak much English.

"Please not now! Later Please!" I said

She just smiled and kept stroking. I could feel my orgasm starting. My eyes glazed over, my by body tensed up, I was almost there! She pumped faster and faster! I arched my back about to yell when she stopped and squeezed the base of my dick stopping my orgasm.

"Shhh!" she said as she put her finger to her mouth.

She washed me off and back to the room we went!

End Part 1

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