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I have to admit that I never, ever thought that I would be writing a story to a web site. My name is Joanie. I am 38 years old, 5'7", thick dark brown hair and a very womanly figure, with 38D breasts (for those of you who need to know) and wide, but very firm, athletic hips. I have been told that I have a perfect complexion. My very creamy white breasts are capped by large dark nipples and I have a dark hairy pubic area. I have a very responsible job and I usually dress accordingly, in a very professional manner. My husband, Tim, is a little taller than me. He is an accountant with a large Not-For-Profit agency. By any standard we were a very average married couple - up until about six months ago when our entire world was turned upside down.

Unlike most of the women I have read about who discover their sexuality at mid-life, I did not get married when I was 17 years old. I was not a virgin. I did not have limited experience with men. I did not marry my husband just for his money. To the contrary, I went to a major University where I had lots of fun... and men. I even spent a semester in Spain where I had even more fun... and more men. By the time I met my husband at age 27, I had had a wide variety of sexual experiences, including cocks of all different sizes and a few colors (and even one experience with a woman). So when I met Tim I definitely felt as if I had "sown my wild oats."

Tim and I met when we worked on a project together. Tim was (and still is) very handsome. I was immediately attracted to his intelligence and good humor. We began dating and slept together about three weeks into our relationship. The sex was excellent! Now I am not going to lie (sorry boys) but size does matter. However, size is not the be all and end all. The most important thing is the interaction between a man and a woman. How they communicate. Do you feel free and uninhibited with your partner? Not afraid to take a risk? To say and do what you really feel?

If you can do that, then a reasonably sized, hard, and long lasting cock is all a girl needs. And any woman worth her salt can work with her man to make his cock hard and long lasting (ladies, if you are not interested enough to do at least that, then he is not the man for you!). Anyway, I was thrilled with my sexual relationship with Tim. His seven inch cock combined with an open and fun loving relationship were all that I wanted. Since we each like to try new things, if either of us ever wanted to try something new, we have an agreement that all you have to do is ask, such as "please, do this for me." For example, when Tim wanted to try anal sex for the first time, he asked, "Joanie, I would really like to fuck your beautiful ass, please do this for me." Even though anal sex is not my favorite thing, I obediently rolled over onto my stomach and presented my ready ass to my man.

This works both ways, another time after an unusual session of unsatisfying sex, I asked, "Tim, I still need to cum, please suck my clit," and I closed my eyes and spread my legs. Honestly, I thought that I had gone to far. Tim had never tasted his own cum (as far as I knew) and there was no way he could suck my protruding clit without sucking some of his own cum. I was pleasantly surprised when he knelt between my legs and began to lick my clit. I was very surprised when after about three minutes, his lips left my clit and he began to seriously eat me and lap up his own seaman. I was shocked when I moved my foot to his crotch to find that he was hard again.

Anyway, Tim and I were planning a special trip to Cancun for our tenth anniversary. I decided to take a scuba diving class at the local community college. In the first class we all had to pair up with a "scuba buddy." Unfortunately there were eleven people at the first class and before I knew it I was the odd girl out. The instructor said another student, Kris, would be at the next class, and that he would be my buddy.

The first class was dedicated solely to the instructor evaluating our swimming skills. At the next class Kris introduced himself. He was a doll. He had been given permission to skip the first class because he was in the masters swim program at the college. He had that perfect swimmers body, broad shoulders, a chiseled chest, hard abs, and long toned legs. He also had the easiest smile and the bluest eyes on the planet. Much to my own surprise, I was in lust. During the class we had many occasions to rub against one another. Every time he touched me I could feel my nipples tighten and expand through the thin fabric of my suit. I was even very (I hope) discretely wiggling my ass just a bit to make contact with his crotch. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I was just having fun.

Well, over the next few weeks Kris and I became good friends. After each class I would tell Tim about the class and my "scuba buddy" Kris. Tim was not jealous. I have lots of male friends, but I knew that in this case Tim should be jealous. I was a little hurt that Tim was not more protective of me. I began to tell Tim more and more about the "inadvertent" touching with Kris.

After class one night while we were getting ready for bed, I said, "Tim, I hope you won't be upset, but tonight at class, Kris got quite a handful of my tits."

"What do you mean," Tim answered with a slightly confused look.

"Well, the instructor said sometimes when you're scuba diving, your scuba buddy may get into trouble. Tonight we were practicing pulling our scuba buddy out of the water. The instructor said the person in trouble sometimes fights against the rescuer, so when Kris started to pull me up, I began to move and he got a good hand full of my tits."

Tim still had a confused look on his face, so I said, "Let me demonstrate." I turned my back to him and had him place his right arm across my body and under my left armpit. "So his hands are like this," then I leaned back and began to struggle. Tim's hand landed on my left tit. I then moved back and my bottom made contact with Tim's crotch. I was taken aback to feel that his cock was standing straight up in his boxer shorts. I began to push my ass into his erection as I continued to struggle, giving Tim a very good feel of my jiggling tits.

"So that's what happened," I said. Then I continued, "Except Kris did not enjoy it quite as much as you did," as I smiled, reached into his boxers to pull on his hard cock.

Tim was almost shaking as he said, "Well, I assume you didn't rub your ass against his crotch the way you just did to me."

"I'm not so sure," I said smiling coyly, as I repositioned myself with my back to Tim again, my silk panties now making direct contact with Tim's drooling cock. As I firmly rubbed his cock with my ass, I continued, "In this position, my ass and Kris' cock must have made some contact." I laughed a little and moved my hands to Tim's ass and really pulled him into me.

Tim moaned, "Oh... my... my," and then he came all over my pretty satin panties. Even though I was just having fun, I was amazed at Tim's reaction to my little play acting. I was trying to make him jealous. Instead, I made him cum in record time, without using my mouth, hands, or pussy. Now I was confused.

When he regained control, Tim said, "Did you really touch his cock?"

"No," I answered. "I mean, I didn't notice that I was touching his cock, although I am sure I must have. I guess I was too busy enjoying his hands on my tits to notice. It was all over in about three seconds."

Tim held me and said, "Well, I'll have to thank Tim sometime for making my wife so horny for me." Wow! I was not ready for this response. I just told him that I "enjoyed" another man's hands on my tits, and he wants to thank the guy! And who got horny here anyway? He just came on my panty covered ass! Then to prove my point as to who was horny, Tim asked, "Joanie, please suck my cock." Without hesitation, I got on my knees sucked his renewed hard member. Now I was horny! After Tim came, I had him eat me to three orgasms.

The scuba class ended and our trip to Cancun was great. About two weeks after we returned, I began to miss my classes with Kris. I knew I should let it die, but then Kris called just to ask about the vacation and how was the scuba diving. Without thinking I asked Kris to join me on a local board (so that I would continue to see him occasionally) and suggested that Kris and his wife meet us for dinner that weekend. Tim was thrilled to meet my new friend and his wife.

We all met that weekend. Kris' wife, Sally, was a truly beautiful woman. Any thought I had that I was making Kris hot went right out the window. While Sally and I got along just fine, Tim and Kris seemed like long lost brothers. I was actually happy that Tim liked Kris. In some way this justified the fact that I had the hots for Kris. To make a long story short, Kris and I continued to be friends and met at our board meetings. Tim and Kris became even better friends. They went rollerblading, bike riding and went to ball games together. Then one day Tim told me that Sally left Kris and she had moved in with, as Tim said, "An older and very rich man."

It was about three weeks later that I saw Kris. When I expressed my sympathy, Kris gave a big laugh and said, "It's alright, Sally called me yesterday and said she wanted to come home. She apologized and said she was overcome by this rich guy's money. She grew up without money and the prospect of a life of leisure was overwhelming to her. Now she realizes that money doesn't buy passion. She wants to come home."

I had mixed feelings, but simply said, "I'm happy she is coming home."

"She's not," Kris answered and laughed even louder. "She made her choice. Not to be cliche, but I told her she made her bed, now she had to lie in it." Kris then smiled and said, "I'm just happy that she left while I'm still frisky enough to enjoy my life." We laughed and I did not think anything more about it.

That weekend Tim and Kris went to a baseball game together. They came in the door together at about 11:30 PM. I was not expecting Kris to come into the house. I was only wearing a sheer summer weight nightie. The outline of my braless tits was clearly visible. Kris looked at my tits for just a moment (by the way boys, women always notice when you are looking at our tits), then he said, "Tim had a bit too much to drink. I wanted to make sure he got into the house without breaking his neck." Tim just smiled (he was also looking at my tits).

"Let me get changed and I will make us some coffee."

"Joanie, please don't get changed. You look great. Just make some coffee, please, do this for me." I was not sure if I understood the import of Tim's request. He was saying it like our game. But we had never played our game in front of anyone else. Was he just drunk? Did he understand what he was saying?

Either way, he asked, and to be honest, exposing myself before Kris was making my nipples start to push out against the flimsy fabric and my pussy was getting wet. I smiled and went to the kitchen and returned with coffee. As I served the coffee, my tits jiggled and the fact that I was nude under my nightgown was very obvious to my male admirers.

Kris was not shy to look. I looked at Kris, then at my tits, then back to Kris, just to acknowledge that I knew he was looking and that I did not mind. Then I noticed that Tim was looking at us. I turned to Tim and he said, "Honey, you are killing him. The man hasn't been laid in weeks." Tim laughed and continued, "God! Look at his shorts!" My husband was right, Kris had a very noticeable bulge in his shorts. Those feelings of lust that I had for my "scuba buddy" were returning... fast. If Tim wasn't careful, I may not be able to control myself.

But Tim had other ideas, "Jezzz Joanie, you are hot! Why don't you show Kris what is under that nightgown before he bursts. I am asking you Joanie, take off your nightgown, do it for me."

"Wait a minute," I said, then paused, I could see the concern on Tim's face. He had no idea what I was about to say (either did I). Then I surprised myself and said, "I'm not a stripper for your entertainment. If I am going to be naked, you guys have to get naked too."

Holy shit! I thought. Did I say that? Yes I did. Tim looked at Kris, laughed and pulled his shirt over his head. Then he tried to remove his pants, but, in his drunken state, he tripped and fell on the couch. How silly he looked, lying face down on the couch, with his pants around his ankles and his hard cock poking sideways (Hmmmm, his cock was hard already, very interesting). He just laid there, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his wife was about to expose her tits and pussy to another man. Well, I thought, he asked for it, and I began to pull the spaghetti straps of my nightgown over my shoulders. As I shimmied, the nightgown slipped down until it stopped on my now very hard nipples.

"I seem to be stuck," I said to Kris, as I continued to gently sway, "it must be your turn."

Kris smiled (Ohhhh that smile!) He slowly unbuttoned his shirt then just as slowly removed his belt, unbuttoned his shorts, and pulled them down. Despite how much I wanted to look at his crotch, I looked right in his eyes. He was looking right at me too. He began to pull down his briefs when the waistband caught his hard penis. "Opps, now I seem to be stuck, your turn."

NOW I WAS HOT!! I looked at Tim, and thought - Tim you better stop me quick. I said, "Tim, aren't you going to watch?" Tim groaned, but turned his head and looked at me. Now with two men as an audience (I hadn't felt this way since I went to a topless beach in Spain), I gave my most seductive smile and used my thumb and forefinger to pull on my nipples. As my nipples got even harder (if that was possible), I gave my nipples one more tug and pulled the nightgown away and allowed it to fall on the floor. I simply raised my eyebrows, smiled and pointed to Kris' crotch, "Your turn." I had stopped thinking about Tim.

Kris actually turned sideways and rotated his hips so that I could not see his cock. He then jerked his underwear off. As he rotated his hips, his beautiful cock came into view. I moaned out loud. Then Kris said, "So now what?"

Good question, I thought. Tim only asked me to get naked? I looked at Tim who seemed like he was slipping off to sleep, but I had the sense that he was really awake. "Timmy," I said (I had no idea why I called him Timmy, only his Mother calls him Timmy). "Timmy," I repeated, "Do you want to ask me anything else? Poor Kris here looks uncomfortable," and I pointed to Kris's impressive cock. "Now that we are naked, what should we do? You have to ask."

I looked my husband right in the eyes. I was taken aback, he may seem drunk, but his eyes were clear.

Timmy looked at Kris, at Kris' erection, then back to me. "You should at least jerk him off, otherwise he's gonna die." Timmy was trying to be funny, but the lust in his voice was obvious. His body was trembling, his cock was dripping pre-cum. My little Timmy was very excited. On the one hand, I was dying to hold Kris' cock (by the way, Kris' cock was only a little bigger than my husband's cock), but it had been a very, very long time since I had seen, let alone touched, another man's cock. I didn't need to be asked twice, and I wanted to get started before Timmy changed his mind.

I got down on my knees just to the side of Timmy on the couch and motioned for Kris to bring his cock over to me. When he got close enough, I grabbed Kris' cock with both hands and looked up to Kris' beautiful eyes, and I felt an electric charge move through my body (I really think I had a small orgasm). I began to stroke Kris' cock and fondle his balls. After less than a minute, I knew I needed more, but Timmy would have to ask - after all, I would never cheat on my hubby.

"Timmy, you have to ask if you want me to suck his cock."

"Yeah, yeah, do it, do it."

"No Timmy, you have to ask." I noticed that he no longer seemed drunk, but he wasn't moving either. I expected him to join in the fun, but he just stared as I continued to manipulate Kris' cock and balls.

"Please Joanie, suck his cock, do it for me."

I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY HUSBAND SAID THAT!!!. Timmy wants to watch me suck another man's cock. Later, I would wonder how my husband could want me to do this, or why he would want to watch, but at that moment, all I wanted was Kris' smooth penis in my soft mouth. I stuck my tongue out and licked all around the head of Kris' cock. I then made my tongue as flat as possible and ever so slowly dragged it from Kris' balls back up to the tip. I repeated this from a few different angles. I could now see my husband's face, still pressed against the couch, intensely staring at his wife sucking his friend's cock. The realization that I was doing this only a foot or so from my husband sent another small orgasm through my now soaking pussy.

I turned just a little so that I could look at Timmy's face, then I attacked Kris' hard as rocks boner. As I deep throated my new lover, my eyes alternated from Kris to Timmy. I could feel Kris start to harden even more, I knew that he would cum soon. I wanted to swallow his load (I wouldn't wait for Timmy to ask). I moved my lips back to the head of Kris' cock and started to jerk his salvia coated cock with my hand. After another minute, Kris came... a lot.

I could not believe how much cum he had (I forgot it had probably been awhile for him). I desperately tried to swallow it all, but there was too much. It started to push out of the sides of my mouth. Then I saw Kris' seaman all over my hand... and my engagement ring... and my wedding ring. And just beyond my rings was Timmy's face, contorted, just like he was cumming. Then I felt the spray on my legs. I thought, Timmy is ejaculating all over his pretty bride, while she licks another man's cum off of her wedding bands. THEN MY PUSSY EXPLODED!! I mean EXPLODED!! I think I came just as much as Kris. I could feel it shoot from my cunt. I actually passed out for a few seconds.

When I refocused, Kris was holding me under my arms, asking if I was OK. I said "Yes, I'm great. That was the best." Then I looked at Timmy. His body was still shaking slightly. Without thought I rolled Timmy on his back and firmly planted my cunt directly on his face. "Eat me Timmy, eat me." My cunt was so excited and open that it actually covered most of Timmy's face. I could feel his entire nose, mouth, and chin inside my on fire pussy. If I had tried, I am sure that I could have fit his entire head up my cunt at that moment.

I closed my eyes and imagined fucking Kris as I ground my clit into Timmy's nose. I could feel Timmy try to lick me. I started to groan (even I could not believe how loud I was). Then I came again... and again my orgasm literally shot out of me and into Timmy's open mouth (Timmy later told me that he thought I was pissing). By the time I noticed, Kris was gone. He must have left while I was riding Timmy's face. Without any further word, exhausted and sweating, Tim and I went to bed.

I was up first in the morning, showered, put on a light summer robe and went to make breakfast. I was glad that Tim was asleep. I needed time to think. I had so many emotions. I felt like a wonderfully, slutty woman. I was more sexually satisfied then I had been in years (and no one had even fucked me!) What about Tim? How would he feel this morning? I still loved him, but I also knew that I wanted Kris (like I said, I hadn't been fucked yet!). I decided that I wanted Kris, but Tim would have to ask.

By the time Tim got out of bed I was sitting at the table on the screened-in-porch reading the paper. I had intentionally let my robe fall open to expose the tops of my breasts. The slit in the rode had ridden up so that the top of my dark pussy hair was visible. When Tim came out I pretended to keep reading, although I could see him looking at me. He sat across from me.

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