Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Pt. 04


"This dress is quite becoming on you, dear one. I see you have made good use of your recently acquired power. The make-up is a charming touch... As is the blood." His tone is amused; clearly he doesn't care that I've just slaughtered one of his minions.

"Thank you," I reply, as casually as he had spoken, "You don't look so bad yourself. Would you like to know why I murdered one of your kin?"

"Please, do confess my pet. I am sure the tale is quite fascinating."

"That it is. The little fucker tried to rape me." I wait for this to sink in.

His smile drops quickly and his eyes spark. His playfulness is replaced by a scorching anger, so hot it would wilt a desert flower. The very ground we stand on rumbles and cracks and his fury unleashes his tremendous power. Anticipating this reaction, I step closer to him and place my palm against his chest, rubbing it soothingly and standing on tip-toes to whisper reassuring words into his neck.

"Don't panic my King; I can handle myself."

He reigns in his fury long enough to regain his composure and stop the quaking he's subjected the cavern to. Releasing a gruff, ragged breath, the demon's eyes soften as he gazes down at me and pulls me into a tighter embrace. Drawing back, with a hand on my shoulder he caresses my face and watches me with an expression of such pure love that I almost can't stand it.

"If anything were to happen to you, my love... Or to..."

He breaks off in mid sentence, turning away from me.

Heart-broken at seeing my lover looking so dejected, I draw closer to him, running my fingers firmly down his muscular back.

"I'm fine, really. Look at me." I push his arm gently, knowing that I could never use brute strength to get him to turn around.

Persuasion works though, and he turns back toward me.

"See? Not even a scratch."

"And I suppose your new healing abilities had nothing to do with that?" he asks, anger only barely concealed.

"That helped of course, but to be honest the only thing bothering me physically at the moment are these stupid dry contact lenses." I rub my burning eyes as I say this.

"Allow me," he replies, cupping my face in his hands.

Pleased to be getting a reaction out of him, I smile and lift my face up to his.

"Close your eyes."

Confused, I do. Soft lips press tenderly onto my eye-lids, one at a time. When I feel him drawback, I open my eyes again, only to find much to my disappointment, that the contacts are as painful and hindering as ever. Even worse, they've made my vision even blurrier.

"Um, I don't think that worked," I whine, rubbing my eyes hard.

"Remove those infernal lenses."

Carefully, I do as he commands and am astonished to find that without my contacts I can see perfectly! Cursed with short sighted vision ever since I was thirteen, this is the first time in years that I can see clearly unassisted. Only people with surgically corrected vision would understand how truly liberating this is. Without hesitation I flick the soft plastic -- which I had relied on so heavily these past years -- from my fingers and marvel at the beautiful clarity in which I now see the world.

"Thank you," I whisper as I meet my demon's gaze again.

"Anything, my love," He swears as he strokes my hair lightly.

Anything? Could it really be that simple?

"Let me go home?" I ask in a small voice.

"Anything but that; I cannot let you leave." His voice is hard and sharp.

Damn, I should have known. Silly me, stupid hope. More stinging and blurriness hinder my vision but this time it has nothing to do with contact lenses.

Sighing softly, Asmodeus wipes my tears away.

"Come now," he chastises gently, "You must be hungry."

Wow, now that was a subtle subject shift. Sniffling once, I remember my steel reserve and embody my earlier calm. Now is not the time to lose it; back to my original plan.

"I'm not hungry," I lie, "Why don't we skip straight to dessert?"

I reach for his leather belt.

It doesn't take much persuasion on my part to convince my lover to take us back to his throne room. Along the way we leave a trail of clothing -- mostly his -- strewn on the hard earth, as I rip off each piece with relish. I'm not going to lie; although phase one of my plan involves seducing the demon of lust himself, that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying myself a little. Tearing away at each other's clothing is a fun little chore as we head over to the bed.

When we finally reach it, I admit that I am hungry, but for something a little more bestial than food. I devour his lips and drink in his lust, no longer the helpless virgin from the night before. I'm a stone-cold killer, a real femme fatale and I need a strong man to keep up with me. I push him forcefully toward the soft mattress and bless him, he lets himself flop down. A greedy smile plays on my lips as I take him in, in all his glory, lying spread-eagle across the bed, his erection at attention.

Mine. The thought flits through my mind and begins a hostile take-over, infecting every other belief I hold dear. Nothing else is important while he uses my lust against me and maddeningly, all that I care about right now is that the demon king is mine and mine alone.

I jump onto the bed without fear and climb over his taunt body, my hips straddling his. Slowly I position my entrance over his engorged penis and lean forward until my breasts brush against his chest. I lower my head further still and bite his lips in my eagerness. I want to take control tonight.

As my tongue lashes his, I impale myself slowly with his member. That wonderful heat and feeling of fullness makes me sigh with utter bliss. I ride him slow at first, then grind my hips forcefully against his, tossing my head back with delight; moaning and squeezing my eyes shut as I feel every rub of his sensitive flesh against mine. I curl my back, dipping my face down to meet his again and all the while I don't lose the beat, making sweet music with my body strumming his.

Strong hands grip my ass from both sides, kneading them hard before they move up to my waist. I gasp as he thrusts his hips up suddenly, his hands on my waist pulling me down. I cry out helplessly as the pleasure smothers and burns me at the same time. The blazing heat of his shaft spreads through me as a hard thrust batters the raw nerves within me. Dizzy in my climbing ecstasy, I let him take control again, possessing the strength to do nothing other than to brace my arms against his shoulders as an earth-shattering orgasm consumes me. My cry of passion sounds through the room like a Valkyrie's call to battle and once again, the cave shivers against my power.

Asmodeus turns us over swiftly, covering my shuddering frame with his solid body. I slap his chest with unconcealed displease at having been denied my chance to dominate him for once. I'm about to demand my rightful place astride him when the first boulder slams into his back, sending shockwaves through us both. Fuck.

"I'm sorry!" I cry into his ear as more and more of the cave's ceiling assails my lover.

"Do not worry, my love, it was but an accident." He grunts as a large chunk of heavy rock slams into his shoulder blade.

Horrified, I bring my hand out from under the shield that is his bulk; if I could start such a hailstorm of boulders then I must certainly be able to stop it. I take a deep breath and focus what is left of my energy, willing the deadly shower to an end. When it stops, my lover continues his vigorous propelling as if suffering a stoning is a normal occurrence during sex. My concern is forgotten in a matter of seconds as my lust builds again. This time, instead of playing with me, Asmodeus keeps up his superb pace and climax again with ease.

Spent, with my tireless lover still pounding away at my pleasantly aching body, I drift into a state of semi-consciousness, staring at the beautiful demon through heavy lidded eyes and gripping his arms weakly, letting the sensations wash over me. I reach another peak before Asmodeus is done and finally slump beneath him in relief. He eases down beside me, his movements stiff and his back rigid.

Struggling out of my after-sex haze, I turn to him and gasp when I take in the ghastly sight of large purple bruising, standing out sickeningly well against his dark skin. I rub over them gently, whipping my hand back when he winces.

"I'm so sorry, Asmodeus. I didn't mean to-"

"Do not dwell on your mistakes; for they are easily mended," he interrupts, "these will disappear as I sleep. Moreover, my pet, I consider these love marks."

He laughs so heartily that I can't help but join in.

I quit laughing abruptly however when a sharp pain assaults my lower abdomen. The pressure is so sudden and so strong that I curl into myself, tears stinging my eyes and bile burning my throat. Asmodeus's large warm hands are on my back and shoulder, soothing me as hurt increases. I feel as if I'm being sawn in half from the inside. Sobs of utter hopelessness stick in my throat, as every tiny movement increases the horror within me. Even sitting deathly still does nothing to alleviate my suffering. I moan my lovers name and feel him stroke my hair in response.

Why isn't he helping me?

The agony lasts for hours, I know, as I feel every excruciating second. In all that time, kicked, screamed, swore, paced around the bed and lay writhing on the hard floor while the demon king watched. I think I truly hated him then.

Finally, after all my suffering I crawl back onto the bed, lying on top of the covers, drenched in sweat and too exhausted to do anything other than sleep.

* * * * *

When I wake, the pain is gone and Asmodeus is still beside me, rubbing pacifying circles over my tummy. Irritated, I shove his hand away and launch off the bed. He sits up and shoots me a look of resigned weariness, as if he knows exactly what is to come.

Too right he fucking should know.

"How could you just lie there and watch?!" I scream, seething at the man who confessed his love to me then watched me suffer.

"There was nothing I could do," he replies evenly, rising from the bed to stand before me.

"Nothing? There was nothing you could DO?! I have seen the extent of your power my King," I spit the words at him, "And I know that if anyone could have helped me, it could have fucking been you!"

"Yours is an ailment only time will mend."

"Oh, so you know what's wrong and you still did nothing? You disgust me." I turn away from him, unable to bear the sight of him so calm; it physically sickens me.

"There was nothing to be done, my Selena. This is your burden for the next nine days."

"Days?!" I whirl around and face him again, desperately gripping his arms and wishing he'd take back the words, "I won't survive nine days of this! What's wrong with me?!"

He cups my cheek with his palm and the gesture is so calming that I can't help leaning into his touch. He kisses my tear-stained face quickly but instead on answering my question, he asks one of his own.

"When you first used my power, love, did you wonder why it worked for you?"

"What does this have to-" I begin, scared, angry and confused.

"Answer the question," he commands.

"I didn't really think about it. Didn't you somehow gift them to me?"

He flashes an infuriating little smile.

"That would be an accurate assumption."

"What the fuck does that have to do with anything?!" I yell, tired of his stupid games.

"Everything, my dear," as usual, his answer is frustratingly vague.

Resisting the urge to crack a boulder over his head, I release a strained breath.

"Elaborate, please," I plead through gritted teeth.

"It is really very simple my sweet, only those possessing my blood may possess my power."

"So what? Because I bit you, I've got powers all of a sudden? What's that got to do with the pain?"

"It takes more that the consumption of blood to grant the drinker permanent or strong magic -- although, that does give one limited and temporary use of my power."

"Quit it with the mind games! Can't you just speak plainly to me? I'm freaking out and I do not need this right now," my voice breaks on the last word.

His gaze softens and he watches me with an expression of mild sympathy.

"Have you forgotten already, my love, why I stole you away? My power only channels strongly through those of my blood -- or those carrying it within."

He presses a hand over my womb; gently, possessively, as realization finally dawns on me. My throat closes with sorrow and shock, but I swallow it down. Really, how could I not have seen this coming? A voice at the back of my mind answers for me; of course I expected it, just not this soon...

I'm pregnant. This is not part of the plan.

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