She was a lot more resistant, not having had the finger-fucking first. He felt his cock want to bend in the middle, then she took a deep breath and her rosebud blossomed. With a surprised gasp, he was taken inside, his cockhead snapping through the tight ring of muscle to house itself in her inner warmth.

"Oof!" she yelped. "Ow! Oh, fuck that's big!"

"Not quite the same as a strap-on, is it?" Jennifer giggled, laying kisses down Sarah's spine. When she reached the swell of ass, Jenny laid her head upon it like a pillow, eyes fastened on the point where man became girl. "Oh, that looks sexy," she murmured.

Mike fed his cock up Sarah's taboo chute the same way he had Jennifer's; slowly and carefully. As before, it took time but eventually he had got her accustomed to the impalement and was sliding back and forth at a steady pace. She bucked a little at first, the thickness of him stretching her sphincter uncomfortably, but now she was getting used to it.

When he had a good speed going, Jennifer glanced up at him. "Pull out a sec, will you?"

Not really wanting to, he did as he was told. When his cock popped out of her girlfriend's sphincter, Jennifer ducked forward and wrapped her lips around his slick shaft.

Just like that.

No quick grip of her hand to wipe it, no slow taking, just one quick plunge to get as much as she could. Wrapping her lips around him, she pumped her mouth up and down his cock, tasting the mixture of pre-cum and ass.

"Fuck me!" he gasped, barely holding back from filling her mouth with boiling spunk.

"Anytime," she grinned, releasing his shaft and then feeding it back up her lover's ass.

Mike lost it. He was too overcome by the kinky act and could hold back no longer. Giving his lust free reign he grabbed hold of Sarah's waist and savagely plundered her rectum.

He was intense, he was forceful, he was a Viking.

She grunted in mixed pain and pleasure as her sore ring was used mercilessly. Back and forth through its clenching grip he ploughed, yelling as he felt his climax begin.

With a last mighty shove, he buried himself to the hilt in her ass so hard that he drove her flat to the bed, himself falling on top of her. As they bounced, his cock hosed its hot tribute into the very depths of her bowels, bathing them in a salty white tide.

"YEEEAAAHHH!" he growled, slamming his hips hard against her buttocks. Sarah could only cry out in ecstasy as she endured his assault, pinned beneath his savage bulk.

Finally, he froze and then sagged upon her. They lay there for a minute until he felt Jennifer pressing his side, trying to roll him off Sarah. His senses returning to normal, he let himself be turned and moaned when his cock came out of that heavenly hole with a sucking squelch.

"Look what you've done," Jennifer grinned, spreading her lover's ass.

Mike leaned over and saw the tender hole, red now through abuse. It flexed and heaved as if struggling for breath and then a small drip of cum bubbled up to puddle over the crinkled muscle. A little more followed it as his spunk leaked out of her rectum.

It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Or was until he saw what Jennifer did next.

With no word, the auburn haired beauty leant forward and began to lap at the oozing cum like a gentle kitten.


FROM THE AUTHOR: I hoped you enjoyed that. If you did, please take a moment to send me feedback. The more in-depth about what you liked the better. It is what motivates me to keep writing. As always, my deepest thanks to OMEGAZONE for taking the time to edit my work.

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