Ass Slave


Having recently moved from the country into town I found that I had a bit of an exhibitionist side to me.

The small town I moved to has lots of regular evening walkers. It seemed like everyone on my street walked around town every night or at least down my street. Not being used to living so close to other people and also having a sidewalk right outside my front door; I don't always remember to pull the blinds.

My first night in my new house I plopped down in front of my large flat screen television and put a porn movie in the dvd player. Moving had me so exhausted that I couldn't relax so knowing if I masturbated I could release some tension and get to sleep.

The scene playing out on my television was one of my favorite; a couple has decided to seduce the young babysitter and she was now lapping away at the woman's pussy while the man plowed her from behind.

My pussy was reacting just as I wanted it to and was getting damper by the minute. I have on a thin tank top and booty shorts that I usually wear to bed. I slide the straps off my shoulders and begin massaging my full breasts. I grip them and squeeze them and pull on my hard nipples as the girl moans on the screen.

I push my shorts to the side and lightly tease my damp pussy; rubbing my finger softly inside my wet creases. Not wanting to come quickly I continue my distracted rubbing while the woman moves to lick the girls anus as her husband continues to fuck her tight little pussy.

After a few minutes of watching the action I decide to go get a toy out of my bedroom. When I stand up from the sofa which is directly in front of huge picture windows, my top down around my waist, I see a man staring directly at my television from the sidewalk outside. His eyes jump from the screen to my bare breasts and he quickly moves down the street at being caught.

I am startled and move to close the blinds but then I think, hmmm, do I really want to hide? I decide to pull the curtains instead but leave them partially open so if my watcher comes back he can still get a view.

I rush to my bedroom and get my favorite vibrator and rush back. I move to the chair to the side of the television instead of the sofa so if he comes back he can have a view of me.

The man is now rubbing his hard cock against the girl's virgin asshole and preparing to push it up in her. I rub my vibrator against my wet pussy as I spread my legs wide and throw one leg across each arm of the chair. Mmmm it is so good, the feel of the trembling toy touching against my hardened clit. My pussy is so wet I feel the juices lubing my own ass as the man inches inside of her tight hole.

I catch a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of my eye; movement at the window. I smile as I continue to rub the vibrator up and down my juicy slit. I hope he is getting a good show. I pinch my nipple with my left hand and moan loudly so the man can hear me. "Ooooh, I wish I could have a big cock like that in my ass!"

The thought that this stranger is watching me and hearing me play with my pussy has my passion boiling! I can imagine him outside my window stroking his cock and wanting to fuck me!

I raise my ass high off the chair and rub the fake cock against my ass hole. The pussy juices that have been running down from my cunt have my ass hole lubed and ready. I work the head of the dildo in circles at the tight hole. My ass begins to open for the hard plastic dick. I move and lay my stomach against the arm of the chair so my ass in up in the air facing the window. I reach back and push the head of the dildo into my tight, oh so tight, ass.

"Oh God yes! Oooohhh it is so good!" I glance back at the window and continue to stuff the cock into my aching spinster. I catch a quick flash of his face before he moves out of my view. Knowing he was watching was enough to put me over the edge and my body quakes as I cum, juices squirting onto the hardwood floors.

I lay there prone over the edge of the chair arm and gently rub me spent pussy with my ass still up in the air facing the open curtain. I imagine my spectator shooting his hot cum all over the window pane before pulling himself together and heading back to his own home.

The next morning I decide to set up my living room for future exhibits. I go to a thrift store and buy a large mirror. I bring it home and after having the neighbor's son come over and stand on the porch outside the window find the perfect position on the wall for the mirror. I give the neighbor kid $5 for helping me and rearrange the furniture in the room.

My pussy stayed wet all day as I wait for the evening to come. I positioned the curtains again for the show. I picked out a dvd and laid out my toys. I decide not to wear any clothes tonight so in preparation for the evening I undress and walk freely about the house.

As the afternoon progresses I walk past the open curtain many times giving several passersby brief flashes of my naked body. Some people did double takes and others just walked on as if they hadn't seen anything. Every time I noticed someone noticing me my pussy would jump and get wetter. By dusk my body is tingling with built up lust and I knew it wouldn't be long until my voyeur returns.

I look at the clock and realize it's time to get started. I slide the dvd into the player and continue to walk about the house. The scene on the TV screen is vividly familiar to what had played out last night. A woman is being watched by a man though her window as she plays in her wet pussy. The man is stroking a large dick outside her window.

I stand directly in front of the television and pinch my hard nipples as I watch the woman sucking her own hard nipples. I glance toward the new mirror and notice my friend is back on my porch watching from the shadows. I run my hand down to my wet pussy and slide a finger against my clit. The contact makes me shiver. I slid my finger inside my tight hole and then suck the juices off of my finger.

I look at the mirror and see him move closer to the window with his dick in his hand. I watch him stroke it slowly while staring at my ass so I bend forward slightly so my ass is gaped open for him. His hand moves faster on his hard shaft. I run my hand back between my legs and to my ass hole. I slip a finger into the tight orifice; push past the sphincter and into my hot bowel. I squat my legs slightly to be able to add two more fingers and as I force them in I throw my head back in ecstasy.

My admirer is stroking wildly now just as the man in the porn. I watch as the man on the television shoots a huge load of cum all over the screen. Seeing my watcher is near exploding now I lean forward and lick my tongue against the image of the thick cum running down the screen. That was enough to make my admirer shoot his reserve of built up cum all over my picture window.

He begins to put his dick back in his pants but I have just gotten started. I move to the coffee table where my assorted sex toys are arranged. I reach for a large but plug that has a suction cup on the end of it. I push it hard onto the table so that it suctions onto the corner of the table top.

I notice my watcher has decided to stick around as I spot him in the mirror still peeking at me. I squeeze a nice amount of lube on the tip of the anal plug and smooth it all over the orb then lower myself onto the enormous bulge of it.

I feel my tight ass stretching to attempt to fit the abnormally huge toy. I rise back up slightly and ease down on it again slowly allowing my sphincter to adjust to it. My ass opens and I push down allowing the entire ass plug to invade my bowel. I moan loudly and work my body in a circular motion, enjoying the full sensation.

I begin to rock forward and backward on the huge bulbous devise; my hands gripping my full breasts and kneading them.

My inquisitive friend is awe struck and standing, mouth gaped open watching me ride the toy in jubilance. His dick is hard and in his hand again. He strokes it absently.

I reach for another toy. This is a very large realistic black dildo with a huge set of balls attached. I begin to lick the cock from balls to tip and then hold it above my head and drop it into my mouth. I suckle the cock like a calf suckling off her mother's tit. I gulp and gag on the black rod like a hungry little whore.

I pull it out of my throat a long stream of spit covering it and strung from my lips to the fake cock. I glance at his face in the mirror and slurp the spit back into my mouth then lick my lips. He blinks and grips his cock hard making the head look like it is about to pop off the end.

I rub the wet dildo against my hot slit and bulging clit. "Mmmmmmm!" I moan as I guide the phallus into my tight cunt. "Oooohhhh" There is not much room with the butt plug invading my pussy space. I am a very persuasive girl though, so I twist and turn the dick until I virtually cork screw the plastic cock into my cunt. All 8 inches of it disappear into my hot box and the balls press against my clit.

I rock and bounce on the bulbous toys working toward my ultimate ass and cunt orgasms. Pinching my hard nipples and pulling them I can feel my orgasm building from the pit of my being.

I am missing one thing. I need a cock in my mouth. I want a hard cock to mouth fuck me while I ride these toys. I look at my admirer and he looks at me. He moves to run but I point at him and then to the front door. He looks scared, then shocked and then it hits him that he has been invited in. I motion to the door again and he finally moves to it. I have let it unlocked on purpose and he walks right in.

His cock is still in his death grip and he looks at me awkwardly.

"Get that dick over here!" I order him.

He walks to me and stands there. I raise my eyes and look from his cock to his face. He is a handsome Hispanic man. His tan completion is very appealing and his body is sculpted with muscles. I look back to his cock, it is large and vein covered.

"Put your cock in my mouth and mouth fuck me." He guides his dick to my mouth and slowly slides it past my lips. He has a warm earthy taste that I enjoy. I pull him deeper into my throat by grasping his ass.

After a few strokes I unbutton his jeans and slide them and his underpants down. The fall loosely around his ankles as I grab hold of his ass again and encourage him to mouth fuck me.

The pressure of him thrusting into my throat is forcing the dildos deeper into me and the rocking is causing the artificial balls to rub hard on my clit. The orgasm is building hard and fast. I suck hard on his dick and begin to shake as I feel the tremors taking over my core.

My cunt begins spasming on the hard black cock. My ass is tightening and clamping down on the ass plug. I am making howling sounds that are trying to escape around his cock.

The vibration of my vocal cords on his dick sends him over the edge and he begins to spurt his second load of hot salty cum down my throat. He pulls out of my mouth.

I pull the black cock from my cunt with a juicy plop. "Get down and lick up my cunt juice!" I order him.

He scrambles to his hands and knees and licks my pussy clean; eating up all my nasty hot cream. I shove his face into my cunt and grind against it. "Oh yes you nasty pervert. You eat up every drop!"

After he has licked my cunt dry I push his head down and stand up. The ass plug makes a loud popping noise as my ass releases it. I bend over the seat of the chair and put my ass up in the air.

"Lick it clean." He crawls from the front of the coffee table to the chair. I feel him spreading my ass cheeks and his tongue licking the rim. "Oh yes you nasty, nasty boy! Lick it up good."

He licks and licks and slurps and slurps. He is really enjoying eating out my asshole. I feel him dip his fingers inside and wiggle them around then lick the ass juice from his fingers.

"You want to fuck that ass?" I ask him.

"Yes ma'am." He eagerly answers.

I push him away and stand up. I pull him up by his hair and look him in his face. "Then you will have to earn it."

"Yes ma'am, whatever you say." He nods his head.

"I will think of something that will earn you some ass. Come back tomorrow evening and take your regular spot on the porch. Don't make a move without my permission. You want to play then you do as I say when I say. Do you understand?"

He nods. "Okay pull up your pants and get out!"

As I shut the door behind him I begin to plan for the next night and the fun I will have with my ass slave.

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