tagSci-Fi & FantasyAsta Futa Ch. 06

Asta Futa Ch. 06


(This is the conclusion of the series. Thank you everyone who has followed along!)


I made our bed as comfortable as I could, even though Asta said I didn't need to. Birth wasn't as painful as it was for humans. That was good, because I didn't want to see her in too much pain. She laid down just as her first real contraction hit, and she winced, holding her large belly as she breathed deep. I took a cool washcloth and dabbed her forehead. She was already hot from the sex we'd had the past 3 hours. This first bout of pain created beads of sweat all over her.

"It shouldn't take long," Asta sighed. I rubbed her belly. "Not as long as you'd expect, anyway."

"That's good," I said, kissing her. "Take as long as you need."

She smiled her gorgeous smile and kissed me again. We continued the kiss, and I slid my tongue across her lips. She opened her mouth to invite me in. I rubbed her belly where our baby squirmed and kicked, ready to come out. Asta caressed my cheek but pushed away lightly, blushing like the day we met. I smiled and understood. For the next couple of hours, the contractions got worse. Asta drew her legs up and down the bed, gripping the headboard and my hand as she groaned with each wave of pain. Her beautiful body was now slick with sweat, and I dabbed her face with colder cloths. As I wiped her chest, I noticed the swell of her breasts, full of milk and red with the stretching of her skin.

"Are you breasts hurting?"

"Yes," Asta panted.

I took her left in my hand and massaged it, letting the milk squirt out into one of the cloths. Asta moaned in relief and stretched her right hand out to feel for a cloth and do the same with her right breast. She moaned so fiercely as she squeezed that I tried to press away my growing hard-on with my thighs, but as her left breast soaked the cloth to uselessness, I replaced it with my mouth, taking in her taut nipple and drinking her milk.

"Yes, Jake," Asta sighed, running her hands through my hair. "God, yes, keep doing that."

When the swelling went down, I switched breasts and sucked hungrily at the right, pinching her left nipple as the milk slowed to dripping. My other hand groped at my dick, getting harder still. When I finished drinking of my wife's milk, her next contraction hit, but her face flushed with pleasure.

"Oh," she said between breaths. She was as surprised as I was. Her nipples stayed erect, and that's not all that did. Her lady dick twitched and hardened a little. "Ohh," she cooed, squeezing her breasts and writhing slowly.

"Baby, you are killing me right now," I breathed, my dick crying pre-cum.

"It feels so good," Asta said.

"Good." I reached down and kissed her mouth, my left hand stroking my dick, my right wrapping around hers. I didn't want to step too far, so I held it gently.

We let out tongues go at it until her next contraction, and she pulled away to inhale sharply and exhale hard, running her hands down her neck and to her breasts. Her cock swelled in my hand, and I squeezed it lovingly, felt it inside my other hand on my own growing dick.

"Shower," Asta moaned.

I scooped her up, carried her to the bathroom, and helped her climb into the tub. She pressed her hands against the wall as her water broke, rushing down her legs and splashing down at her feet. I lost it then and grunted as my sperm hit her ass in long, quick blasts. Asta rubbed it into her skin and then sat down, legs open to show me her hard cock and still dripping pussy. Asta took her cock in her hand and stroked us both. I braced myself against the wall as she moaned loud and long, an orgasm building in her even through another contraction. She arched her back and wailed, feeling the most pleasure she ever had. I was running my hand up and down my cock fast, bucking into it until I came again on the wall of the tub and over Asta's tits. Asta breathed and moaned, pumping her dick harder and faster until her hand was a blur. She pulled her knees up to her shoulders and put her other hand between her legs. When she cried out even louder, her dick erupted up her neck and against her chin. Spurt after spurt of her sweet girl cum mixed with mine, and when she came down, she put her other hand between her legs, too. She pulled our daughter out of her and into the air. I grabbed the nearest towel and took the crying baby as Asta lay back in ecstasy.

"She's beautiful," I breathed, wiping her face as she screamed at us. I sat on the edge of the tub and handed her back to Asta. She smiled up at me and pulled me down for another kiss.

"I love you, Jake."

"I love you, too."

~The End~

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