At Grandma & Grandpa's


"You can suck on my nipples, if you want to," grandma smiled and said. Angie looked at me, flashed me a smile and was way ahead of me. Her mouth dropped down to her grandma's titty, her lips parted and she sucked a big, juicy nipple into her mouth. This was just awesome. In no time, I joined her at grandma's other boob, and the two of us started to orally pleasure grandma's tits. The back yard was soon filled with sucking and smacking sounds.

I looked over at grandpa, by now his big dick was firmly placed in his hands and he was stroking it. All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my dick. My grandma had positioned herself so that she could reach my dick while I sucked her right breast, and she soon started to stroke it as well. I looked over at Angie, who had a look of pleasure on her face as she was slurping on grandma's nipple, then looked down to see that grannie had her other hand buried deep in her granddaughter's pussy. She was jerking me off while fingering Angie's cunt!

All of a sudden, grandpa walked over to Angie and tapped her on the shoulder. With a loud pop, her lips let go of the nipple, and all of a sudden she had a dick in her face. Grandpa wasn't forcing her to do anything, and just gently asked her if she wanted to (in his own words) "give it a try". Now I knew for a fact that dear, sweet sister Angela had sucked more than a couple of dicks in her days, but this was quite different. Sucking and squeezing on a tit was one thing, but this would cross a lot of lines. I was eyeballing my sister with great interest, was she going to suck her grandpa's dick? I didn't have to wait long for her decision.

"I do grandpa, I want to try your dick." And into the mouth of my sister grandpa's big cock went. She lost all interest of her grandma's tits, now she was grandpa's little girl and she was sucking and stroking him like there was no tomorrow. Her free hand dove right into her own cunt, and as she was sucking and slobbering on grandpa's dick, she was fingering herself. This was a sight for sore eyes, something I thought I'd never see in a million years. But I was loving every minute of it.

"Want to try this one for size as well, son?" my grandma giggled up at me, and as I looked down her mouth was gaping wide open back at me. "Would I ever, grandma!" I almost shouted back at her. "I would love to put my dick in your mouth." Her hand was massaging my balls as she smiled back at me. "Go ahead and do it, put your big fat cock in your grandma's mouth" She opened her mouth up wide again, and I slid my meat into it. She started to moan like crazy as her lips clamped around my rock hard shaft, and without thinking about it I started to push my dick in and out. Not really face fucking her, but definitely using a bit of force to shove it in and out. Grandma had a big mouth alright, and she was using it to perfection on my dick. She was using a lot of spit on it, and it just felt great. Everything in life was great right now. I looked over at my sister, who was still sucking our grandpa's dick, and our eyes met. Even though she had her grandfather's big dick in her mouth, she could still smile back at me. I could see that she was enjoying this every bit as much as I did.

The sun started to set in the back yard while me and gramps were getting our dicks sucked. A string of lights came on with the dusk, most likely set by an automatic timer. Our naked bodies bathed in the warm light from the many little lanterns, all while the sucking of dicks continued. I looked down at grandma, who still had my dick deep in her mouth, and she was smiling broadly at me. She started to massage my balls as her warm mouth and wet tongue played with my cock. She was sucking me slow and deep, and I could tell it wouldn't be long before I came.

All of a sudden, grandpa started to jitter and shake while moaning loudly, he was about to come any second now. With a major roar, he pulled his cock out of Angie's mouth and started to cum all over her face. My sister opened her mouth wide as grandpa just kept on cumming, and several shots of sperm went all over her face, into her mouth and started to dribble down onto her tits.

This was all too much for me, the whole combination of my sister getting cum all over her pretty little face and my grandma more or less deep throating my cock. I was gentleman enough to let her know that I would come, and then emptied my balls down her throat. No pulling out necessary from either party, grandma kept her mouth on my dick at all times like a pro, as I shot string after string of hot cum down her gullet. Now I had been with a couple of girls who had let me cum in their mouths (and very quickly spat it out, I might add), but that was nothing when compared to shooting my sperm into grandma's mouth. No spitting on her part either, after savoring the taste of her grandson for a while she swallowed it all down with minimal effort. I could tell she had slurped down a load or two in her days, and I was pretty sure not all of them belonged to grandpa either.

It had gotten late, the sun was nowhere to be seen and except for the little lanterns the back yard was in complete darkness. We were all very tired after what had just transpired, and even though me and Angie were anxious to keep playing with our grandparents, we all thought it was best to call it a day. As we cozily snuggled into our beds, our grandma gave us both deep goodnight kisses (tongue and all!) and wished us both a good night. With the promise that we were all going to have a lot more fun the following day. With images of sex dancing inside our heads, we both went to sleep. We couldn't wait for the next day!

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