tagRomanceAt Last Ch. 02

At Last Ch. 02


I'm afraid this doesn't make sense without part 1 – I should have submitted the lot in one go, but this happened on me a little later. Sorry about that.

Jane smiled back at him. She ran a finger along his eyebrows and then across his lips.

"Brr," Ian said. "You're tickling me!"

"And I can taste myself on your lips," she said. "Come, let's go upstairs."

She got up and took Ian's hand. They climbed the stairs and Jane opened her bedroom door. "Welcome," she said, smiling. Ian looked around. It was a room he'd not been in before. There were a few nice pictures on the walls, and on the bedside table there were a few framed photographs.

"Your parents?" Ian asked.

"Yes," she said. "They have been dead for twenty years now. I still miss them... what about yours?"

"Mine lived to be very old," Ian said. "My father was the last to go, a year ago or so. Yes, I miss them, too. We went on well together. But now..."

"Yes," she said, and held her arms out to him. "Come!"

He stepped into her arms. "May I undress you?" he asked.

She nodded. "Please," she said.

Ian slowly removed her clothing, piece by piece – first her dress and shoes which left her standing in her pink underwear and stockings. He looked at her and drank in how lovely she looked. Then he touched her breasts through the cups and stroked her nipples. Kissing her again he clasped his arms around her back and undid her brassiere. She let him slide it down her arms. He looked at her again.

"I'm so glad you didn't have any breast job done," he said. "They're beautiful and they fit you perfectly."

He bent down and kissed each stiff, rosy nipple.

Then he knelt in front of her and undid the clasps of her garter straps. He enjoyed the feeling of rolling her stockings down her legs; then he unclasped her garter belt and took off her panties, planting another light kiss on her pubic hair.

He rose and said, "Now let me have a good look at you, beautiful!"

"You really think so?" she said.

"Yes," Ian said. He stood marvelling at her beauty and his luck in finding her. "You're ravishing and you go straight to my heart."

She smiled happily. "Now it's my turn," she said. She first undid his shoelaces. "You can step out of them," she said. Then she took off his socks. She got up and put his jacket on a chair; then his shirt went. She tickled his chest and ran her nail along his breastbone, down to the buckle of his belt. She earnestly unbuckled it, unzipped his trousers and shoved them down. Then she put her index fingers in the sides of his boxers and shoved them all the way down. While she did so Ian felt her hair and then her cheek touch the tip of his cock. She got up again and gave him a broad smile. She put out a hand for his cock. "May I?" she asked.

Ian could not answer. He nodded while the words stuck in his throat for sheer happiness. He stroked her hair and kissed her while she ran her hand along his cock, fondling the tip, rubbing the stem and eventually cupping his balls in her hand.

"I want you in me," she said.

Ian lowered his arms. He cupped her buttocks with his hands, lifted her off the floor and carried her the few steps to the bed.

"You don't have to get me aroused," she whispered, "I'm soaking wet already!"

"Yes," Ian said, "I hope I can last – it's been so long, and..."

"Never mind," she said. "We've got years – and the night is still long!"

He carefully put her down on the bed and knelt on it between her thighs. He looked at her again. "To think anyone could ever have called you ugly," he said.

"May I guide you in?" Jane said.

Ian nodded. Jane took his prick in her hand and put the tip against the mouth of her pussy. "Come!" she whispered.

Looking into Jane's eyes Ian rested himself on his arms as he slowly entered her. She put her arms around him and pulled him on top of her while she wrapped her legs around his buttocks and pulled him in deeper.

He immersed himself in the feeling. Jane found his lips and slid her tongue in his mouth. He responded happily and started to fuck her slowly, lovingly and then harder until he felt he was about to come. "I'm almost there," he whispered.

"Good," she said. "I want to feel you come!"

When he did it sent a shiver of happiness through Jane's body. "My love, my love," she whispered, and her heart sang.

They lay together for a long time. They felt him go limp and slip out of her, and eventually he got up on his arms again.

"Shall I go downstairs and collect that bottle?" he said. She nodded. "Please do," she said.

He ran downstairs in bounds, collected the bottle and two glasses and ran up again skipping half the stairs. When he came back in the bedroom Jane was sitting on the bed looking at her pussy. "Look," she said. "You're running out of me." She felt with a finger. "You're sticky," she giggled. She licked her finger. "Hmm," she said. "So that's what a man tastes like!"

Ian poured two generous measures of malt. He handed her a glass and raised his own. "Here's to us," he said. He climbed onto the bed and sat next to her. She lifted her bottom.

"I want to sit on your lap," she said. He slipped an arm around her.

"Happy?" he said. "As happy as I?"

She put down her glass, wrapped both arms around him and he buried his face in her hair.

"Pinch me," he said. "I want to be sure I'm not dreaming!"

"I really love this," she sighed. "I've dreamed about it all my life."

"Yes," Ian said. "So have I."

"You?" she said.

"Uhuh," he said. "It's a first for me, too. Come, I want to cuddle you some more."

She thought for a moment. "When I come with you, can I bring some of my things? My photographs or my music?"

"I think you should bring everything that's of any importance to you," he said. "We'll have to turn my place into our place. And I hope you'll want to keep on this house; when I retire we can go and live here."

She smiled at him. "Do you have enough room?" she said.

"Yes, I have," he said. "Ample."

They looked at each other and Ian could hardly contain himself for the happiness he felt and saw.

Jane smiled back at him and put a hand behind her back.

"You're growing again," she said. "I really liked what you did downstairs, and I want to return the compliment. But er, what should I do?"

"Well," Ian said, "I think you should use your lips and tongue, if you want to, and possibly your teeth once or twice if you don't bite too hard. I think it's rather like sucking a lollipop." He looked at her questioningly.

"But how do you like it best? I don't want to do it wrong."

"I don't think you could; but I couldn't tell you for the life of me. It will be another first for me, too."

"Oh. So that means that I can find out and do as I please!" She grinned impishly.

"Yes, it does," he said.

She moved off his lap and took his glass from him. "Let me look at you now," she said.

She took his penis in her hands and felt its warmth and texture. The foreskin was still partially around the tip but as she fondled him it slipped off. She felt the end with her fingertips, lightly, and smeared the drop of clear liquid on top around the glans. "I think you look nice," she said to Ian. "And you feel nice, too. The skin feels to be a little loose. There's some grey hairs down here, too."

"I could shave them off, if you like," Ian said.

"I didn't mean that, silly," she said. "Could you lie back?"

"Yes," he said. "May I look at you?"

"Of course," she said. "You may look at me for the rest of my days. But now I'll have to get this right."

She sat on the bed on her knees and elbows and moved her head towards his crotch, while she kept fondling him with her hands. Then she moved forward and planted a kiss on his stomach while she looked at him.

"Please tell me if I do things wrong," she said.

"I don't think you could," he said, "but if you should I will."

She nodded. Then she moved her face to his crotch while she softly blew down the hairs that ran from his navel to his penis. She rubbed his cock against her cheek and then kissed the tip. He shivered with delight and anticipation. She licked her tongue around the purple head and then she took it in her mouth, moving her tongue and cheeks to get accustomed to the sensation having him there. She liked it, and when she looked from his pubic hair up to his face and saw how he looked at her it made her eyes moist. She looked down again and sucked him into her mouth a little further, running her tongue along the underside of his shaft, half soft, half hard, she thought. She felt Ian's hands stroke her hair, her shoulders and her hair again, and with a contented sigh she closed her eyes and started sucking his cock. Yes, she thought, it was really a little like a lollipop – but this one was much nicer. She rubbed his balls with one hand and stroked his belly with the other. She liked his smell and enjoyed the taste of his pre-come on her tongue.

She stopped for a moment and said, "Do you like it?"

"You take my breath away!" Ian said. "Yes I do. I love every moment of it!"

"Good," she said and smiled at him. "Here goes again!"

She bent down and took as much of him in her mouth as she could without feeling uncomfortable. She used her spittle to make him nice and wet, and to move more smoothly; but she decided that she preferred the tip and a little more to such a length.

Ian lay back and enjoyed her ministrations to the full. "Thank you very much, my lovely," he whispered. "This is wonderful!"

It was some time before he felt his climax come. "You've nearly got me there," he said. "So -"

"I want to taste you, too," she said, "at least once," and went back licking and sucking him enthusiastically.

Ian gave himself up to her lips and mouth. "Ow," he said suddenly, and bit his lower lip.

Jane felt his cock contact and shiver in her mouth, and the she felt his come erupt. She swallowed a couple of times and kept the rest in her mouth, rolling it around the head of his cock. Then she sat up, crawled to him and put her arms around him. She opened her mouth and said, "Look." Then she swallowed it, too, and put her lips to his to be kissed.

"Wow," she said after some time. "I'm suddenly dead tired. But I'm so happy about us. We are really alright together, aren't we?"

"Yes," he said with a deep sight of contentment. "Yes, we really are."

"Let's take a shower and turn in," she said.

It took some considerable time to get showered; but eventually they managed to leave each other alone for long enough to get cleaned up sufficiently. They sat together for a short time to finish their drinks, brushed their teeth and went to sleep, curled up together in the bliss of that first night.

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