At The Movies


Hi, it's been a while since I posted my first adventure with my partner, Ron. I walked naked through the neighborhood to the park. Ron and I ended up having sex in front of another couple who showed up unexpectedly.

That experience was so incredibly hot. I masturbate to if often when Ron's at work.

I never expected the response that our first adventure got here on Lit. So many nice people have emailed me and been so supportive, that I just had to write again. Ron and I read every one and I try to answer them as much as I can. A lot of people have given us good ideas to try out and so I am going to relate one here.

Ron looks over what I write but I'm not the best writer in the world, so I hope you will bear with me on that.

A couple of weeks ago, as I write this, we decided to go see a movie. Now, the funny thing is that I hadn't planned on doing anything crazy that night...but apparently, Ron had other ideas.

We got there a little late. By the time we got our tickets and popcorn...I gotta have my popcorn...the previews had already started.

The theater has stadium style seating and when we walked in, most of the people were sitting in the middle rows. I like to sit in the center, so I was kind of disappointed. But Ron took my hand and said to follow him.

He led us up the steps to the top row by the wall. I didn't really want to sit way up there, but he said not to worry, we would be able to see fine.

We took our seats in the middle of the top row. Two guys and a woman sat in a couple of rows down in front of us. I didn't think anything of it until Ron said "This should be perfect," and he smiled that funny little smile he does when he's up to something.

When I asked him what he was doing, he just smiled and said that we should be able to see the movie perfectly from where we were.

I protested because I really wanted to sit in the center but it was pretty full. Ron looked at me and said to trust him. Well, I do trust him...he's usually right, so I just decided to wait and see.

When the movie started, I was pleasantly surprised. With our 3D glassed on, it was just as good as sitting in the center of the theater, so I was happy.

About maybe twenty minutes or so into the movie, I felt Ron's hand on my leg. I looked at him and he smiled at me. He looked goofy grinning at me with his glassed on in the dark and I giggled. He left his hand there for a while and then started massaging my leg through my jeans.

I asked him what he was doing, but he just grinned.

Finally, he moved his hand slowly up my leg and rested it on my crotch.

"Honey," I whispered, "we're in the middle of a theater, there's people everywhere."

And there was. During the movie, several more people, couples and singles had wandered in and taken seats around the theater...although nobody sat close to us. The two guys and the woman down in front of us were engrossed in the movie.

Suddenly, I felt Ron slipping his hand down my waistband into my jeans.

I love it when he plays with me in public. It turns me on every time, and I felt myself getting wet as he rubbed my pussy in my pants.

After a moment, he leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Spread your legs," he said. Looking around the theater, I saw that everyone was watching the movie, but I was kind of worried about getting caught.

Ron whispered that nobody could see over the top edge of the seats in front of us.

So, I leaned back a little in my seat and spread my legs wider to allow him better access to my pussy.

By now, I was dripping wet. Ron pulled his hand out, then reached over and unbuttoned the front of my jeans...then he slid his hand beneath my panties and started rubbing my clitoris with his fingers.

At that point, I shuddered. What he was doing to my pussy felt so good. It was starting to drive me crazy. And the thought that he was fingering me right there in the theater with people everywhere was so hot. It felt so naughty.

Ron slid three fingers into me and stroked the inside of my pussy with them. I was breathing hard by that point, and I moaned, without thinking about it.

One of the guys in the row below us turned his head to look up at us, as I clamped a hand over my mouth.

I hadn't meant to actually moan out loud like that.

A moment later, he returned to the movie as Ron continued to finger me.

Ron played with my pussy, moving his fingers faster over my clit, then slower, then stopping, then speeding up. He really knows how to get me off. He took me close to orgasm and backed off, then started over again.

By then, I had all but forgotten about the movie. As Ron finger-fucked me in the seat, I pushed my hips forwards to meet his hand...wanting to cum.

Suddenly, he pulled his hand out.

"Hey!" I said, trying to whisper, disappointed.

The next thing I knew, he was tugging at my waistband.

"What are you doing?" I said, whispering, watching the people in front of us.

"Pull your pants down," Ron said with that little grin of his.

I was shocked, glancing around the theater to see if anyone was watching. Everyone seemed to be watching the movie and nobody was paying attention to us. The thought of pulling my pants down in the theater was scary...but really wicked and exciting too.

If I hadn't have been so turned on already, I probably wouldn't have done it. But my pussy was soaked and wet and I wanted to cum.

So, I lifted myself off of the seat a bit and quickly pulled my pants and panties down to my knees, then sat back down.

I sat there with my bare pussy exposed. It felt so hot and naughty.

Then Ron put his hands between my thighs and rubbed me. He swirled his fingers around my clitoris. It ached and pulled at me.

I've been naked outside a lot before, but up to that point, I've never exposed myself in a movie theater...especially with so many people around.

I was so turned on that it was hard to breathe.

What Ron did next was crazy.

Leaning over me, he pulled my tennis shoes off.

I looked at him, wondering why he was doing that...after all, he didn't need to take my shoes off to make me cum.

He answered me by grabbing my jeans and panties and pulling them down to my ankles.

I realized he was stripping me right in the theater.

My pussy poured at that idea but I was worried as hell.

"Ron what are you doing?" I said. "You can't take my clothes off right here, there's people everywhere!"

My voice was a little louder than I wanted it to be, and the same guy in front of us turned his head to look at us again.

Embarrassed, I slid down in my seat.

Ron put his hand between my legs and went back to work on me, rubbing at my swollen clitoris hard and fast.

It was too much. I couldn't resist him and didn't try at that point.

Then he leaned over and kissed me as he fingered my pussy. I love it when Ron kisses me...the way he pushes his tongue into my mouth. It's so sensual and hot.

He sucked my tongue and bit my bottom lip.

"Kick your pants off," he said into my mouth.

By that time, I was totally lost in what he was doing to me and would have done anything he I did.

I kicked my pants off and sat bottomless in the seat, while he manipulated my pussy lips with his fingers and rubbed my clitoris with his thumb.

I was so wet and my excitement continued to drip from me, making the seat between my legs wet.

Part of me was terrified. I mean, there I was, totally bottomless right there in the movie theater with people several rows in front of us. But part of me was so incredibly horny and turned on that I didn't care. In fact, the thought of what I was doing almost made me cum.

Ron finger fucked me in the seat and kissed me.

Then, totally unexpectedly, he grabbed my shirt and pulled it up over my head, taking my glasses with it.

"Lift your arms Shannon" he whispered, then stuck his tongue in my ear.

That's the one thing that Ron knows turns me on like crazy...and I have to say that he was definitely using it to his advantage.

I lifted my arms, watching the people in front of us, and Ron pulled my shirt right off of me and tossed into the seat next to him. My glasses fell off, but I didn't care at that point.

Incredulous, and barely able to breathe, I sat there in the theater wearing nothing but my bra and socks.

It was totally insane.

My nipples felt like swollen pebbles in my bra and my pussy was on fire.

Suddenly, the other guy in front of us coughed, and I jumped...and slid down in my seat.

"Ron," I said, worried, what if they see me?"

He smiled and rubbed my pussy.

"Don't worry," he whispered, "they can't."

The movie was pretty loud and as I looked around, I saw that nobody was looking.

I relaxed and spread my legs with my feet on the back of the seat in front of me.

Ron moved his fingers in and out of me, driving me crazy as I slouched in my seat...breathing hard. I was so excited...the whole thing was totally insane.

"Take your bra off," Ron whispered. Taking his glasses off, he kissed my neck with soft little kisses...another thing that drives me wild.

I was nearly naked anyway. But the thought of taking my bra off was more exciting than I can tell you.

Sitting up in my seat, I reached behind myself and unhooked it. Then Ron pulled it right off of me.

My breasts, now bare, hung in front of me. If anyone in front of us would have turned around, they would have seen me.

My nipples were so hard and swollen.

Looking down, I saw myself naked in the light from the movie. I couldn't believe what I was doing. It was so dangerous. My pussy gushed wetness and I knew Ron could smell it.

I'd never been totally naked in a movie theater before.

Looking around the theater, I saw the people all watching the movie, and sat straight up, exposing my breasts longer than I should have.

Anyone could have turned and seen me at any moment, but that idea made me so horny that I probably wasn't thinking straight.

I love the feeling of being naked in public. Especially when I am the only one naked. But to be naked in a movie theater full of people is a feeling that I just can't fully describe. My nipples were so hard they hurt and my pussy itched, ached and throbbed between my legs.

I could have been caught at any moment and that feeling was driving me over the edge.

After a moment, I slid back down in my seat and pulled my socks off. I wanted to be totally naked.

Leaning back, I spread my legs and put my feet in the spaces between the seats in front of me...realizing that anyone would be able to see my bare feet.

By that time, Ron had his cock out and was stroking it, looking at me.

Watching him beat off next to me, I bent my knees, put my heels on the edge of the seat and went to town between my legs.

I rubbed myself hard and fast, watching Ron stroke his cock.

It was getting difficult not to moan, but I tried by biting my bottom lip...but I found myself moaning anyway.

I looked down at myself and saw my big tits bouncing in front of me as I masturbated. My naked body was bathed in the light from the was all too much...and I fingered myself to the edge of orgasm, then slowed down. I wanted that feeling to last as long as possible.

Ron leaned in and kissed me again. Then he whispered in my ear. "Rub your pussy Shannon" he said. "Play with yourself, masturbate for me right here."

I almost came at that and had to stop myself.

Grabbing one of my tits, Ron lifted it to my mouth so I could suck on my nipple as I rubbed my pussy.

Unable to stop myself, I moaned loudly.

I couldn't see the people over the edge of the seat in front of me, but Ron looked straight ahead. He later said that all three of the people in front of us turned around to look. He said the confusion on their faces was priceless as they searched for the source of the noise. But all they could see was him.

After a moment, they turned back around, but Ron said the woman leaned in and whispered something to the guy next to her.

By that time, I couldn't have cared less if I had been standing completely naked in front of the screen, diddling myself while everyone watched.

I wanted it. No, I needed it...bad, and grabbed Ron's cock and stroked it hard while I pinched at my clit.

As he leaned over to kiss me again, I whispered in his ear. "I wanna suck your cock right here," I said as his eyes widened.

At that point, I don't know how much time had passed, but I guess the movie was probably about halfway through. I slid down in my seat to the floor on my knees. Then I sort of crawled over to Ron. On my knees in front of him, I took his cock into my mouth and sucked it.

Luckily, the movie was loud enough right then to cover the sounds of my mouth on him as I sucked and licked his throbbing cock.

Ron moaned and leaned his head back as I jacked him with my fingers and swirled my tongue around the head of his dick.

I used my other hand to diddle myself between my legs on the floor.

Then Ron moaned again. "Oh God, Shannon" he said. Later, he said the three people had turned around again to look at him but he didn't care.

The woman with them kept looking for a minute after the guys turned back around, and Ron said he realized that she was searching for me...the girl who had been with him, but was now nowhere in sight. Of course she couldn't have known that I was on my knees, naked in front of him, sucking his cock.

I was sucking hard on and jerking him, trying to make him cum when all of a sudden, Ron grabbed me and pulled me straight up to my feet...he's very big and strong and can toss me around like a rag doll.

There I was, standing totally nude with my backside exposed to the theater.

Then he spun me around and pulled me down onto his lap and entered me...jamming his thick cock right up into me.

As I sat in his lap, he fucked me right there. My top half was exposed to the theater. My tits bounced in front of me as Ron grabbed my hips and pulled me up and down, fucking his cock into my pussy.

I was scared to death and excited beyond belief at the same time. The people in front of us could have turned around and saw my naked body and Ron fucking me at any moment.

Just as I was reaching orgasm, the movie ended and the credits started.

I was terrified but couldn't stop.

Ron reached in front of me. Taking my tits in his hands, he kneaded them, pulling on my nipples as he pounded me in the seat. I knew that the sound of our fucking had to be loud enough to be heard, but amazingly, nobody looked.

As I spun my head, looking around the theater, some people down at the front got up to leave...and I came. My pussy let loose all over Ron's cock inside of me. I bit into my arm to stifle my moans as he fucked me hard and fast, reaching his own orgasm.

Now, what happened next will be burned in my mind forever.

The orgasm that I was experiencing rocked my body hard...and when Ron came, shooting right up into my pussy, it only made things worse. I went into a second orgasm just as the people in front of us stood up to leave.

One of the guys looked in our direction and his mouth dropped open. He saw me, totally naked, bouncing up and down on Ron's cock in the middle of orgasm.

As he watched me, I came harder...unable to stop...not really wanting to.

The feeling of being naked in the theater in that moment, cumming hard as my man fucked me right in front of those people cannot be put down in words.

It was terrifying, scary, embarrassing, mortifying and so fucking hot all at the same time. It made me cum so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

Ron came in me, pulling me hard down onto his lap as the three people stood watching us. They looked at us in total shock and disbelief.

They stood there for probably about a minute I guess...just gaping at us.

Finally, the woman pulled at the man she was with. She said something I couldn't understand, but she sounded disgusted...then the tree of them left, heading down the steps to the main door.

When the movie finally ended, the lights came on.

I was still naked.

Just as the cleaning crew came in at the bottom of the theater, I ducked down and grabbed my clothes, struggling into them as fast as I could.

Ron sat watching the cleaning crew as I tried to get my clothes on down behind the seats in front of me. But there wasn't much room, and my jeans were all tangled. Finally, I just pulled my panties out of them and left them on the seat.

Ron handed me my shirt and I decided to just leave my was too much trouble to get back into. With my shirt on and my pants finally around my ankles, I sat in the seat and pulled them up and around my waist.

A girl from the cleaning crew was coming up the steps in our direction. "You have to exit the theater folks," she said.

With no time left, I jammed my feet into my shoes without my socks. Ron pulled me to my feet. I still hadn't buttoned my jeans but we had to go.

He pulled me down the row in the opposite direction that we came as the girl approached the other end.

The girl smiled and told us to have a nice evening. Ron returned her greeting as he pulled me around the last seat and down the steps on the other side of the theater.

I was holding the front of my jeans closed with one hand.

When we reached the bottom, we went out of the side exit door to the back parking lot, and I was finally able to button up my jeans.

Ron kissed me. We were both still shaking from being caught.

We walked around to the other parking lot in front of the theater worried that the people had told someone. I wasn't really worried about the guys from the theater doing anything to us because Ron is pretty capable of taking care of us...but I was expecting to see police cars and stuff, but everything was normal. Nobody seemed to know.

As we got in the truck, I told Ron that I'd left my panties, bra and socks there and I wondered what the girl thought when she found them.

He just laughed and said that she was probably wondering what the hell herself.

We drove home and had sex again when we got there. Ron fucked me like a man possessed. So far, I think that experience has been one of the hottest we've had. To me, it even tops sitting on the picnic table in the park while Ron ate me in front of the couple.

Anyway, that's our latest experience. I hope you enjoyed it.



PS: Thanks again to all the nice guys who have given me tips on being more descriptive in my writing...I am trying my best. Also, some have asked for pics, but Ron isn't sure about that. But he mentioned maybe putting some pictures of me on the web, so we'll have to see.

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