At the Zoo

byDecayed Angel©

I'm not sure exactly why I'm telling you this... I mean, I'm odd, you know that, if I wasn't I wouldn't be talking to you. Well sure, I'd talk to you otherwise, but not under these circumstances.

No, no... I do consider you a friend, a damn good friend, it's just... well, I don't really talk about this with anyone. I haven't talked about this with anyone other than you and well, I haven't really told you, not really. At least not yet...

Recording? You want to record this? Well, I'm not so sure, I mean... It just all seems so formal that way and uh... I thought this was just an inquiry.

Yeah, I understand I could lose my job, or take a pay cut or something else, but... You really think a recording is necessary. Okay, yeah I see what you mean, in a way it protects me too. I just thought that things, here especially, would be a bit less formal, I mean you're not a policeman, I'm not under arrest.

I know it's serious, especially for a zoo worker, but damn, I mean it's not like... well it is like... bestiality? You know it's not like that, not really, I mean, this is Mars and things are a little different here, at least since the diaspora. I understand we are the new center of civilization and that Earth's pretty much gone feral, but still...

Back to the point? Yeah, okay, back to the point. The point is, I like my job here, I like caring and feeding the animals, especially the Earth species. Yeah they can be dangerous if you're not careful, but I mean those things from Epsilon Two... okay, okay, those creatures from Epsilon Two, they exhale chlorine. At least I can breathe the same air as the Earth animals.

Yes, I worked primarily with the primates, and yes I enjoyed... enjoy it, who of us doesn't. Watch them? Of course, I watch them... oh you mean, well yeah I watch them mate, I mean who doesn't. It's all so raw, animal.

That's right, nothing like us, but then... well I mean we've gotten so disease conscious that, well hell you're barely finished fucking and your girlfriend is up "sanitizing." I mean we don't even touch anymore, at least not bare skin.

I don't care how realistic sensi-skin is, I wonder sometimes if she is real or not, how would you no, sensi-skin, derma-vaginas, proto-cocks and yeah, the hyper-orgasm. Altered consciousness my ass, why not just cattle prod yourself when you come...

Okay, okay, just the relevant facts. Yes I watch the primates mate and yes I find it arousing, but as you know, pretty much everyone, even the females here often find a dark corner and get off watching the show.

Yes, yes... I am not proud of it, but yes, I did carry it further. It's like this, well the one in block 27, yes that's right, except it's the hairy one. Anyway, I had been watching her for a long time, she was different from the other animals, or at least she seemed to. She seemed to understand when I spoke to her, more than the others, I mean she would respond to conversations I was having with the other zookeepers. No, not talk, but is was as if she knew exactly what we were saying, she even seemed to laugh at some of the jokes... the funny ones at least.

Yeah, I know we are talking primate here, but I tell you, she understood, or at least that's the way it seemed. I know, I know they are good at mimicking us, but this seemed like so much more. Anyway, once, during feeding time I found myself alone in one of the den areas with her and in spite of regulations I didn't immediately call for a second, I mean she is not very big or strong.

I know regulations are important and I know the primates are deceptively strong and unpredictable, but I just thought everything would be okay. I had prepared her food, but she didn't seem interested in it, she was waiting for the chocolate.

The chocolate? Yes, they all seem to enjoy it, so I carry some with me and give them a treat whenever I can. Anyway she was waiting for the treat, anxiously waiting. I found that the chocolate bar had melted a bit and as I tried to open it, it smeared all over my fingers. I showed her my hand as an explanation why I didn't have any to give her and she jumped at me, grabbing my hand and sucking on my fingers.

Well, seeing what she did, and the sensation I was feeling as she licked and sucked my fingers I got a very perverse idea. While she was eating the chocolate from the fingers of my left hand, I carefully pulled my cock out of my pants and liberally coated it with chocolate and then, well... let her clean off my cock.

The feeling was incredible, think about it, no prophylactic, no vis-a-hex scrub down, just my cock and the primate's tongue and mouth. The women here don't do that, not in several years, but there I was watching my cock slipping in and out of the mouth.

Close as I was to orgasm in just the brief time it took to clean the last bit of chocolate from my cock, she pulled away and looked at me oddly. It was as if she was beckoning me to follow her.

She moved over to the table I had rolled in, carefully removed the dishes from the top and then, turning her back to me, she bent over, spreading her legs wide apart and exposing her sex to me. It was frightening and exciting all at the same time, I mean, her licking the chocolate off my cock was one thing, but here, here it was.

It was a bit difficult to make out the folds of her cunt with all the hair and all, but it was that hair that made it all that more exciting and well... I gave in. I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock deep into her. Immediately I felt it, I felt it all, the warmth, the wetness, damn, so wet, the softness, the... the... the pure pleasure of it all.

As I pumped my cock in and out of her, I could feel her hand reaching up to stroke my balls while she also pleasured herself. Just as I felt myself building to climax, I heard her moan and I felt her insides begin to squeeze my cock tightly then releasing. It happened again and again, until I came. I spurted my come deep inside her, not into a condom, not across some sterile dental dam, but deep into her pussy. I tell you, it was amazing.

When we finished, I cleaned myself up and worked on getting the rolling table put back together. In the meantime, she settled onto a nearby ledge and, with her legs spread wide open, she continued to masturbate herself, fully aware, in fact it seems because of the fact I was watching her. She groaned loudly as her fingers moved over her hairy pussy and the clit that protruded beyond her short fur. She came again as I turned and pushed the table away.

That was pretty much it, at least for that first time. Yes, I know it's wrong, but hell, they're primates, they not so much different...

Wait, who are these... handcuffs? What the fuck, you said... no. You said no police, it was a zoo matter. But no... it wasn't all that bad. Yeah I lose my job maybe, but jail, fuck.

Please... you can't do this. Please don't let them take me.

Official note: The recording ended as the suspect was removed by police. We had originally wanted to keep this within the confines of the zoo, but while the authorities were not prepared to pursue the action on the bestiality charges, once it became known that the suspect had impregnated the human female primate in block 27 they had to be contacted. Once the fertilization of the Earth human female's eggs by the Mars human male occurred, interplanetary law was broken. Apparently a bit of bestiality between the zookeepers and the animals are okay, but once the DNA intermingles between creatures of different planetary origins the law is firm and unforgiving.

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