tagSci-Fi & FantasyAt Your Service Master!

At Your Service Master!


WARNING: For ADULTS 18 or older only!

Oh, and please forgive me if English is bad. English is NOT my first language!


Ami was just an average young woman around 18-19 years old whom worked at a Japanese embassy in Hong Kong. She was quite a voluptuous young woman, with dark brown shoulder length hair that was styled in sausage curls. She wore a plaid mini-skirt, white tank top with red rims around it and wore knee high black leather boots.

Ami's job was room service for the people whom stay at the embassy. She was a rather popular employee indeed, women wanted to look like her and men wanted to keep her. Not only that, Ami had a rather upbeat and cheerful personality and loved her job. But little did she know who her permanent customer would be...

Suddenly, the phone started to ring. Ami picked up the ringing phone and stated "Room service, how may I help you?"

A deep, gruff voice on the other side said "I'd love to order a plate of Sushi and that's all!"

Ami replied "Of course, sir." Ami gave the order to the chef whom made up the sushi it quickly and gave it to Ami. She put it on a silver platter and covered it with a silver cover. She then exited the room-service-station and went to the elevator and took it to the 10th floor. Ami then exited the elevator and went to room 90. She knocked on the door and said "Room Service!" Someone on the other side unlocked the door and opened it.

As the door opened, Ami saw a really tall and frightening creature peer down at her. It was seven to nine feet tall, was very reptilian looking with large, bulging muscles and had blue-violet scales covering it. It also had some ram-like horns on it's head and some spikes on his back and on the back of his arms. The reptilian beast also was decked out in a lot of platinum jewelry. The young woman just stared in amazement. The reptile person look down at her and said "Is that Sushi?" Ami awaken and said "Yes sir! " The reptilian smiled, showing its carnivorous teeth, and said "Come inside please sexy!" Ami thought to herself ["No way I'm getting paid enough..."]

"What is your name woman? I am Atama, a great reptilian being from another world. I accidentally stumbled onto this planet of Earth years ago. Then, I got so fascinated with you Humans, that I decided to reside here, in Hong Kong." The reptilian explained to me about himself. Ami started to feel nervous and blush, but she decided to get acquainted more with this great beast-man.

"I am Ami. I work here." She said as calmly as she could, but with a giant creature like Atama, it was hard. "I was from Japan, but I decided to work at embassy here in Kowloon instead." Then, Ami held up her plate of Sushi to the creature. "So, here is your Sushi!"

"Thanks..." Atama said. "...but I'm not hungry for sushi. I'm hungry for you!"

"WHAT?" Ami shrieked. "YOU ARE GOING TO EAT ME?!" Atama laughed his head off, thinking the girl was just being ridiculous.

"No, no!" laughed Atama. "I'm not going to eat you! The moment I saw you and heard your voice, I found great desire for such a sexy woman as you!" Then, Atama made a signal for Ami to come here. "Come Ami!"

"Oh...Okay!" Ami chuckled nervously as she approached the great reptilian.

"Yes, yes! Take your garments all off!" shrieked Atama in excitement. "I want to see every bit of flesh on that hot body of yours!" Ami blushed and smiled.

"Okay!" she chuckled. The young woman started to unzip her plaid skirt, revealing that she has no panties under dress. Then, her boots were the next to go, revealing her tiny feet. After that, she tore off her own tank top and strapless bra, revealing her pierced nipples with little brass rings in them. Atama started to get so excited, that he started to get a major nosebleed!

"Yah, let's go!" Atama yelled out. "Spread your legs out!"

"Ummmmmmm..." the mind of Ami was totally blank.

"PLEASE NOW!" Atama commanded as she started to spread out her legs. Atama then, stuck out his pale pink tongue and started to reach inside of Ami, tickling her soft, moist cunt. Ami started to bounce and toss around in delight.

"None of my boyfriends went this far with me!" laughed out Ami as she bounced around. Atama's tongue started to tickle Ami's clitoris, making her feel even more sexual desire. "Lick HARDER!" And so, Atama did start to lick harder and lapped up some of the white cum from inside of Ami. Then, the giant reptile started to come on top of Ami, staring at her little brass nipple rings.

"Wha...what are these?" Atama asked as he started to fondle Ami's nipple rings and well-rounded breasts.

"Those are my nipple rings!" Ami said. "Play with them all you like!" Atama decided to take a quick drink of water, then come down and play with Ami's nipple rings, squeezing and even teasing them. He also started to wrap his big clawed hands around Ami's silky soft breasts. Ami started to moan and huff in great sexual desire, begging for more from the great beast-man, feeling his cool saliva all over her bust and nipple rings.

["I wish Reptilian women had these things you call 'breasts'!"] Atama thought to himself in glee. His huge, muscular chest was pressed up against Ami's soft bosom. Ami loved the feel of pressure being weighed on her soft, tender bosom. Her arms started to wrap around the great creature, begging him to get closer and closer to her. Suddenly, Ami felt her own legs being spread apart and felt a large, stiff piece of scaly flesh rubbing between her legs.

"Go ahead." Ami moaned. "INSERT IT!" Atama then, flipped onto his back, with Ami on top of him. She felt the stiff hard penis go and slip between her legs.

"How is that, sexy?" Atama asked. Ami nodded her head and smiled. Her feelings for Atama started to change from fear to desire.

"Wonderful!" Ami cheered out as she felt the penis between her legs. "Now, PUSH AS HARD AS YOU COULD!"

And so Atama did as she commanded, shoving his huge cock into her uterus, pushing and shoving as hard as he could. Ami started to squirm and bounce around like crazy, enjoying every minute that passed by. Atama also started to enjoying fucking the little Japanese human woman. Then, suddenly, both of the creatures felt it approaching.

"Come closer!" Atama said as he caught Ami in a rather tight, giant embrace. Suddenly, it happened! The massive orgasm between the two creatures. The more pleasure felt, the more the creatures came closer and closer. Then, all over the bed, great white cum shot up from both the human and the reptilian, making both scream out in ecstasy and sensual delight.

["YES! YES!"] The creatures wailed to themselves as they felt each others sexual desires.

After Atama's cock slipped out of Ami's cunt, the great reptilian pulled it away and sat up. Ami pulled back slightly and looked at the Reptilian. "Hehe you did well. I'm glad I bought you before hand." Ami stared at Atama. "your mine now, all mine, hahahahaha!"

"Heh heh, good, I hope you would say that!" chuckled Ami.

"Well, since I saw your world, you shall see mine!" Atama said as he opened up what appeared to be a vortex shooting out from the wall.

"Cool cool!" cried out Ami in joy and excitement. Both her and Atama entered through the wall via. Vortex , both laughing their hearts out as they disappeared from the embassy.

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