tagInterracial LoveAttorney Client Privilege Bk. 06

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 06


Sorry to all of you who have been waiting for the final part of this story. When I did write this part I fully intended to have it be the last chapter of Lis Rome's journey. Yet as I put paper to pen I knew that I needed to add one more part. Consequently there will be one more chapter after this one. Please pardon my lack of organizational skills and I promise to finish this story very shortly. Until then please enjoy Book 6 of Attorney Client Privilege.


"Oh daddy! O God you're my daddy! You feel so fucking good!" Lis screamed as she bounced up and down on the black man, their bodies attached by the throbbing black erection buried between her legs. The glamorous blonde whore had become Academy Award worthy with some of her performances and the one she was detailing for this client was no different.

The man lying beneath her was pushing upwards with all his might, his onyx colored skin soaked with sweat. Charles Washington was a self made billionaire. Only forty four years old, the bespectacled computer geek had been bullied his whole life. He grew up in Mississippi and he was a genius and black. That put a huge target on his back because he was different but most of all he was a threat. Who knew what a black kid that smart could do. Even when he entered such a supposed fortress of liberal acceptance as Harvard Charles still caught his share of shit. Then he worked his way through a series of white bosses that he saw as knuckle dragging racists. While most of the men at the investment bank where he had single handedly developed some extremely sophisticated pension vehicles that were all the rage on Wall Street were decent enough guys, Charles had already developed some pretty heavy preconceived notions. He hated all white men. So he locked them out. Sure they thought he had given them what they had thought was a series of golden geese, the formulas for the pension plans, but there was so much more, and they would get none of it.

By the time Charles began developing his video games a keen hatred of white men and bullies in general had blossomed. In fact Charles' big break came when he started a company and launched a video game that centered around an undersized black man fighting off everything from aliens, gang members and eventually Aryan supremists . Certain levels of achievement gained the player monikers, such as gladiator or warrior. For his own perverse enjoyment Charles had come up with an X rated version of this game where after defeating a particular group the black video character got to enjoy and mate with his choice of that defeated group's women. After meeting Lis Rome, Charles made the Aryan level's ultimate prize an exact double of her complete with lingerie and high heels.

Charles' infatuation with Lis extended to the role play he had asked his hired whore to play whenever they were together. Today, Lis was Bobby Sue, an impossibly gorgeous southern belle that had lived in Charles' Mississippi town and had married one of the bullies that had so antagonized him as a young black boy. While the real Bobby Sue was probably tending to a brood of children being raised to hate and a husband unable to adequately provide for her, Charles was so wealthy he was able to pay $3000 to have a woman play Bobby Sue and be his sex slave.

Lis always answered to the name Bobbie Sue and even tried her best at a southern accent. In short the wealthy black man played out a cuckolding of the redneck bully by seducing and then fucking his wife every weekend. As for Lis, she loved the change of pace and Charles' ability to use his imagination to create original scenarios. Tonight there was little time to draw out one of the black man's plans. He had to be on a private plane to the west coast later that night. Lis had snuck over as Bobbie Sue under instructions that her racist husband was only supposed to be out for an hour. The tall blonde added in her own part to the script saying as she walked through the door that she just couldn't stop thinking about Charles and just had to touch him. This sent the black man into orbit and resulted in the two of them on the floor of Charles' huge living room.

"Oh my God Charles you're so much better than that no good white trash husband of mine!" Lis gushed as her body continued its up and down thrusting.

"That's my baby just give me that sweet white pussy." Charles growled with as even a tone as he could muster despite being balled by the hottest piece of ass he's ever laid eyes on.

"Oh I had no idea what I had been missing until I gave into you!" Lis clenched her vaginal canal increasing the pressure on the dark skinned penis.

The skinny black man grimaced when he felt Lis' vice like grip tighten. He knew that every time she clamped down on him it wouldn't be long before Lis would be milking the cum from his testicles. Charles didn't care. It was special every time he fucked the gorgeous blonde even if it cost him $3000 for the privilege.

"Bobby Sue I'm going to push this load right up into that fertile womb of yours!" Charles howled, his cock already spurting its seed into Lis.

Lis pushed down on Charles. She could feel him drenching her and it felt good. It always felt good when a strong virile black man tried to impregnate her. It was part of the rush. She really enjoyed spending time with the billionaire. She lay down on top of him and kissed him with her tongue and mouth. Lis felt the softening black member slide out of her and she knew it was time to leave. With Charles' schedule there would be no hanging around with him tonight. Lis would miss the intellectual conversation that usually followed the sex.

Lis dressed quickly, gave the still naked Charles a kiss good bye and then took the elevator to the lobby. She waved to the doorman behind the desk and the one that held the door for her. They were nice men and Lis had gotten to know them as she had waited to be buzzed up to Charles' massive residence. While they never asked, they knew what the blonde bombshell did to deserve an evening with the African American billionaire. It didn't matter to the building's employees. Lis was as classy as any other woman that had walked through the building's doors and was actually much nicer. The fact that she charged directly and up front for the privilege of being with her was of no consequence to them.

Lis went right through the held open building door to the limo door being held by Gideon. Amy was lounging in the back fresh from her own night of work. During the month since her return from Jamaica the well built blonde had acquiesced to X's persistent demands that she take her place in his stable. X thought that it was just another gorgeous white woman falling for his charms but Amy was allowing herself to be turned out for a different reason. She smiled and gave Lis a kiss on the lips as the statuesque blonde took a seat next to her in the back of the limo.

"How was your stud?" Lis asked Amy with a smile.

"I'm going to have to get a safety net I'm working so high up. That guy is 6'-10". Did you know that?" Amy giggled.

"X has showed me his basketball playing card, among the others that we service. It didn't have his dick size listed but I hear it's a real stretcher." Lis looked at her fellow whore who simply rolled her eyes. They burst out laughing.

"How's was the geek?" Amy asked back.

"I think he'll be our friend when the time comes, if we need him." Lis told her.

"Good . Hey we're heading my way. I thought it was my turn to handle the gorilla tonight?" Amy looked out the window as the limo made a left hand turn.

"That's okay. I told him to take you home first. I'll take care of the tip tonight." Lis confirmed.

"What do I owe you for this act of mercy?" Amy had handled becoming one of X's whores as well as could be expected except having to spread her legs for Gideon. She detested having him force himself on her.

"Mmmm I'll think of something." Lis leaned over and kissed her again. This time she allowed her tongue to ooze out of her mouth and Amy gladly accepted it.

They kissed until the limo slowed to a stop in front of Amy's building. Lis watched the blonde strumpet climb out of the vehicle and then settled back into the plush leather for the five minute ride back to her apartment. Lis had come to dread this part of the ride whenever she drew the short straw. Despite his well muscled body and, although none of the women would openly admit it, superior sexual prowess none of the women liked having to be made to have sex with Gideon. Tonight it was going to be different. Lis would be using every skill learned as a whore to turn the large black man.

Lis took a two minute power nap. Her eyes opened when she felt the limo lurch to a stop. She took a deep breath and waited for the door to open. When it did Lis looked up and smiled at the hulking black man.

"Well hello Gideon." Lis turned on her charm.

"You know I was hoping it would be your turn tonight." Gideon said as he sat opposite Lis on the backwards facing seat and began unbuttoning his shirt.

"I told Amy that I wanted you tonight." Lis smiled her blouse already off.

"You read my mind baby. I mean your friend is a sweet cupcake but I have to say . . . and you know it too don't you?" The black man stammered as he stared across at the muscular female form.

"What?" Lis asked curiously, spreading her legs suggestively.

"You are the class of the fleet girl. X has the hottest women in this city and you're his best. I have to admit that I actually get tired of the others but never you." He admitted as he stroked his hardening penis his dark naked body shimmering in the dim light.

Lis chuckled as she kicked her skirt to the side. "Well Gideon I've never considered myself part of a fleet but I'll take that as a compliment. Still I've got to say that the day you get tired of that thoroughbred Amy is the day your dick falls off."

The remark caused Gideon to guffaw uncontrollably. "Yea you've got me there. She is a great ride, but girl you're my favorite. You have to know that no one comes close."

"Well then why don't we saddle up and ride." Lis kissed the large black man and then got down on her knees.

Gideon was taken aback. In all the years he had been secretly exacting this toll on X's women none had ever kissed him before. He knew these women were professionals doing a job but he had no idea how far their complete distaste for him went. Gideon was in extraordinary shape he just didn't have the smooth personality nor was he anywhere as good looking as his boss, X. His flat nose and oversized lips ensured that. Still looks had nothing to do with the repulsion. It was the way he used the women.

He watched the gorgeous blonde take his jet black cock in her hand. Lis leaned in and gave the member a long hard kiss on the underside of the head complete with a quick flick of her tongue. The black man sank back into the seat and groaned.

"How long have you been doing this Gideon?" Lis looked up at the black man and started her seduction rather awkwardly.

"Huh?" Gideon was startled out of his trance. "What do you mean?"

"When did you start driving for X?" Lis gave the underside of the black penis a lick from the balls to its head and it had its desired effect.

Gideon groaned before answering. "A few years ago Lissy."

Lis kept kissing and licking at the stiff black rod. Like an expert in martial arts she knew all the pressure points that could drive a man to the brink of insanity and ultimately subdue him. Yet Lis' black belt centered on a man's genitals and she was now using the experience gained as a whore that sucked cock for a living on the hulking black man. Lis briefly sucked the large balls into her mouth and rewarded Gideon for his answer by releasing his testicles and deep throating the nine inch erection that was standing straight up in the air. The black man howled as Lis' mouth encapsulated as much of him as she could take in her mouth. All he had ever received from any of the women was a wham bam thank you ma'am at the end of a night. He was a simple man but certainly not stupid. He knew that the whores X ran disliked him but they fucked him just the same. Still while Gideon enjoyed the power he seemingly had over the women he had had many bouts of guilt. Tonight though it didn't seem to matter, the sexiest woman in the stable was giving him the deluxe treatment. This was too good to be true.

"Do you like this job Gideon?" Lis asked as she nipped at the head of the penis with her lips.

"Oh God yes! Especially right now!" The black man grimaced.

Lis let out a hearty chuckle as she once again took the shiny black prong all the way down her throat as payment for his information. It was a process that would repeat itself over the next fifteen minutes. Like a trained seal being thrown a fish Gideon was responding to each of Lis' questions.

"I would think that a man like you would want something more out of his work." Lis pushed the black man.

"It's a living Lissy. I drive the car and I make sure that you girls are protected." Gideon smiled down at the tall blonde as she rewarded him with another throat tickler of a suck.

"Do you enjoy protecting X too?" Lis inquired.

"That's not my job. X takes care of himself and if things get tight he's got his own boys." Gideon was giving up information easier than a chirping canary.

Lis switched gears with the huge black man. She got up and straddled Gideon. She was getting close to what she wanted and for this she needed to be face to face with the black man. The blonde slut grabbed the ebony shaft of the penis from between her legs and gently sank down on it. Both of them moaned in response to the sweet friction by the motion of the thick black dick rubbing against Lis' vaginal canal. Lis' moan wasn't for the benefit of Gideon. As distasteful as she found him the athletic blonde found his extremely thick penis a pleasurable challenge.

"Ever have any cause to use your gun on one of our clients?" Lis breathed into his face.

"I don't have a gun. I don't need one." The black man flexed his muscles as he lifted up into Lis letting her know that intimidation was a very effective weapon.

"Sounds easy for a stud like you." Lis flexed her hips slowly and leaned down and kissed the black man. She was treating him better than he probably ever had been before.

"It is these days." Amazingly the muscular black man was still able to carry on a conversation, for what it was worth, with Lis' vagina clamping down on his erection.

"It hasn't always been easy, I guess. There was that trouble." Lis huffed as she concentrated on keeping the powerful black man motionless so that he wouldn't cum. She was almost there.

"The men were no good. There were always problems. Oh God yes Lissy you feel so good! X got rid of them." Gideon groaned out as he tried to thrust upwards with all his might.

Bingo! Lis had what she wanted. She uncoiled her legs from underneath the black man's thighs releasing her grip on his body. She began working with him now bouncing up and down and letting the stiffness ooze in and out of her. All the while she rained kisses down on the black man. She was treating him like a lover, something he had never felt with any of X's women before.

"Oh fuck all mighty! It's never been this good!" Gideon cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh see what happens when you add a little sugar to the cake my luv! Now make me cum you big black stud!" Lis commanded from above just as her thighs began to quiver.

Their bodies slapped together loudly. The muscularity of both lovers made the end of the sexual encounter a physical act of violence but that was the way both of them wanted it. Gideon arched his back upwards into Lis' shaking body. She could no longer control the enormous black man nor did she want too. Lis was soaking the black man's lap with her excitement, the effects of her orgasm wracking her body. When it ended they collapsed into each other's arms. Lis kissed Gideon's ear and then moved her lips to his mouth and kissed him again.

"Holy shit that was incredible! Gideon gasped out of breath. "How are you feeling?."

"Gideon I didn't pee on you that's my cum coating your cock. You just gave me a fucking hell of an orgasm. That's how I feel!" Lis held his head in her hands as she talked to the black man.

Her fingers felt so good pressing against his head. Gideon suddenly thought about his misdeeds with X's women. "I guess I do take advantage of you girls. If X ever found out he'd have me shot. I know you're his main woman now. I have to tell you that I was going to stop. It was just a matter of time before he found out. I'm hoping that you don't tell him about this." Gideon was almost pleading by the time he finished.

"You've got nothing to worry about as long as the sexual shakedowns end. I have to tell you though that very little gets by that guy. I'm sure he already knows." Lis told him as she shimmied into her skirt and pulled on her stockings to make them taut.

"Alright then." Gideon had a sad pathetic look on his face.

Lis was quickly finding that unlike X's crew up north there was some humanity buried in this guy. It was just coated in a hard shell that had formed when he began working for X. "Tell you what Gideon, you get the urge to play hide the sausage with one of the women give me a call. I'll satisfy you."

"Really? You'd do that for me?" Gideon looked up hopefully.

"Well right now I would be doing it for whichever of my stable mates you were closing in on, but I think you may be a decent guy out of the way of this job. Besides, as you just proved you sure can fuck. Why wouldn't I want to spread my legs for you? A lot of women would." Now fully clothed Lis leaned over the seated black man with her arms stretched out on the back of the seat, smiling she kissed him again. "Consider it one employee doing a solid for another."

"I was a carpenter." Gideon blurted out when their lips parted. Suddenly deciding to continue answer one of Lis' previous questions.

"A what?" Lis looked into his dark brown eyes.

"I was a carpenter. I worked on anything that was intricate and difficult to accomplish. Then I did something stupid. I let some friends steal from an interior designer's office and then a client's home. I did a year upstate and was lucky to get this job when I got out. I got X's name from a friend of his inside." Gideon admitted.

"You did your time Gideon. Why didn't you start over?" Lis was suddenly curious.

"Lissy I was working for multi-millionaires. They only let a black guy my size into their homes because of my talent. Once they found out I was a thief it didn't matter how good I was." Gideon finished with a sick look on his face from just bringing back the memory.

"I'm sorry for your trouble Gideon. I wish there was something I could do." Lis pushed back and moved towards the limo door. Suddenly an idea hit her. "Tell you what, why don't you stop by my place. I need some serious trim work done. You can give me an estimate and then, after you bang some nails you can bang me."

"Oh man that'd be fine." Gideon wore a shit eating grin and then called out after Lis as she climbed out of the vehicle. "You know Lissy, I do miss it. I miss being a carpenter."

Lis thought about how tortured Gideon must have become having his passion taken from him. To be as creative and as superior at a craft and not being able to practice it. By the time her head hit the pillow Lis had gone from sympathizing with Gideon's predicament to thinking of her own. When this was over Lis' passion for a gift she had would most certainly be snatched from her. The beautiful blonde cried herself to sleep.


Lis was being pulled in opposite directions by two extraordinary forces. On one side were the partners at Collins, Kelly & Witt on the other was Xavier Washington. Judd Witt and his brethren were satisfied that Lis had a future as a partner at their firm. Yet with that confidence came more complicated challenges and responsibilities at the law firm and thus more hours. Then there was X. The black pimp knew a good thing when he saw it and what he had in Lis was a rare gem. Every client gushed about her wonderful personality, her social skills, how she was always able to blend into any setting and of course there was the leggy blonde's sexual abilities. They all told X about her performance in bed. Sexually Lis was the stuff of legend but X already knew that first hand. He wanted her to whore herself out full time. He had heard her tell him more than once that she fully intended to turn herself over to him. The black stud wanted her sooner rather than later and he was constantly pressuring her.

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