tagLetters & TranscriptsAu Naturel Ch. 03

Au Naturel Ch. 03


Hi there.

Good to see you again.

Yes, I brought some examples of some things Stacey and I wrote in emails. I printed out parts of them to share with you.

You'll find out she really has quite a way with words.

But let's order first. Then I'll read what I printed out.

Oh, in case you're wondering, I emailed Stacey and asked permission to share some of what we had written back and forth. She agreed, asking me not to mention her real name.

Do we still email back and forth?

No, very rarely. A few months after she moved, she wrote that she was involved in a relationship. She asked if I would mind if we stopped sharing emails so she could focus entirely on her new lover.

Of course, I didn't mind. I respect her enough to honor her request.

I guess I should start by telling you how Stacey and I met.

You already know how much, being a Language Arts teacher, I like to write. It might surprise you to know that I often write erotic short stories.

Yes, I really do.

Are they good?

They're OK, I guess. At least I try.

And there's this site on the web where I can actually publish my stories.

That's where I first met Stacey.

One day, while I was reading some stories on the site, I ran across one written by Stacey. As I often do when I read a story that I think is especially good, I sent her positive comments in an email. I simply told her how well-written it was and how much I enjoyed reading it. After several weeks, she responded thanking me for my comments.

Usually, when I send and receive emails to and from authors, it's just an acknowledgement and a thank you. I rarely exchange more than just a few emails with people from the website. But, for some reason, Stacey and I began to write back and forth. At first it was several days a week, then nearly every day. She told me that she's a copy editor for an internet site and likes writing erotic stories. We started out just discussing writing in general but it soon turned to sex.

Stacey knows the secret of conversation, or as we eventually came to call it, "verbal intercourse." We came up with a way of talking back and forth in our emails that was like carrying on a real time conversation. Instead of just reading an entire email and writing back in a separate email, we would interpose our responses in the body of each other's email using a different font color. It really feels like you are talking back and forth that way. And it seemed that communicating that way made our "intercourse" more personal.

The secret?

Oh, the secret.

It's simply to ask questions and listen. You get the other person to talk about themselves first. After all, people do like to talk about themselves.

Here's an example of Stacey asking a question:

Stacey: "I wonder...did you relate to a specific person in my story? I'm always curious about how people react to what I've written. You say you went from feeling like a voyeur to being a participant? That's fascinating. Can you explain why? Was there a particular point in the story where you felt that most? Also, if you don't mind my asking (and if you do please feel free to not answer) what part of the story aroused you most? Was it mildly arousing in a general way or did you find certain parts affecting you more viscerally. I'd be very interested in knowing the specifics. As a writer, I need to know what's working and why."

Anyway, like I said, we were soon exchanging emails nearly every day. We found that we had a lot of common interests and a similar world view. We also discovered that we shared many of the same preferences when it came to sex. One thing we agreed on was that the mind is one of our most powerful sex organs. We talked about the power of words, how words create mind-images, and how those images stimulate not only our minds and emotions, but our bodies as well. We both admitted to, at several times, being driven to self-satisfaction by the words we wrote to each other. It just kind of happened naturally.

Here's an example:

Stacey: "I read your words and my hands went between my thighs. I moved them up until they reached my center. Your words bought heat and moisture. I let my robe open wide as I gently played. OH ... that is so good. My robe fell off my shoulders. My breasts bared. My nipples were hard. My legs uncovered. I leaned back and let my finger delve into the center of me ... I'm COMING!"

Of course, that aroused me! Knowoing that my words drove her to orgasm was quite a turn on.

We also shared thoughts about sex in general, but they soon became very graphic.

For example:

Stacey: "I decided I was going to learn how to give the best blow jobs I possibly could."

Me: "Well, that tells a lot about the kind of person you are. Learning to satisfy a man orally so that you became the "best" was a really selfless thing to do."

Stacey: "It wasn't really selfless at all. I love to turn a man on. So I learned to use my tongue and my lips in a way men had rarely felt. I learned to use my hands in concert with my mouth, stroking his shaft, squeezing his testicles, fingering his anus, and drinking his cum."

Me: "I've always thought that my anus must have even more nerve endings than my penis. I love stimulation of that area of me with a finger, a vibrator, or a tongue."

Stacey: "Do you really? That's another thing we have in common. I love it too."

Me: "You never mind swallowing a man's come?"

Stacey: "Oh, no! I LOVE it when I stimulate the sensitive areas of a man with my tongue and take his entire penis deep into my throat. I have nice breasts and I would use them too, letting him slide his cock between them as I pushed them together, then take him back in my mouth. I didn't let him cum on my face though (there are limits!). I preferred to feel him cum deep in my throat and then swallow his cum. That's a REAL turn on for me."

Me: "It sure would have been for me. I've never experienced it. It's always been, "spit it out as quickly as possible" either into a Kleenex or running to the bathroom."

Stacey: "Oh no. Taking a man's cum, full in my mouth and throat, and swallowing it willingly, even longingly, is one of my GREATEST joys."

Me: "I sure wish the women I've been sexual with had shared your enthusiasm. To me, it's a very intimate act on a woman's part. It would be a great joy for me to have a woman look me in the eye and allow me to watch her swallowing my semen. She would be taking a part of me into herself."

Stacey: "For years I gave blow job after blow job, perfecting my skill, and being pleased orally, teaching men just how to take me to my orgasmic peak. I was particularly fond of soixante-neuf, or, as most people call it, 69. I found I came particularly hard when a man licked my clit while I sucked his cock and felt him cumming in my mouth. There was something about the feeling of him "fucking my face" and cumming in my mouth made me tremendously aroused, to the point where I would even squirt in his face."

Me: "I'm warning you, Stacey, I'm trying to remain objective and impersonal here, but your graphic descriptions are making it difficult. I'm working hard ... yes ... I'm hard ... to keep my mind separate from my physical arousal."

Stacey: "Oh, you poor boy. It's a fascination I have with a man, sucking him, longing to please him orally, to feel his mouth on my sex, ideally at the same time. These are the fantasies that inspire me and have inspired many of the stories I've written. I try to take a story slowly, letting it build, moment by moment, just how I like to please a man. This is a subject matter that is intensely personal, and incredibly arousing for me to write. It usually takes a long time because I get so aroused that I have to take frequent breaks. I type terribly slowly with only one hand. ;-)"

Me: "You too? When I'm writing a sex scene that is personal to me, because it describes an encounter I experienced in my past or want to experience, I have to take breaks too. But I have to stop typing because I have to push my chair away from the computer and use both hands. It's a good thing I keep Kleenex nearby when I'm writing."

Stacey: "For me it's a damp wash cloth."

Me: "And it happens more often than not when I read your stories and emails. There's just something about the way you write that arouses me. Your last story particularly turned me on!"

Stacey: "I'm so glad you found the episode entertaining and arousing. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than to touch a reader's imagination, to stimulate it, to create a reality so authentic and so exciting that it leads to true physical arousal. If I can arouse my reader with my words, if my story can make him so turned on he simply has to touch himself, stroking his cock while he reads my writing, and if the climax of my story actually makes him climax, well, that's the ultimate compliment for a writer. And the ultimate turn on for me. Well, maybe not the ULTIMATE turn on. That would have to be me kneeling at his feet and sucking his cock WHILE he read my words. Now THAT would be HEAVEN!"

Our emails, our "intercourse," became so graphic that we usually ended up masturbating to them.

One time Stacey wrote this about becoming aroused:

Stacey: "I let myself wonder how you reacted to my words and, well, I found myself getting more and more aroused. I edged forward on my chair, my skirt riding up a very long way. I unbuttoned another button on my blouse. I moved my hand toward my breast and was so excited I could barely control it as I fumbled with my breasts. In my mind you had pulled your hard cock out and were excitedly pumping it. It made me press my fingers against my clit. The moistness I felt there made my heart beat even faster. I started to press harder. I rocked my hips, and within seconds, my body reacted with a ROUSING orgasm."

Another time she wrote:

Stacey: "I am dressed in only my bra and panties. I read our words while sitting in front of my computer. My hands found their way between my thighs. They moved higher and higher until a finger reached my clit. I moved my panty aside and gently began stroking. My legs began moving of their own accord. One hand went to my nipples, squeezing, pulling, plucking. My thumb rubbed my clit while my fingers plunged in and out of the center of me until I screamed, "I'M COMING!"

Well how do you think that affected me? I reached for my cock and came before my brain realized what my hand was doing.

Our words were not only affecting our minds but our bodies as well.

Here's what we wrote one time about the effect our stories might have on our readers:

Stacey: "This may seem prurient, but the fact is I'm writing for effect too. If my story can make a man's heart beat faster, then my writing is persuasive. If my words can give him a hard on, then my narrative has taken hold of him. And if I can make a man so excited that he has to stroke himself, again and again, until the pleasure becomes so great that he shoots his wad because of my writing, then he believes in what I've written."

Me: "I'm hoping for a similar effect in my writing. If my story can cause a woman to begin feeling "fluttery" in her stomach, a sexual longing, a craving, then tingles in, an erection of, her nipples, compelling her to close her eyes, envision, re-play the images my words have created in her mind, to begin to satisfy the desires welling up in her body by stroking her nipples, feeling moistness collect in then flow from her womanhood, without volition moving one hand there, stimulating herself there, then here, then back to there, finally focusing on the center of her pleasure, and, with a shudder experiencing the release her body demands, her orgasm flooding her entire being. Then I know that my words have been, as you stated so succinctly, "persuasive," "taken hold" of her, and she "believes in what I've written." (Asking purely as fact-gathering, not for any prurient interest on my part of course, I am wondering if the above words created a response of any kind in you?)"

Stacey: "INDEED! How could I read that and NOT feel aroused! I admit that you inspired me to do some of the very things you wrote about. And that's not something that happens often when I'm sitting in my office. Thank goodness the door was closed. Truth be told, I locked the door to my office just now and reread your words and what I'd written, and I did something I'd never, ever before, done in my office. I may have to go home early today as my panties are soaking wet. I don't want to go outside my office lest someone see how big my nipples have become. A happy dilemma this is!"

Later that evening she wrote:

Stacey: "I must confess. After I returned home I was still so aroused that I read and re-read our emails. That made me do something I hadn't done for quite a while. I got my vibrator out. I replayed our words in my mind and imagined my mouth surrounding your magnificent cock while your tongue...MON DIEU...your tongue was making me scream with pleasure. Literally! Your tongue was driving me wild. It was the most marvelous orgasm I've had in quite awhile. I screamed and screamed. It was a GLORIOUS release!"

Yes, "glorious" seems to be a word she liked to use.

Because of our mutual love for oral sex, we wrote about that a lot, which resulted in this exchange:

Me: "So tell me Stacey, can you explain why you love oral sex so much?"

Stacey: "Sucking a man with such abandon, using my whole face, my body even, rubbing my nipples on the head of his cock, or sliding his hardness between my full bosom, or taking his testicles into my mouth, or letting my tongue stray lower still, to find that sweet glorious hole that makes him scream out with pleasure, tonguing his ass while I stroke him and then fingering his hole while I suck him and he cums, explodes, in my mouth. That's why. Taking a man into my mouth, indeed, deep into my throat, is one of my greatest pleasures. THAT'S WHY!"

Me: "And for me as well. In fact, I am, as I write just now, imagining myself in your office, locked door or not, taken into your mouth, deep into your throat, experiencing your pleasure. And, of course, I am doing this only for you and your pleasure, not for any selfish reason."

Stacey: "Sure you are. Naughty boy. Personally, I can't seem to get enough of oral sex (both giving and receiving)."

Me: "Will you excuse me for a few moments, Stacey? I need some release."

Stacey: "Of course, and it seems as I need it as well."

Here's another exchange of words about oral sex:

Me: "Since we both crave it so much, we can, at least, experience it, visualize it, in our minds and allow our minds to express themselves through physical release."

Stacey: "Yes, it's a kind of release. But I can't seem to get enough of the real thing. I love it so! I've been told I give the "world's greatest blow job" by more than one lover and I suppose there's an element of vanity in it as well."

Me: "A fact is a fact. It is not vain to state a truth."

Stacey: "HAH! I like that. And I LIKE the fact that I can make a man crazy with pleasure, that I have that ability. But it also just excites me tremendously at a primal level. I once brought myself to orgasm while sucking a man with no other stimulation. I was using my lips and tongue and worked him into such frenzy that he was almost screaming. The sounds he made and the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth combined to send me over the edge. I'll never forget it."

You're right. It seems that we were deliberately arousing each other.

Not all our exchanges were about oral sex, though. For example:

Stacey: "I love to start by sucking his cock until he's on the verge of coming (I REALLY like that), and then letting him slowly enter me, whichever way, and after I come (which I almost always do when he enters me the first time), I take him deeper, slowly, I start to cry out because he's filling me completely. And as he starts pumping me, stroking my pussy, I almost invariably have multiple orgasms from being so completely filled and stretched by him. And, yes, when I come, I'll often scream out about how big he is, about how hot he's making me as he fucks me. I come again and moan how great it feels, how much I want it, how huge his cock is. And when he buries himself in me, really pressing into me, I may come another time, or even more, my body shaking, crying out for him to shoot his cum deep into me. I'm so elated to watch the expression on his face as he feels how very tight I am, feels how my tight, wet pussy is fucking him, contracting around his hard cock, and his expression when I cum, shuddering and writhing in complete sexual gratification, because his cock is filling me, pleasing me, gratifying me completely. I LOVE to fuck a man this way. It's almost a spiritual experience."

Me: "You really did it to me this time, Stacey. I had to push myself back from my computer and stroke myself as I read your words. Now it's my turn. I have a vision of her under me, on a bed, legs splayed, my knees parting her thighs, she leaning forward, her arms encircling my shoulders, drawing me toward her, raising her legs inviting me to enter her, accepting me when I do, wrapping her legs around my hips, crossed ankles forcefully plunging me into her depths, I pull back, toward her, establishing the rhythm she craves, shouting encouragement to me, telling me how my cock feels in her pussy, lifting her hips off the bed in her efforts to drive me deeper, digging her fingers into the mattress, digging her fingers into my back, until she comes with a never-ending scream, ending with a whimper as she experiences the little death, then she suddenly positions herself on top of me, driven by our need to experience her on top, there she is, atop me, firmly ensconced on my cock, her head thrown back, bouncing and writhing in ecstasy, hair swirling across her face, my hands gripping her hips, holding tightly to keep me inside her, her shaking body riding me, reaching down her fingers furiously fingering her clitoris, she shouts unintelligible utterings urging us ultimately upward, reaching, reaching, until with wild abandon, we give ourselves over to the sensations overwhelming us, and at the moment of mutual climax, looking deep into each other's eyes, I release my seed into her, and, as she accepts it, I feel her giving me something back, I know not what it is, only that it is something intimate, and personal, and meant only for me, and we read in each other's eyes, and pass to each other gratitude, appreciation, and satisfaction, for the giving of ourselves, for the pleasure of the other."

Stacey: "YES! That did it for me! I desperately need to seek relief!"

And more:

Stacey: I do so LOVE being penetrated. I love the feeling of lowering my pussy onto a man's hard tip and slowly letting it enter me. I love how it makes my body quiver and shake to feel him spread my lips and fill me. And, if I'm brave, and I trust him, I love turning over on my hands and knees and letting him enter me from behind, fucking me like an animal, filling me with his glorious cock. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's something I need to do (and I KNOW you can guess what that is ;))."

Wow is right! I told you Stacey has a way with words.

I could have printed off many more examples, but I think you get the idea of what our emails were like.

It's interesting. We never did communicate when we were both online at the same time. I really think that the way we had "intercourse" through emails was much more arousing than cybersex.

How were we able to have real sex?

Well, we finally decided to share with each other where we lived.

We were astounded to learn that she lived in Louisville.

That's right.


The other side of the river.

Thirty minutes away.

Of course, we agreed to meet as soon as we could. And what an experience that was.

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