tagErotic CouplingsAuction of Promises Ch. 05

Auction of Promises Ch. 05


Penelope wanted William and wasn't content to wait any longer. Tonight was the night.

She opened the door and moved close to help William with his bundles. She let her breasts press into his arm, just for a second, then moved toward the kitchen. He followed her, placing the video on the table and reaching for her, but she slipped easily from his arms, laughing and beginning to serve dinner.

Of course, he brought her favorite Chinese food. He had been teaching her to use chopsticks and, by now, there was even the possibility she wouldn't starve if she had to feed herself exclusively with them. She was getting good at eating even small things, like rice.

He also brought one of her favorite movies, "Return to Me". It was sad and romantic and funny. She had been recommending it for several weeks. They filled their plates and moved into the living room, settling near each other on the couch and beginning the film.

As delicious as dinner was, William's head was full of the soft vanilla scent that meant Penelope to him. She was lovely tonight, her dark coloring complimented by the pale clothing, her face flushed and her eyes particularly bright. The pajamas seemed to glow in the candle-lit room. He ran his hand up her arm, enjoying the smooth silkiness of the fabric, but knowing it was nothing compared to Penny's warm flesh. He forced himself to concentrate on the movie, knowing it was Penny's favorite. He couldn't help feeling something was different tonight. His Penelope seemed....sizzling. There was something about her, something new and surprising. He felt his cock stirring at the memory of the afternoon and her little hand reaching for him, wanting him. He wondered how they were going to wait until the wedding night, then he wondered if he really wanted to.

The movie was ending. Their empty plates were on the coffee table; they were sipping wine and enjoying the hoped-for reunion of the lovers. Penny was sniffling softly, her eyes glued to the TV. Again, William was overwhelmed by her soft, seductive fragrance. He reached for her hand and held it in his larger one, reminded once again how it reached for him earlier today. He wished now she had attained her goal. He wanted, no, he needed to feel her touching him. When he had suggested waiting for their wedding night, he hadn't known how difficult it would be. He had underestimated his need for her.

The movie ended as William was lost in thought. Penny stood up and began clearing the dishes, carrying everything to the kitchen. William joined her, helping her put away the extra food, rinse the plates, load the dishwasher. He poured more wine for them, and started the CD player. When he re-entered the kitchen, he turned Penny to him and opened his arms. She moved against him and they began to dance, her head resting on his chest, her hand securely in his. She could hear his heart beating and snuggled closer to him. His hand rested on her satiny back, moving up and down, caressing her.

Penny looked up at the face she held so dear. He leaned down to kiss her, just once, just to taste those delicious lips. The dancing stopped. All movement stopped except for their tongues, which played games with each other, teasing and sliding and probing. Penny was on her tiptoes, trying to get closer, holding his body tightly. William was bent over her, his lips opened and inviting, his kisses filling Penny with need.

Without saying a word, they moved together to the bedroom. Penny's eyes were huge and trusting, she wanted whatever was about to happen. William had no doubts, he wanted it too.

They moved to her bed and sat together. This seemed right, sitting beside each other, holding each other. Neither spoke. As if magnetized, their mouths moved together, each turning slightly, fitting together. These lips belonged together. Never in the history of man had two lovers kissed so perfectly. Mouths opened, tongues quested. The union of Penny and William was fate.

At first, they were content to kiss, to convey with their lips all the feelings that were overwhelming them. They found so many ways to kiss, so many textures and touches to share. It seemed, for the moment, that it might be enough, might satisfy this desire that was overcoming both of them. Soon, though, four hands joined in the seduction. Tentative hands, slowly exploring the safe areas; arms, shoulders, faces. But hands were not to be denied the places that had been deemed unsafe. Hands began traveling, moving down the side of a body, up a back, then down a spine below the waist. Hands found undiscovered warm places, places that elicited moans of delight and desire.

Wiliam and Penny were stretched out on the huge bed, taking up a very small amount of space as their need to be close consumed them. Body to body, moving against each other, their hunger fed on each other.

Penny pulled back, took a deep breath and whispered, "Please, I need to share more with you, my darling. We can wait for the actual sexual act on our wedding night, but I want to see and touch and feel...tonight!"

William nodded, his eyes glazed with desire. He reached for her, brought her close, folded her against him, warmly against him. He kissed her hair, inhaling her incredible scent. His body responded and she felt it all. But she wanted to see it all too.

Penny kissed his chest. She heard his breath catch and liked the feeling of power. She reached up, undoing a few buttons on his shirt, kissing farther. His skin was so smooth and warm, with a light sprinkling of crinkly hair. Her lips slid lower. She liked feeling him tense beneath her, liked knowing she was pleasing him. She thought of his lips on her nipples, how much pleasure that gave her, and wanted to reciprocate. She kissed across his chest, finding a niplet and lightly flicking it with her tongue. His immediate response excited her; she grew braver. She sucked gently, a little tug on that erect stub. William's hands caressed her scalp, holding her there as his breath became erratic. Ah, he liked it! Now, Penny toyed with the niplet, sucking and licking and just enjoying the power of seduction. Her fingers moved to the other one, and she imitated her mouth there, circling with her fingertips, feeling the engorgement.

She was half-lying on him, her face buried against him, her body wriggling, her hips thrusting. Somehow, his shirt had completely opened, then somehow, it was removed. He could feel her face and lips against him, her silky shirt brushing his bare flesh, the movements of her excited body beside him. He tried to bring her face to his, to kiss her again, but she was not to be denied her explorations. He had finally allowed her access and she intended to answer her questions.

Reluctantly, she left his niplets. Slowly, she moved down his chest, kissing his tight stomach, reaching the waist of his jeans. She rested her head on the distended heat there. She could feel him throb beneath her cheek, feel the warmth through the denim. She raised her head and looked up to William's face. She saw acceptance there, and need. Sitting up slightly, her eager fingers began unsnapping his jeans, her trembling fingers pulled on the zipper. She struggled with it, but William didn't offer to help. He wanted this to be entirely her decision. Finally, she had the jeans opened. She could see the arrow of hair that led beneath his underwear, see his flat tummy, see the engorgement that fascinated her. She tugged on his jeans and he lifted his hips, assisting her. Then, he was beside her, dressed in only a pair of briefs, his excitement and need evident.

Penny was unsure what to do next. She looked at William again, her innocence evident in her eyes. He took her hand and pulled her to him, kissing her and holding her against his nearly naked body. His mouth moved familiarly over her lips, face and neck. He did his magic and her silky shirt was opened, her bra unclasped and her nipples distended; one already in his mouth. As he suckled her, she felt the fire throughout her body, centering between her legs, making her ache unbelievably.

William was so attentive to her nipples, she began to wonder if he planned to do anything else. She loved this, loved the feel of him there, loved to watch him as his eyes closed and he feasted on her, but she was hoping she would learn more tonight. She pulled a pillow under her head and watched his face as he teased her breasts, made love to them. She felt quite womanly. Penny allowed herself to totally enjoy the sensations he was creating, and her eyes were drifting closed with contentment. When he looked up at her, with desire raging in his eyes, she nearly missed it. Something made her look down, and there he was, watching her, his hands poised on her belly, as if waiting for permission.

She looked into his beautiful green eyes, saw the passion there, saw the need, and said, "Yes, please!" Now she couldn't take her eyes from him as his fingers reached for the silky tie on her pants and pulled it open. She lifted her hips and he slid the clothing down, leaving her clad in the gossamer undies she had selected just for him.

Penny felt his warm breath as he kissed his way down her tummy, his mouth sliding easily on the silken clothing. She watched as his face moved lower on her body, unsure of what would happen next. When his lips reached her soft mound and lingered there, she thought her heart would stop. He was kissing her there, his mouth burrowing and searching, as she began wriggling on the bed. The sensation of his mouth touching her through the panties was incredible. She wanted more, she wanted this to never stop. Her fingers found his head, slipped into his hair and held him in place. Her back arched and she wantonly pushed her body against his face.

When he tried to move, she cried out, begging him to stay, to continue. But he insistently moved away, leaving her feeling bereft. She was sure that she had done something wrong, then she felt his warm mouth return, this time to her inner thigh. He began kissing her knee, sliding his wet mouth up and down the smooth flesh, leaving a trail of fire everywhere he touched. He moved from thigh to thigh, teasing her, making her moan with pleasure, her legs falling open even more. She was tense and limp with desire. Her legs felt drugged, so heavy she didn't think she could move them. But her innermost pinkness was practically sizzling with tension and need. And still he toyed with her, moving his face along her burning skin with deliberate slowness. Occasionally, he would return to her center, kissing her through the panties, his tongue circling lazily over the taut fabric. Then he would kiss her hip, or tummy, or knee. She was totally off-center, totally at his mercy.

Just when she thought she wouldn't be able to tolerate any more, he moved completely, bringing his face level to hers. She could smell vanilla on his skin, as he kissed her. Her mouth opened under his, welcoming his tongue as he probed and tasted her. Their bodies were completely joined, no space between them, arms wrapped tightly around each other, mouths hungry. The only clothing separating them seemed inconsequential. Her breasts were mashed against him, the wiry hairs on his chest tickling her slightly. Her hands roamed happily up and down his bare back, learning his texture for the first time. Kissing would never be enough again; Penny knew this. When she had a second of rational thought, she wondered how far they were going tonight, but those moments were rare as she lost herself in the sensations of the man she loved, so intimately linked with her. She thought if she could only have this every day for the rest of her life, she would be happy.

Lost in pleasure, it took Penny a few moments to realize that her panties were gone, that William was naked against her. She felt moisture on her tummy, the incredible heat of his cock against her flesh. She forgot to kiss, forgot to breathe, as she stared into his eyes.

"We'll explore, Penny. We will touch and look and enjoy. but I want to save the best for our wedding night. Can you do that, baby? Could you be content with that? I need the truth!" he whispered.

Penny kissed him in response. She looked into his incredible eyes, lost herself there and made the promises he was waiting for. Then he rolled away from her, lying on his back beside her. The lamps were still lit, and Penny was able to see William clearly and fully. She lay beside him, one tentative finger moving over his naked flesh, watching his face as he responded to her touch. God, she loved his body. It was lean and smooth and so wonderful to feel against her. She touched his niplet and watched it respond, harden and distend. She moved the flat of her palm against his tummy and heard him sigh deeply. His cock was standing straight, bobbing and dripping fluid. Her hand stopped moving at his curlies, unsure of how to proceed.

"Ask anything, baby. I will tell you whatever you need to know. I love that I am your teacher tonight and for the rest of our lives. What do you want....."

Before he finished his sentence, brave Penny had moved her hand to his cock and wrapped her fingers around it, holding it securely. The liquid now touched her hand as it dripped even faster. Penny touched it with her other hand, dipped her finger in the sticky stuff and slowly brought it to her mouth, licking it off with her pretty pink tongue. William nearly went insane watching her. It took all his strength to allow her the slow exploration she needed. He watched her finger disappear into her mouth, watched her eyes close as she savored the first taste of him and could think of nothing more than his aching cock in that mouth, being licked and savored by that tongue.

He didn't even realize that his hips were thrusting, but Penny did. She moved closer, sitting cross-legged right beside his hip, using both hands to massage and explore his erect cock and tight balls. Her fingers moved quicker now, teasing. She was enjoying all the sighs and moans she was eliciting, completely involved in her discoveries. Penny had forgotten that she, too, was naked. While she touched and fondled, William watched her with excitement. It was unbelievable that this was his innocent Penny, naked and flushed beside him, caressing his cock, looking at it with such desire. It was beyond all he had hoped for, that Penny, innocent Penny, would be so sensual. He loved looking at her. He knew women liked to be stick-thin, but he enjoyed the curves and dimples on his Penelope. He longed to caress and kiss every one of them. And he planned to. Soon. Their wedding day was in two weeks....then he planned to love her thoroughly for the rest of their lives.

His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the sensation of Penny's lips on his quivering cock. She was kissing him! He had planned to introduce this to her slowly, let her get accustomed to the idea. Now, without prompting, she was happily kissing and licking the dripping head. Oh, the sight of his sweet woman, leaning over him, her eyes opened wide as she delicately lapped at him! It took every ounce of will power not to explode right then!

As he tried to remember mathematical equations, Penny was happily experimenting with her tongue and lips on William's erection. He smelled so good, so sexy! And she liked the feeling of his cock in her mouth, on her lips. It was hot and hard and yet silky-soft. She loved doing this! Her mouth formed a "C" and she slid up and down, feeling the distended veins. She particularly enjoyed the taste of that liquid which was spilling rapidly from the tip and she kept returning there to lap it up. Finally, she looked up. William was staring at her, his mouth open, his chest rising and falling rapidly. But his eyes really caught her attention. They were burning with intensity, the color a dark, smoldering green. She was trapped in his eyes, her mouth continuing the seduction. She watched his face as she slid her hands under his tight balls and gently squeezed. She could see how much he enjoyed that. Then she began to softly probe them, her fingers sliding in and out, touching and learning. The liquid poured even faster and his cock bobbed ferociously above her. She moved her face lower, stretching out her tongue to lick one of his wrinkly balls....

"God, stop! Penny, don't, please! I can't take much more. You have to stop now, baby!" He almost whimpered.

Penny stopped, hurt that he didn't like what she was doing. She wondered if she mistook pain or disgust for pleasure. Not sure what to do, she moved away from him, burying her face in the pillow, the tears forming in her eyes. She didn't give a thought to what an appealing sight she made, face down in the pillow, her soft ass on display, her skin gleaming.

William stretched out beside her, holding her, trying to explain. His hand was on her naked shoulder, lightly caressing the velvety skin. Penny remained still, too embarassed to look at him. William continued to rub her flesh, allowing his hand to explore her sweet back, slide up and down her spine, enjoy the curves that he only truly suspected before. He was being allowed complete access and he was not strong enough to deny himself.

He kissed her shoulder, lightly nibbling it. She tasted so good, clean and fresh. He moved closer, kissing up and down her side, moving his mouth freely over her entire silky back. He tongued her spine, feeling her respond under him. His mouth moved beyond the small of her back, and he lightly bit her soft ass cheek, hearing her squeal with delight. She was moving under him, her hips wriggling against his thighs. He continued his ministrations, enjoying her response to him. Finally, he needed more. With one hand, he flipped her over, holding her arms above her head and taking her distended nipple into his mouth, laving it with obvious relish.

Penelope relaxed. This was familiar; this was acceptable. William wasn't upset with her, he still wanted to play. Her eyes began to close with the soft suckling she loved. Then William spoke her name, loudly. She opened her eyes and looked at him, seeing a difference in his look, sensing a difference in his voice.

"I love you, Penny. I want you more than anything, more than I want to wait, I'm afraid. But I promised you we would wait, and I'll try to keep that promise. Until the wedding, we will play and explore together and I will be your teacher. Tonight....tonight, baby, we are going to play and begin our lessons."

She felt him grip her wrist tighter, felt his other hand begin its descent down her arm and side. He toyed briefly with her distended nipples, making her back arch. But his hand continued. Down her belly, into her curlies. His fingers played with the curls, pulling them out straight and letting them spring back into place. He combed through them carefully. Then, with one very gentle finger, he traced her slit.

Penny's entire body became taut and expectant. His finger, touching her there, was electrifying. Every fiber of her body was alert and tight. His face was level with hers and he was softly kissing her. His finger, one lone finger, was sliding up and down her slit, making her hips thrust up against him. It was incredibly sensuous. She watched him, her eyes wide and dilated. Her breath was shallow. All she could think about was his finger, touching her as she longed to be touched, finding the places she had found earlier tonight. She mentally willed him to delve deeper, to find the silken pinkness and the tiny button.

As if reading her thoughts, his fingers slid further into her, still moving up and down, back and forth, but now pausing to explore and touch. She felt the tip of his finger, just barely moving into that deep place, then continuing, until it reached her clit, circling it slowly. She didn't recognize the moans that filled the air as hers. Her legs, which had fallen open wantonly, were now tensing, straightening, locking around his questing hand. Her entire body was still, as she visualized his finger, flicking her clit with such perfection. Her eyes locked with his, she tried to say his name. Then, the rush filled her head. It sounded like a roaring wind, blocking out everything but his finger, caressing her. Penny was perfectly still, then she was overcome with a powerful convulsion, her hips leaving the bed, her body squirming under William's. He released her wrists and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, fingers clutching his back, face buried against his chest as she cried out with joy and release. His finger stilled, and slid into her warm, pink pussy, where her muscles grabbed it and began throbbing around it, milking it with rhythmic waves.

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