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My wife's name is Liz and I am Bo. Liz is 27 and I am 33. We have been married just over 3 years. She is, 5'5", 34D 23 34, and looks like a photogenic movie star. She has blond hair and a killer sexy smile. I am 6', dark hair, and very fair skinned and just average build and looks.

Liz used to be very modest. She was always wearing bulky sweaters that came down to her ass, and skirts that came down to her knees. You couldn't tell what kind of shape was hiding under all those clothes.

About one year after we got married, while shopping at a clothing store she jokingly picked up this skimpy dress and said giggling "This is the dress I need". I asked her to try it on for me knowing she would never wear something like that. To say I was surprised when she agreed would be an understatement. When she walked out of the fitting room to show me the new outfit on, I was simply floored. The dress stopped at least 10 inches above her knees. It was tight and showed off her shapely upper thighs and the profile of her hips. Also it barely covered her upper breasts. I noticed how she turned the head of these guys who were hanging around the fitting room. Even though she had no intention of buying it, I bought it for her anyway. I didn't know the can of worm I had opened. Liz wore the dress once, when we went to dinner together. After that she seemed to have gotten hooked on sexy and revealing cloths. She began to buy other outfits that showed off increasingly more and more of her body. In a weird way seeing her in those outfits stirred me inside. I was proud to have her and at the same time felt helpless in not being able to stop her as she became more and more assertive and confident in her approach. Yet in a weird way I was turned on even more so because of it and that in turn would further fuel the fire of jealousy and helplessness. I felt many times when we went out dancing or to parties with friends or colleagues from work as if I was a mere spectator among many and she was the main attraction. So I found the easy way around the conflict brewing inside me. I would compliment her on her looks and her wardrobe. That made her feel good about wearing sexy outfits. I watched her while she was changing inside beneath the sexy clothes and as she blossomed into her womanhood.

That brings us to the main thrust of the story. Last Friday, the day that I became a cuckold, started out just like any other day. I thought Liz and I were going to be going for a night out in town dinner, dancing and for sure a hot night of sex together. When I got home from work, Liz informed me that Ron, one of her coworkers, was coming to our house for dinner.

Having met Ron on couple of occasions I didn't care much about him. He was a big headed, self centered sort of guy who thought he was a gift to the women. I remembered that at her company's New Year party how he was flirting with my wife. He had pissed me off on more than few occasions. The guy didn't know how to take a hint. If he wasn't feeling her up on the dance floor he was making crude remarks about Liz's breasts and her panties or running his hands on her butt and so on. I remember finally I had to peel Liz out of his paws as we left the party. Yet...I knew his confidence, as annoying as he was to me and other guys (married ones specially), he was a stud. I had heard on more than one occasion Liz talk about stories circulating around at her office about his supposed wild romps with different females who worked there. The stories as juiced up as they might have been, told of his endless stamina in sex, a huge cock to boot and how he would drench, no flood his female "victims" with cum before he was done with them. I knew on a few occasions I had seen a certain glimmer in my wife's eyes while she recounted such accounts to me. I discounted it as just female jest. Over a period of time these accounts did nothing but invoked certain sense of insecurities within me. I am not a stud by any measure, size, or stamina, or the amount of my offering to my woman. I couldn't help but think of the yearnings in Liz's eyes, imagined or real. And now here he was coming to our house for dinner. What had made Liz to invite him anyway? what was going on? ...questions questions..I had many of them. I just could not bring myself to formulate a single question to ask Liz about it.

As it approached the time for Ron to arrive I found myself getting increasingly uneasy with anticipation. Liz was upstairs in the shower getting ready for tonight. She had the giggles of a girl who was going to be going on her first date. She just seemed like she couldn't wait as she told me to fire up the grill for some steaks. I was anxious beyond measure and worse, I could not pinpoint the source of my anxieties. On one hand I was mortified about having a single guy, a sex stud no less, around my wife while she was all decked out. One the other hand I was surprising myself, to point of shock. With each passing moment I was getting aroused with possibilities and probabilities of what he might try tonight with Liz. I just kept wondering if he might try anything or if he did how far would Liz allow him to go.

I was in middle of such turmoil when I heard a car pull in our drive way. I had no plans, no preconceived notions of what I was going to do. It was simply an impulse, a crazy unplanned reaction. I ran down in the basement and ignored the chime. I knew Liz had just walked out of the shower before the bell rang. I guess I was too anxious face him.

After the third chime emitted Liz opened the bathroom door upstairs and yelled for me to answer the door. Receiving no immediate answer, she probably figured that I must be outside. She walked down the stairs. I cracked the basement door to see. To say I was shocked is a gross misrepresentation. I was frozen in place. She had a towel wrapped around her wet hair and had put on only a short white silk robe. The wet fabric of the robe clung on her breasts. As she passed in front of cracked door I got a glimpse of her hard nipples protruding out and how the robe having been tied at her waist was pulled dangerously up to her upper thighs. She knew it would be him. I was mesmerized by her look and the notion that she was going to open the door like that and let Ron in. Worse yet, I was mortified that by not opening the door myself I had caused my wife to come down, almost naked to let this guy in my house and what he might try to do right off the bat.

She opened the door. As she let him in, I watched in horror as he gathered Liz into his arms and kissed her full on her mouth. I just about fell over as Liz returned his kiss and I thought she even opened her mouth as I was peeping at them.

After a long kiss, she put her hand on his chest and tried to push him away while giggling:

"..mm.. Ron stop....Bo is here ..."

"oh yeah right...where is he?" but he wasn't letting her go. Still holding her by her waist tight against his crotch.

I couldn't process the information presented before me fast enough. Her objection was not that he shouldn't be doing this. But that it was wrong because I was home. Had she allowed him to kiss her like that before?

I wanted to walk out but I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed for not only for letting my wife in the arms of this jerk but also if I walked out right now I had no choice but to have to deal with having to see both of them in a very awkward embrace which was ...well very humiliating for me. The only thing I could do was restrain myself to see what would develop next.

"ahh come on baby he is outside" I heard him tell Liz as he kissed Liz once again

"...aaa...are you...sure?" she was mumbling

I watched helplessly as my wife wantonly kissed her friend back mashing her mouth to his. When she had reached up and wrapped her hands around Ron's neck her short little robe exposed a little bit of her succulent butt. Ron didn't waste any time in letting his hand drop down over her exposed bottom and pulling her tight.

That's when it happened...he had turned his face side ways a little while kissing my wife. He was squeezing her naked butt cheeks.....in my full view as her back was facing the cracked basement door. That was when while watching them I inadvertently pushed the door a little. The movement caught his eye and I was there standing at the threshold watching my wife, almost naked in his arms with him caressing her ass. We locked eyes....In that moment, with no words ever spoken; I was presented with a choice. To accept his invasion into my domain or jump in and embarrass myself at his hand with the humiliation he was dishing out. He knew perfectly the dilemma he had me in. I numbly watched as he broke the kiss, keeping Liz facing the opposite way, he grinned at my predicament and he pushed his hands between her thighs. He never broke the stare as he rubbed her pussy. I heard a moan scope from Liz's mouth

I was shocked. Time ceased to exist. After what seemed like an eternity I turned back towards the basement steps and quietly walked down

"We have to stop" I heard her whisper...giggling

Now it had gotten worse. He knew that I saw them, and I didn't do anything. Wasn't that a permit for him to operate freely? Had I made a cuckold of myself with my own hands? I had to make myself breath....breath man...breath...think. At the same time I was painfully aware of the erection the obscenely manifested itself at my crotch? oh god....that's all I needed. Had Ron seen that too? How could this arouse me? Was that what made him grin at me like that? I had to get back up there, before it was too late. I walked up the stairs again, making loud noises with each step. As I reached up I saw the two finally separated as he smiled at me knowingly. She didn't seem concerned about it though she was clearly flushed. The two of them didn't say anything for what seemed forever but it was only just a few seconds although it was a noticeable pause.

After the usual pleasantaries I offered Ron a drink while Liz went to change. He was as usual full of himself. He didn't mentions seeing me through the cracked door but I had no doubt he did. He commented how sexy Liz is. I tried to play cool all the while I was burning inside for having let him fondle my wife like that. I was glad when I heard Liz coming down. She had on the newest blouse and skirt I had bought for her. The skirt ended at mid thigh...

I held my breath as I remembered the first time that she wore that skirt when we were going out dancing. I had managed to convince her to go without panties. But then it was just the two of us so I wasn't worried. I had told her that she shouldn't wear a bra either as it would spoil the lines of the blouse. The blouse was some kind of clingy material. You couldn't see through it but her tits were perfectly outlined. She was a little embarrassed by it but she had agreed to wear it that night. But now, tonight? in front of this jerk?...

I don't remember much about the dinner or the conversation other than Ron openly flirting with my wife in front of me. He made comments about her tits and her ass. He even once alluded to his monster size. I was fuming inside, but Liz was giggling at his gestures.

After having cleared the table we sat in the living room. Liz looked so enticing. I just wanted to keep this guy's paws off of her body. I noticed Ron checking out Liz every chance he got, especially when she shifted position. Then he would zero in on her thighs to try and get a beaver shot. I was upset yet I couldn't blame him.

"How about some music.. hah?" Ron was saying. He had putting some CD in our stereo system. The music started and Ron asked my wife if she would like to dance. As it turned out he was an accomplished a dancer, and soon he and Liz were up and dancing.

I sat across the way with a raging hard-on. My cock literally ached when they got up to dance, with Liz clinging to him. Ron took Liz by the hand and led her to the open floor. Toward the end of the song, he let one hand slide down to her tight ass, and she shifted her body to get even closer to him. Liz didn't withdraw as Ron drew her close, but she kept flashing glances at me to see how I was reacting. I tried to maintain a poker face, but I probably looked like a pile of jelly as my wife slowly started warming up to him.

They seemed to be totally oblivious to my presence and took a break only to down another drink before they resumed dancing. As the night wore on and the drink began to take effect, they danced more suggestively. Liz was rubbing her boobs against his chest and then she turned and wiggled her ass against the front of his slacks. He was holding her very closely as he let his hands run down her side and rest on her ass. I knew that he was feeling her naked tits flatten out against him and her bare ass cheeks beneath the thin fabric of her dress. She then straddled his legs and hunched his thigh as they moved to the music. Right then the song ended and boy I was so thankful. I had large beads of sweat running down my forehead. Little did I know? The next song was a fast one. Liz was dancing very close to Ron as she moved to the rhythm of the beat. Then to my amazement she slowly moved into a squat position until her face was even with, and only inches from, his fly. I am sure he was as hard as a rock. I know I was! I couldn't believe my eyes. Was my wife going to blow the guy? in front of me no less? Thankfully the song ended just then.

The new song was soft and slow as Liz melted into Ron's arms, his hands resting at the top of her fine ass and hers resting around his neck. As they danced they began kissing, no attempt to be discrete by either of them, their hands began seeking other body parts. At one point during that song Ron turned my wife around. While standing behind he reached around her. As she stretched her arms above her head to reach around his neck her large breasts threatened to pop out. Liz tilted her head back and Ron leaned over to hungrily French kissed my wife, right in front of me.

I got up, I needed another drink. As I went to our mini bar to get some drinks, Ron grabbed Liz's waist and pulled her to himself and kissed her hard on her mouth. I could still see them clearly in the bar mirror as he drew his face close to hers to engage in a conversation that I could not hear. I could only imagine what they were saying, but I guessed he was trying to figure out what she was about and how he could get her undressed

Then out of nowhere, as if on a pre-planned arrangement Ron let go of her and excused him to go to the bathroom. Liz came to me and grabbed my head and started kissing me. Now I wasn't complaining. I was horny in the extreme. She didn't even try to stop me when I started rubbing her thigh, even though Ron could be coming back any moment. That surprised me very much. Liz was not one prone to exhibitionism. Then she surprised me more when she opened her legs a little to give me better access. I knew she was ready for my cock right then and I was wishing Ron would leave

After about 5 minutes of tongue fighting, and just before my hand found the Promised Land, Liz broke the kiss and went to my ear with her tongue. She circled my ear with her wet tongue. Her hot breath was directed right into my ear. My cock was raging. My hard-on was about to bust through my pants when she stopped licking and cooed into my ear:

"Would you like to watch me do this to Ron?". My body jerked when she said that. I almost shot my load right then to hear my sweet wife make such a suggestion. We had never discussed anything like that and I assumed Ron had put her up to it. This was totally out of character.

I didn't know where that came from...I was frozen in place ...as she continued "..mm...do you honey?...what to watch me drive Ron crazy with my tongue?..."...she was whispering in my ears...

what? my wife was asking my permission to make out with this guy Before I realized it, I was mumbling: "...u..u..mean..you want..to..make out with..him?." ..I knew I was incoherent. My mind was in turmoile, shocked numb, utter lust,, I was in uncharted waters..

"Yes..." it was a whiper, but emphatic

"...I..I'm not sure,...I mean...what about me?"

"..ahhh honey ...can . can I get it on with him.. darling? you can always have me, you can have me afterwards"

My stomach did a flip-flop when she said that but my cock grew even bigger if that was possible. "..you..you want to get it on with Ron?...then...with me? " I whispered into her tiny little ear.

Liz just moaned. "Oh yes honey! ..Ron wants to fuck me. But, I couldn't do it if you were upset... or if you walked out"

..My head was spinning and...words were flying out of my mouth out of control

"..Do..do you ...want ..to fuck Ron?"

"What will you do? if I did"

"I..I don't know" I was mumbling again. My brain was shouting "No you little wimp" but my cock was straining to break through the fabric of my pants. "..I..I have to go get some air" I thought I was being chocked for lack of air. But instead...I heard myself:

"..I...I'll go somewhere while Ron fucks you." I heard the words...but couldn't believe they came out of my mouth . By now I was whispering hoarsely. I couldn't believe this was me talking. Here I was, ready to blow the top off my cock, and I'm giving my wife permission to fuck someone else

She was hissing in my ears "Ron..wants you to be here..He wants you to ...to..watch.." I looked at her. Shocked to the core

"..He..told you that?...he wants to fuck you ...in front of me?"

Liz looked down...before saying "yes.."

"..if you want ...u know..to that do with Ron .....I'll stay out of your way. If you want to fuck him ..u have the whole house. I will leave now." ..was that..an encouragement for her to let Ron fuck her.

"No...I want you to be here " she was hissing again, but looking me square in the eye. "I want you to be here" I looked at her. Shaken to the core. And then she continued "..Will you?...will you do that for me"

"..yes..." I barely heard myself

"I'm glad you're not going to leave, or get mad" she whispered back. I wouldn't like that. I want to feel Ron's cock in my pussy. And I want you to know he's fucking me." she was whispering in my ears again...

there was the hissing again,

"I want you to watch him do it He's going to make you a cuckold and I want him to." she licked my ear lube. I felt like I was on fire.I was numb, mesmerised by the sudden turn of events which were unfolding before my eyes. My reasons weren't catching up with the speed with which the scenario was unfolding before my eyes. I groaned and actually shot off a little jism when she said that.

Liz licked my ear again and whispered, "Do you wonder how big his cock is?"

"Oooooohhhhh, honey....I I dunno .. "

"Is my cuckold husband going to cum when Ron fucks his hot little wife?" I just groaned again.

I have no idea where this stuff was coming from. I wasn't drunk. Neither was Liz, but we were both seriously talking about her fucking another man, with my permission. Permission hell, she was going to do it anyway with or without my consent.

My stomach was churning by now, but I said "Go do it. Let him fuck you, you slut." Now it was Liz's turn to moan. I was glad she was as hot as me.

When I said that she grabbed my hand on her thigh and pulled it up to her pussy and said "The next time you feel this you'll know I'm a slut and you're a cuckold." I just groaned again and shot off a little more cum. "I want to give you some sloppy second." ..ahhh that hissing was driving me crazy.

It was all I could do to keep from Cumming in my pants. I wanted to stop the progression of time and evens, I wanted to go back and slam the door in his face when he arrived at my house, I wanted to shout and tell him to get out of my house and my property ...but ..all I heard was the word "Yes" echo out repeatedly into my ears...I wondered if it had even come out of my own mouth.

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